Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Savitskaya to Tonny (Denmark)

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Letter 1

Hello to you Tonny ,

I am glad to start leading a communication with you. As my life and my personality is strongly connected with sport I know that "start" is the thing which helps you to reach your aim on the one hand but takes you some energy to make it on the other one. Do you agree with me?! I am a former athlete with higher education. I am a fitness trainer now and I am trying to keep fit and stay healthy and of course help other people to gain these issues))) I do not want to bother you with the facts of my biography at the moment but would like to underline that I am a lady with a strong character but sensitive soul. Yes, I have my body trained but my inner personality is so vulnerable. I have used to close from the whole world and hide myself in training...I made myself think that I did not need anybody. But the time has come to face the reality...I was totally wrong and there is nothing better in the world to wake up every morning with love in your heart and see Him smiling when you bring coffee to your bed. I do not want to be alone any more and I am sure that you have the same feeling. Is it possible for you to charm my sensitive personality and deal with my character I am not sure as well as I am not sure if I can make the same for you but we should use this "START" to figure it out, ok?! I am ready to try to reach my aim...LOVE...and I am ready to spend all my energy to do it.

And what about you?!

I will be glad to receive your answer to this e-mail address)))

Your Tanya

Letter 2

Hello to you, Tonny!!!

I am so sorry that I have made you wait for my answer for such a long time but this unstable military situation makes our life here worse and worse with every day. I do hope that the summer 2014 will not come back to us and we will be able to live a difficult life but without any shelling...This is the most important thing for us. I hope for your understanding and support and of course I do hope that you have not forgotten me yet?!

So, my dear Tony, I am so sorry for the difficult divorce process you have passed through but you have two wonderful kids and they are your world and your future, so please forget about bad events and concentrate on the fact that you will be loved soon...I am sure in it because you are looking for love here as well as I am))) You have just pushed the button, my dear)))

Well, just some facts of my biography... I was born on the 12th of April in 1988. I am 27 years old now and it is high time for me to think about such an important thing as a serious relationship. You see that my sensitive personality needs to be pleasantly surprised by such a wonderful thing as love. I want to breath every day with His name on my mind, do you understand me?! I wish me and my future partner could find a mutual understanding in all the questions. I am ready to stay calm and serious when He needs it and tenderly passionate every time He wants it. I am a family oriented lady but with my personal secrets I want to show only Him)))

Ok, I am from Lugansk region, Bryanka town. It hurts to realize but I am living on the territory which is under the war time. All our people passed through such a hard artillery shelling during the summer 2014.
It was even worse than the worst nightmare in the world, but we all have survived and are trying to stand still even though this life and these obstacles try to put us down to our knees. As you know I am a fitness trainer and I had a small gym before the war began. I helped ladies to keep fit and become more attractable and desirable for themselves and their men. At the moment I have to roam from place to place to find the possibility to train and earn some money. I feel bad, too bad because of it and every day this problem weights my heart and mind but my strong character makes me keep on fighting for the light at the end of a tunnel))) I am standing in the very beginning of this tunnel and I can hardly see a person at the end of it, is it you?!!!)))

I do hope that this dialogue will be continued...I am interested to know you better step by step and what about you?! Just a kiss from me!


Letter 3

Hello to you, my dear Tonny!!!

Thank you for your wonderful letter! Thank you that you still remember me and think about me))) I see that you have read my letter carefully and I am so thankful for your comments. Thank you for the compliments and your warm attitude towards me. I see that you want to be the person who will be waiting for me at the end of the tunnel but you are afraid that it can be difficult for you to live up to my wishes and desires. I am not a native speaker, Tonny, and I can not understand the exact meaning of this statement but of course the general sense is understandable for me. Please, do not worry, ok?! I am a lady who is living in a war zone, I spent 6 month in the cellar praying to stay alive so my life standards are not too high, believe me. I have changed my point of view concerning many questions and problems in this life. Everything I want is to be happy next to the man I love and can be loved by. I want to share everything with him: good and bad moments of this life from the very beginning till the end! Does it suit you?!

