Scam letter(s) from Elena Sharahina to Nick (England)

Letter 1
Hello my love Nick !!! I and my father had an interesting conversation about you yesterday.
We had a long conversation with her about my future with you.
He offered me to meet with you. Because I have to start a vacation after a week. Of course, it's a good idea.
Father said she will gladly keep an eye on my child! I understand that I can not take my daughter with me.
At first, I myself should come to you. We need to know each other better. Moreover my daughter have to go to school.
I do not know how we meet and how much it will cost. I have never been abroad and I can not imagine what to do to come to you!
What do you think about our meeting with you? Do you want me to come to you?
I really want to meet and test our feelings. You attract me very much!!!
My heart tells me that you are the person with whom I will be all my life!
We are adults and I believe that letters will not replace our meeting.
When we will be together, we will check our feelings and we will think about our future.
If you agree that I should come to you, then I will go to the KIROV. It is the nearest big city to me.
There I will find out what I need to travel to you. I have some money, I hope it will be enough to come to you.
Honey, I'm so lonely without you. There are emptiness and indifference to everything that is happening around me.
Your love - this is the most precious thing in my life, and now I'm especially clearly understand it.
You are my joy, my soul, my light and my air. Sometimes it seems to me that not only you know about it, but also all
around, because my feelings for you just can not be overlooked. I am waiting for your answer, and I think only about you Nick.
I will always be only yours! Elena.
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