Scam letter(s) from Anna Fesko to Walt (USA)

Letter 1
Hello !
My name is Anna!!! I am from Ukraine and I am writing to you to get to know you closer!))))
I like you and I want to know you! Now I live in the city of Kiev, but before I lived in Lviv and also lived in Kharkov.
I work as a personal trainer at the gym !!!)) That
My love for the sport is even in my childhood! But now I am 32 years and I'm looking for a loved one with whom I would like to join hands and go through all the adversity together! So what about you? Tell me about yourself and your family and hobbies !!))) For example, I lead a healthy lifestyle !!! I do not drink and do not smoke! I try to keep in shape!))))
I'm happy with my life as a whole!
I just do not have enough of a loved one close !!! So I'm looking for it on the Internet !!!
I'll be waiting for your answer, and I'll be glad to receive your pictures !!! Also I will be glad to learn more about your family and hobbies !! The fact that you matter!)))
In general, I'm waiting for an answer!
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