Scam Letter(s) from Ksenia Sharbardina to Tony (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi Tony, my name is Kseniya. I'm 28 years old. I'm a conservative and traditional type of girl. I love traveling and trying new things. And, although I much prefer to plan my adventures, there's a side of me that loves the thrill of living on the edge.
I love all types of music, but I do have an affinity for country. I love food and cooking, especially baking. I'm an active person, I do not often sit still for too long. If someone told me a few years ago that I'd enjoy spending time on a treadmill, I'd have laughed at them. But, I do. I'd like to learn how to drive a motorcycle one day and to go skydiving. I tend to be intensively competitive. I love playing games and I love winning even more. :) But, I can also take a loss graciously ...
Family and faith are very important to me. My faith in God is a daily part of my life and I enjoy being active in my church. My family has always been my support and I love being home and spending time with them.
I do not do drama or games and appreciate honesty and openness. Personal space and time with friends are a healthy aspect to any relationship! I have a great group of friends that keep me sane and grounded. Ideally I'd like to find someone that's both driven yet down to earth and low-key. Someone that's ambitious and wiling to take a risk now and again. If interested shoot me a message, hope to hear from you soon. if you are interested, I can send you more my pic. if not, that's ok.
Sincere, Kseniya.

Letter 2

Hello My Dear Friend Tony !!!! I am very pleased to receive your letter today. I thought that you did not write to me because I live in another country. Tony I promised to tell you more about my family. My family is my mother and grandparents. The name of my mother is Ekaterina and her '53. The name of my grandmother is Olga. My grandfather's name is Alexander. My grandparents were born in Ukraine, Mariupol during WWII, and they fled to Russia with his parents to escape. My grandmother '73. My grandfather 74. They retired. My grandfather replaced my father. My family did a good job to educate me and I'm proud of my family. Grandparents taught me how to speak the Ukrainian language. Tony I am fluent in the Ukrainian language. My mother also speaks to Ukrainian. Tony You could tell us about your family? What does your family mean to you? I live in the city of Kungur from birth. After school I went to college to get an education.
I finished "The Ural Federal University named after the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, a branch in" in 2008. I was the chair of foreign languages and I learn English. Ukrainian I knew at the age of 13 years and I could speak well. I can speak Ukrainian with my grandparents. They are old and it is difficult for them to speak in Russian. My mother worked in a sewing factory in Kungur and daily commutes from his village. In fact, all my clothes made by her hands.
Do you like my dress? if not, then I can dress girlfriend because I want to please you in any way. It is very important for me. My mother often visits me in Kungur. I think I will finish this letter. Tony In my letter I am sending you a picture of where I am in my mother's clothes, and my mother and grandfather. I hope that you will like it.
I'm waiting for your letter and your picture. Until tomorrow .... Your friend Kseniya.

Letter 3

Hello dear Tony! I congratulate you with Happy New Year !! I wish you all the best, that would be in the new year you everything was fine!
What would all your most important dreams come true! And what would be in your life, everything was just fine! Dear in Russia up to 5 or 6 January will not run many businesses. Including library. Therefore, I can not write you up to 5 or 6 of January. I hope you'll wait for me!
After all, I really love getting your letters, and I hope that we in the new year will be a number!)) Happy New Year to you again! Always yours Kseniya

Letter 4

Hello My Dear Tony. Did you get my letter yesterday? I really had to go to my mom and I could not write you a long letter. Now I am writing to you my letter, my thoughts, my dreams. What do you value in others, women? What are your intentions and aspirations? What do you want to say in his letter? I did not understand about you? What do you want to tell me??? Tony I had a dream today, and in my dream I saw you Tony. We were together. You see dreams when you sleep? What do you see in this?
Tell me. I would love to learn. I'll tell you about my dream. Tony You were at the beach? I am sure that more than once. In my dream I was bathing in the river and swim, he came ashore. It was hot and I went to the cafe and sat under an umbrella that would not burn in the sun.
And you sat under it, we drank juice and talking, and you took me home. You know, I woke up from what? Tony We kissed, and I reached out to you, and almost fell off the bed. How was your day? What is the weather in your town? I hope you are fine. Yesterday, I talked with my mom about you. I told you not from Russia. Mom was a little surprised.
Anyway, she just wished me luck. She also thinks that you are honest and decent man with a good character, and you will never hurt me.
Also, Mom says Privet (hello) to you. Tony That you would see in me that you love me. Tell me Tony. I beg you not to hide anything from me.
I will say at once why I like you, I do not know how to describe what happened to me after we met. I became happy, I began to feel better.
Even my girlfriend and my mother said it. Tony You opened a new world for me, which I can not describe. I do not know how to say, and my heart is it that something inexplicable, indescribable. Tony I met you, and you changed my life, you gave me a new sense, you gave me new emotions. These emotions filled my soul, my mind, my mind. What do you think? I was brought up in a respectable family, and I want to give myself only one single man. The man, whom I love and who will love me.
Maybe it's you? I want to know you more and more. Because the more you learn, the more I like you. I hope you do not mind Tony ???? And I just hope that you are sincere with me. Already I bored and waiting for your next letter. I am sending you a photo. Tony I hope you like it, and I just get soon your photos. Regards Kseniya.

Letter 5

Hello Tony. Unfortunately I do not have facebook. Today I can not write a long letter to you. I just want to tell you that today I have to go to my mom and I had to catch the bus. Tomorrow I go back to my town and I'll write a letter for you. I hope that you'll wait for my letter .... Hugs and kissessss .....

Letter 6

Hello my dear Tony how was your day today? I hope successfully. When I received your letter, it is very glad that you wrote to me. I woke up with a bad mood and I think that today is a bad thing. Because even outdoors overcast and cold. When I came to work it was a lot of Rabten and I'm tired. I even began to think that you do not write me. Tony Now I got your letter and felt fine. My face broke into a smile. Your letters, encouraging me. No matter what mood I went to the library, it will get better when I read your letters. Tony Tell me about how was your day? What did you do today? Tony, I was very touched by your letter. When I read it, my body ran goose. it's great to read your beautiful letter! How I love to receive your letter. it's so great to see you on your beautiful and sweet words. Tony Today I went to the barber shop hair cut. Usually I mows a woman. But today, it was not, and I trimmed another woman. It was very unusual. I was in the beginning is not very much. But then at home I went to the mirror and looked it seemed to me then that I began to look more cheerful. Tony But I think that it's not the hair. I think I became more fun because I communicate with you! Tony And you attaches great importance his hair, where did you cut? Do you have any permanent place? Tony Know when I was young and just starting to go to school I have trimmed my mom. I remember, I was so pleased. My mom really watching me. And in this school friends me called fashionistas. Tony And you have had any nickname in school? Children are always coming up with something. Yes, even that's not only children like my girlfriend is now called Charm.
Tony But as you called your close friends? I send you my pictures. I'm waiting for your pictures and your letters every day and I hope you will write to me tomorrow. I'll be waiting, I hope soon, very soon see it! Bye Bye!!! Your Kseniya.

