Scam letter(s) from Elena Vorona to John (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my friend John!!!!
very pleased to hear from you. I want to attach your photo. I hope you like it. I live in Russia, in Saint-Petersburg. I am 29 years old, seeking a foreign man, because I want to change my life drastically. I hope our relationship will continue, as your profile on the site I liked it. If you are not hard, you could send me your photos. I am looking for a man who would be older than me, because I'm looking for serious family values. I want to create a good strong family - that's my goal. But I understand that we need to know each other. let's write a letter! Do not forget the photo ...
Sincerely, Ilzariya
By the way, Olesya - this is my nickname. This alias I use online dating, you remember me.
My real name is Ilzariya. I am very glad to meet you. I am pleased to. P.s. I only know English, not perfectly true, but also the Russian course :)
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend !!!
How are you?
I am very happy, I'm just happy my dear friend to be your friend. Not just a friend but a friend.
I will always treat you sincerely hope that your attitude will be to me the same honor.
I do not want games, I'm a grown woman.
I would be very pleased to receive from you a letter every day, to learn about you more and more.
So do not forget me, please contact me, I will always answer you in your letter.
I am very glad to meet you. I'll write you another letter to her.
Your new friend Ilzariya.
Letter 3
Hello dear John!
Again, nice to read your letter. I'm fine. I work ... I work as a social worker at the school, I love children, but at the same time teaching dance students, I have two sessions a week with them. Dance Hip-Hop, because everyone likes :) But I'm not a fan of these dances. I love ballroom dancing since I was in my choreographer. Absentia am a psychologist in primary schools. The work helps me to learn and study at work, so I did not have difficulty to do. I like it. But I'm a little tired.
A year ago I was in India, working in a half a year, acted as an extra in the Indian music videos and movies. In India, valued white skin because there all dark skinned and I make good money. She returned to Russia in the spring of last year, I realized that people in other countries, very different, they have different values. In Russia, everything is different. I do not know why.
dear John, I want to change my life now, I have my little adult life trying to earn money to support themselves, so long as I do not get help from their parents. I have been working since 14 years, save dance, but I never let go low.
I can get used to many things, but another question. Indeed this is what I need? I'm good now live, I - not the poor girl and I have enough to provide for their needs, but lacks a simple family happiness.
I'm never going to blame your parents, have different fates.
you need to go .... then send you a picture, I hope you like them ...
Sincerely, Ilzariya P.s. how do you feel about the Russian girls in general, if you want to find a Russian girl, there are so many beautiful, so there's a fear that you are dealing with someone other than me ...
Letter 4

Good day my friend John!!
It's me again :) I really missed your writing :) fortune to read it, I do not know why. Quite hard to describe my thoughts in another language. I write myself, but even if you use an interpreter, the idea will be distorted. I hope you understand well.
Internet is not in my job, I come to the office of head teacher, it is permissible to use the computer and I am grateful to her. she is a good woman.
I understand that the questionnaire on the website does not reveal fully human, so ...
What I look for in a man? This is a good kind nature in the first place, he should appreciate family. who believes in himself, which does not change, like children, will be able to solve the economic problems. Trust for his wife, no need to be very jealous, because I do not give these reasons, I respect the warm relationship of trust. Family fortune to build, so any problems and grievances should always speak at once, and they do not accumulate in the soul, which becomes severe with time.
I am a simple girl who wants happiness with the beloved man. I'm chasing love, I miss it ... very.
all my past relationships with men, ended in failure. First I'll start by saying that I have always liked men who are older than me, so I had an affair with a married man, but I did not know this, it is very well hidden from me that. I respect him, but this is not love, I think I never experienced feelings of love though. I can not say "I love you" first comer ...
dear John, I really hope you're free man and not deceiving me :) Please give me your phone number, would like to hear your voice, I can not give her until, as my phone is being repaired, just yesterday I dropped it in the water, one disorder now, but as soon as I got the opportunity, I could a call to you ...
If you prefer, you can send me an email to this box.
my address: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 198205, Barmaleeva Street, 27,
You could also send me your address, if you wish, I would have written you a letter ....
I have to go to work now ...
Letter 5
Time passes and you are still the only man who makes my heart flutter. And as soon as our eyes are crossed, at this moment the heart stops, her cheeks turn red and then the heart starts pounding as if he wants to escape from his chest. The truth is that I like you very much. I want to communicate with you further. And this feeling is completely different from anything I have ever experienced.
It seemed to me that this can only be banal films or pages of the novel ... But no, it is in real life case.
I you are one the only one I'm writing a letter, I hope you will also write a letter to me only.
Spawned, your friend Ilzariya.
