Scam letter(s) from Eunice Benson to Kevin (USA)

Letter 1
Hello honey how are you have you see that am for real? So try to belive and trust me. Where are you right now are you in the state (usa)I wish to be with you honey if truly you love me you can do anything to get me and we can live as husband and wife honey
Letter 2
Dear I want to make it to your home in California that's why I said you have to send me the money for my flight which is 700$ so dear if you get me this money I will be able to prepare myself and take my leave to your side in California so that we can start a new life and leave as husband and wife...... I will be expecting your reply ASAP I love you mark
Letter 3
Do I send my info address for you to send me the flight money honey?
Letter 4

Dear I really love you also I take you as my man and the father of my kids. Dear when you send me the money I will go to the embassy to take my flight. You can send the money though western union and this is my address information
Name:eunice Benson
Adress: obalufon Street
Country :nigeria
State : osun state
So honey that's the address you will send the money into let me know the time you will send the money I love you mark
Letter 5
So you are the one bearing kevin and Mark Stone. There's no problem if you don't belive me that am for real there's no problem I will surely love you forever and I cannot lie for someone OK. I really love to see you but you don't belive me, have try my best to assure you that am not here for joke but yet you don't belive me. Am a straight woman that will never lie to a lady is left for you to trust me.
Letter 6
Dear I t all need you also that's why I said you should pay for my flight and am promising you by God I will come trust me honey I and lie for you
Letter 7
Hello honey good morning and how was your night hope you dream about me? sorry for not replying your messages I just woke up right now time here is 6:35am I see all your messages and pictures am very happy that you could belive me since this days I pray that God will Leeds this our relationship to a good way so that we could have a new life with our kids. Dear I can see you are now free of mind about me hope you are not scared of me again?to be sincere I really love you too that's why I always write you message all day and I can't wait to have you as my husband. Honey am really missing you alot here I will be preparing for my journey start from today but honey hope you will not disappoint me on Friday?I will be expecting your reply ASAP
Letter 8
Am not a Africa citizen try to understand my letter. Am also a business woman due with buying and selling of goods. Dear how are you spending your day today?
Letter 9
Dear you know is not my problem here in Africa the service and the network is very bad so you have to be honest with me. It remain a little time for me to be with you so we can discuss very well about our relationship. What's important now for both of us is to get me at your side so by then we can discuss very well honey. You will take me to your family to show then the new wife you just have......... Friday is not much to see each other so honey I will be expecting your reply
Letter 10
Hello honey how are you and how was your night. Dear I gone through your profile all the message you sent to me is very sad because we have discuss about this issue before and we have agree to each other that there's no way to book a flight online in Africa is not allow can't you understand me? We have been discuss about this issue several times and days and you agree that there's no problem. See honey am not here to play or kid you have put my mind in you since have been chatting and messaging you so why should I deceive you. Pay for flight here on Friday so that I will get to the embassy to move down to your side I have my passport and everything here with me despite you are in USA also so am not a stranger there all you have to do is to get me the cash for my flight and wait for me at the air port to pick me up and move down to your house. It will not take me a time to finish this with my journey if you don't disappoint me on Friday. Let me know the real true in you are you going not going to disappoint me on Friday? Because I don't like deceiving have been preparing about the journey so be trusted and straight with me. Am your future wife don't play with me or joke with me am not like others girls you meet here for real be real to me also......
Letter 11
Hello honey how are you and how was your day honey sorry for not messaging you since this days is because am not with data to browse that's why I could not able to reply your letter am sorry honey. Dear have been missing you here and am preparing for the journey honey hope you will not disappoint me on Friday honey have been packing my load for the journey. Let me know when you are in the bank to send the money so that I will be able to get it and start to prepare for my journey. I will expecting your reply honey I love you kevin
Letter 12
I love all the video and your pic that you sent to me am I live with you and am very appreciated with all your efforts of writing me message, here also am really missing you and I will surely be your woman for forever. You made me the happiest woman since I found you kevin you are very precious to me and I will always love you to the end.... Am missing you alot here I will be expecting your message asap
Letter 13
Dear like I told you I said am not with data to browse that's why I could not able to come online. Dear I see your message I will resend the pictures for you . how did you spend your day today honey? Hope you are not stressful I really love you
Letter 14
Dear I will tell you the time when I book for the flight on Friday so don't worry about that am well prepare when I book the flight on Friday I will tell you the time to move honey
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