Letter 7

Hello My Dear Friend Tony !!!!! I am pleased to receive your letter today. What is the weather in your city today? How are you? You had a lot of work? Are you tired? Dear, I'm not much is not understood .. do you want to come with me? Tony I want to tell you about my work. I worked as a salesman of toys for 6 years. I have about 200 customers a day. Yes, it's a very difficult job. But I like it because I love children. Would you like to learn the Russian language sometime in the future? I am sure that you would be a very good student. BTW, what do you think about my English? You know well my letters? Tony In past my letters I told you that I graduated from the University in 2008 and was offered a job by the seller desks toys. I had other plans before I chose this. I wanted to work as a translator. I thought long and I chose the children. Children are our future. Do you agree? Tony You could tell us more about your work? Do you like it? Tony I make a good living and I never complained about it. Every year I make a donation to the children with disabilities. Also I make a donation to the Church. I also think that the Church is important in everyone's life.
I am Orthodox Christian. I visit the Russian Orthodox Church every Sunday. Do you go to church? You could talk about your faith? Anyway, God is one! Tony I am still afraid that you do not completely understand my letters because I studied English at the Institute and I have not had the experience of talking to an Englishman or an American. Anyway, I will try to write you to understand me. it is very important for our communication. Now I will finish my letter. I can not wait to get your next letter. Until tomorrow ... Your friend from Russia Kseniya.

Letter 8

Hello my dear Tony. I'm so happy that my days are brighter after in my life you came. We are so close ... I think I can trust you absolutely all ... Tony today was your day? My perfect day today. I was overwhelmed with all the energy. Tony It's all due to the fact that I woke up today with a wonderful mood. Today I had you. Tony I was fine with this. I dreamed, as we go close to you, about something talk. We are surrounded by beautiful green avenue we go along it, then you suddenly picks me up and starts spinning with me. I laugh, and even in my dreams, I felt the warmth of your embrace. Then you put me on the ground, and we were face to face, in your eyes I saw his reflection, a reflection of the blue sky. This dream was so clear I did not want to sleep it off. Tony You like my dream? Would you like that he would become a reality? Tony Me that something is changing. Now when I'm not sad, I think it's only you !!! It seems to me that my life changed.
And this is very good. Mmmm about how great it ... Before, I never dreamed such dreams. Tony, I carefully read your letter and I'd like to read it! You're a very good person, and you have a lot of good qualities. I enjoy talking to you. Thank you for your lovely photos !!
I was very interested to know what your house. I noticed you have a cat. It is very good as I can see. and yes, I noticed that she always follow you. She keeps walking beside you. I really liked your kitchen !! I've never seen so much food. I hope that when I come, you let me cook there's something delicious? I am a very good cook, I've told you this? I think you'll very pleased when I'll cook you a variety of goodies. Well, try to make a video. I'm not sure that I can open it because of low speed internet, but I'll try! Tony Forgive me, maybe I'm in a hurry, but I can not hide his thoughts and feelings, thoughts and desires. I want to be open to you. Tony I want to talk seriously. I want to ask you, do you have secrets? You are hiding something from me? Tony I am always honest with you and tell you what you ask, and not hiding anything from you. I understand that you're far away, and I know that if we will be something to hide or deceive one another will not lead to anything good. We're not playing games and want to find love. I hope you also understand me. Tony I wish that we would have with you all was well. I wish that we would have been happy with you.
You're a good man like you and me. But we know more than a week just so I think we need to talk more, and then think about the meeting. As it will be? Tony Tell me, how do you imagine our meeting? It is very important for me. If you're just the one for whom I was born, I'll do anything to be with you. Tony Do not you think that we're like two athletes running towards one another, overcoming obstacles. The closer you get, the more we learn about one another. And do you think that will be when we meet? I will be waiting for your answer. Yes, I am sending you a photo, I hope that the picture will please you. Hope that do you like it, or not? I am waiting for your answers Tony. Miss, I want to feel your kiss, and I think he's very sweet. I hope you liked my dream. I'll look forward to your letters and photos !!! I wish that you would send me more of your photo where you smile. When the smile on your face I'm happy! Yours and yours alone Kseniya.

Letter 9

Hello My Dear Friend Tony !!!! Again and again, I received your letter and it gives me a smile! How are you? How are going you day? What is the weather in your city today? I hope you are fine. Today in my city very sunny day and its very good. Dear to the meeting, I want to tell you this. What it will not be a problem for us, that I would come to you. Now with our laws it's simple. I need to just come to the travel agency and book a trip for you. I will need to do some paperwork for the flight to your country and buy a plane ticket. It is all that is required. Thank you for the picture of your home. I was very pleased to receive it. I do not understand you, what you're telling me? you want to say that I'm not real? Tony You beautiful man! In your understanding and kindness. Tony How would you like that would have started your day? In the morning? Tell me. You know, not all people are able to possess such qualities. I always wanted to meet someone like you !!! Tony You are so similar to that of the man I was looking for all my life. But I'm still not completely sure. But I would very much like it was so. Tony In my life that is turned upside down. It has become an interesting and full of meaning, after we met! I'll tell you about a most beautiful day that I dream. I want to wake up in the open arms of the man she loved, carefully get out of bed. Cooking a good salad and make a fresh juice, then everything is put on the table beside the bed and then go to bed in your hug .Tony then I want to kiss you tenderly, what would you woke up and we were able to enjoy a light snack, and our feelings. And all will be happy for me if it is so.
I'll be the happiest girl in the world. And how do you see its most beautiful morning? Tell me Tony. I really miss. Tony If you can imagine in front of a large Pacific Ocean, it is so much kisses I send you now, what would they surround you and gave you love and tenderness.
What they enveloped and protected is your day, and helped in everything. Tell me, our acquaintance has changed your life like that.
Tony Now I'm trying to sleep that will be a dream to see you and when you come in my sleep I'm happy. Tony Recently I did not understand what was happening to me. Tony I feel for you something special. I feel that I do not when you do not have to experience. When I read your letter, my heart skips a beat, and me as if everything is inverted. I can represent you for hours, and I have come more and more dreams. Imagine even when I go to bed I hug pillow and imagine it's you !!! Tony Do you think this is love? I do not when someone did not like, and do not know what's happening to me. But I would so like to believe that this is really love the fact that you're the man for whom I have created.
You do not hear when you do not say that every person has the other half, and when a man meets her, he becomes a whole. Change lives and become a happy man. Do you believe in that? Do you think we could be two halves of one another? I do not know how it happened, but I think that ... I was overwhelmed with emotions right now I feel like I'm flying. I understand that this is something unexpected, but I could no longer keep quiet about his feelings for you. Now I would love to know what you feel? Already I miss, I think and I hope that soon get yours letter. I am sending you a photo, I hope it will be like you. I am anxiously waiting for your letter! I hope that today you come to me in a dream! Your sweet Kseniya.

