Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Alexandrovna to Peter (Norway)

Letter 1
Hi Peter!
I have just seen your letter. And immediately, as there was a smile on my face. I became happy that you wrote. Thank you for your answer.
Now I want to ask what the vital interests do you have? What do you do, if you have time? Maybe you have a hobby? I would be happy if you're talking about is told about it in more detail. So I think you just now would be interesting if you could find out details about my favorite hobby.
My friend Peter, I want to tell you that I was very pleased when I see your letter. You say that you hope that I sleep well. I want to tell you that yes, I sleep normally, when we'll start talking, I fall asleep every night, as soon as possible that would quickly pass the time, and to attack the next day that I had in the morning was able to see your email you know?
Tell me please, how did you go to the doctor, with his son Mars? Everything is fine?
Why, it will be your brother, a whole week? Can you tell me about this, it would be very nice to get to know all these details, you know?
You say that you will not have a lot of time that would have to write your letter. Thank you for warning me about that, but you know, I'm still very much hope that you find the time, and you will write to me your letter, right?
I would be really pleased if you send me your photos, with his son of Marc, do you understand me?
My friend, very sorry that your ex-wife, too bad to do with you. It is really very hard.
But the most important thing is that you understand that it was in the past, and do not even think about it, you understand me?
You ask me what I think about our age difference? You know, for me it does not have quite a value. Because if I had it as something to worry, I would not even you write your letter, you understand it or not?
I want to start by saying that my work takes a lot of time and effort. But this does not prevent me to lead a normal life. For example, I try to do sports, if there is time.
My friend Peter, I try to keep my body in good shape, and I try to at least a few times a week, do jogging, from 7 to 10 kilometers. When the weather allow, on the street a lot of snow, I try to ride on skis, it is about the same distance.
I also attend training Fitness Facilities, Self-Defense, because my work is very dangerous. But that does not happen very often.
As for my work that I work 6 days a week. After I wake up and have breakfast I'm going to work. At work, I go by public bus. I do not have my car because I did not have a driver's license. But my work is not a hindrance. Because sometimes, I pick up on a company car Police.
Of course sometimes, I meet with my friends, and we can go to the cinema or a cafe. Just for the fact that to have a rest. It's just that all my friends have families, and I alone, and we therefore see very rarely.
If you want to know my habits, I do not drink it almost. I allow myself to drink some good wine or champagne is only for some important events. I think that it is important to know the measure in this regard. Do you agree with me? Or do you have a different opinion?
I never drink *****.
I do not like smoking. Even from a young age I realized that smoking is bad. For those who smoke, I treat neutral and have nothing against it. It is your own choice of the person, and a private matter.
Now you know about my life very much. I believe that you have been wondering about it read. In this regard, I would like to ask you to tell us about yourself. Ok?
On this I finish my letter. Now I will post it. Together with the letter, I send the photo as I was going to run. This photo was spring!
Tell me how it will be possible. I'm curious what you write.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Peter!
Today, once again, there was an awful lot of work, and I can check its own post office, only late at night. Here such here my work in Police, sometimes I can work for a long time.
But now, do, I'll choose this path.
Imagine, tonight I'm going to go home, when suddenly a call comes in duty part. Call the woman, and say that it beats her husband.
How can can this be, can you imagine?
And imagine all happen, because of what? It's just crazy. This man, drink plenty of ***** is not real, that is, cooked, without any certificates, and it just starts hallucinating.
How come, Police, he sharply all pass. It seemed to him, because of the large amount of alcohol, his wife, is the devil. How can this be? Can you imagine that?
In general, we had to, to take it to the office, and start it a criminal case. That is why, for so long, I have to work today.
The man will be punished to the fullest extent, the law.
I hope that you find the time, and before the weekend, tomorrow, Saturday, to write me my letter!
Sweet dreams, my friend!
Letter 3
Hi Peter!
I am very glad to see your letter. Because of this, my mood was fun :) I am very pleased that you have written. Our communication I really like and I want to develop it more.
My friend Peter, I want to ask you for forgiveness for the fact that I could not write you my letter. Please forgive me. But I do not have this not a fault, you understand?
I'll explain everything to you.
My friend, I want to tell you that this weekend I spend at home. I did not even go for a walk. It was Valentine's Day and all the people walking by a couple who love each other very much.
I wanted to just vacation home, and I was able to receive the full measure of after a hard working week.
I hope that you, in turn, as well, was able to spend the weekend.
On Monday morning, everything was as usual, and I come to my job. In the afternoon I plan to write to you, my letter. But unfortunately, I did not get to do. To do, call the duty of the Police, about the crime. And this day, completely changed my plans. As we left, a task force in place, the crime, and did their job, it took a lot of time. And when I have to finish all the work, it was already very late, and I think that if I write you, you still can not answer me, so I ask your forgiveness. I will try to write you all the time, for this week, okay?
You know, we are with you it is important to communicate every day.
I am very glad that you spend your weekend very well, along with his brother - Werner. Tell me please how are you doing now Marc? It is on this week from its mother? And where he likes to be the most, in their own mother or you, my friend Peter?
Marc watching and swimming, on their own? Please tell me about this?
You ask whether I like Italian food? I want to tell you that I know what Italian food is - the pizza, and spaghetti, and what you have in mind?
Tell me please how to take a trip in Oslo? Everything was in good order? It was nice to know the details about it. And there are pictures with you this weekend, it would be nice to see it all.
My friend, I want to tell you about his attitude to animals and nature.
In general, I love animals. I like cats and dogs. But unfortunately there is no way right now to have someone in my house, because I have the same small apartment, I'll talk about it. At work in the Police, we have a lot of dogs, and I try to feed them if I have a **** after eating, I did not throw, and feed dogs on their own work.
Who are the animals you love the most? I'm very interested. I would be happy if you all told!
I forgot to tell you about my qualities women.
At the orphanage, I understand from early childhood that my clothes should be clean. What I always must feed themselves and care for themselves.
And so I believe that I have become, a good housewife, regardless of who I start working. So I grew up a good woman flat, which kept clean.
I do not want to praise myself right now, I'm super woman :) This is just a manifestation of my upbringing. But despite this, I try to keep the apartment clean. I also try to cook delicious food.
Sometimes, I so much want to cook a lot of delicious food, and then it turns out that there is no one there. It is a great pity.
You know, my teacher, the children's home, to say that I have, to be able to cook, and she is constantly told me an old Russian proverb. She said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Do you understand the meaning of this saying? In your country there are similar words? I have not heard that there may be something similar in other countries. But I would be pleased if you tell about it.
Say you know how to cook? I would have been nice to know about your abilities in the kitchen. Just seems to me that if a man knows how to cook, it is super people :) All due to the fact that it can feed its own woman :) Tell me you are super human? You can call the superman? (Laugh).
Now I finish my letter and send more. Tell me if it will be possible. I wonder what you'll say.
Letter 4

Hello my friend Peter!
I think that my day is defective if you do not write :) So thank you for what you write. I became happy when I saw your new letter.
My friend Peter, you're in my letter, asking me if I have Skype? I want to tell you that I'll write my letter with a personal computer. But he is on my work. And on this computer can not be installed, Skype, you know? Therefore, we can not talk to you, in to Skype.
My friend Peter, you ask me, if I have a Facebook? I want to tell you that I do not have a profile on the site. I think this is just a regular dating site. I no longer look for love, you know why? Because you appear in my life, and now the other men did not interest me. I want to learn to communicate and you just, you know?
As I was quite happy, our communication with you, by e-mail? What do you think about this?
I think we're very good at communicating by e-mail. Just if I told you was really interesting and the way you would write to me all the time!
Today, I want to tell you about my city. I believe that this topic will be interesting, and you will read about the place in which I live. I also would be interested to know about the place where you live.
My town is called Inza. (I'll have to talk about it) This is a small provincial town.
Along with this letter I sent the card. It can be compared to the distance from Moscow and Inza. It is about 757 kilometers, which takes about 10 hours by car.
So, I want to tell you about their religion, the main religion in Russia - it is Christianity. I am also a Christian. But I am moderately religious. I understand that perhaps there is no God. But to live with the idea that someone can help in a difficult moment easier. In this regard, I sometimes go to church.
I say in advance that everything in life take its own decision what to believe. So if you are of another religion or you're an atheist, there is nothing wrong with that!
I believe I told you, liked, and soon you will write me back. As I said in the beginning of the letter I would be pleased, if you write about your place of residence and their own religion. If you can send photo, then of course I do not mind.
