Scam Letter(s) from Ksenia Sharbardina to Anthony (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello My Dear Tony !!!!! I am pleased to receive your letter again. Tony Now I know very well that we have successfully started our communication with you and we can not wait for the letter of one another like children waiting for a gift for Christmas Eve. Tony In this letter I want to tell you about my typical day. I wake up at 6:00 and then go to the gym until 7:00. Then I have some breakfast. During breakfast, I read a magazine or newspaper. After breakfast, I go into the shower. At 8:15 am I go to work. My working day begins at 8:30. I work until 19:30. Then I go to the library and I write you a letter.
My working day ends with a smile on my face. Do you understand what I mean by this? I do not have a computer at home. When you write a letter for me? Also, after work? Tony You could tell me about your hobbies? What do you like doing in your spare time? My hobby is drawing. I'm not a very good artist. But I like it a lot. I like to walk along the beach and enjoy the beauty of the sunset. I also like to go to the mountains. One day I decided to draw it on paper. I paint for 10 years. I usually do it in the summer or fall. BTW, do you like to dance? Would you like to dance with me ever? Waltz and Tango? That would be wonderful. Tony I also like to read. For many years I read the story of WWII and the history of my country. Have you read the history of Russia ever? Perhaps you could tell us more about the history of your country, city and culture? I love to learn about other cultures.
Unfortunately I will finish my letter now. in my letter I am sending you a picture. I hope this helps you to know more about me. I'm waiting for your answer ... Your friend Kseniya.

Letter 2

Hello my love Anthony. I just came from the agency. Why are you again took the money? Why do you believe again? it is now the agency and there is no other you know? In the evening they will write me fine.
I'll have to come back and get it. Thank you. You broke my heart. I've already told my mother everything. She told me that soon I will go to you. Are you doing this again. If you do not trust the agency, then why can not you send the money to me personally? Why can not you go to the Money Gram and send money to my name? And I'm a girl from the agency go to receive them. She will tell me where is the Money Gram !!
In general, you probably already I can not believe it. I'm just confused. And I do not know where I now take the money that would have to pay the fines and pay for documents ...

Letter 3

Yes, I'm here and will not go away. I'll be in the library, and will be waiting for 5 pm, which would go to the agency and get a penalty.

Letter 4

I will not go to another tour agency. This is the best tour agency in our county! And a lot of people from our city travel through this agency, and always leave positive feedback! Even my mother in 2005, traveled through this agency in the Crimea in Ukraine for his sister.
And she was very pleased. If I do not pay the fine within 20 days, it will double.

Letter 5

Suppose that for you it will not be real. I do not know what you thought up yourself there. This is a real agency. And I'll repeat that this agency was paid a lot of people and they are all beautifully made the trip! All the people left on the positive feedback from the agency. This is the same agency.

Letter 6

Why would I go home? I'm waiting for 5 pm that would go to the agency and get a penalty. Tony has me very honestly tired of your antics. If you do not pick up money from the agency constantly, I would have already received half of the documents in the near future to go to you! I will not go to any other place. And I will go only to you. I do not know what you're trying to do. What podstoyki e-mail? I do not understand you.

Letter 7

I do not forgive you for what you do .. so decided. So as you need. I wanted to visit you. I wanted to give you all my love and affection.
Do you know how much I love you? you know that I am ready to give everything for you? And are you doing .. To you your girlfriend wants to come. And you're still in doubt, and doubt .. I am very sorry .. I do not know what to do now and how I can be.

Letter 8

Why pay fines ?? Tell me why? When we could simply pay money for instruments and everything !!! nothing would have happened! why pay more money? No point will be if you pay the fine you know? this does not make any sense !! When I pay a fine of $ 200. those $ 690 will still have to pay you know? and I will need to receive documents.

Letter 9

Dear, I just did not know what I do know? I stand for two hours in the travel agency and wait for the verdict? Why I was there to stand up this time? I went to the library and arranged with a woman that I sit there. Today there is almost no visitors, and so she let me sit.



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