Letter 10

Hello my dear Tony !!! I do not know what happened to me. I think .....
I do not know how to say it. Yesterday I went home and thought about you and me. About how you are. What's wrong. What do you do? What did you eat? Tell me Tony are you all right? Dear you, I like you and me. I am full seriousness to you. And I'm not going to deceive you in any way and did not say anything bad. I understand that you want what I came to you and you love me. I also fell in love with you firmly in his letters, and I want to be with you! I heard you, what you want to buy a ticket for me on the plane, and you invite me to her. I do not mind that would come to you. But I must first go to a travel agency and find out the cost of documents and cost of the tickets for the trip. Let me now go there, and tomorrow I will tell you the cost of all the documents and tickets well? I am writing this letter to you, and my time is now 17.40 this evening here in Russia. Tony I want to tell you that it was night. I went to the balcony and looked at the stars. I think of us. And went to bed. When I was sleeping, I had a dream in which you and I together. Can you imagine? And ever it is morning, about which I told you. Remember? Everything was exactly as I told you. And then we went together to the bath and enjoy the love. As it was perfect !!!!!!!!!!! I remembered a story that when a person is born, then there is a new star, but when someone dies, a star falls.
One star one life. I looked at the sky and looking for our stars. I wonder what happens when two people love each other there? Tony, what do you think? I think that the stars together. And getting bigger and brighter. I hope that my written English you know and understand my feelings. Tony I do not know how to tell you what I feel, but to me that something is happening. In my heart, inside me. I got used to you. I'd never been, and I've never felt as good as when I read your letters. I will not argue, but I think I have a crush on you. I do not know how to put into words. Tony My mother, grandmother, girlfriend, everyone says that I have changed, become more relaxed, slim, and even began to look better, but can not explain why and how. And only I know. This happened because in my life you came. Tony I think I'm in love with you. I do not know what else it could be. But I'm not sure.
But I think that soon I will know exactly. I am sending you a photo. I hope you like it. Lovers Your and only your loving and gentle Kseniya.

Letter 11

Hello my dear and lovely !!! Tony How was your day? I hope that after the receipt of my letter you will get better. My mother, my friends, to tell you hello. Today at work when I have finished all the work and tried to get away. And everyone asked me where, where I'm in a hurry.
I was in a hurry to write you a letter. You know what my dream today?
We met on the street, I walked down the street, thinking about something, you're going to meet me, and thought of his. And we happened to encounter, Tony you asked, I will go with you in the movie or not. I said I do not know. You had another ticket, and you invited me. And I went to the movies with you. But we did not see the movie, we communicate more with you. When the comedy is over, we came out of the cinema happy and satisfied. You said you'd take me. When we got home we did not want to be separated. We stood next to my door and talking. And I did not notice, they became close to one another, and we kissed. AS I was perfect our kiss !!!!!! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! My body went pleasant shiver. I fell into your arms, and you held me, and we continued to kiss. Tony You see dreams? Can you describe them? I wish that our dreams would come true, do you want this Tony? I am sending you my kisses, and I hope that tomorrow will get your as you send it to me ?? Something I'm dreaming and I almost forgot to tell you. Today, I went to the utilities, you know, what is it? We have a make payments for utilities. I had to pay for electricity, and there I met Alexandra. But she hurried home because she had to cook dinner for her husband. I am very happy for her, I too would like to make dinner for a loved one. Would you like that I would cook dinner, do you?
Alexandra said she was glad that she met me, she told me that today was going to go with me. Alexandra told me that tomorrow will be a reunion. This is a meeting of people who once studied together. News about Alexandra reunion was very unexpected for me. But I'm also interested in hearing about how everyone lives as settled ... I hope you do not mind, I went to the meeting. I care that you say it. I will not be there long. After all, you're waiting for me, waiting for my letter. I will rush to you !!! I'll look forward to your letter! Your most delicate Kseniya.

Letter 12

Hello my dear and wonderful prince Tony Recently, I think only of you.
I miss you and I I want to be with you forever. I think about you constantly. I printed your letters and read them bedtime Perd. Last time I wake up with a good mood. Because every day I wait for your letter, and I hope that soon it will get. I'm glad to see your letter.
Your letters are very important for me. I want to know, what is it?
How do you? I love you, and I'm very worried about whether you're okay. I really want us to be there, that we could each day to see each other and can take care of each other. Dear I know that yesterday you sent me a letter, but I did not see it. As soon as I sent you a letter, I immediately went out of the library, and I have not seen your letter. I'm sorry that it happened, I did not want to know? Do you understand that I can not talk to you on Skype? I do not have such an opportunity to talk to you on Skype. I would be very glad to do it.
But I do not know whether to get it from me. I do not know where I take the opportunity that you have to talk to on Skype. Dear I write letters to the library, and you know it, there is a very slow Internet connection, and we did not get to speak to you on Skype. Tony I think a lot, we have a lot of familiar, if I come how and what do we do? We will be happy together? I do not require a lot of happiness. If you'll smile and you'll be fine, it will be a joy for me. Will you make me happy? It will be so? Tony I wanna be with you. I would make you the happiest man in the world !!! Tony I would love to go with you in the park, on the beach, enjoy the sunrise and sunset. I have a dream that would be with you forever. I do not know whether you fully understand my emails when I send them to you and you read them, but I understand you, I understand every word. And it's expensive for me. All that is connected with you, my dearest. You're the most beautiful man in the world. I think Tony you must ask why? Because I've never met people like you. I can not even explain a lot, but I know that you're so unique. Tony I want to ask you about your secret dreams. About what you dream, what we're doing? About where we can go together? The fact that we are going to do together? I am sending you a photo, I hope you like it. Yesterday, when I came back from the library I was thinking about us. And I saw a young man and woman who were walking and holding each other's hand. I thought it would be nice if you could also go now at home, we could sit on the bench and enjoy our love and affection. How I wish for you, in your arms, as I want to feel your kisses. I dream about it!!!!!!!!! Your and only your loving and gentle Kseniya.