Now I must finish my letter. I believe that my letter will come in your mail soon. Answer me then. Your answer is very important. I want to quickly read what you write to me.
Letter 5
Hello my friend Peter!
Now, Saturday. In Russia it is already midnight. And I was sitting, waiting for your letter, until late at night, after a hard day's work badly, but did not wait.
It is a pity that you still do not write me!
I hope that all you have to order, and most importantly, that you do not forget about me, okay?
I will hope that I will be able to see your letter in my mail, on Monday. I hope that the weekend to pass quickly!
I wish you a nice weekend! Have a good holiday!
How's your son, Marc? He this week was his mother? What really, hard to find five minutes for 24 hours a day, and just write what are you all right? Tell me this?
And please, find time for me! I'm really waiting for your letter!
Letter 6
Hello my friend Peter.
Now I'm constantly thinking about our conversation. Sometimes, I even try to think about the work, and you are in my thoughts. I can not with him about it. What do you think, is it good or bad?
To be honest, I am happy that we met. I'm also happy that our relationship developed, and we constantly tell something new. And now the most important thing is that it did not stop there, in any case, you understand me?
My friend Peter, I am very happy that the attack on Monday, and I can see your letter. I want to tell you that my weekend, great place, and I'm really waiting for the offensive Monday. I waited for Monday, not for the fact that my weekend would pass quickly:) I wait, on Monday, that would as soon as possible to see your letter, and write your own, you know?
My friend Peter, this weekend was a wonderful weather.
On Sunday, I just wanted to sleep very well after a hard work week. On weekdays I get up very early. And on Sunday, I slept until 12 o'clock, do you imagine? I am a very long time, so do not sleep well. I get just a wonderful dream. It was just great.
As soon as I wake up, I cook myself pancakes. I eat pancakes with blueberry jam. It was very tasty. I was very glad that I was able to have such a good breakfast. Do you like it, there are pancakes?
In the evening, I go out, and do sports activity before bedtime. Because speeding, my weekend, but I was able to get a good rest, and a wonderful spirit and a boost of energy for a whole week. I hope that your weekend, just held in perfect order! I wish you a pleasant start, the working week.
Thank you for the photos, look very cool. When fishing, you catch it?
I am very pleased that you have so much to talk about themselves. Tell me how you feel? I am very upset that I could not see your letter.
Your son, Mark, look very cute. In the dressing pirate. Thank you for that.
In this letter I want to talk about friends. In your life there is someone who is your friend?
I have in mind those people who will never betray you, that you will always, even in the most difficult moments?
In my life there is such a person. This man's name Tatyana. I will try to tell about it and believe that you will read it with interest!
I want to start by saying that we are familiar with Tatyana many years. I met her while studying at the institute. We were in parallel groups. But this did not prevent us to communicate well.
During our acquaintance with Tatyana she became like a sister to me. Unlike the others, it is ready to help in a difficult moment. Even in the most difficult situation, she is ready to come to the rescue. She says it all really.
Now Tatyana has a husband. Her wedding was a few years ago. Her husband's name is Vladimir.
They also have, there is a little boy, his name - Egor.
By the way, together with Tatyana we work in the same police station. After the training, we have decided to be closer to around to help.
Together with the letter I send pictures me along Tatyana. A photo you can see what looks it has.
Now you know about my friend Tatyana.
My friend Peter, Today I tell my friend Tatyana, about our communication with you, and she was very glad that I have found a man that is really interesting for me. It is transmitted, you my greetings! I hope you do not mind me telling, Tatyana, that we communicate with you? Also, please tell me know if your friends or relatives about our communication with you?
On this I finish my letter. Now I will post it. Answer me as soon as possible. I want to know what you say.
Letter 7
Hi Peter.
How is your life? In my life everything is fine. All due to the fact that in my life there was a person that meets me in return. This man wrote the letters and gives me good mood :) Do you know who this man is? That person is you! I am happy that we met. I like our communication.
My friend Peter, I want to tell you that today, in Russia, a holiday. February 23 - Defender of the Fatherland Day. I think that in your country, do not celebrate this holiday. This festival was first in the USSR - the day of military glory. And now, there is already in Russia - Defender of the Fatherland Day.
All the people in my country, now have a day off. Of course, in addition, Police officers:) Today, for me, on the contrary, hard day. Today, Police, working in enhanced mode, and I need to reinforce patrol the streets. Because today there are many drunken men to think that they are "defenders of the fatherland" (irony).
And therefore, it is necessary that everything was in perfect order, on the streets of our city. I am very happy that today I was able to find the time, what would you write.
You know when I am today, the morning went to my job, because I was so nice to just walk down the street and think about our communication with you. I like to imagine that we're just walking along the shore of a lake, river or the sea, it would be so great, just next door, looking at each other, and cute about something talk.
I wanted to dream about it forever. But then, I thought that I must go to work as soon as possible, so that would be as soon as possible to read your letter. Do you understand?
During this walk we could take a closer look. Just letters still are not able to describe all that I want to say in words. So walking down the street would have been a great way to learn more. We could easily talk about the life and thoughts in our heads. Oh, that would be fine. Sadly, it's just my imagination. By the way I ask does not apply to it very seriously, if you have the opinion that we too early to talk about it. I wanted to tell about it to let you know my thoughts and realized how I treat you.
In addition to thinking about our common walk I was thinking a lot. Most of all I was thinking about our friendship. I knew that we know little. But despite this it seems to me that you are a wonderful person. So I'm happy that we met. I believe that this dialogue will develop, and we will look even better. I with its own party will try to make everything that you knew me well. If you remember, that from the beginning I did not hide anything and talked about everything honestly. Now I also do not want to have secrets. If you have, any questions, be sure to ask, and I will try to answer. If the matter is I do not like it, I just leave it unattended. Do you mind that?
I also want to ask you something. Tell me you can ask any questions? Sometimes I'm too shy to ask you some questions. In this regard, it is important to me to know your opinion. If you allow me to ask any questions, I'll try not to be shy. You understand? I believe that you know the answer.
My friend Peter, first foto, made the concert, Police, I hold in my hand a musical instrument. But I want to tell you right away that I do not know how to play on this instrument. I just do it for the pictures, you understand me?
A second foto, showing my face close-up. Do you like my face? My eyes?
I'm in this to finish my letter and send more. I believe that this letter come in your mailbox soon. Write me an answer then. I just need to be patient until you answer me. With thoughts of you!
Your Anastasiya.
Letter 8
Hello my friend Peter.
I am very glad to see your letter today, my friend. I am in a good mood. So thank you for what you remember about me and write. I appreciate it!
I am very pleased that you have in Google Map, see my city. Very nice it you really enjoy.
You say that you swim in Leningrad? You go out in this city? Do you like it? Now change the Leningrad, name, and it is called - St. Petersburg, you know that?
My friend Peter, but tell me, please, how long a divorce take place in your country, this is a very long time, is not it?
And what was so bad in the last few years your relationship? Please tell me about it?
And do you think about the meeting in Russia? Do you think this will have any meaning? Tell me about it please?
And you do not like the pictures where I have makeup on your face? You do not like women who look after themselves? Tell me this please?
And Mark knows that we communicate with you? You can transfer him hello from me?
Now I want to ask a question. Tell me, what are you doing with my life? :) I just started to notice how slowly you change my life. Previously I lived quietly, but now I have to live with the desire to quickly read your letter. Because of this, at work, at work, there are difficulties, since I am unable to concentrate :) Maybe you're a wizard who cast a magic spell on me? (Laugh) This day was very good. All because of your letter. In this regard, I also want to bring a good mood with my answer. Maybe then a smile appears on your face?
You know right now if you were with me, your mood would become the most good. It was just great to do, just because you and I would be next. I probably would not be able to tell you not one word, but just look at you and smile. I'm really very modest. Especially with people that I like, you understand?
I send you a picture, from his balcony, picture, it was made in the summer. I hope you like my picture.
On this I finish my message and send it, together with pleasant emotions! I believe that you will be very happy to read what I wrote. I wish you a nice day!
Your Anastasiya.
Letter 9
Hi Peter.
Your new message greeted me. Because of this, my mood was cheerful.
To be honest, I do not know how can I live if your letters will not :) All due to the fact that you are very much came into my life. So now you have to write all the time. I, for its part will try constantly to answer :) My friend Peter, you must be very offended me that lately, I am writing my letters, so late at night. I apologize to you for that, and I do not have in this wine. I on the contrary, I want to write my letter to you as soon as possible. But since a lot of work, I can be, it is necessary sometimes to write you my evening. I hope that you're a man who understands and takes it really a complete understanding, is not it?