Letter 6
Hello my dear John!!!!
happiness to see your letter. It is no exaggeration when I see that in my mailbox is a letter from you, I get a smile! :) I would like to warn you that this is not the first experience of *********** on internet, I have been communicating for months with a man from Holland, at first he wrote for good writing, but then he started asking me photos of my ***** body, *****, I immediately realized that he needed another, I'm not looking to make a mistake and I'm afraid, I hope that you are not from such men. Not looking for virtual ***!
I can say that my journey to another country was limited only to India, so I have a passport, and if we decide to meet somewhere, then I can come to another country, but please, not yet raised questions about the meeting, as we have know little about each other, but I can say one thing - you're very nice. :) John, how was your day? What are you doing?
thanks, that left a phone number, I'll try to call you!
I rent an apartment in Saint-Petersburg, I was one of the children in the family - the only daughter, my parents live separately, they divorced, my mom Irina lives in Samara, Andrey's father lives in Habarovsk - it all away from me, they have their own life, I have not seen them for a long time, we lost contact ... But I'm used to it, my parents give me a little time, always, the only reason I had to work from an early age to dress beautifully.
Other relatives, I just do not know, an uncle, who also lives in Saint-Petersburg, but I rarely see, he is always busy ...
Well, I wish you good day.
Sincerely, Ilzariya
Letter 7
My dear friend!
How are you?
I'm sorry I could not write a letter to you yesterday, I'm sorry, I hope you have not so much lost me.
I was very busy at work. I hope for your understanding.
You I can trust completely. Now I realize that no matter what happens, I have a very important person, who never let me leave, and will always support good advice ...
I very much hope that you will always support me, write to me and share with me your opinion.
I will be pleased to each day to get from you some news, I always wait for a letter from you.
Write to me.
I miss.
Sincerely, yours Ilzariya.
Letter 8
Hi dear John!!!
This is again me:) how are you? hope all is well ... I am sending you a large batch of my photos, I hope they will like. Thank you for your response and comment to my letter.
Parents - it's all the same people who have done a lot for you, first gave life to feel and touch to many benefits.
Let me be one child in the family, I feel that my world view influenced by parents.
But now I am an independent girl. I tell my parents thanks and continue to live.
Can a call girl business - without modesty, as I understand that life is important in the family and appreciate if the husband and the economic man.
Of course I know English is not perfect, but I try and would like to tell you what to do wife and husband in the family.
The wife in the family should be a housewife, that is, despite the fact that it can work in some places it still needs to take care of domestic affairs ...
First, in the kitchen, she should do everything, but to hammer the nails all the same man ... :) Dust wipe and pour over the flowers, too, should the wife ... But if suddenly the wife was tired, she, I think that the wife the right to ask her husband to help her ...
I love working at home yet and I was not a work does not scare me .. This is true ...
But as a woman should always look good, smell good and wear the name of a woman with pride for her husband.
I follow them and go shopping - it is also a woman's care.
When I do buy clothes for me it is difficult, the most important thing it to be convenient, it is a first for me, then I look comfortable or not, as it will look on me, I still think I have some taste in clothes ...
Should look charming every girl.
The woman - a mother, she should raise children, give them all the best there is, and not to let things slide, I hope you understand what I mean ... dear John.
I still want to have children, but is ready for everything ...
I want to give her affection and care for children may not even own, but my mother's feelings are inherent.
I, part teacher and work with children is very important to me, I learned how to communicate with children, each child needs his approach. But without a doubt I already have an idea how I should raise her child, yet it does not matter that it may be a son or daughter.
About the work I do not know, but I if I'm in another country, then I can try out new work for themselves ...
I think that I can adapt to all ...
Tomorrow we have a school event. Festival of dance, each class must show his speech, I lead the program, and as I sit in the jury, so much work, I must prepare the words to speak ...
I will write to you tomorrow more, tell you how everything went.
Good luck!
Ilzariya P.s. Enclose you some of my photos ... I hope you like it ...
Letter 9
Hello my dear John!!!!
It's me again. I hope that you are all well. How are you? I'm fine, I think about you.
I would like to tell you about my city. Saint-Petersburg - an important economic, transport and cultural center of the country.
It is an ancient city with a rich history. We have a lot of historical monuments. But there are all kinds of people and good evil. But here I can not find a man who would value family values, I think the whole of Russia is hard to find. I can not say that I was so subtle and to me it is not difficult to find a way. In fact, I am - a simple girl to male attention and care. There are many men who do not want this.
dear John, do not misunderstand me, my appeal to the international dating site has been targeted. I want to change my life drastically. There are a lot of men I remembered that I wanted to tell you how I spent my school function - Dance Festival. There was a lot of laughter and delight! there are talented students in our school - all is not lost :) dear John, how do you feel about the sport? I consider myself very athletic, I have to be constantly on the move, as I was dancing, I also regularly visit the pool and go to work on foot, it's not that far.