Letter 13

Hello my dear Tony. You're worried about me? How do you? I am very worried about what you will say to me .... After all your words, your opinion is very important to me !!! I really miss you honey !!! I really had a good time at a meeting of graduates of the Institute which I graduated. We really have not seen all. Tony And I know no one remained married from all with whom we studied together. Almost all have children. Everyone has their own worries. Some come with their husbands. Some came with their wives Tony know so interesting to look at those who have not seen. All have changed. We were sitting in a cafe, laughing, reminiscing about his student years. You know, together we remembered so much, I even half of it is not remembered.
Tony I had a lot of fun. Are you happy for me? Then they all go home and Alexandra, with her husband, Sergei, I have decided to pursue. We walked and talked Alexandra, asked me about personal relationships. I told him that I speak with you. She was a little surprised and asked why can not I meet someone here. I told her that I want to meet a good, interesting man, that we would have been with him to talk about.
I think that people from other countries is very interesting. The main thing for me man, his soul, that I can learn from the letters, and everything else for me is in second place. I told Alexandra that communication through letters, allow to know more about the man, because the letters can say what can not be said openly. And on the one hand it's very romantic, like in the old days the two lovers sent letters to each other with the pigeons. I think it can be compared to this! They learned a little bit about you, about what you're good. My college friends were very happy for us !!! They wished us luck !!! It was a great pleasure for me. I did not want to stay there for a long time because all my thoughts were only thee ... I said goodbye to everyone. And I hurried to the library to see you soon !!!Tony I know the whole way and was just thinking about you and how that would quickly see your letter, to tell you everything that was in my day today. Tony Tell, and you meet with her classmate with whom you studied at the institute or school, possibly college? I am sure that you also had a good student. Dear, I was really happy to receive your beautiful letter !!! I was very pleased to see you on your wonderful speech.
Thank you for all that you do for our happiness with you !!! Dear, I want to tell you that you're a very nice man and I want to spend with you all your life. I really need from you is your support and your love! Dear, I went to a travel agency and found the fare to you. The total cost will be between 1300 to $ 1550. I do not have so much money that would come to you. For me it is a very large sum. And I do not know where I get so much money. In my savings I have $ 140. And that's all that I can give for this trip. I was very sad when I found out about the cost of the trip for you. The travel agency I was told that I can come to you first for half a year. And if I want to stay with you, I'll have to marry you and make visa groom. Thank you for your prekrasyne photos! It was very nice to get them to see you! I love you very much! Tony I want to ask you. How would you like to spend an evening if we were together? I want to tell you about my thoughts. I'd like to sit with you on the banks of a river or lake, and look into your eyes. We have looked into the eyes of each other and admired. Tony I would like to see a reflection of myself in your eyes. We sat talking then you took my hand and we walked along the beach. We hugged and kissed. I even thought that I could feel the warmth and tenderness of your hands. I so want that this dream has become a reality because we do not even pay attention to the sunset! would you like that? Tony I understand, now I'm pretty sure that I love you Tony !!! And I want to shout so loud that you would have heard it, my prince !!!! I love, love you! And I'm sure that you're just the man I've been waiting my whole life !!! I want to confess to you in love, looking into your eyes !!! I am filled with emotion, finally it happened. I found you my only and longawaited.
I'll look forward to your letter. I am sending you a million kisses hope they touch you and get back to me on my lips! Goodbye my and only my Tony !!! I very miss you .... Yours and yours alone starlet Kseniya.

Letter 14

Hello My Love, I love your writing. I wish I could see you right now, hug and kiss. I want to see you soon. I do not know how to describe what just happened to me after I read your letter. It is very difficult to express my feelings in English. I hope you understand that. Tony Know today, I think the whole day for us. About how we were together. I really want to believe that everything will be fine, but I hope that you understand the seriousness of what is happening. I hope that you understand what is for us both a very big and important step.
Tony In a person's life there comes a moment in which he chooses and what he chooses to be with him in the future. I am very worried. I still weigh. Tony I have heard that there are bad men in America who offended Russian women who come to them. But I'm sure that you're a good man, and that to me is all right. I could not tell you about it because it's in my head and I want you to know that I completely trust you. Tony You beautiful man !!!! But I need to think about it, all I need to decide for yourself. In life I always thought out steps, and I can not really give you a specific answer. But I would think. I hope that you understand me! Tony You just imagine how it is for me if I go to your country. I'm not there when there was you and I do not when you do not see. I now have thousands of thoughts in the mind, the soul to ask you. This is a big step, and I think that you also need to think about it well. Tony I want to know what I think about your friends, relatives, the closest people. I do not know how they would treat me if I come to you. You, probably, other customs. I do not know, you're in another country, and that is how, and how it all happens. Tony I do not know. Do you think everything will be fine? If you say yes, then I'll come to you, and we'll be together. What do you tell me? You told them about me? They will be happy for us if we're together? They will not interfere with our happiness? What do you think? Tony I need to know all this, what would be sure that I did not bring you upset your arrival, and we will be able to enjoy our love.
And so I want to, what would you tell me honestly, what they say about me. I really need it. I do not care no one's opinion, but yours and your love. But I want to know what people think about me, the people who surround you. Tell me Tony. I want to know it. You know that my mother and grandmother very well you are treated. My friends really like you, too, and they all say that you and I just have to meet because they found each other in different parts of the world. Tony And I wonder what I think of your loved ones. They do not mind that I would be with you? What do you think? And you? Tony You would like, what would I come? Exactly? I'm asking you to answer my questions honestly how you always say to them and how I respond to your questions. And I hope that tomorrow I received your letter with the answers. Tony I do not know how to ask you. I will tell you as I can.
If I come, then you would be against it? And who would not want that would we meet with you? I think that would come to you. But I want to be completely sure that when I come then you meet me, I'm not going to go around the city in a foreign country. You can not deceive me? True?
I hope so. Why, I ask, never doubted, but now I doubt you. Everything will be fine. I love and I want to be with you. I sincerely ask you to answer these questions depends on them, I'll come to you or not. Now I have a lot of thinking, I want to go to my grandparents ... For me it is very important that they tell me that advise.Tony I think it is now just such a situation. Tomorrow I will not be able to write, I go to my parents I need to consult with them. Tony I am very, very much hope that you will understand me and will not be offended! I'll wait for your letter, and the responses to my questions. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Tony
!!!!! Yours and yours alone Kseniya!

Letter 15

Hi my sweet and lovely Tony !!!!! Today I was very tense, I was thinking about what you will answer me. When I went to the library, my heart was beating like a million times a minute. I opened your letter, and my heart sank. Thank you Tony!!!! Tony, My love, I am very happy to hear your answer. I am glad that you like and I want us to be together. I love you with all my heart and soul. Tony When I first received your letter, to be honest I did not think that it's turned into such feelings. Tony Now I can not live without you, and day. I used to hear a lot about love, about how this is fine, but when she did not feel it. Now I understand what it is. I do not care for me the main thing that I have you, all the rest is indifferent. I am sure that with you I'll be the happiest girl in the world. I am very happy that our feelings are mutual. Tony Every man should have his own second half, I found her. It's you Tony!!!! I do not know how to describe the words right now, in my eyes the tears of happiness, I want to cry, cry because now I am pretty sure that you're just the man to whom I want to be forever, Tony only you and anyone else. I want to be in your arms in your arms forever. Only you and only you. Without you I can not imagine my life is now. Tony I want to be in your arms, I want to feel your tenderness and affection, love, passion, tenderness and sweetness of your kisses. I do not know how you describe all that in my heart is happening. It's unexplainable. I love you, I love with all my heart and I want to be with you forever. Thank you for being there. Thank you for what I have found you. Do you believe in destiny? Tony After we met, I believe in fate, is not what the world is not made in vain. All my life I was alone, I was waiting for that moment when you see you !!!! My thoughts are all mixed up, I think about a lot. I dream, worry, weigh. Tony If we both agree that that I come to you. I'm going to learn everything about the trip. Tony As soon as I find out, I'll let you know. Tony I think that that is not so easy, but I'll do it and come to you. I am sure that it is in my power. Yes, even at the expense of the forces, something I now they are not enough, when I went to my parents I was a little caught a cold, but I think it's not that serious, and it will pass. I think when we're together, we'll take care of each at a time when we are ill. We will share our experiences. I think that our life together would be wonderful !!! You think so too? I want to know you have something. How do you imagine our meeting? I do not know how it will happen. But I think that it will be at the airport. Because I know you will need to fly a plane. I I never fly, but I think that I can, and I will not be afraid. I'm all ready for you Tony. And how will it be? How do you imagine our meeting at the airport? So I got off the plane, went to the door and eyes met ....... I can not even imagine what will happen. I guess I'll just leave all things and run to meet you, what would feel your kisses, your arms, your tenderness and affection. Can So? I do not know ......
I do not know how it will be. Tony Where we first kiss. They first met and we can feel each other. Do you imagine that? Tony This is our first meeting. What do you think, what else will? Tell me, I want to know.
What do we do? Tony I know that it will be fine, but I do not know how you imagine. Tell me. I want to know it. I want to be with you, but with you forever and I do not need anything other than your love. I miss you Tony!!! At this point I will finish an owl, a lot of things tomorrow, I'll go, and I will learn about my trip to you. I will write you tomorrow my long awaited. I love you and I very miss you !!!
Dreaming about you Kseniya.

