Letter(s) from Monica Amenyo to Jeff (USA)

Letter 1

Hello jeff ,
I'm Monica your friend on amoory, Thanks for looking into my profile and for also sending me your email address. I will brief you something about me, I've never been married, no children, I have been single for a long time, busy studying and obtaining my certificate, I am now working as a nurse, I recently decided to go into relationship, because we are all growing old not younger anymore, I was raised and born in Bronx,NY.USA, I know i have never been married, I have been single for the past 4 years, my fiance died of lungs cancer, it was a big hit and blow to my heart, so it's been hard getting into relationship, but life is too short to seat and play the blame game, I know it's been long for me, but I also know I will be a good and respectful wife to my husband, because I am responsible lady, I believe in honestly,respect,openness,understanding are the ingredient to turn a relationship into something unimaginable and special thing, I want to fall in love and be loved back even more, I am a passionate woman, I care about the world, but the people around me even more, I don't hide my feeling, or hide from telling the truth, because it will come back and hit you very hard, I like to walk hand in hand with my partner because I would like to display in public, it show and prove how committed you are to your partner, Like walking hand in hand at the beach, kissing at public places, It just looks cute and nice to me, I don't mind going everywhere with the man of my life, I am a one man woman, I treat my man with care,respect,kindness and most of all with love. No slave or servant, we will treat each other equal and even more special, love is a great and special feelings, but it hurt more than anything in the world when broken, I want to fall in love and grow old with the man of my life,it's then you will know how sweet and outstanding feeling it is, that is the kind of love i wish to experience. I will hold and keep your love and heart in the safest place in my heart, and cover it with the power of our love together, I want our love and relationship to be the kind that people will look and follow, i want a love that poets will write stories about, I want the kind of love that makes history, and the kind we will both have stories to talk about. I was just about to go to bed, because I have been busy working, then you came into my thoughts and I remember i had to send reply to your kind and nice mail, I will attach some pictures to this mail and i will be patiently waiting for your reply soon....