I used to participate in major competitions in ballroom dancing. I went to Moscow, when I was 14 and took it with his partner, 3rd. It was a success at the time. Then everything changed, I could not continue to dance, I had to work to support themselves in the first place.
dear John, I wrote to you that I am attracted to men who are older than me in age. I can tell you honestly that I had not been a quiet girl, I was wild :) my first man with whom I lost my virginity was a bandit. I lived at home, I lived with him, I have lost parents. I traveled to cities in Russia, because it always went, I did not climb into his dark deeds. Then I realized that this could not go on, at that point I gave up college culture, but in time I caught on and left him and started to learn. result - graduating from college with honors. Then there was another man, with whom I lived for a long time as well, but he did not like, he used me because I trusted him completely. I became pregnant by him, but told me to go for an abortion, and I did it for him, but then he left, saying he did not love me. There was a very severe psychological trauma for me at the time, I did not know what to do ...
Abortion for me was a very severe psychological trauma! It is good that I keep the possibility of having a healthy baby. I knew that failed abortion can greatly affect my future health, but all is well. I got better, maybe because I was in India, talking with other people who are much kinder Russian. She came back to Russia and started working at the school and the kids just charged me emotionally. I love children very much!! That 's my harsh truth. I do not know why, but I hunt to reveal to you my soul, and I hope that you will appreciate that. You really like me ....
Well, I wish you a good day and I have to go now.
Letter 10
Hello John!!!!
It's me again - Ilzariya. How was your day? I hope all is well. I was looking forward to a chance to read your letter and to write you back and here I am. I sit - I read your letter and enjoy :) Thank you understand me and support me your letters always. I will meet you, because I trust you completely. Yes, I had an abortion for an ordeal, now I would not do ever .... Life goes on, to move forward.
Well, today was not a difficult day, it was very busy. Basically there was a problem in the documentation, but I understood.
Today I just received e-mail from his uncle, his name Mihail, he is the brother of my mother, but my mother, I do not see at all, and Mihail - my only relative with whom I keep in touch, but often through e-mail, so he sailor, he floats on a ship that carries cargo around the world, so it is for six months at sea. Now he is also in swimming. He lives here in Saint-Petersburg, and when he comes home - it's just a holiday for me as it is for his family. He has a wife Julia and daughter Sveta. I sometimes come to visit them. My uncle did a lot for me, he spent more time with me than my father ... My trip to India took place only because of him, but I found a job for me there. I love my uncle, and many are willing to do for him.
dear John, I would like to know how you feel about me? Do I really interests you? and what do you think about me. I would be very interested to hear it.
John - you really like me, your messages are pleasant, you are a nice person externally and internally, you're in something unique and original. You - not like everything. :) I want to tell you a lot of good things that we have met and you have changed my life.
Love you know! Please stay the same, I feel the sincerity in your letters and completely trust you, and I can open on any issue ...
I do not have relatives still there but I do not see them, maybe this is hard. I am looking for a kindred spirit in each person, maybe that's because my past relationships were difficult, I had a period of severe depression when I wanted to die, not from non-reciprocal love, and from the fact that I had been deceived and betrayed the fact that young girls fall in love in men it is only a problem, many people use it. Now I'm all grown up and that was with me before only made me stronger. I'm ready for anything. First of all, I'm ready to leave their country, if need be, to be with her man everywhere. In our country we say with the beloved man can be a paradise, even in a hut or tent, I hope you understand what I mean. I really hope for your kindness and sympathy in this matter.
I can also rely on her friends - two sisters, we have been friends for a long time and often spend our free time together. Their name is Masha and Luda. Of course, we often discuss men :) I talked to them about you and they appreciated my choice, they understand that I want to go away for a long time and a bit of Russian in this respect condemn me, but I can not live here, I feel it's not me.
Could you tell me about your friends? whether you have a trusted friend who can help you in every way?
My girlfriend is also not married and looking for a prince on a white horse :) so to speak :) Well, I must go now. I wish you every success and hope to see your letter tomorrow, when I come to work.
Kiss on both cheeks :)
Letter 11
This day is brave and strong-minded men, that is, who and what to protect: their motherland, their job, their home and their loved ones, their own future.
This February 23 in Russia is considered the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. I sincerely wish you good health, happiness, mutual understanding, peace and great success! Happy Defender of the Fatherland!
Your Ilzariya.
Letter 12
HI John!
How are you? As your family are you? dear John, you know that your letters give me confidence in the present. If I read your letter in the beginning of the day, my day is full of energy, I can do a lot, nice to read your letters always. Thank you for your letter, you made me different.