Letter 16

Tony, FORGIVE ME! I'm sorry that I have to write you this letter! Tony I am not able to come to you! Tony, forgive me! In my eyes I do not dry the tears! I can not calm down. Tony In the travel agency told me the cost of the trip for you! It's much more than I expected! I have no such means! I can not find such a huge amount! Tony I do not know what to do now. My heart is torn apart by pain. It is not sterpimaya pain, I choke on it. I do not want to lose you! I can not live without you!
I do not want my life if it will not be you! But how to overcome the distance that separates us, I do not know! Tony I do not when you do not travel! I'm so stupid, thinking that my savings will be enough!
I'm afraid to think about how upset you are reading my letter! Now I sit and cry! I am very angry with you! I'm sorry I hurt you! I did not want! I'm sorry I did not keep their promises! I am ready to devote myself to you all! But you're thousands of miles away from me! What?
What can I do?! What torments me these !? What did I do wrong? All I want is to love and be loved! All I can ask you now, is to find forgiveness in your heart for me! Tony I can not live, and know that you hate me! I can not do that! Forgive me, my love! I do not know what to do…. Kseniya.

Letter 17

Today, I read your letter, and this on my cheeks tears flow! Tony How can you tell me about it? I could not believe what I was reading. I read your letter several times. I could not believe that it is you write! Tony How could you write me about love and about your feelings, if you are not even sure that I exist? How could you speak words of love, if your heart is cold to me? Did you play with me? Or for you the word love does not mean nothing? Tony I believe that without trust can not be love! Tony I was ready to leave my family, friends and my country to be with you! I wanted to be together and give you love! But now I do not know what to do next. Now I do not know that between us! Yesterday I was sure that the love between us. I wanted to be with you, and do all what we dreamed! But today's letter destroyed all my dreams! My life, as if stopped. I'm not going to do you have nothing to prove. I opened my heart to you, and you spit in it! Tony Is the letters that you received, could write somebody else?
Are those letters could write a person who does not feel love for you ??? I do not know what to do Tony!!!! What did I do wrong? What is my fault? I want to forget it all like a bad dream! My heart is broken into millions of particles!

Letter 18

Hello my love Tony you know how it hurts me to hear from you these words? you know how I was hurt? and that if I was not to talk about my day? And what if I do not tell what that thing, it means that I'm cheating ?? This means that I'm not real? You know how it hurt? I think you'd believe me, I think that very soon we will be by your side. And you say that about me. You are so responsive. You have no idea how I was hurt to hear these words from you. as if you put a knife in the heart !! I understand that you have suffered a lot on the Internet, but I'm not the girl or the person who offended you? I do not need to know? I do not want you like that offend or hurt in your own words. I to you only with honest and good intentions. I do not blame that offended you what that girl? because I'm a different person then. I know the other? I'm not the one who hurt you. Tony you say you do not trust me, when we are close to you, you will go to work and I was left on the street, what would I have got nothing to steal? So??
so you think about it? Dear I'm not going to lie to you know? I've come with a pure heart and pure soul !! I wish that you were beside me. I want every day to feel your touch on my body. And you're telling me these words. I hope you believe me, and we will not talk about it.
I never lied to you, and I will not lie. I will always be honest with you! It is up to you, believe me or not. Now only you are my judge. I love you and I always will! Your Kseniya!

Letter 19

All day I was thinking about you Tony. I thought about you and me.
Until recently we did not know each other, and now love in our hearts.
Tony I love you all my life and I want to dedicate to you and only you. I want to fall asleep in your arms, touching my lips to your lips and give you a kiss, millions of kisses. I wish that you would be happy and I'll take care of you. Maybe sometimes we swear and quarrel.
But I'm sure that this will not be a long quarrel. I come to you and say, "Excuse me please Tony", and you would reciprocate. I'm right!?
You embrace me and get warm. I know that you do not hurt me, because we love each other. I will always be next to you Tony in your heart.
Your photo will always be kept in my purse. And even when you are leaving and going away, you will still be my side. Tony I'm crying now. But it's warm tears. We found each other and that's the most important thing our love. I write you a letter now and my tears fall on my toes and I continue to write to you. I hope you can feel the warmth of my tears, when you read this letter. Our life a moment.
Our feelings an eternity. Tony Come join it! I'll go home now. I want to send you a kiss and I hope you get it. It is only the air, but I'm sure that soon he will be a real, warm and gentle. This will be our first kiss! What do you think about it !? My love Tony, I understand you, you want to pay a visit to me a credit card. I do not know if you can do it. I heard that the travel agency has a bank account. Today I'm going to learn about the bank account. But if you want something you can learn from them all the information itself.
Here's the email address: If you're going to write there, you will be responsible support. They will answer all your questions. Dear I love you and I want to be with you !! I'll be waiting for your letter Tony... I love you... Yours and yours alone Ekaterina

Letter 20

Tony, I have not gone out of the library. I sat and I reread your previous letter a few times and now you are writing to me. Ekaterina is the daughter of the girl who works in the library. she told me. how her daughter fell yesterday from a ladder and broke her wrist. I wrote you a letter, I kept thinking about it. and I'm afraid that she had something wrong srastetsya. and because of that I was mistaken and did not sign your name. Forgive me my love. I did not want to do that. I will carefully now, and when I write to you I will think only of you !! I love you very much and I hope you will write today to the tour agency. I went home to cook dinner. till tomorrow. Your Kseniya!

Letter 21

Hello my only Tony !!! I woke up this much in a good mood and after how to clean the house, I went for a walk on the street. The weather was very good and the sun was shining at me from it even got better mood. I love the cold, and when the color of the sun. Tony night when I went to the library and did not see your favorite letters I've got a smile disappeared from his face. Now I am very poor and lonely I really hoped that I now come to the library and see your Tony loving letter. We're dreaming about how we'll be together. I was looking for you all my life and now I found you you give me just stop writing.
Even though you told me that you love me Tony I love you. You're just pretending to be, and now I make an unhappy love affair. I love you and just can not live without you. I hope that you also love me and you're all right, and tomorrow you'll be able to write to me. I look forward to wait for your letter. With love your loving Kseniya!

Letter 22

Hello my love and beautiful man Tony .. I do not understand your letter ?? What's happening? Can you explain to me properly ... I ask you to tell me what happened on the good? I'm all on my nerves. All to panic. My tears flow from my eyes today. I love to hear you? I really want to be with you and only with you !!