I hope that you will find the opportunity today to answer for me.
Where did you get that I translate my letters with help for you - translate-programm? I write you my letter alone, because I know very well English. I studied it in school, and the university, you understand?
Thank you for telling me about his own wife. And now it is clear to me that you divorce her in March. It's very interesting for me, you understand?
My friend Peter, very happy for you that you were able to experience all of these domestic issues. You're really strong man, that's just fine.
It seems to me that I was so used are not so many cosmetics, is not it? Tell me this please?
Of course, of Marc, I need to know about you and me, that we communicate with you. Of course, when the time comes to do so, then you and he say about it, okay?
I'd rather be writing to you in English. So you just better be able to understand me, okay?
Thank you for your pictures, you're a very nice man. And I want to tell you thank you for it!
Peter, I was thinking a lot about our relationship. I was thinking about how you came into my life and that it has changed since that time. You know what I realized? I realized that a lot has changed. You're turning over. Previously I lived quietly, but now my main goal for the entire day - it read your new mail. You understand? :) You've become very close to me. Sometimes it seems to me that we are familiar with a lot of time. I just realized what you are good people and discoveries.
I am happy that we have met and began to talk. With you my life has got new paint, which did not exist before. So I thank you for it. Thank you very much.
I did not know before that communication over the Internet can be so nice. It seemed to me that the probability of encountering a normal man is very little on the Internet. But now I realize that all things are possible! I like to be aware of this :) The most important thing is, that to meet you in my life, so this is really important.
Peter, I believe that you will not hurt me, and are not going to play with me. From your blows something good. I want to be sincere with you.
You know, that seems strange to me? It is strange that women in your country do not see such a wonderful person :) I said a large number of compliments in your side. Probably, I say very much :) correct, if I finish my letter. Otherwise, I have to say something too much :) I do not know what will become of our association then. It remains to be seen. But I think that all will end well! I want to believe it!
Now I finish my letter. Soon you will be able to read it. Write me, then how will be able to answer. Your answer is very important to me.
Your Anastasiya.
Letter 10
Hello my dear.
Now I read your letter. After that it became pleasant to me. I very much wanted to read your answer!
I hope you do not mind that in this letter, I call you - "My dear".
I want to now always call you - "My dear"
My dear, if your honest Russian awful.
You say that in Norway come spring, I want to tell you that even in Russia, the sun shines a completely different way, and it is very good to begin warming. And the day becomes longer.
Yes, this week was really hard and I'm very glad the weekend, that would just sleep, and just relax, you know?
My dear Peter, you're talking about how it would be better if we're dating? I want to tell you that you are very hurry with such issues. I beg you please do not take the time right?
My dear just, I ask you at this time, do not put pressure on me about our meeting with you. Good? All come gradually, and everything will be in perfect order, the most important thing, believe me, okay?
My dear Peter, if you remember, I said it before, how much you walked into my life. I want to repeat and say that this is true. You are very much changed my life. If at first I was a little scared to talk, because I did not know what kind of person you are, but now I understand that you are very good. In this regard, I do not want to have your secrets. I am willing to be completely open. I believe that you understand it and try to treat me as I treat you!
You know what I was thinking yesterday? I was thinking about the time of our conversation. If you look into the past, it becomes clear that we are familiar with are not very many. But despite this it seems to me as if we've known for several years, as I am very well acquainted with you.
I know you're a good man. I am pleased to know that I have met such a wonderful person. I am grateful to you for what you appeared in my life. This is the most pleasant event that happened to me this year.
My dear Peter, you can answer the question of what I'm a woman? Do you understand during our dating my character and my life principles? I do not know what you answer! But I wanted very little to reveal the topic. Just in some moments you may understand me badly. Because of this, I want to talk about what I have personality.
My dear Peter, I am a simple woman. I'm not a model on the cover of the magazine. To be happy you need quite a bit. I need a little attention and affection.
As for the man I look for something I need an honest man, who will not play with me. I'm not a doll, but a living woman. So I appreciate men who are responsible for their words. I do not like those who say a lot of empty words, and then do not fulfill their promises. You understand?
I also want to tell you that the main thing in a relationship is honesty, reciprocity, and complete trust. I do not want that to my man, to deceive me, you know?
My dear Peter, I want to say that I like our communication. Because of this, I feel a lot of positive emotions. Just what will happen then to our relationship, I do not know. But it seems to me that all will be well!
On this I finish my letter. Write me an answer as soon as possible. I would be pleased if you comment on what I have written. So, please respond as soon as possible Your Anastasiya.
Letter 11
Hello my dear Peter.
I am the happiest woman in the world !!! All because my life is you - Peter!
I am very pleased that you have written. Your letters are an important part of my life.
My dear, Peter, today is Saturday, which means that today is the last day of work in this week. Tomorrow, Sunday - to write to you, I can not. I will have a day off.
My dear, this weekend, I want to have a good rest. And I tomorrow, good night's sleep.
Peter, Today was again a very difficult day. But these difficult days come to an end, for me, because I now give a report on the winter quarter of a crime, you know?
Now I do all the paperwork, and I will have more time. I will not stay at work until late at night.
And just as I have to go to the store, look for spring clothes. To be honest, I do not very much like walking to the shops, to me it seems to be very tiring.
I also want to make a run 7 kilometers. Recently, I ride on skis. But now that the snow has melted in places.
I hope that my weekend pass in the full order.
My dear, Peter, I also wish you a pleasant stay, and I hope that you can have a good rest.
I told you on Monday, will discuss how to pass my weekend. And I hope that you will be able to tell me all this, right?
I will miss, you, and I hope that this weekend would take place as soon as possible, that would advance on Monday, and we'll meet again, in our letter to you, you know?
Thank you for the photos of your cat. It looks so cute. Very funny pictures. What is the name Cat?
How is Marc? What are you doing this weekend?
In this letter I would like to talk about dreams and future. I think that this topic is very relevant. So it referred to the letter more seriously. I then will be important your comments that you say.
My dear Peter, I want to ask you what exactly you want in the future? Do you have what the plans and dreams that you want to implement in the near future? Maybe you have a dream related to me? I would like to know.
As for me, I have two important dreams:
My first dream is connected with my life.
I do not want to be alone in this life. You know, I do not have parents. And at the moment, but my friends and colleagues, I have no one else.
It's just the worst thing about if you do not have someone who can help in a difficult moment.
But now in my life, there will be another one very close person to me. Total turns out that I have two people close to my life:
Tatyana's my friend, and you, my dear Peter. It is you I believe and know that you will stay with me no matter what.
Tell me honestly, I can be confident in you?
The second dream is associated with you:
My dream is to meet you in real life. I understand that it is very difficult. But I still very much like to meet you outside of the Internet :) I say this honestly! The real meeting could be a substitute for all these letters! Only now about the meeting early to say. It's my opinion. It seems to me that this does not need to hurry, despite a strong desire to get to know you in real life !!!
Now you know a lot. I believe that you treat my words properly. I just told him about the most cherished dream that I kept inside.
Along with this letter I sent my pictures. These photos were taken, half a year ago - in the fall. Then I dreamed of a man like you. And I am very happy that now you appear in my life! You see my dreams come true.
Maybe these dreams, about which I'll write, will come true? (embarrassment).
At this time I have come to finish my letter. Now I send it as soon as possible, so that you could read what I wrote. Write me, then the answer is as soon as the time is displayed. Your answer is very important and I look forward to it.
Your Anastasiya.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Peter.
You're probably familiar with some words I begin my letter :) My dear Peter, I want to say that I now very well. All due to the fact that I can see your new letter! I became very happy that you wrote. Thank you for this great!
My dear, Peter, very glad to advance on Monday, and I can tell you how to take my weekend.
As I had planned, I was able to have a good rest, and now I'm full of energy, for the entire week. My vacation place quite active. I was able to carry out jogging - 7 kilometers.
February 29 - this is the last day of winter in Russia. Tomorrow, March 1 is the first day of spring. How happy I am that the attack, spring. Soon all will begin to melt, and the weather is good on the street. I can not wait, when the grass is green, and the trees, green leaves will appear.
I love all seasons. But spring, adds romance, something inside of me.
Do you love spring? It is said that spring is the time of love (smile). What do you think about it? Do you think that spring is the season of love?