Every letter to you I have a desire to write you something sublime and pleasant, but we are still in the process get to know each other, but I have the feeling that I know much about you.
I - bird, that is, I like to get up early! That is, of course, I do this work, but then I have time to do much! I go to bed early, can not stay up late, rarely watch TV, read books more often :) I love going to the movies! Very especially cartoons - comedy! I love to laugh! - Loud :) But of course I'm serious, I understand that this is very important. I am very serious about starting a family and I am goal-oriented. I do not think the first one should approach a girl man. The initiative must also come from the girl.
I have a lot of love in me and I want to find a good man gives him the love! :) I like to give happiness and joy to the people who surround me. I appreciate the good and sincere relationship. In a relationship Im offering and soft as a cat. I'm trying to avoid all kinds of conflict and try to understand others.
Maybe I talk too much about myself and I need to ask more of you, but I imagine you have a very good ... I look at your photos, your letters, and you tell me clearly represents. I know you're a good kind man.
And a few years ago, I was different, I'll marvel at how time changes a person ....
John - I'm off again, but the thought of you. With anticipation and hoping to see your letter again ...
Kiss you! :)
Ilzariya P.s. do not forget to send you a photo .... :)
Letter 13
Hello my dear John!!!!
dear John I miss! really miss your letters and please do not worry because you see a letter from me, if I do not now of the letter, I will write to you tomorrow! as long as you did not stop me from writing, because your writing important to me! at least a couple of lines, though a couple of letters, always nice to see it on you! and also do not forget the photos.
dear John I started writing a dull, but I want to say that in this letter I would like to express my feelings for you, try to do it, because I realize that my English is not perfect.
I really need you! I can not live without your letters! I can not live without you! you understand that? John you feel it? I'm really embarrassed to express my gratitude to you, because you can not understand me correctly, but still ...
I do not know why I'm so emotional I behave, I reread what I have written and horrified as well, forgive me. I understand that the initiative must come from the man in the first place. You dominates the world, so to speak.
Today I had a poetry contest, the students recited poems, it was very interesting to hear the love poems written by famous Russian classics of young boys and girls ... Now I need to take stock of this competition, so I have to go ...
Sorry, I'll write you more in the next letter, because there is no time for me. I'm sitting here for a long time. Please forgive me, but continue to talk tomorrow :) Little kiss from me to you! Kiss!!!!
With love, your Ilzariya P.s. I could not find the folder with your photos. Finally found, I hope you like those photos, which I am sending to you ....
Letter 14
Hello my John!
dear John, please tell me more about the place where you live. What kind of people you live? you like to live there? Why do I ask? because I realize that my life may take place in another country ...
And my letter now - it's candid admission, I understand that I can not go a day without your letter. You have touched my soul, you are always in my heart, the thought of you warms my heart warms me. Maybe I love you?
Talk about love is endless .... I think about how it would be nice to see each other.
Thank you responded to my last letter. This was my confession ... I am open to you ...
I understand your letter, you can not be in something 100 sure I understand you, and very scared to make a mistake in choosing a partner in choosing the man or woman in your case, but you have to listen the heart. And go on about it, as another chance might not be looking for love, and then may take a lifetime, I hope you understand me. I understand that you need a meeting between us and the letters, I think you - a great man John, I would like to ask you if you want to, so I organized a trip for you? I can do this. Nothing to worry, I'm telling you this because I have had experience on the internet before you. In general, I was talking with a man Holland, who constantly asked me ***** photos, but at first it was different, I believe him, but he played with me. My rule of thumb! - Never send it. I do not understand yet why men always think of one ... I want to find love here and I feel that I have found. It is you - John, I want to meet you. I - strong girl and I can do a lot yourself. I'm not saying that you John came to Russia, because I have what I can not here to please you. I live my life for a long time here and am mentally with her man in another country, I think about it constantly. If my life will be held in another country, I should come to you. Please think about what I said to you, and decide if you can take me in? I will not say that I love you, (I realize this is a rant, and they have spoken in the other case - at the meeting) but I really need you ... I can not be away from that person, which is constantly thinking ...
Please email me. I'll be waiting.
I have to go now, I need to quickly get to the house - to change clothes and go back to practice with his band for dancing. Today I will show them the new movements in the dance.
Well, I think about you ... and look forward to your letters ...
With love, your Ilzariya
Letter 15
Hello my loved John!!!