Letter 23

Hello my love and beautiful man Tony !! What are you saying? I beg you, do not think about it. Do not think that I like that deceive you, or something else !! I've already explained that a woman who works in the library has a daughter. And she fell and broke her stock up. I could not leave the woman alone and I sat with her in the evening in the library and talked about it. Petomu in my head spun her daughter.
And I signed her name. I do not know how to tell you this. Believe it or not I, but I will not cheat and tell the truth! I see in your letter that you want to sit and talk with me on Saturday. I will try to negotiate with the woman at the library on Saturday that she would give me time to talk to you. Tomorrow, I will report to you whether to allow it to me, and you and I will pick up a specific time for our communication with you well ?? Tony, I really never deceive you and to tell you the truth always. I'm sorry for the mistake, I did not want to do that !! I do not want to know? Well, you see how it happened. I hope you understand me, and you will forgive me for this mistake. I love to hear you? I want to be with you and only you! Now I really need your support and your love! Dear, we have to act. We need to decide something with the trip. The travel agency has already asked me when I was going to pay them money for the documents? I'll wait for your letter my love !! And I hope that you will not speak ill of me.
Always thy tender Kseniya!

Letter 24

I understand that a lot of bad people in this world. But these people are related to us? Tony I agree with you that a lot of evil in the world. Many people neglect all for material gain. But it hurts our relationship? How does this relate to you and to me? Tony, Our love broke out at a great distance. Fate has given us a chance to be happy, we have found each other on different continents. I agree that this is a miracle! Miracles happen only when you believe in them! We believe that we will find love, and we found it. Now all we can do is pass the test the strength of our feelings. Fate has presented us a barrier, so that we have been, and have proven themselves worthy of happiness.
Tony Yes, a lot of evil, a lot of bad people in the world. Tony, The media is much talk that American men are bad Russian wives, beat them, bullied Tony, I know you're not one of those men! I know that you do not hurt me! I do not care what's going on in the world! I care what happens in my heart! Tony, We should not think about the bad! After all, thoughts materialize! If we think about the good, then our life will be good! But if we think about the bad, then our life will be bad. Do you agree with me Tony? Tony, We should not doubt each other. This is part of our test. Will we not lose faith in each other?
I'm sure we will not lose our faith! I believe our love will help us in this! Tony I believe in you, and you feel in your letters. I feel your character, all the warmth of your heart. I hope that my letter to you saying what I feel. Tony I think that these letters that we write to each other, we can not write anything to the person experiencing.
Our letters are filled with love! And this is the main point! Tony, We must open our hearts to each other. Just for you and me! I will open my heart to you, and you for me yours! We did not let anyone in our hearts. We will not allow to penetrate dirt and evil in our love, in our relationship! Dear Tony, I will tomorrow at the library about half an hour. I agreed today with a woman in the library, and she allowed me to stay here about half an hour. Tony, I beg you, let us make our trip as soon as possible. I would be happy to talk to you on the phone or talking with you in a video chat, but I do not have such a possibility .. I have no way to talk to you so .. Why can not you calm down and trust me !! I'll tell the truth. Tony, I beg you, write ASAP Travel Agency !! I want to have to be with you, I want to feel you and be with you !! I believe that we will be able to withstand test! I believe that we will be together no matter what! Tony, Let's going to fight for our meeting, let's let's not think about the bad!
let's will not give another reason to suffer our hearts! I hope you have the same opinion! We should be together! We deserve it! Yours and yours alone Kseniya!

Letter 25

Tony I am writing to you today a letter with tears in his eyes.
Tony All night I had nightmares. In these dreams, we were together!
We looked at each other! I reached that would kiss you, but suddenly you started to move away from me. Do you like whether it would have left under water, and I was on the surface. I cried out to you! I tried to reach out to your hands! but it was useless! I cried from his powerlessness. Even in a dream, I felt unbearable heartache. When I woke up and was delighted that it was just a dream. Tony, But after that I could not sleep. I thought about you and the relationship.
Tony Do you believe that there are prophetic dreams? Perhaps it was a sign of destiny? Perhaps fate was trying to say that we lose each other? Tony Tell me you still love me? You still want that we were together? Tony. Tell me what your heart feels. Tell me, what do we do with our meeting? How can we expect the day of our meeting? Tony, I promised myself that I will be a strong girl, and suffer separation!
But tonight, it seemed to me that I have no more strength to endure!
Tony, We must take that fact! I can not take it anymore! My heart is torn apart with pain! I can not do without you and your love! I do not want to suffer! Tony We have suffered enough, now we have to be happy! We have earned our happiness! It is so Tony???
When ?? When we will be by your side? I must inform the tour agents? I do not much understand you. Dear, I beg you, tell me exactly. When we finally will be with you ?? I already can not wait for that day! Tour agents have been asking us what that action!
Please answer my letter as soon as possible! For me it is important to know your opinion! I care what you think of our meeting and our future! I'll look forward to your reply! Tony, WE SHOULD BE TOGETHER!
WE MUST finally find true happiness!

Letter 26

Hello my love Tony !!! I went to the library and I have 3040 minutes that would have to talk to you! Are you glad ?? you're glad that we can talk to you? I'll be waiting for your letter! If you do not write to me during this time, I'll write you a long letter, and go home. I Love! Kseniya!

Letter 27

I miss you my sweet prince. I am very hard to endure the separation! I really want to be in your tender embrace. All my thoughts are occupied only the heart you and thought of you. I really want to see you. I want to feel all your affection love and tenderness. I miss your warmth. You're all I have!
I was waiting for your letter, but I did not wait. After all, we have agreed that we will talk with you this weekend and decide on plans for the trip .. I am very sorry. But I will stay!
Tony Me very badly without you! I very much want to be with you Tony !!!! I wish that our lips have merged in a hot passionate kiss.
I wish that you would passionately breathing and told me that you love me. I want you to caress my lips, tongue and ears. I dream every day strew your beautiful body with kisses! I really like your dreams, I would give anything, that they were fulfilled. I very much want to be with you I just want you and your love. My heart, the soul and the body is asking for you! I love you very much, I would give anything to be with you today. About Tony my love I really like your dreams, I would very much like what they would have been fulfilled as soon as possible! Your dreams are beautiful !!! We are the happiest couple on earth, when we are together. Our love is growing every day and gets stronger. Our love is strong and together we can overcome all our way.
Love is a feeling, which allows two people who love to do wonders. In Russia we have a saying "Separation for love as wind to fire, extinguishes the small and large balloons" I think this is very correct phrase. It reflects a very proper sense. Tony Our love is strong and separation for us, just more of us to fall in love with each other. I can no longer live like this anymore you apart! My heart cries out in pain. This pain will go out only when we are together !!!! Tony, I hope that soon we will be together forever !!!! I adore you, my sun! You are to me like a ray of light in the dark sky. You shine just for me, and you light up my path to happiness, fortunately with you !!!! I can not live without your love and affection !!!! I very much want to see you my angel. Tony You're my other half! I want you, I want to see you hug kiss! I want to give you every day all my love !!!! I'll look forward to your next letter! I LOVE YOU Tony!!!!! I'm tired of suffering, I want to be happy! Tony I will be happy just by your side! We need to be together, we deserve happiness! We have suffered enough! I send you millions of kisses, that they will warm you until I can not warm you with my kisses and my body. Your and only your Kseniya!

