Scam letter(s) from Catherine Dickson to Gerrie (South Africa)

Letter 1
Dear Gerrie,
Good morning and My heart is always overjoyed at the sight of your email and I certainly have developed very strong feelings for you. Do understand that since I found you, I have no intentions of searching further because you satisfy everything that I need as a woman. I want you to know that you do mean so much to me with each passing day and I have spent time thinking about you even in the midst of my business challenges and hassles. Well, after reading your email I knew immediately that you are god man with a lot of experiences in life especially concerning women. Really I will not be surprised if you categories me as one of those desperate ladies that you have met because they say that experience is the best teacher. Why will I be different after all we met on the facebook and now it’s the same story.
I invited you on facebook without even knowing who you are but because my facebook profile matched up with your and for an unknown reason I sent you a friend request. I only wanted to meet people as a new facebook user, and when you answered me I knew I knew I have got a new friend but I never knew that you have met thousand of ladies already on the dating line or other social networks..heheh. I believe this email will decide US! Because already your experience with people that came to scam or send your virus in your PC is widely ranged. I feel that I hane landed on the same land where things has happened and I am scared I will be categorized the same Russian, widower, desperate and ******* that wants something in return.
I would have eloped with you to some mountain, where we would be alone, no pressure from the world, peace, calm and quiet, and have lots of sweet moment. But I am not 18 anymore, it however does not change this enormous feeling and emotions which I have developed for you overnight. This is just something else and I have to admit, perhaps, I have been alone for too long. What I feel for you, I simply cannot explain, but I consider these feelings to be unconditional and undying; so great that my heart seems to burst with the joy of it.
I can talk to you or tell you anything because I feel that I can trust you. We can tell each other everything and still be OK with it. I assure you that if we are together, I will never cheat, lie or do anything to hurt you. You make me feel so good inside and so happy that I still cannot believe it. It is so amazing because I feel that you are an amazing person. I do know what the future holds, that is something only God knows better. All I do know is that I think about you all the time and you are consuming my thoughts daily, and hopefully always will. I am into you that I get this warm sensual feeling every time I think of you. When I sleep at night, I wish I could hold you in my arms. I long for the day when I could kiss you passionately on your lips and listen to your heart beat.
All I can say is let me be the one you love and let me be the one whose love you need. I want to take you as a flower in my hand with which I am charged with the responsibility to look ever after and to keep fresh. I therefore, will so much appreciate it if you are mine and mine only. At the same time, I can guarantee you that I will always be your woman but you will also be my man, not forcefully but willingly.
However, a good and lasting relationship has its essence, I do not really allow people or relatives to interfere with any relationship that involves me. This has nothing to do with visiting the family members nor spending time with them or anything of the sort, the fact is that I am very reserved. If you are my man and I am your woman, all we have is each other. You can also attribute this to the fact that I have been alone and really have no one to rely upon besides my daughter for so long. In one of my emails to you, I did share my ideology of a successful relationship with you, therein, I mentioned that the minute one chooses to discuss every single issue with a relative or friend, sometimes, it does not have the positive effect intended. Again, I have not really been around a family myself that much and have no younger or elder sisters whom I can run to in such circumstances. These situations had given me the mentality of shutting myself in and accepting the love and affection of my partner. This does not mean that I will not choose to engage with the family relations on the side of my partner, but we must both know that there is nothing which we cannot just work out between us.
What can I say? Finally, I have the answer to all these feelings and craziness happening to me, I really do. I could not even find this, during my walk earlier, but it happened this morning. It is obvious, you and I have a connection, we have an understanding and I seriously think that you should be a part of my life and future forever. You are an amazing man, honest, sincere and open.
There is also a serenity that just exudes from you; we can really make this work.
You are just great and thank you for being this man, who you are and I hope to be worthy and deserving of you.You have such a great interest in me and my well being. These little things depicts your simple nature and your kind heart. Thank you. It is indeed a wonderful feeling which we both have, such that we are able to express ourselves and feelings without fear. However,the essence of a beautiful and blossoming relationship is mutual trust, love and understanding. Let go, for I have indeed put my heart on the line. I sincerely cherish you, you have given me the realization and sensation to possibly love again.
I cannot but be grateful to having found you. I have been alone for sometime, therefore, if I fail to be extremely romantic, be kind enough to forgive and understand this shortcoming of mine. I have also learned from my mistakes and hope to be a good woman who will be there for you, at all times. We should be both courageous to support and be there for one another too. My heart is beating so fast as I write you this letter, that I somehow wish, I can be in your arms this very minute and by your side. You are a very special man and I do not want to give that up.