My dear Tonny, I know that the problem with the migrants from Syria is a real big one in Europe. The EU government with its tolerance and "double standards" think that they help people but in fact they ruin their own countries. It is really terrible. I am not against the EU, I am not against America but I do not like their government because they are also blame in the war we have here. Money and power rule the world and that is all. Oh, Tonny, I do not want to bother you with my political point of view any more, lets come back to us and our new born relationship, deal)))

It is pleasant for me to tell you some more about my life style and my inner personality. You see that such things as cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and all other things which help a lady to become a real housewife are the ones I do not have any problems with) I mean that I can be a real and good housekeeper but I think that the emphasis should be taken on some other things in a family life. I have already told you about mutual understanding and respect, am I right?!
So, I am sure that if you treat your partner with love, care, loyalty, support, help and of course passion, your relationship will be successful and will make your life happier. What can be better if you know that your partner is sure in your faithfulness and does not have any hesitations concerning your devotion to Him! What can be better if your partner is dreaming about your kiss and want to come back home as soon as possible just to feel the heat of your body?! What is your opinion?!

As to the things which makes my mood better...Music of course))) I can not even imagine my training system without musical accompaniment. I adore reading and watching love films. I like painting but I am not really good in it, just a private hobby. I mean that I do not show my works to anybody, I am just trying to alive my thoughts on the paper with the help of different colors. As you know I have used to lead an active way of life but from time to time especially now I have a desire to stay home and cover myself with a blanket and dream. Of course I am dreaming about Him, my future partner, and our love))) It seems to me that I do not need too much to be happy...Do you like dreaming?! I will be waiting for your answer impatiently because my interest towards you is growing and I feel that it can be mutually, am I right?!

I am thinking of you...Tanya

Letter 4

Hello to you, honey Tonny!!!

I am so glad that I can write you a letter again and that you answer me all the time with the same feelings))) Thank you so much!!!

You can not even imagine how wonderful your letter is...How beautiful your children cute they sincere your smile brightly your eyes are shining when you are with your kids. I hope that your little girl feels better now?! Tonny, I have just attached the photo of one of my works and I hope that you will like it))) Thank you for proposing to open my small painting room in your house))) It would be amazing...really!!! Tonny, you are absolutely right that we have the same thoughts concerning the world political system and the world crisis. Lets try to hope for the better, ok?! I am sure that love should save the world in any way, do you agree with me?! Tonny, I am so happy I have met you here and I do not want to lose the contact with you in any way!!!

I know that a relationship between two partners who are separated by a lot of miles, by different mentality and nationality, traditions and customs, roads and seas, mountains and oceans, is such a difficult thing to become a successful reality...But I am sure that it is possible for us, YOU and ME, to make such a relationship real. We should move forward step by step, using all our enthusiasm, potential and energy to find the way how to become so close to hear each other heart beating. Can you imagine it? All these words are poetic and maybe I am still in my dreams but I am sure that I do not want to lose the contact with you. I need your attention more and more with every letter. In spite of the fact that my life here is rather a difficult one and it is better to think, sometimes, where to hide yourself from a shelling and how to come back home without meeting a drunk soldier with an automatic gun in his spite of this fact I have a warm hope inside that there is a person in this world who can understand me and who can treat me with respect and of course accept me as a personality with my strong character and sensitive soul. You are coming close to the place where the key from my heart is...Please, do not stop, ok?! Keep on moving or tell me about the reason if you do not have such a desire. I want everything to be clear between us!

As for me, I wish we could start thinking about the development of our new born relationship. We need to think about our possible meeting, about the first kiss and hug between us. Do you have any idea or plans concerning it?! Please share your thoughts with me but never...never forget about me, ok?!

Your Tanya

Letter 5

Dear Mr. Tonny,

*We are "DISaVI line" - the INTERNET CAFE in Lugansk region.

*We are glad to contact you and we hope for our further cooperation.

We are to inform you that your lady, Miss Tanya is our client. She is using our service as an internet cafe. We have been trying to make the communication between you confidential and providing your lady with a fast and uninterrupted Internet access. Miss Tanya has been paying for our service due to our price list and in accordance with the terms. At the moment she is in a difficult financial situation and she has asked us to contact you. She hopes that you have the desire to continue the communication with her hereinafter because she is afraid of losing the contact with you very much. She needs your financial help.

PLEASE CONTACT US for the price list if you are interested. We are ready to supply you with a wide range of special suggestions.

We have special and unique approach to our every client. Our main objective is to develop and sustain positive customer relationships.
We are ready to discuss any suggestion and are open for any question.
We work hard to exceed your expectations and earn your loyalty. We believe that each satisfied customer will bring us other customers.
And this is our objective.