Letter 28

Tony, How are you? Tony, How are you today? My day is terrible.
Tony I tired very hard for me to live. I can not live without you! I need you! I need your Love!
Dear Tony .. Do not you understand me !!! I do not know what yahoo, I do not know .. All that I can do is to write your emails.
You know how little the Internet in the library? He can not do anything. I'm waiting for a huge amount of time that would send you a letter! And you tell me more about what that service yahoo. I'll give you my address is not difficult for me! My address: country Russia, Sverdlovsk Region, Volchansk. Severouralsk Street, house 3. Dear I have not been very good weekend .. I am very tired. I want to know you? I want to be next to you. Dear, I Do not know what to do. I do not know what to do. I understand, before meeting you want to talk is not a lot of mail that I was in the library, and we talk to you. I will try to agree on what a time during nideli with a woman. But I'm not sure ... Dear me an urgent need to make money for the trip. At least for the documents. Because I signed a contract with a travel agency, and I have already paid them $ 140. I have for the next week to pay him the remaining amount for the documents differently at me will be fined.
Tony I do not cease to ask ourselves, when we are together? My heart is in pain, when I imagine how far we are. With each passing day of separation from you, I feel it more and more difficult to endure! I'm trying to adjust themselves to the good thoughts, but I do not get it!
I used to say to myself that we would be together, and I feel better!
Now, my mind began to doubt our meeting. I tell myself a hundred times a day that we will be together, but it does not work. My mind ceases to believe in our meeting! Tony, tell me! Do you believe in our meeting? Tell me, what your heart feels! Tony, I'm tired of suffering! I can not do this anymore! I want to be happy! I want to be in the arms of her lover! I want to feel desired! Tony, I want to sleep no more than one! I'm tired! I need you Tony!!! Your Kseniya!

Letter 29

Tony, Today I woke up earlier than usual! I opened my eyes again I saw my empty bed! I got up and went, that would make tea. I warmed the water and sat down at the table! My table was also empty! I looked out the window, and on the street as it was empty! Tony, You know, today I felt very alone! All of that I took today, I get on with anything!
All I was thinking today, my heart is torn apart! Tony, If you only knew how I am tired to live! I find it hard to be alone! I find it hard to be always and everywhere the same! I go to one store, one I'm going for a walk, I walk alone in the library, I was watching TV one, I'm the one I go to bed, I sleep alone! Tony I'm tired of being alone! I can not wait to brighten up my loneliness you! I can not wait when we become one family! Tony, All I need in life, is that you and your love! Please, take me away! Please make it so that we were together !!! My love Tony ... I can not stay in the library and talk to you. We agreed with you on that Saturday, I stood for you time, but you were not there for some reason? Now I do not know when I can do it! I'll try to talk to the woman again and may talk to you. For what fate has given us such an ordeal! Sometimes I feel that my strength is running out! I'm tired so to live Tony !!!

Letter 30

How do you? How is your mood? Tony I hate to write you a sad letter.
But I always write to you, that my heart feels! I can not write empty words. Forgive me skeptical! I'm sorry, that now everything is happening! By Tony, you know, I can not talk to you in this room? Do you know the reason? The reason is that the Internet is almost no library !!! you know how long my letter sent to you? This is a very long time ... Today I can not stay in the library. Maybe I can be there tomorrow. Tony, I had not understood people pessimistic looking at life! Now I begin to understand that the world is very much injustice! Before, I never thought that so hard to protect themselves from evil thoughts! Now I understand how hard it really optimistic look at the world! Tony, Nothing pleases me, my whole life turned into a nightmare! Tony, This nightmare will end only when we are together! I want to believe in this day, but every day I am more and more difficult to believe in it! I do not want to lose you! I'm sure my life would lose all meaning without you! Tony, We have already, do something! I have no strength to bear the pain! We must act! As they say in Russia, "a rolling stone gathers no moss" Tony, WE MUST do something for our happiness! I constantly ask myself, how? HOW DO I COME TO YOU? But every time I do not find the answer! If you knew how painful! Kseniya.

Letter 31

Hello my love Tony .. What are you talking about? I understand you, you want to write a travel agency that would finally take action and make the trip for you. But I went to the website that you send me. you want to call me a fraud? This is true? I'm hurt now .. In my eyes a lot of tears. I do not understand many things in your letter. What are you trying to do in Western Union ... I beg you, do not hurt me, come on already finally make the trip and will be with you !! I was very much miss you, and I want to be with you. I ask you to help me. Do not leave me .... Today I'm writing a letter, with tears in his eyes! My tears do not stop! I do not see the words that I write to you. Tony I do not know what's going on with me! Previously, I could not even imagine, how can be painful. My heart is now as if squeezed huge vise.
I gasp in pain! Tony, My life has no meaning without you! I told you this many times! Tony I have caught you! Tony, You're my disease!
Tony, You are my salvation and my death! I do not know what to do! I do not know what to do, what to believe in the best! Tony, The worst thing that I stopped believing in our meeting! MY HEART bleeds! I'M TIRED! I CAN NOT DO IT ANYMORE! I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE!

Letter 32

Hello Tony !!! I'm so used to your letters, that when you do not get them do not feel full. I so do not miss your hugs and kisses. Already goose bumps run from these thoughts. I miss you, I just can no longer keep to myself all this. I imagine our days and nights spent together, the heart contracts and seems ready to jump out of my chest and run you to the meeting. Tony, I was very happy to receive your letter! I was very pleased to see that you have contacted the tour company and you work closely with them. I hope that we will succeed and very soon we will be there for you. I have received your lovely pictures! This system of soul as I see it is very complicated. Today I had a dream, as we walked at night in the rain on the day of our first date. I ran through the puddles, and you ran after me, all afraid, as if I had not caught a cold. Hmm, it's so funny look. And I specifically ran than tease you even more. As a result, you are caught and scolded me, but in the end gave a kiss. This gentle and passionate. I will never forget. Memories of the wiring inside me. Closing my eyes, I feel your touch. I want to be with you so much! I want to be with you in spite of everything. I understand that it's hard to do. But I want to wake up every morning and see your sleepy face on the pillow next to lying.
I want to prepare breakfast and bring it to you in bed, you want to wait a day off work and meet when you come tired. Feed you with a spoon and fooling around on the weekends. Arrange small surprises and small celebrations. I want to live with you forever. I want to quarrel and make up, make trouble for detail and ask for forgiveness. I want to wake up at night from your kisses and drown in the wild passion. I want to be next to you. You are my life. I'm without you can not ...
Your forever Kseniya!

Letter 33

Hello my love and beautiful man Tony .. I do not understand what you mean to me. I can not understand without you? I really want next to you. When will this happen? When we were finally able to be next to each other? I do not understand what you write to me? Can you tell me specifically say, but when I finally have to go to the agency and tell them I'll pay for the documents?