Nice to read your letter! I am happy that you understand me and are willing to accept me at home. I can organize a trip in the shortest time, you know that I was abroad, so I have an international passport is enough for me to go to the travel agency. Tomorrow I will be going there to give the necessary documents for the visa in your country. I watched it on the internet for a long time before the last letter to you. I have long thought to meet you. :) Today was a tough day. I took a whole day on my feet. There was a meeting on the youth of our city, represented our school there. Then did report his director, as well as from the organizational plan of the year. Recently, I'm eating 2 times a day :) do not have time for breakfast in the morning and I have no appetite, then have dinner at the school and in the evening at home doing yourself a light dinner, I'm still a girl to take care of her figure that you admire me when meeting :) dear John, you are very cute, I always think of you during the day and sometimes I can not concentrate ... I do not know why it is so: ( My friends call me in the evening to meet, but in recent years so much work, I come home only with the idea to take a shower, freshen up and go to bed. Friends are invited to the cafe, but I refuse. I also think of you, I now do not need anyone, I want to be with you all.
dear John, please tell me what all the qualities you look for in a girl? what it should be, so that you can live with it a long and happy family life?
Dancing consuming energy - it's all the same sports, this movement, so I do not take energy, but lately I've been very tired ...
Tomorrow I will go to the travel agency and tell about what time I could already be in your country. I have to use a travel agent, as the most difficult to get a visa in the country.
The thought of you constantly with me. I want to be with you all and I do not need anything else. Honestly, I work in a school for a year, but I do not think it's mine. In many ways, my work on the commitment, not on a good salary. I get a little, but I have savings yet, from what I've been teaching dance and I did not spend it all, when he came to India, I had left it.
Well, do not think that I'm a desperate girl who can not make a well-considered actions. I had been weighed and remeasure all, I'm ready for the big moves. Meeting with you - this is a big step.
dear John, I wish you a good day.
With love, your Ilzariya
Letter 16
Hello my darling John!!!
Today was a travel agency. It was interesting to talk to people working in the agency. But first, I had a lot of work at school as well. it was necessary to prepare the documents for our director. All the documentation I have been doing ... But I think that I do not appreciate this ... I do not know why ...
Well, I started writing about the travel agent.
It is a good travel agency, so I do not worry about the price of a visa, they painted me that I needed to quickly and easily get a visa to your country. The main thing is to have an interview at the embassy in Moscow.
I was told that it is best if I get a tourist visa, so dear John, I ask you to contact the travel agency where I was today, and send them your full name, address and the nearest airport, where I should go.
Agency data:
Russia, zip code 198205, St. Petersburg, st. Fucik, 2.
here is my data for a travel agency, so they know what kind of client you are talking about. They know in their information for them to know this information, as well as you can leave them in my next letter, I will give them.
Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 198205, Barmaleeva Street, 27,
Here is my full data:
last name: Akmanaeva
first name: Ilzariya
city: Saint-Petersburg
Country: Russia
September 19, 1986
I always feel pleasure when pronouncing your message out loud and pronounce your sweet words. You are a unique man I am afraid to lose. I hope that you understand me.
My journey is the fastest way to have a meeting and it will be easier for both of us. I hope all is well with you and you can do it, I think it is not difficult.
The thought of you John does not leave me. Conversation with you in the letters makes me understand what you are unique man. You are a very good man who can not be here in Russia - I will repeat over and over again is ...
give me your phone number and I'll call you.
John, yesterday when I went to bed, I imagined you in my dreams. I imagined that we are now in a house :) and talking quietly over tea with your face does not come from that smile and I just start to smile through the curtains falls a ray of sun, which makes me wink at you and you I just winked, then we laugh together ... It's ******, but still. I do not consider myself an intelligent woman. I am a woman who is only looking for a simple family happiness ...
I'll wait for your letter. I hope you will write to me soon.
already miss .... Kisses ... and embrace ...
With love, Ilzariya
Letter 17
Hello my dear John!
fortune to see your letter in my mailbox. Issued several minutes to write you a letter. Now this office is closed, so I'll have to release him.
Today my documents were sent to Moscow for visa approval and put me in line for an interview. Tomorrow I will say exactly when I will be traveling to Moscow, it's not that far yet :) how to fly to you :). distance from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg 634 km. I was invited to fly on an airplane - is only 1.5 hours, so I can have an interview for a half day. :) Until then, I had never flown on a plane to Moscow. Of course I was flying on a plane when traveling to India ... so I'm not afraid of heights.
This morning, when I went to work on the road was an accident, an accident in the car, fortunately no one was killed, and it was actually with me! it was very scary to look at the mangled cars and one of the driver, I saw blood on his forehead, but luckily nothing happened, at first I was shocked because it happened a few meters away from me!
I want to tell you John, that I have a driver's license in the same way I can control the transport, I am sorry that I do not have it, but not bad, I experienced driver with a little excitement and sit behind the wheel. When I was in India I tried to drive, but not enough: (In India was a case with me when I picked up a taxi driver and I dropped the phone in the car, of course I did not notice it and got out of the taxi and waited for me to meet (me was to meet the choreographer who put Indian dance), I did not know where to go without him. Suddenly I see as I drove up to the same taxi driver and returns the phone to me, I do not remember the phone at the time and the Indian men was very good, I I think that there are all the people of India, because everyone always been kind to me - this is an amazing country.