Honesty is one thing that I do not take for granted. I am specific and to the point, you will always know what I feel and how I am, at each time. I have a great understanding of one's feelings and do as much as I can to be supportive, either way. This was a major cause of the reason why, I found it most difficult to have a man in my life for so long a period of time. I can only but ask you to take this chance with me and let go of the things, holding you back. Let us look to the future with optimism, believing that it shall be well with us. We cannot afford to let past experiences hinder us in any way, let us take this chance together. We can make this work, trust me. Dearest, please be mine. That is all I can say and ask, nothing more. You are driving me crazy and I just cannot seem to get the thoughts of you out of my head.
Therefore, let me bring some excitement into your life, make it adventurous, by so doing, you will love me, the thought of ever leaving will be forgotten. Let us change the face of these situations, ignite both work and life with new found passion. I will say again, a mutual understanding and love, is something that keeps a relationship going. Life itself is a ride, you can choose to make it exciting and enjoy the ride or live it, without desire, ambitions and be bored. I enjoy life, love to live it to the full. So, why don't we take all those negative energy from these past relationship and turn them into a positive one. Let us have some form of commitment and independence by which you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, without pressure and I, trying not to be a control freak. Why not allow you have some form of power, while still loving me. Let us give courage and support to each other, let us build a mutual understanding, do away with outside interference in our relationship. Let us avoid having to tell everyone, what we are going through, hoping they will give us the answers. Let us be bold enough to confront each other and discuss our fears, let us look for the answers within us and try to work out whatever may be the cause of a problem. I am hopeful that if we can achieve this, our relationship will be a bliss and blessed. At the same time, we cannot do without mutual trust, we should be able to be open and honest about anything. In times of difficulties, let us be able to confide in one another, let us support each other. Let us further understand the real meaning of freedom, let us not always question each others' decisions and make our own judgments. I think, we should rather not judge at all. Let us strive to accept things as they are, change that which we can.
I love music and I love playing it loud in the car and at home, perhaps, as a result of being alone all the time (You may not like this).
Gerrie, I want to clear some views where relationship sometimes crashes amongst partners. It is relatively involving Money and Trust. In the past and present people have died in the journey because they do not allow LOVE to dwell completely instead they allow treasure rule over their love. For myself, I believe that I am open and there is love in sharing whatever that I have with my partner. Whatever that I cannot give to my partner is what I cannot have for myself because I believe there is love in sharing and sharing brings unity.
Concerning financial situation, I want to bring to your knowledge that I am not rich but my ability to believe in my heart that I am rich brings wealth. I have had lots of money and also have helped people that even disappointed me in many ways including my son-inlaw. Presently I cannot compare myself with you because I know that you get your salary every month and still have the leverage to get loans from financial institution. In my part, I am working effortlessly to complete a transaction that was left for the family by my father. I have been actively involved in the facilitation of this Project over long period and I have spent energy, time, and tons of money to bring this transaction to this point of final stage. Yes my father has 75% share in the Local Gold Mine and the rest to the Royal Family where the Mine is located in Ghana.
I believe in sharing the little that I have still even at my present stressful situation. I do not move with people that hold onto money as their God, and If I discover that someone I am close to have that principal of self centeredness I loss out because that shows no contribution to humanity. Please I do not want to separate love with what I have or possess and I do want to correct that impression when you mentioned that you are not interested in my money. The reason if that if we are married and something happens to me, won’t you be in the position to claim and have access to my money? It is somehow discouraging to say you are not interested in my money and that sends a negative pulse to the brain as if we are partially operating in this sweet relationship. Please come in and lets share 100% together.
I do not get involved in a relationship because of money. In the past when I was in UK I have been approached by rich men but that was not what I am looking for because real love is stainless. I do not follow money but I follow LOVE. I have a very strict principal and have been living with that for a long time. I have never begged anyone for help because I try to work my way out in any situation. I can only share my heart and plight with whom I really love.
Thank God, I am making very good progress in my Project and I am sure soon everything will be completed. Really I seriously need your support if you find it worthy in your heart to assist me but if you do not please do not feel guilty because I am sure you have your reasons and I will understand because of your past encounters. I know you are not going to judge my situation because I have a free mind to share my plight with you as a friend.
Obviously I will appreciate your support if at all its possible and what I need is financial support. I will pay back to any cent I am assisted with in this transaction. I am at the final stage of this project and I need the money even now if its readily available because I have to be in UK to collect other document from HUAHI ROYAL FAMILY, so enable me aid the completion of this registration. I have exhausted all my resources and I am not ready to source for fund from other source because of the confidentiality of my Project.
If I cant get it within my allocated sources, then let it be! Really I need $8500USD to compete this task at this present stage and if I can get this I will will repay the loan back in the 2nd week of next month.
Thanks a lot for your concern and have a blessed day
Remain blessed
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