I wanted to go to the shops to watch things for themselves, for the spring period. But I did not come out in stores. I chose the best jogging on the fresh air. And then I do the house cleaning.
I very much hope that your weekend, held in the same order in full, and you could really have a good rest.
Now I wish you a good start to the week. I was missing you a lot. I just could not wait for Monday, as soon as possible.
My dear, I want to tell you that I have no fixed working schedule. I work from morning till night, when there is a lot of work to have to stay up very late at night, you know?
I work 6 days a week, Sunday - day off, you know?
You ask how much I earn? I want to be with you completely, honestly, and I want to tell you that I make 18 000 rubles per month, you understand?
My dear Peter, what are you to me so frankly, to talk about their dreams, it is really very nice to me, and I really like it, you understand me or not?
You say that you are very interesting, where to be, Inza? I understand you correctly?
In this letter, I'll re-send the map, which shows where I live in Russia. I write to you about this, February 18, I'll just talk about their city. And send for you have this card, apparently, it was absolutely not interesting for you, since you just ignore all the things that I write to you earlier. This is a great sadness for me.
I do not have a car. And you can see the person on the map, how far from Moscow, to Inza. And I tell you, there will be, in a letter on February 18 !!! I really wonder why you do not read carefully my letter.
I want to tell you that it is too early to talk about our meeting with you! To understand this please! Do not push on me, please, when the time comes, we will be able to talk about our meeting, okay?
Tell me please, how are Marc? What do you do with it this weekend? Everything was OK?
My dear Peter, you can answer my question. Say what has changed in your life since we met? As I influenced your life? What was new? I am interested because my changed a great deal in life. For example, your letters have become an important part of my life, without which I no longer live :) I really do not know what will happen to me if you disappear from my life!
My dear Peter, I want to say now that I like you even more. You know how I knew? Yesterday I caught myself thinking that you are lying in bed with me. I just hugged a pillow and began to dream, as if it was you. Do you understand that now happening to me? Previously, I have not experienced this. What have you done to me? Maybe it's magic or sorcery? :) I do not know that! But I like it! Just before I lived very differently. I lived a gray life, in which there were few highlights. Now everything was in color. I always have a smile on your face. Colleagues at work often notice this and understand that with me something happened. But I have thought about you 24 hours a day :) I am grateful to life for what we met. You're the nicest person I met!!!
My dear Peter, you know how to start my day? After I wake up in my head there is the idea that it is important, as soon as possible to read your letter! :) Then I expect the time to quickly read what you wrote.
My dear Peter, do you know how to end my day? In the evening I look out the window and wish you good night. Then I read some of your emails in bed. If you do not know what some of your letter I printed on paper to be able to read.
My dear Peter, I never thought before that the person with whom we do not know in real life can be so important! It seemed to me that this is possible only in romantic books. But now I understand that it can happen in real life! By the way, if I said earlier that I'm seeking a man on the Internet, with whom we will be close, I would not have believed in it. Now my opinion has changed. This is a nice feature of life.
My dear, I am sending this letter to you for the photo. It seems to me that I go to this photo because I do not know how to pose. What do you think about my picture?
I did you a photo model. I'm primarily an officer Police. (smile) I said, now very much. On this I finish my letter and send. I would be pleased if you say your opinion and thoughts. I am very keen to know what you answer. So what do you remember about me and write me an answer as you can. Your words are very important to me!
Your Nastya.
Letter 13
Hello my dear Peter.
How was your day? My day was good. I had a wonderful mood. I just knew that soon I will be able to read your new letter. That's what just happened. I finally found a way to check my mailbox and to me it's your new letter.
My friend Peter, you have seen on the map, it is written, even time in hours, how to go from Inza to Moscow. Why do not you watch closely?
On the map it is written that the mean time, the closest way from Inza to Moscow, will be - 10 hours 28 minutes, you understand?
My dear Peter, Easter this year will be celebrated in Russia on May 1. Do you understand?
My dear Peter, you ask me how much it will cost noubuk and the Internet in my country. I want to tell you that it will cost about 25 000 rubles.
You ask if I have a big increase? I want to tell you that my height is approximately - 167 centimeters. I speak to you about it, in a letter which I send to you - 5 February. You do not read very carefully my letter, is not it?
Tell me please, why did you decide that my height is 177 centimeters?
My dear Peter, I want to say that you can not quite get out of my head. I think of you constantly :) This happened to me just at school. Now I again feel similar emotions. Maybe it's love? :) My darling Peter, I want right now is something to tell. Only it is very difficult. For example, at first I was afraid to talk at all on this subject. But now I understand that you're sympathetic to my words, and take it as a joke :) Last night me hit a lot of thought. These thoughts were about us. I thought about how wonderful it will be to meet in real life. In real life, we would be able to meet even closer than they are now. This would help us to understand our compatibility. Then these thoughts gradually moved into the dream. The head began to appear different images and interesting pictures as we could spend time together. You know what the dream was the most interesting? I dreamed that if we met in real life, I'd first you do not hug. I would say that you broke the law, and it is important to you to pass me. After that, I would have dressed up your hands in the handcuffs and took with me. But I would lead you not to the police. I would lead you to me. You'd start to worry and ask what happened? Also, you would have asked me why I took you with me? In response, I would say that you were a very bad boy. For this reason, you need to punish :) Then we would come to the place, and you sat on a chair. At that moment we were together! You know what would be the result? I have spent with you an educational event that you have not been a bad boy :) Oh, I say! I myself do not believe that I wrote it :) What are you doing with me? (Laugh) It's all your fault !!! (Laugh) I guess I'm getting a bad girl and you make me be completely frank :) But I am now, honest just for you. I have never, and not for anyone, not to open so your inner world! I really do not know what's happening to me, but that's just the way open to me. Do you understand?
On this I finish my letter. Soon you will be able to read it. I'm curious to see what you all say. So write to me as soon as possible and leave comments. Ok? Just do not forget about me? :) Just if you can not write, then you will be a bad boy and I will need to arrive in your country to arrest you! (Laugh).
By the way at the pictures you can find me at work. This picture was made even during my studies. But I want you just to show that I can be just and strict girl with the machine in the hands. (laugh) Forgive me please, if I were you, somehow offended, or do I go to far with jokes. Did you just tell me about it. Good?
So if you're a bad boy, I come to you to arrest :) Tenderly yours Anastasiya!
Letter 14
Hello my dear Peter!!!
I very much like to read your letter! I am very glad to read your letter.
This is the beginning of March, to tread my dear Peter, for a number of appointed divorce? Tell me this please?
The most recent photo I send probably where I stay in winter clothes for you.
Now I want to say that you have become very close to me. Sometimes it seems to me like you're my other half :) Knowing that you are in my life I stay calm! Although many kilometers do you live in my heart, you live next to me!
My dear Peter, I have sometimes thought that we met for a reason. Perhaps life is like, so we met. Just in the world there are so many people. You can calmly meet a good woman in your country. But in spite of this you start communicating with me, even though I live many kilometers from your country !!!
My dear Peter, I am very happy that we are getting closer! Because of this, I am ready to talk with you on all topics. But sometimes I get enough of these letters. At such moments, I do not want to chat over the Internet. All due to the fact that I'm starting to think about the meeting. The thought that we can meet in real life in my head begin to appear different images. By the way do you remember about the dream of how we walk hand in hand?
I want to make this dream come true! But how can this happen I do not know! I will only believe in it, and at the moment, I can dream about it!
Now I want to say a sincere thank you! You changed my life! You bring me in a good mood. If you had not come, I would have lived a completely different way!
On this I finish my letter. Together with him I send my new picture! In principle, this is a very ordinary photo. But in the words of my eyes you will be able to understand many things that do not say the words.
I believe that soon you answer! I really want to read what you say. So try to write in the near future. With tenderness.
Your Nastya.
Letter 15
Hello my dear Peter.
Your new email me met. After that, I was very pleased. I am happy that you wrote! Now is the time to send my answer.
My dear, Peter, I want to warn you in advance that tomorrow is the last day that I write for, you my letter this week.
Today, my boss at work, do me good news! For a good job this week, I will have two days off. Do you understand?
Tomorrow, I'll still write, and then I can write only on Monday! I hope that you will treat this with full understanding!
My dear Peter, so I early tomorrow morning to write you my letter. Perhaps you do not even have time to respond to me. I ask that you would not worry about this, okay? All weekend, I will miss you.
In Russia Easter holiday is celebrated this year - 1 May. Let the celebrations on this day, you know? Thank you for your beautiful picture, look just fine!