I think that I was distracted, but now it's my phone, which gave me back the taxi driver is still broken and is being repaired ... but it does not matter, I did not call, and now I'm more typing letters :) To blame you - John :) You've been very dear.
Again, you put my own photos, which are there on the computer, I brought the photo folder that I had. I hope you like them ...
Well, I have to go ...
Thinking of you!
Letter 18
Hello my dear John!!!
Thank you for your letter. Thanks you for supporting me. I'm all good.
Today I received a letter from you and from his uncle. Nice to see your letter in my mailbox and also from his uncle, but he rarely wrote. My uncle is now in Argentina, where their ship is in port. He said that his wife needs surgery, it was hard for me to hear, but I understand it, and I hope that everything will be fine. He said he would try to solve this problem, because my relationship with the family going through it alone, so I was surprised to read this, being in the same city with his family. Maybe this is my fault.
But enough of the bad news, let's talk about you. dear John I already told you that you were my man, I feel it, I really need you.
With the city admit that I know you and you know me. The letters can say anything - it's really good for candid words, I can not say much, to say that at a meeting and look into each other's eyes, it is very difficult to say. I want to be with you now, in this moment, and I think that is not afraid to tell you what I think of you, do not worry, it will be all nice words. :) Please email me right away, as soon as get my letter, if you have a chance, of course.
Because I already miss ... If I had time, I would write to you every hour :) Well, excuse me for a short letter, but I must go. Has not yet received the news from the travel agency. I send you my photo and kiss :) Ilzariya
Letter 19

Hello John!!!
How are you? I'm fine. Your email woke me up :). Has not received a letter from his uncle, hope all is well with him and he will solve the problem, very worried for him.
I go today killed more than ever, began the critical days, you know women's problems of course, not like these days, as all the girls. Today horribly sick stomach, did not know what to do, no pain no avail. But now I read your letter and I am better, I need support in these. Today is a travel agency to contact me, I talk to them as through e-mail - it's convenient. Tomorrow I will fly to Moscow to have an interview at the embassy of your country. I hope that everything will be fine, but really nervous. Tomorrow I have to take time off school principal to give me a day off, so I have time to do the trip takes half a day, as the charter flight will take away us there and back in just 3 hours.
John, miss when you do not see from the letter, periodically I look in your mailbox, hoping to see your mail. You wrote - a good day.
I feel that I have for you a very strong feeling, maybe it's love, let it be love!
My love for you John, like an avalanche, covered me with his head and carries me into the unknown, and I do not know what lies ahead? Can be sharp chips at the bottom of the gorge, and perhaps endless sunny alpine meadows with tall grasses soft, intoxicating sweet scent of love.
And this uncertainty is more worried about me. My love for you lifts me above all ... I'm on the verge of madness!
Therefore, to meet you - my goal, I want to be with you, now and forever, but while you're away, I'll do anything to be with you. I have not experienced such feelings before, and forgive me if I open crucial for you, every woman, as well, and a man must have a riddle, you mysterious to me, but I am glad to know you, while the letters, but I feel better than you do me not to be found.
Well - this is my thinking about us and our feelings ...
Yes, I also decide today what I'm going to Moscow tomorrow to show themselves worthy of visiting your country ... :) I think of you, and as soon as I get back to Moscow tomorrow, I will write to you ...
Kiss you
Letter 20
Hello dear John!!!
I have great news, I came to Moscow! I passed the interview at the embassy and I think I liked it, it just took a job as, issues, sometimes provocative, but I showed myself, I'm proud of it!
all the questions about me, my family, my education, about my work on my behalf, that I love ....
All right, now you tell me the result of the travel agent, I hope that all will be well and my fingers to cross.
The trip was surprisingly fast, but that's because I was moving on the plane, but I'm really knackered today, but when I was flying, I imagined that I fly to you, of course I flew to Moscow - it's just a kind of road up to you ...
I did not have time to see in Moscow, as we do everything quickly, from the embassy, I immediately moved to the airport as the plane waited. I thought of you and me. I want you to know that no matter where I was, I always think of you ....
dear John, We're adults, serious people and are fully aware that we better together. Now our life made sense. Being realistic, I think we both recognize that our meeting could not have happened by chance. And our relations are not a relationship just acquaintances. They definitely there something more.