*We will be waiting for the further information from you. Have a nice day!

with a great respect and best regards
Angilina Korotetskaya
the top manager "DISaVi line"

Letter 6

Hello, dear Tonny!!!

I know that there are some hesitations in your head and to be honest I do not want to bother you with my attention because I can not understand if you are really interested in me or not...But I hope that you will make yourself read this letter.

I just want to say that I have asked you to help me not because I want to play with you or use you...As you know I have used to be an independent lady and it is really difficult for me to realize at the moment that I can not solve the problem myself. I have used to have quick "start" and successful "finish" in my life and this war time has interfered with my life style greatly and my life is a total mess at the moment. I do not know what can happen with me tomorrow. It is killing me and my desire to keep on going. Our communication was rather a good one. As I have told you I am really interested in you and need the continuation of development of our correspondence and I know that it is worth of spending my time and money on it. Believe me or not but I am ready to give my gold ring to the pawn shop to have the possibility to write to you but I know that this money will come to its end as well and everything I want is to understand if you have the same thoughts about us, if you have the desire to continue the communication with me, to know me better and better and of course build plans for future.
I need it so much and I need your help...I need your moral support and of course financial help.

If I am not good enough for you?! Maybe the conditions of my life and my problems are too much for you to understand and you do not need anything about it, just tell me and I will try to accept it and wish you luck in your search but at the moment I still have a hope that there is a future for us and that you will listen to your heart and realize that I am sincere with you at the moment and practically "naked" and that is why embarrassed to speak with you and beg you for your understanding and warm attention and support!!!

Just tell me the truth and please do not make me wait for too long....It is so painful! To make a long story short...I do not want to lose you and what about you?! Will you stay with me?!

Your Tanya

Letter 7

Hello to you, my dearest Tonny!!!

First of all I would like to underline that i do not need you to spend any dollar to help me if you need to spend it for your children. They are your world and they should be loved and cared by you for the first time.

Tonny, you tell me about such amazing things as travelling together, going out for dinners and stay at home with romantic and family dinners and so on...believe me I am not spoiled lady and I can be happy just with small things in life such as kissing of my husband and health of our total family. Of course I am dreaming to see the world and visit some restaurants but if I can not do it for any time in my life, I will not think that my life is the worst one in the world. I just need love of my man and our family!!! Do you understand it?!

Dear, I am not going to use you and belive me if I needed a man to use for money only I would not contact you and try to lead a communication with you. I have good looking face and normal figure to pick up a man with money but I know that I will never be respected by this man and I do not need money without love, respect and understanding. I do not want to be a stupid doll in a golden cellar. This is my point of view and the principle I am living with in this life!

I have found you and I am really happy because of it. I do not want to lose you and that is why I am ready to eat oatmeal every day for breakfast and for dinner without any butter even just to afford myself write you a letter. I do not need any gifts from you, just give me the chance to stay in contact with you, ok?!

Tonny, I will ask the manager of the net cafe to send you their price list and the information how you can help me with the payment for their service.

You say that you want to stay with me and I am so thankful for this because I am really scared to lose you!!! Tonny, I am totally honest with you and I am really happy I have met you here!!!

I will be waiting for your answer and support impatiently!!!

Your Tanya

Letter 8

Tonny, I have just attached the photo of my ordinary life. I was trying to repair the flat after the shelling. The copy of my passport and the one taken several days ago. It was cold outside.

Tonny, you have your right to be naughty but please, do not think that I am the one who is ready to take off my clothes just to get your 50 USD. If you are not interested in me and if you do not want to lead a communication with me, please stay gentleman and tell me the truth, ok?!

Everything should be done step by step and if I feel the passion and want to show my body to you I will do it with my own desire but not because I need to make you sure that I am real.

I need 70 USD to continue the communication with you because your previous letter have really touched my inner feelings and I want to think that you are a very good person with the value I have been looking for. Here is my personal data you can use to make the transfer if you want of course.

Name of the receiver: Tatiyana Savitskaya (full name and surname)

The address of the receiver: Gromovoy Str., 2

Town of the receiver: Bryanka town, Lugansk region

Zip code : 94101

Country : UKRAINE

It is up to you to decided what to do!




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