My dear Peter, I want to say now that you have become my favorite person. I speak about it honestly! I'm not kidding!!! That is the subject I want to dedicate these lines. In this regard, read everything carefully and try to understand. Then be sure to write your thoughts. I'm just a little worried how you respond :) My dear Peter, Do you remember how long we know each other? It seems to me that it took a very long time since our meeting. During all this time, I realized that you're the nicest person I ever met. I'm not talking about the Internet. I'm talking about the whole of life as a whole. With your appearance in my life, much has changed. I became a woman, the face of which there is always a smile :) Do you understand?
You're the man who can give a woman who love him smile!
The most important thing that you have changed this idea of a partner. Just now I have to live with the thought that I was not a single woman. I understand that my life is a man who is my second half - it's you. I know that we have not met in real life and love through letters something complex. But I fall in love, not in your appearance, I fall in love with you in person. I fall in love, in your inner world, you know? This is the strongest love, because nothing else did not make any difference! Do you understand?
But I say, openly and honestly, that the thought of you my heart starts beating at a fast pace. I understand that I want to be with you in real life and not depend on the letters. Because of this, I sometimes get upset that you live many kilometers. I would like you to live near me, or I lived in your country. I would like to spend time with you. I would like to just explore and check our compatibility. It seems to me that we would be good together. I know that you are a wonderful person, and I have made all that time with me was very good, and you remember it. You understand?
Now I say the most important thing. I LOVE YOU!!! I love you my Peter! I do not want to hide it. But do not be afraid of these words. I say this honestly, because of all the time you became very important to me. Despite the fact that we are dependent on the letters you've become close all the others. I realized that you do not get out of my head. I keep thinking about us and dream to spend time together. I often fly to these dreams and forget about everything in the world. It seems to me that this is what is called love.
My dear Peter, you could kindle in me the fire of love, in spite of the fact that we have not met in person. Because of this, now I dream to meet the reality check in my love life. I would be happy to spend with you, at least for a while. Together, we have kissed and hugged. I have looked into your eyes and say that - I LOVE YOU! I do not know what you would say then. But I would not care. Most importantly, we met in real life, and I knew what kind of person you are in reality !!!
You know me very sad sometimes wake up at night in bed. I am no one to kiss and hug! No one will say, waking up my princess. I very much like this. I would like to at home was you at least for a while!
Thank you for what you have in my life. You're the best, what happened to me! I thank God that he sent me to you. I thank life for what we met and started talking.
Now I have said all. You all know that. Write me back and tell me your thoughts. I'm in this to finish my letter. Together with the letter I send a photo with toy crown on his head. I want to be your princess, and that would be in my life, you were my prince, you know?
With love, yours and yours alone, Anastasiya.
Letter 16
Hello my dear Peter!!!
My beloved, I love you very much.
My dear, Peter, like I told you yesterday, and write. Today is the last day for my job this week, which means that tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday, I will rest, and I can not write my letter, you understand me?
I am very glad that I can relax, because a lot of time that would have to rest. I no longer have a proper rest.
My dear, Peter, I do not know how I'm going to spend the weekend, but on Monday, I'll tell you how to take my weekend.
I wish you a nice and good stay in this weekend! I hope that you also tell me how to extend your weekend.
I'll miss you very much!!!
My beloved, I love you very much. My beloved, every day I think of you every day I dream of how we're going to live together. You are very necessary to me, I have never seen such a wonderful person like you. Without you I can not go a minute and. My love, I need you like the air. You know that no air no man can live, even the strongest, and that's because I can not live without you.
My love, I miss you very much. I want to quickly arrive to you and stay with you for the rest of your life, take care of you, love you.
I love you very much and I want to be with you, and only you. My beloved, I am not moving away from you. I want to be with you as soon as possible.
When would I have the chance, I dropped everything and now the village would be on a plane and flew to you. I love you, I can not live without you.
I really miss you. Before going to sleep I think about you when I go to the bathroom, I think of you when I get up early in the morning, I think about you. My biggest dream is to see you as soon as possible. And I am very glad that my dream will come true soon, and we'll be together. And it will be the happiest day of my life. I love you very much.
My love, all for you! I want to show you all my love to you as I can. It is a pity that now I'm not there with you. I so much want to be with you, all my senses are not to write on paper, does not express in a letter. You're all you'll see when we'll meet again. I'll show you all my love, and our love will be envied by many. I want to love you and be loved. I know that you love me. And I am very happy, I'm happy. You gave me your love, you have shown me how to love. You're careful, you are a wonderful person. And I am with anyone not want to be apart from you, I just want to be with you. With you I feel good with you, I feel like the luckiest girl in all the land.
I do not need anybody, I need you but you, and only you.
I very love you. And I have more but you do not have one. I do not need anyone. I love only you.
With this I conclude my letter. I need to go home now.
My beloved, I will wait for your letter. Write to me, I'll look forward to your letter.
Love, miss, fondly and passionately kiss you.
your Anastasiya
Letter 17
Hi my love Peter!!!
My dear ... yes - yes - yes it is mine and no one else, only MY. I really, really love you, you have no idea how much, just do not know why, but you've become the meaning of my unlucky life. I can not tell you my love words, since it is simply impossible. None in the world of words that would be worthy of you, everything is insignificant compared to you. You're the best man in the world is a fact.
My dear Peter, I'm very happy, I am very happy that today is Monday, and I can write you my letter. I am very glad that after the weekend, I can see your letter.
My dear Peter, I was able to have a really good rest these days. I want to tell you how to take my weekend.
On Saturday, I go in for sports. I do a good jog, then I do body stretching. I can do the splits, longitudinal and transversal, and I'd like my body to have a good stretch.
On Sunday, I stay at home. Make a good cleaning, cook food for several days.
I do coleslaw. Because now is the spring, it is necessary to have a lot of vitamins that would be great, it was in perfect order. So, my dear Peter, I cook chicken, and rice do. I like to cook rice with spices - curry. It turns out very tasty.
On Sunday night, I watched a movie on TV. This film is called - "Malifesenta".
I really enjoy this fabulous movie. Tell me please, and you'll like this movie or not? It is nice to know the details about why, do you understand me?
I hope that your weekend days in the same place in order for you to complete!
I wish you a pleasant start of the working week.
I want to remind you that tomorrow, there is a holiday on March 8 and this day is my birthday. Tomorrow I run, 34 years old.
I really missed you this weekend, and I hope that you just miss me.
So I'm sorry that I write you my letter so late. I do it only because, tomorrow, March 8, and besides, my birthday, I must also ensure the safety of people on this holiday. Remember how I do it for February 23? I hope that you understand me perfectly.
My dear Peter, you ask, what happened to change my mind, so quickly? I want to tell you that I just fall in love with you, that's what happened to me. With me love happened.
For you. My dear, I'm really ready to leave their own country, and to be with you do you understand me?
My dear Peter, do not worry that you'll be working during the day because I'm just going to work, I'm not going to just sit at home, you know? I hope that I will be able to communicate well with of Marc, you know?
What does it mean that I should not talk about money with you? Please tell me what you have in mind?
I want so much for your love and affection, your warmth and tenderness ... I wish that one day you said: "I am yours forever," I want you to passionately whispered it to me in the ear, touched my cheek with his cheek, burning hot kiss. ... I want you to be with me, let touch themselves, hugging, kissing, hear his breathing. You are a wonderful person in the whole world.
Believe me, I live without you I can not, my dear Peter!!!
I want you to devote some verse, but they are not written by me; I want to come up with the most beautiful verse for you, but even the most beautiful word in the world is nothing compared to you. Let others come up with the definition of this beautiful word, and I already know, love is a beautiful man with a beautiful name Peter. Sometimes I'd love you to come in, sat down beside me, gently put his arm around my neck with his strong arms, I hugged you and kissed you on the lips so tenderly, passionately. I would hold you in my tender, hugs and women would tell you how much I love you and that ANYONE, EVER will not give you, because you are only mine. I'm afraid to imagine what was once someone else will hold you, touch you, kiss you, I'm afraid to imagine that it will not be me. ... I'm sorry, but my feelings for you, more myself. I cry, I cry even prepared for everything is ready for you. When we're together I'll be the happiest man in the universe before and after its appearance, the whole world know how happy I am! Let, let everyone know, let everyone envy me, so be it. ... Sometimes my dreams of you go so far, it seems to me as if I was crazy, but I like to be crazy, because I'm glad that I can at least dream about you dream because nobody can stop me. I want to wake up in the morning in your gentle, affectionate embrace.