I am ready for everything, now I realize that we should not be romantic in the modern world, but without it will still be hard for me has always been a joy to watch a romantic comedy or drama, I'm always looking for a big light pure love and I feel that we approach each other, our meeting is close, I have to tell the travel agent I got the visa, I know tomorrow I'll go to him. I also know all the news via e-mail a travel agency, I really hope everything will be fine and I can get a visa to your country, I'm probably repeating myself, but I made a big step today ...
I have the day off, but I went to school just because to write you a letter, there is no other way, I do not know whether we have a internet cafe in our town: (But I feel that my strength is running out, I'm going home to take shower and go to bed ... Please, think of me, because I think of you at this moment ...
I will write to you tomorrow ...
With love, your Ilzariya
Letter 21
Hello my loved John!
I have great news! I'm happy now! :))))) You have no idea how, I hasten to tell it to you.
Today I received e-mail from a travel agency that my visa is approved and I'll fly to you any time soon, given a visa for 3 months. dear John - happiness realize that I'll be able to see you. I can touch you, to feel that we can tell each other a lot of different words, I am sure that we understand each other.
Do not try to guess how the rest of our destiny, but I want you to understand that the meeting will bind us stronger. We will speak words of love and it will not be a letter or a word written on a piece of paper. I just can not imagine what happened to me, I'm probably in a fairy tale and I like Alice in Wonderland, where everything seems so magical and beautiful, I'm surrounded by your letters.
Tomorrow I will plan the date of departure to you, I hope you will be able to meet me at any time, so I'll book the very next flight, but only tomorrow, of course it is as long as it is necessary to find cheap tickets, I I think the economy - I have enough class. I do not need luxury. Almost all of the money will go to pay for a trip. I paid for the visa and the collection of documents.
I understand that I have to then go back, I'll be with you for a month, then I'll have to go back to Russia to sell all their belongings and move to you, of course, this is not me but it all depends on you John, you - John my own destiny now, I am completely dependent on you. I can not start my day without a thought of you, my day is not complete unless I see a letter from you. and I go to you - my most precious charming.
I feel like I was overwhelmed with emotions right now, please tell me whether you would be comfortable if I arrive in the coming days, I think it will be approaching the weekend, as it will, so you can meet me?
With love, your Ilzariya
Letter 22
Hello my love John!!!
I do not know what to write and how to tell you. But go on. Today I received a letter from his uncle.
He said that he can not solve a problem with his wife. My uncle's wife needed a kidney transplant.
I am very upset by this. I have long thought today during a day that I do. Uncle can not find the money for his wife.
He did not give an advance on the job, will be given only after two months, then he will end the contract on the ship and he returns home but he can not do anything, because there is a delay in wages, their firm is experiencing economic difficulties. Uncle asked to help his wife to the operation, I told him that I have the money, but he did not know that I'll be able to fly to another country in the next week. He did not think that I'll fly to you quickly.
My uncle helped me all my life - he has done more to my life than my parents. I love it!
I met with the doctors and they told me that it was necessary to pay for high-quality ***** transplant surgery.
I also talked with the relatives of his wife and could not help them with their finances.
For me it was important because my uncle and his life is part of my destiny.
Now I do not know what to do because I have no money to pay for their tickets and their dreams cute!
I sacrificed my happiness for life wife of my uncle.
For me it was basically!
Dear me very sad and embarrassing to you but I could not do otherwise.
John, I ask you to help me with money for the tickets, because I was hoping in my heart, from this letter, that you can help, then our meeting will take place. I hope you understand me, I tried to solve the problem in other ways, I meet with my friends and family, talking about the problem, but no one can help me. They were just talking about you, saying that you could possibly help me with a visit, because it is our general meeting ...
But I realize that I am very organized trip for you and me - the independent girl, but now hard. I gave most of my savings and now I have no money for tickets.
I do not know what to do.
Now I do not know how you react to me after my requests.
I am very sorry and ashamed to ask you for money.
And yet, despite all of the sudden difficulties, very very much want to meet you, because you - John - my dearest man, I have no more valuable than people right now, as I am doing everything to meet you ... I guess I love you ...
Just ask for your help and I hope to meet you and start a new life together ... You should try ... Please email me ...
With love, Ilzariya
Letter 23
Good afternoon, my favorite John.
I was really glad to get your letter.
My love, I called to you today, and unfortunately did not get through to you.
I'm sorry, my dear. But I left you a voice message. You heard it?
For me, nice to know the fact that you can give me all the tenderness and passion when we close.
John it makes me so happy ...
I'm really pleased to know that cute.
Understand that I think I can also give you all my tenderness and affection.
Together we will hold a minute of happiness near the ocean.
Darling I hope that you are sure to show me the Dolphins.
I want to see this cute.
All my hopes and dreams now for our meeting with you.
On those days I was in the travel agency and everything just learned about how I will be able to leave their country and to be with you my love.