Letter 34

Tony Favorite Hello! Tony I am writing this letter and your picture in front of me. With it, I shall not leave, day or night. Just a minute, I can not live without you. When I think of you, I think you're near, I feel your breath exciting, warm your body. Honey, you have no idea what you do to me! I live just for you! While you are on this earth, I am not afraid of anything, I will overcome. Every day I thank God for what he has helped me to find you among the many people of our great fondness, which will have no end I'm sure. Tony Today I had a dream. I do not believe it, but it was you. We walked with you on a wide field around us parted golden ears of corn, and in the distance a large wooden door. At first I was frightened: from the middle of the field the door, and we go further? Approaching it, we stopped in confusion. But some unknown force prompted us to bend down and things start to look on the ground. After a while, our eyes fell on the key. We took it, opened the door, and the illfated went on, hand in hand ... You know, it was a good dream. Golf it is our life, great and interesting, the door an obstacle that together we will overcome because we find the solution to this problem the key. I truly believe in it. Tony You know, I have a dream. She is very kind, and must therefore necessarily true. I wish we had a real strong family, that we love one another, not only during the honeymoon, but also, more and more strongly. Let the years only harden us and make each other tenderly. I am very glad that you have written a travel agency! I am sure that very soon we will be there for you !! Tony I hope that by reading this letter, you are experiencing the same feelings for me that you, too, miss. You have no idea how I want to run to you, cling to your strong manly chest, smell of your body. My beloved, dear! I believe in the sincerity of my words, because before I could not tell anyone what I tell you. Why? Because I never loved anyone like I love you! I am very surprised at this, but can not do anything. Yes, and I do not want to! You're the best, you're the favorite, you are the people dear to me, for which I and into the fire and into the water! Though on the edge of the world! At the end of his letter, I wish the two of us soon, I'm waiting like nothing else. Tony, I hope that this mutually. Goodbye My dear. Do not forget, write. I kiss you and I love! Your baby Kseniya!

Letter 35

Tony, How was your day today? What's happened in your life? Dear Tony you know that you must first pay money to the agency, and then they will proceed to the top of the documents. We must first pay the amount they need. Tickets need to buy too, through the agency, because I sign a contract with them. Tony, we need to have to start paying the documents, because if we do not pay in the near future, then I will be fined. I beg you, come on do it already. Let's finally paid money for documents that have all started! I really wanna be with you. Why did you pull all the time? Why all this happen? Tony, I love you. Love is intoxicating, you know that? I do not, but now I know. It's a great feeling when your touch on the current passes through the body, face breaks into a smile and want to jump, sing and dance with happiness that you are giving me your presence in my life. You know what I dream? I dream of visiting with you the sea. Just you and me. Wallow all day in the sand. Sunbathe and swim in the sea. Fooling around with you in the water and gently hug. Walking along the beach barefoot, which would wave enveloped our feet and not think about nothing.
Rather about anything but you. You broke into my life, into my heart.
Now it is completely yours. And in the evening just wander along the beach holding your hand in my hand. You are unexpectedly prompted to swim and throw off his clothes. I picked up your desire, too, take off his clothes, just completely and run into the arms of the waves.
You're surprised, but taking my rules. We bathed in costumes of Adam and Eve. I came up to you and presses, whisper words of love. You captures the passion and you do not hide their feelings over me.
Enough of each other, we had no forces rush to the sand and just lay with his eyes closed. So nice to feel you next and just keep quiet. We do not need words. Why would they? We talk souls. A conversation between two people without words under the moon, romance. I slowly gets to you and put his head on your shoulder. We were good together.
Moon, sea stars, sand, and we love each other. Is this not happiness?
I'll tell you, yes, this is happiness. Catch your views, hear the native voice to the pain, to hear the whisper of beloved lips. You part of me, and now it will not change. We are sewn together threads of love. I believe over time we grow together into one whole. After all, I it's you, and you it's me. And we understand that. We understand that without each other, we just sand flying in the wind.
Tony Only together we make up something more precious and weighty.
Dreams come true, and I believe in it. I believe that will walk with you along the waterfront, breathing in the sea air. Where you gave me a kiss and an unforgettable experience. Thank you for what you are !!!
We will be together! Your and only your Kseniya!

Letter 36

Hello my love and beautiful man Tony .. I want to tell you sad news.
If I'm not going until Wednesday to pay for the documents ($ 690), then I will have to pay a fine of $ 200. I found a job far north there is very cold and very bad weather conditions. If you and I do not pay by Wednesday, I will be forced to go back to work. I'll be there about half a year. There's a cold and harsh conditions there is no internet and I can not contact you in any way.

Letter 37

Hello Tony!!!! I am pleased to receive your letter. First of all, I want to tell you about my city. I live in Russia, Kungur. Can you see my city on a map through Internet? This city is located in the Perm region. Yes, it's very far. But I do not think it would be a hindrance to our communication with you and we will continue to communicate more and then we'll talk about our meeting with you. Tony I hope I did not offend you that I used the city of your country for the site. I tried to use my city. But the site did not allow me to do so I decided to use the city of your country. Tony I started to communicate through the Internet recently, because Russian men do not have the necessary set of qualities that are most important for me and also they like to drink, and wasting their lives. My ambition is that to create a strong and happy family based on mutual understanding, love and happiness.
The most important thing in a relationship, I would like sincerity and honesty just about me. I am a gentle person and I hate lies. Tony Why are you looking for a partner on the Internet rather than in real life? Would you like to tell us more about yourself? I want to know you more and better. I want us to be frank with one another and did not hide anything. Tony I want to tell you about me. I was born in Kungur. My birthday in 1987, on February 18, and you? You visited Russia ever? Or would you like to visit my country sometime in the future? I live alone. I do not have children and I have never been married. My mom lives in a town that is 30 miles away. My dad died in 1990 (April 26). He died in a car accident, he was a truck driver. In fact, I do not remember my dad. Also I have grandparents. They live in a village which is located 50 miles from my town. I am the only child in the family and the family is the world to me. Tony I will tell you more about my family in my next letter. Ok? Tony I will send you my picture, now I will send them out as often as possible .. I'll send them to you often that you could get to know me better. My height is 167 sm (5'6), weight 48 kg (106lbs). Chest, waist, and hips respectively 85 60 92.
Tony I hope that I have received your letter and your picture tomorrow. I'm already looking forward to your letter.
Until tomorrow ...... I wait ..... Your friend in Russia Kseniya.

Letter 38

Hello my love and beautiful man Tony !! You just can not imagine how happy I was to receive your letter! On my cheeks are now flowing tears. You just can not imagine how happy I am! I'm really happy to see that you will be in the next few days to contact the tour company and you will negotiate with them last conditions !! This is very good news for me. Dear documents will be made within 1012 days. Once the documents are ready, I will fly to you. You have not a lot not understood correctly. I understand you. I understand all your letters.
I just did not understand what was going on in the previous letter. Now do you understand me? Tony, I love you very much and I do not want to lose you. Please do get in touch with the tour company as soon as possible and decide to have all plans Trip. I really want to see you. I want to feel you next to him. I really need you! I need your support today. I'll be waiting on you for your letter. Always your gentle and loving Kseniya!



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