I want eagerly to catch your every gesture, your every move, your every word, to enjoy each spent close to you second; I want to leave you on the edge of the world; want… I'm thankful for what you gave, I thank her for that I love you.
You're such a strong, gentle, beautiful .... (I can list your dignity to infinity, because the deficiencies you simply do not have), and are not afraid of anything.
Only beckoned, and I'll follow you, call and I will come at any time, as it was not busy, come, come running, you're more important than anything else, I need you, like air, like water, like food. But lately, I have no time to eat, drink, breathe and so on, because I always think and dream of you.
I can write endlessly. Just I love you, that's all.
You have no idea how much I want to see you as soon as possible to meet you.
With this I conclude my letter. I'll look forward to a response from you.
I love dearly and passionately kiss you.
Your forever Anastasiya
Letter 18
Hello my favorite Peter!!!!!!!!!!
My love, I do not sleep at night, waiting for the day when we'll meet again. You love me. I know that I LOVE YOU!
Day after day I think of you, my dear man. How do you?
My dear, Peter, today, March 8, is International Women's Day. And as the day I was born. Today I run, 34 years old.
I am very pleased that you greet me with these holidays.
This is really, really nice to me and I want to tell you thank you very much.
You're right, my dear Peter, film Malefisenta, this is a movie starring with Angelina Jolie.
Today, when I come to work, colleagues, to make a surprise for me when I go to the police station, Police, all my colleagues, go, and I even have nobody to congratulate my birthday. I was very upset. But when I go to my office, on my desk, there was a huge cake, it was written - "Happy Birthday, Anastasiya».
After that, I invite all colleagues that we would drink tea and eat cake. It was delicious - cheese cake. Colleagues say that specifically wanted to make a surprise for me.
That is so modest, I congratulate on his birthday. But I was very pleased.
Today, 8 March, and I just need to ensure security of people on this holiday. Despite, the fact that today is my birthday, I have to work.
My dear Peter, today I just decide that for me is really the best gift, if I now go to a travel agency, and I find out all the details about our meeting with you.
But since today is a holiday, March 8 - International Women's Day, the travel agency is closed, and therefore, I can go to the agency tomorrow, you understand?
Tomorrow I will know all the details about our meeting with you, and I immediately they will report you. Well, my favorite, I understand that you first need to meet on a small amount of time, that would just get to know each other better, and as I understand it, you have a lot of problems. But I think we'll be able to solve all the problems, all right?
My favorite Peter, first we'll spend one week at 2 just you and me. And then will come to Mark. This is a great plan. You are a genius, my love!
I do not know how much it will cost, my journey to your country, so I do not know if I have that much money or not. But tomorrow, I know, and I will inform you all! Good?
Day after day, I whisper, like a prayer: Let God be with you, even where the bandwagon puts life, there will always be a reliable hand of another, even if no pain will not touch you, let your life be long and happy!
I want to tell you how we perform, arrest the offender.
And why do I have no phone at the moment.
It was the detention of so-called "on live bait, you know?".
I play the role of live bait. It was an ordinary burglar, who steal bags from women. I just stand and talk on the phone with an open bag.
I do kind of what I'm talking on the phone. And the robber think that I am an ordinary girl. When he tried to steal my phone and bag, I begin to apprehend the offender. And so it turns out that my phone just to fall on the asphalt, and it crashed. Who is being repaired. I do not know whether he will once again work or not.
Therefore, my phone is not working, and I have no phone at the moment, and I can not give you my number, you know? I hope that you apply it with full understanding.
Thank you for giving me your phone number, I try tomorrow, call you from the negotiating points, you understand me?
My life has changed since that time when I first fell in love.
I'm so - as I think of you all as you imagine that you're near me, caress, kiss me tenderly!
You're like an angel descended from heaven to give me happiness, warm the soul in the bitter cold, replace the water in the hot heat. After all, happiness is you!
I just could not imagine what would happen if I lose you?
I asked God to only one thing, never let that happen. After all, if I can not feel you, I look into your eyes as the sea knows no boundaries and limits, beckon me to you, they call for him.
I want to live a long time, and all this time to love you, so we're never apart, to our sense of not run out and not fade, preserving the freshness and strength for many years. Well, that dream again.
Peter enough for me to look at your face to feel happy!
When I look at your eyes, they'll tell me about the tenderness, love your lips, and your body will say that you exist in fact, that you are the reality for which I am ready for anything!
Peter!!!!!!!!!! If I were your tear, I would have rolled down to kiss you if you were mine, I'd never cried, not to lose you !!!! I love you, in my heart the memory of you forever. I know that soon we will meet with you, and I love, love, and will love only you, my most gentle and madly beloved man in the world !!!
It is gloomy, cold and a little sad morning to become the warmest and joyful at the thought of you.
When I'm close to you, I will feel like a "stone wall"; The same little girl, but a strong and confident, happy and loved, and occasionally obscene defenseless.
I miss you so much.
Love you. I love you just the way you are.
Peter! I love you, I will always love you. I want to see your smile, your eyes, I want to see how you're holding me with a sinking heart, I would feel that, just hugging, we become one, and it can not be denied. I believed and believe in your sense, because what remains forever. I still believe that you love me. I love you! I do not want to meet with the other, no one will call more of that feeling, and I do not want to get rid of and I can not away from it.
I do not want to think that there are other men. I love and will love you! DESPITE ALL AND ALL!
My favorite, I hope that the documents and air ticket will not cost much for me, tomorrow I recognize the travel agency, and I try to call you good!
Today I am sad, very sad that we are not together, that we can not now make love. I so much want to be with you as soon as possible, as quickly as possible to see you, to kiss you in your beautiful, soft lips.
Kisses, your Anastasiya.
Letter 19

Hello my love Peter!!!
I am very pleased to receive a letter from you. I waited for him impatiently, and now I am happy to read it.
How are you? How is your mood? I hope that you are fine, you had a great time.
My dear, Peter, I want to tell you how to pass my last day for me. You know, yesterday was my birthday, and was International Women's Day - 8 March.
Yesterday, colleagues at work, give to me, a big cake with the inscription: "Happy birthday, Anastasiya".
As I congratulate my friends. I was very pleased. Unfortunately, I did not not receive any gifts. But the most important thing is that no one forget about my birthday, and congratulate me, you know?
Gifts, it's not important. Most importantly, it is the attention that you have. Personally, I have an opinion.
With regard to the 8th of March, it held great. I was able to control the full security of the people, together with their colleagues. Everything went well, my chief of Police, once again I have to praise.
Yesterday I work until late evening. Therefore, I do not celebrate my birthday, you know?
My dear Peter, it really sounds very interesting, about, your fishing with your friends, do you understand me?
My dear, I am very pleased that you tell me about your conversation with Marc. It looks very nice, and I really laugh when I read your letter.
My dear Peter, I'm sorry that I write so late, I just do a lot of work today, and I also because to go to a travel agency, so I had to, to stay at work, and later to write you my letter that would recognize that I it is necessary for the trip in Norway, do you understand?
I'll try to write you all the detail, that I recognize the travel agency.
My dear Peter, to begin with, what I would have been able to come to your country, I need to be in possession of travel documents.
And more specifically:
1) Visa
2) Passport
3) Insurance of my life.
My dear Peter, now I want to tell you about the value of my documents, and to tell you that, to obtain a visa, I need to pay the visa fee - 35 EURO. This is about - 2800 rubles.
The cost of my passport - 7000 rubles.
Insurance of my life - 2000 rubles.
Total cost of my documents - 11 800 rubles - about 150 EURO.
My dear, I do not know now what to do? What do I do with the payment documents? I myself try to pay for my documents, or you can help me with this money? Tell me this please?
My angel I'm very happy that you are in my life and in my life. I'm trying to find the right words to help me express the depth of feeling to you, my dear. But maybe these words just do not come up yet. The most beautiful, sincere and gentle words of all languages of the world will not be enough. But you yourself know how dear to me. I can not imagine my life without you. You and only you in my heart and in my dreams !!!
You could break into my life a hurricane! You're like a hot sun could melt my heart! You've done everything that I have gone mad from your tenderness. You did it. Yes, it was not hard to do, considering what a wonderful person you are.
I know you sent me a lot, because the one who gave me you knew that he knowingly did it. He gave me you - my guardian angel! I love you to protect me from all evil on this sinful earth, covering its white wings, my angel. And I beg of you one to protect me all my life, and I will keep our love!