I was not a lot of confusion when I was told that on the whole trip I need to pay 630$, it really is a lot of money for me nice and I do not know what we will do ???
John Where can I find this amount ???
My dear, I am very sorry that you have been duped online. But I'm not one of those who cheat, try to understand it.
I have a lot of years. I am not here for games, I'm looking for a serious relationship.
look at me, dear, in my eyes, would they lie? I have always been sincere to you and to tell the truth dear.
Understand, I really want you to trust me.
I'm sending you a copy of your passport.
Honey, understand I do not need your money, I do not need money, I only important our meeting, I want to start with you a new life with a clean slate. Help me.
I ask you to contact the agency and pay my tickets, I really want to see you.
I do not need to send the money, I do not need the money honey, pay my fees to the agency.
Understand I'm your documents and visas issued through its agency, and I have to get the tickets only from his agency, understand it.
I ask you to contact the agency and pay my tickets, here are the data the agency: It is still a really big issue for me.
At first, I thought about how I could solve this problem.
I had planned to visit the bank to take out a loan.
But the bank told me that if I have a loan that I can not let go of the country.
It is very upset me.
Now I'm in a great difficulty as to where I needed to take the money so that I could be with you dear.
For me is not possible to find the money.
It is a pity that now I have to ask for help from you.
I do not know how you look at it
Cute now scares me is that maybe you'll mind to help me with this money.
Because we do not even never met.
But the circumstances now turned so.
And now the meeting will largely depend on you.
Darling I hope that you look at me like I was his dream as well.
John my feelings and desire to be with you sincerely.
I do not even like cleverly ask you money but you must understand that no longer something left to do.
I can not find more money.
And now I hope you can help me with the money needed to organize our meeting.
Darling, I understand that now this problem put you in great thought.
But understand that now it is really very important for both of us.
I'll be glad if you can understand the problem and can help me with the necessary money to all of you and dreams really come true.
Now I am very much worried regarding your thoughts.
But I hope that you believe me and love me.
Just now, there were problems.
But money is only a formality that has become home for us now necessary for the implementation of my trip to you.
It seems to me that it is only a trifle compared with those dreams and the happiness that we get when we are together.
Cute i hope you can understand me.
I'll wait for your letter and your thoughts.
Your love Ilzariya.
Letter 24
Hello dear John
Darling you should understand that we no longer help.
You should know that our meeting depends only on ourselves more from anybody.
Darling, you must understand that our meeting is one step.
Dear you have to help me with the money to our meeting was realized.
Understand the sake of our meeting, I also put a lot done.
Lovely for our meeting, for me, please help me, I will be in your hands. I'm tired without you.
Loved I look forward to your help.
I love you madly and truly can not live without you.
Understand John you became for me the closest person, you are the only one I love so much.
John I can not imagine a happy life without you, you need me.
I have long understood dear, that you are the person with whom I need to be together.
I have long understood that you I was with you will be able to build their future.
You really wonderful man, I love you John.
I'm terribly miss you, I really can not live without you.
Understand John I do not sleep at night, I still thought only of you, up my mother.
My friends are very happy for us.
They know that I'm going to fly to you and they are happy for it.
I told my friends about you a lot, they were pleased to listen to me.
And it was also nice to listen to their friends when they're talking about you a lot of good.
My friend said that you are a wonderful man, and gave you a huge hello.
Loved Now I do not want to lose you, you must understand I can not live without you for life.
John Loved I very much hope that you will help me with this money and we will be happy together. I ask you to contact the agency and pay my tickets: John Cute I love you.
I'll wait for you to hot-mails.
Your girl Ilzariya !!!
Letter 25
Hello my dear !!!
My love, I am very sorry that we are not together. When we are together? I miss. I miss you so much. Help me, I'm important you are to me important our meeting. I have long aspired to it. Darling, you must understand I have all ready, I only need to pay fees to the agency.
I only need to pay for my tickets in the agency and all help me to pay for my tickets and I fly to you. After all, I have everything ready sweet to fly to you. I have only to pay for my tickets.
Honey, I'm glad that you have contacted the agency, I pray thee, all the employees of the agency requests, do as they asked. We'll be together, we will be happy. Forever sweet.
I can not express in words all the joy you brought to my life. The fact remains that - love is something that can only be felt ... and you make me feel great. In the past, the love slipping away from me, and left only memories of unbearable pain. I was like a broken into a million pieces, and ceased to believe in the existence of true love.
When we started the relationship with you, I did not expect that our relationship last long. Now I am very happy and glad that you are mine.
Darling, I'm with you start to believe in "happiness", and I hope our tale will be like. I want to be in your hands, I really miss you much. You're all mine. I love only you.
Your girl Olesya
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