Thank you for being there! It is thanks to you, I found it an amazing feeling, Love! I just need you, so open, gentle and sweet man. Your smile for me - happiness, your eyes - bottomless sea. You are the right person to me. To me you will always remain the most wonderful man, from whose heart is beating like crazy, and sanity is lost altogether. I LOVE YOU!!! I look forward to each of our meeting. Your good mood, and I passed. How did it perfectly - LOVE! And I, behold, I love you. I Love. Probably as well as you, I do not fall in love with anyone. You are very-very dear to me man on the ground. I repeat: I LOVE YOU !!!! I want to make love to you. Our first night with you is the most beautiful, most romantic, most passionate.
I would like you today, to call, but it was very late, and I just do not have time to do it, so I'll call you tomorrow, at least, I really try to do so.
My love for this I end my letter. Write to me, I'll look forward to your letter.
Love, miss, fondly and passionately kiss you.
Your Anastasiya!
Letter 20
My favorite Peter, I was so happy that we're able to talk on the phone, and that we're able to hear each other, it was just fine, you understand me or not?
But when we finish the conversation, I understood that it was only a phone call. I really want to talk to you in real life.
But I continue to read in your letter, I was very much to laugh, here I am honest, word, laugh out loud - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Tell me honestly, have you forgotten who is your favorite woman?
Tell me honestly, have you forgotten what I do?
I Police officer, Police Officer I'm already 10 years old! 10 years, I have to protect honest people from criminals and bandits, and I was the first time in its life, to hear about me might think that I am a criminal, or a swindler.
I am now at the same time, very funny as well as very disappointing.
I find it funny, what you think of me could think such a thing, because it is the exact opposite of my life.
And sadly, what is my favorite, the man for whom, I am ready to change, his own life, to doubt me. It is honestly very sad, you know?
All my life, I have to protect honest people from criminals and bandits. And now, the man to whom I open his own soul, and to indulge in his heart, tell me such terrible things!
Do you think that I worked 10 years in the Police, and I do not know what the scammers on the Internet? I know what it is. I myself catching such criminals when they were such tasks.
But as I know that there are men in other countries, which are tricked into coming to his own country woman with whom to communicate on the Internet. And when such a naive Russian fool comes to his country, there is a completely different man, not the one who wrote her beautiful letters of love. He forces her to sell drugs, and prostitution. I know, and such a situation.
But I tell you I want to say right away that I'm personally confident in you in the first place was to the very beginning of our communication with you. You seem to me immediately, open man, whom I can trust. At first it seemed to me, of course strange that you get divorced from his own wife. But then I understand perfectly!
And now what happens? You doubt me? And tell me now honestly, I at least once, to give a reason for you to doubt?
I certainly understand that there are many bad people on the Internet. And I understand that you are now afraid. But you're beautiful, you know that I am an officer Police. How do you think of me, could think such a thing, tell me, please do it?
Peter, Now that deals specifically with our telephone conversation. Tell me, please, do you understand what I have to call telephone booth? That's just, he thought, as the number of telephones, must determine for you? He does not like will not be determined because it is a public telephone booth. There is number one for all and it can not be determined, no way, you know?
I did this to you more to say on the phone that I'm calling you from a negotiating point, you remember? I'll be honest, talking about their past relationship. I also was deceived. And I'm afraid to open my feelings, but I do it for you, for you. I honestly admit to you that I love you, you know? Please, please do not make me disappointed in you! I beg you! I'm really in love with you fall in love. And you now write me all your doubts. I though it was very disappointing!
You ask why I do not have a passport? What I've never been abroad?
Yes I have never been abroad and what the big deal? I did not have POSSIBILITIES, ANYWHERE summer that now do?
And yesterday, I did write to you about the cost of my papers, but I did not ask you about help? I ask you, that I have to find the money yourself, or you can help me?
You read it carefully?
Now read carefully! To get started, please be defined in itself.
Honestly, I do not need a man, who in the beginning of our relationship does not trust me. First of all, the success of a serious and strong relationships, this is a good foundation for a relationship? Do you understand?
I believe that the foundation of relationships - trust, reciprocity and honesty!
My feelings for you are open, and I trust you.
And do you want to tell me that you have reciprocity, to me? Are you saying that you have confidence in?
Now, please first of all to figure it out yourself!
I do not need help from you money, if you doubt me!
You make me really, really upset! Now late at night, in Russia, and I am after work, tired and spoiled the mood, go home!
no matter what, I love you! And I beg you, do not hurt my heart!
Your and only your, Anastasiya
Letter 21
Hello my dear Peter!
I'm going to work even harder, because I have to prepare for our meeting with you, do you understand me? I will try to do so that I could take a vacation, as much as possible, and I believe that it will be just fine.
Our meeting will be the best moment in our life with you.
Of course, I understand, that you just fear and doubt! Well, you just somehow more loyal to write to me about it. You know who I'm working. I'm a Police Officer. And dare you doubt me, you know?
The most important thing that you and I have now decided, this problem! And I hope that you and I will never return to this topic well?
Give Marc hello from me. Say that Anastasiya, very soon will be there with you. Good?
My dear Peter, I think I have an ordinary vote.
My love now regard our meeting with you, and my documents. Today I decided to do everything for our meeting with you. I had my last savings, and that you would not think that I need from you, only money or even something like that, I went to a travel agency, and I paid - 5000 rubles. Thus, for the registration of my documents I miss - 6800 rubles. I'll do research on the Internet, it is about 6800 rubles - 90 euros. Tell me, please, can you help me those 90 euros? Or do you also doubt me? Be honest, please, with me?
Honestly, I want to tell you, that would be my money, I would pay completely for the documents, you understand?
I love you very much and I believe that you and I will do all in the full order, you understand me?
Just faster, we will pay for my documents. The faster they will be ready, you know?
I believe that very soon, we will implement all of you and your dreams come true!
I give, you my sweet kiss!
yours and yours alone, Anastasiya
Letter 22
Hello my love Peter!!!!!!!!!!
My darling, Peter, I want to tell you that today, Saturday, that is the last day of work for this week, you know?
I also want to tell you that tomorrow in my country, there are folk, old Russian holiday. The name of this festival - «Maslenica».
This popular, holiday, with festivities, the people on the streets. This holiday means - off winter. And the Spring meeting.
In this festival, there is a tradition, pancakes, you know?
Here I am tomorrow, pancakes. It is the only plan my weekend.
On Monday, I'll tell you how to take my weekend, I hope that everything will be really in a full order. I wish you a good weekend and have a pleasant holiday. On Monday, I'll write, how to pass the weekend, and delicious pancakes whether I have obtained.
My dear Peter, tell me please how it turns out? You buy things for Marc? Everything is fine?
Favorite Peter, you say, what I would give you the details, the account? I want to tell you that I never use a bank card for cash transfers, so I do not know what to order, which would transfer the money you know?
On Monday morning I go to the bank, and I will find out all the details about our meeting with you, and I will inform you all the details of the bank, well, my dear Peter?
My dear, before you install the travel date, it is necessary to first get my documents, and then learn all the details about why, do you understand me?
Can I take photos at home in a tree. Maybe it looks very cool.
Marc probably very happy, my house into a tree, is not it?
I am very pleased and happy that we'll be together. I believe you, I believe in us, I believe in the future, everything will be alright, because I love you very much! It does not take such a day when I would not have caught myself not thinking that my love becomes infinite. I did not think that so much you can love, I am convinced. We are, there is a feeling that we are connected. There is nothing in the world more important than the search for true love that one, which I found, found it in you, and one day I met you this happiness, remember what it's like our world: one happy day, it is almost a miracle. Let's live in the present, we think about the future. We will be happy if we are a little help yourself to our happiness. I will always be thankful, because it gave me you. I can not tell you how I want you to see, hug, kiss. That I did not do, I think only of you, when we meet with you. You're the only one you know who I am and what I have inside, you know what my feelings are very strong, so I want you all to say it. I believe that no one, and nothing will prevent us from being together, even while I'm waiting for our meeting with you. Without you, I do, without you I do not live. Thank you for what you've got. I do not want to lose you. Let our expectations we will not be deceived, and all our beautiful dreams will come true. I want to be always close to you, I am ready to share with you the joys and sorrows, successes and failures. And I want to give you the words that will never lose its miraculous power: "My love, I love you !!!"
You know, I'm the happiest ******* the planet, because I have you! Every particle of my body misses you when I do not receive emails from you! What were the long days seem to me without you! Always thinking of you, I see your eyes, mind and their whole tone in their blue! Darling, thank you for what you're mine !!!
My dear, I write to me at your age Anastasiya.
Letter 23
Hi my love Peter!!!!
I miss you so much. I love you very much and I am looking forward to our meeting. As I met you, I became happy, I realized that I do not want to be with anyone else. I thought, believed that how lucky I am. I was in the power of dreams. I'm happy. My dear, Peter, I want to tell you what a wonderful weekend pass. Maslenica Holiday, take a lot of fun. I go for a walk in the park where festivities take place. Finally, I was on holiday, not in quality, Police officer, but as a man who can just relax.
I would very much like what would be this weekend, I do not walk alone on the street, and that I had been together with you, do you understand me or not? I would like to hold your hand, and simply enjoy the first rays of spring sun.
As I am at home, pancakes, and I eat them with condensed milk and blueberry jam, it was very tasty. I remember even now, as it was delicious, and I again want to eat them, you know?
I really hope that all was well with you, this weekend, and you have a great vacation. I wish a pleasant start to the new week. I'm very bored, for you this weekend.
My dear Peter, of course the house on a tree in the first place should be safe it is very important that of Marc, to be in perfect order.
My dear, as soon as the house will be ready immediately to take photos, the house well?
My love Peter, just as I want to tell you that today I went to the bank, which would try to find out all the details of the money transfer.
When I go to the bank, and I ask if I can use your bank account for the money transfers. I was told that it was unfortunately not possible.
My bank account is created, my salary for calculating it. And remittances to help my bank account, to carry out is simply not possible, you know? I was very upset, so about.
I ask the bank employees, if I could create a new bank account. I was told that it takes 4 to 6 weeks. I was very sad.
Then they told me that there are other options for money transfers. Specifically, the use of this system remittances, Western Union, or Money Gram?
I ask the bank employees, if used safely, this system of money transfers. Employees of the bank, said that Western Union, it is one of the most secure systems for remittance.
And now, I want to ask you if we can use, Western Union, a money transfer to, or not? Tell me this please?
And the other option is to use the account, for example my friend Irina. We work together. But I think it would be better if we use, Western Union.
Tell me please, your opinion, so about, okay?
My dear Peter, I do not quite easy to write in English. Because there are a lot of rules. And talk, I try not mistakes, right?
Yesterday, before going to bed, I had a dream about you and me when we met. You have no idea how much I want to be with you, love you, that you love me, make love to you, go to the movies on weekends to care for you, to prepare you to take a shower with you. I will never forget you! You're everything to me, you- my life! Without you there is no joy, no happiness! You're like the air, and yet it is so important to me to breathe, to live, but you're not around!
Today we have beautiful weather here. My love, I miss you very much. I miss you, your love. I want to be with you, and as soon as possible. I very love you. All my friends are happy for me, they always ask me, how are you doing. I tell them that we will soon meet with you, and we will be happy together. I have never met such a wonderful, kind, gentle person like you. I feel very happy. I'm ready to scream at the sky, how much I love you.
I want to be yours, and only yours. I want you to be mine, that you loved me constantly. You never leave me?
As I have lived before? I do not know. For some reason the thought that no man ever meeting for which will be able to go at all. But fate has given you to me. You're the only man in the world, which I do not just want this day to give gentle words. They say you can find a special person, and consider him to stand out in 5 minutes, you need half an hour to understand it, a day to love him and a lifetime to forget. But how to understand what his you can never forget. Only to lose it can understand it. I'm afraid to lose you. I do not know what I would do, you lose. You are very dear to me, and I will not give you none.
My thoughts are always with you. Everywhere, everywhere, whatever I did, whatever I heard that I have seen, everywhere you alone. My thoughts are always about you, always with you, and nothing can make me stop thinking about you, to feel you everywhere, in everything, no matter where I was, and so I did, everywhere you are. It was as if some force does not want me to let go of you.
I always think about you. When I am drinking tea when brushing my teeth, when I eat, when I listen to music.
Now you are out of reach for me, but at the same time is very near and dear. Any sign of your attention to become true, sincere, gentle as you can afford it. It's true? You - the most remarkable thing that happened in my life, do you believe in it or not.
I want you to know I love you more love! Every day, you are more and more necessary to me. And I'm sure that you know and feel.
Emotion overwhelmed me every day more and more.
And every day, love more and more, although it seems more just nowhere.
And your love makes me do miracles. Your love is so strong and sincere, that helps to overcome any problems because you love me.
With this I conclude my letter. Write to me, I'll look forward to your letter.
Love, miss, fondly and passionately kiss you.
Your Anastasiya.
Letter 24
Hello my dear Peter!!!!!!!!!
Today, a normal day, the weather is nice, but in my heart a storm of emotions, I miss you, I want to be there to hug and kiss, I want to enjoy you, but so far, it is impossible for us to meet.
My dear Peter, my full name - Anastasiya Alexandrovna.
What I'll say about my bank account, I want to tell you again!
I can not use it for transfers, do you understand? It's designed only for the calculation of my salary! You can not with its help, to transfer money.
What would you have been able to translate for me the money, we can only use Western Union, or bank account of my friend Irina.
But you know what I now want to write to you? If the reason for your lack of confidence, to me, is what I ask you for money, you will not need to transfer any money is not for me, it is clear to you? It is better, our meeting with you will not, and we never met, instead, what would you doubt me?
I do not need this! I do not need your money! Money is necessary for our general meeting. So I am happy with their money, and to send them I do not need!
But I'm not going to make excuses to you!
You're a long time all know about my feelings about my love for you, you've become everything in my life, without you I can not imagine my future coexistence. I want you to know that I love you very much, you are the most dear to me in the world of man! I will never give away, will not give it, I'll never forget. I am glad that I have you. Thank you for that because of you, my soul is in constant anxiety, thank you for giving me such feelings, which do not give my heart to sleep, thank you my thoughts are constantly at work, I was never bored, because I I met you, and you gave me food for my feelings. You bring me a strange feeling that I had never felt before, and I can not describe them, I can only say that it is all together fear pain, the joy, the emptiness. I love you very much, I do not see you, but like all the stronger. And today I had you. And I do not even want to wake up, I had a dream where you and I are together, there you gave me flowers, you kissed, loved me. It was the most beautiful dream of my life. I can not live without you, I can not live without you. I love you very much. You're everything to me, my life is you, only for you and I live only for you I am ready to do everything. You're the only one in the world. I ADORE YOU!
I have repeatedly recognized you in love. Here once again I want to shout to the whole world that I love you. You are my dearest person in the world, I greatly cherish you, cherish our relationship. I believe that I'm the happiest man in the world, because you are home with me, you're my one and only mine. I also thank my lucky stars that I met you in my life. Let in the beginning of our relationship difficulties between us a great distance, but we can overcome this distance and stay together.
Your eyelid Anastasiya.
Letter 25
Hello my love Peter!!!
I am very pleased to receive a letter from you. I waited for him impatiently, and now I am happy to read it.
Peter, I love you! You're the man of whom I dreamed! I always think of you, I dream about those hours when we're together. How do I want to drop to your lips, to hear you whisper to me sweet words in his ear, to hold you and not let go, feel like beating your heart, comb your hair, tell you that I love, without ceasing! I want to be with you as much as possible. I am ready to give everything, just to be close to you, look into your eyes, feel your hands to see how you gently smile, and smile to you in return. Give yourself, your love, and to receive the same, I just never imagined that one day I can go so crazy for someone!
My love, I understand what you have in mind and I will write to you at this e-mail address. I try to call you tomorrow, and we'll talk about everything, okay?
Waking up in the morning, at dawn, I think of you, and in the evenings, when watching the stars. It is cold and slightly sad morning to become the warmest and joyful at the thought of you. Without you - dark and cold. And I can not imagine my life without you.
I'm so grateful to you, what you have for me. You're so good, you so we did not love me, much to each other, and I'm really bored, I can not live without you, I'm only with you always, always, good, my darling, you are my happiness.
I'm so lonely without you in this city. I want to drop everything and run to you. How I'd like to cuddle up to you, kiss you warm lips. I do not see, but every time I read your letter, my heart is ready to burst apart. Each letter fills me with happiness. Thank you beloved for these letters. They give me affection and treated my wounds. Your Love is delicious and a welcome drink, which wants to drink immediately.
Peter, home just be with me and I'll be happy. With this I conclude my letter, write to me, I'll look forward to your letter.
Love, miss, fondly and passionately kiss you.
Your Anastasiya.
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