Letter(s) from Elena Bespolava to Timothy (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love Tim!
Lovely Tim, I am very grateful to you for letters your gentle and full of love. I very much miss you and is glad to receive yours the letter.
I read your letter, and my heart is filled with happiness. You are my life! You are my prince! I understand we have to wait a couple of days. I promise you that I will never lie to you. The most important relationship sincerity, understanding, respect, love, friendship. I completely agree with you. I want there to be a lot of love, warmth and care in our lives. I will try to do everything for you to be the happiest man.
Everyone in life has two strips, black and white, the period of failures is black it, white - happiness and love . After I have met you that in my life there was only a white strip. I feel perfectly because I feel your love. I want to be with you, I want to kiss and make love. I WANT TO LIVE IN THE NAME OF OUR LOVE!!!!
I for ever yours and only yours Tim. You for me the closest person.
You the person which have presented me the most fine feeling
- love, I adore you for it and I would want that we always were together, that we would be always full of passion and that our kisses would warm us each minute. I am happy because that I have you, you are dear to me, I feel that we are created one for another and the destiny has prepared us for test as distance but I hope that we shall overcome it.
Everyone in this world has happiness. The main thing to find it. I have found the happiness and the love. IT YOU TIM!!!!!!!
I love you and I shall like always.
You for ever in my heart.
Your loving and gentle Elena

Letter 2

My love, I am pleased that my letter has caused a smile to your face.
It's fine. I want every day to give you a smile. You are my Love!!!
You are my life!!! I hope you will write a long letter soon. I'll wait. With love, your Elena

Letter 3

hello my angel Tim. I am glad to receive your letter. I was missing you a lot. I understand you had a busy day yesterday, so you could not write to me. I also like when the streets begin to receive flowers, leaves on the trees turn green. This is a wonderful time of year. I look forward to spending time with you. I'll be happy to engage in any occupation, but only with you. My angel, I will be happy and the little camera). I am pleased to hear that you worked as a photographer at weddings. It is interesting.
Thanks for the info about your town. It was very interesting to learn about the culture of your city.
my angel, I'm ready to live with you in a small house. it does not matter for me, a small house or large. For me the most important thing is that we will be together. The lower house, the happier we will be with you. Because we will always be close.
I am pleased to learn of your brother and sister. Say Brian, Ronalea and Stephanie hello from me. I would be pleased to meet your family.
I'll be glad to meet your children Heather and David. Say hello to your children away from me. I'm glad to hear that Heather and David have a professional career. You're a good dad. I'm proud of you.
I would be pleased if you'll teach me to drive. I'll be glad to go on a camping or fishing trip with you.
I am really looking forward to our meeting. I want to see you as soon as possible.
I LOVE YOU TIM!!! your Elena

Letter 4

Hello my love Tim!!!
Today at me good day. I have woken up with good mood. Saw fine dream at night. Has received your letter. But much me does not suffice for full happiness. I do not have not enough your embraces, kisses, gentle words, passion, tenderness, love, I want to feel your breath. But all this only in dreams, but I believe that they begin a reality and me to become more easy.
I really liked how you imagine our day. I read your letter, and my heart is filled with warmth. I do not like the way you described our day. I know you're not making love over the years. My angel, all right. I've never made love. We will have a lot of love and passion.
I send you all the information so that you can send help.
my full name:
name - Elena
surname - Bespalova
Tyumen region,
village Lyamina,
street Lesnaya, 5,
index 628444.
With this information you will be able to send assistance to our meeting. Thank you for the beautiful photos. I liked it very much. You are the most handsome man. I am very happy that we found each other.
I miss you Tim. I think of you, I dream of that as we are engaged in love as we groan of happiness, passions and love. When I went today on street that have not come nearly in a hole, I thought of you and did not notice it and only before it have suddenly stopped.
You would be would be desirable me that with me, that I could go together with you and hold you for a hand. Could talk to you about all.
In the evening we could look TV have supper together, kiss to caress one another, to make love. I want to fill ours with you lifes by that that did not suffice us while we have not got acquainted. I did not have not enough love, tenderness and caress and I have found it with you but now I still do not have it more strongly and I do not know what to make what we have met faster.
All my ideas only about you Tim and about that as it will be good when we can be together.
I love you, and I know that it not simply words, this feeling which lives in my heart and helps me to live and knock to my heart, which belong to you Tim!
Yours and only your loving Elena

Letter 5

hello my love Tim. I am glad to receive your letter. I was missing you a lot. My angel, I understand that we have to wait a couple of days. I am pleased to see a letter from your client from Australia.
You would not necessarily send the letter. Because I trust you completely. I love you with all my heart. You have a very cute. You are the best man! I am happy that we found each other. My angel, I'm fine. I look forward to our meeting. You're always in my thoughts and in my heart. Every day I think about you, what do you do at this moment, how do you feel, what you eat. I want to take care of you. I will do everything to ensure that on your face every day had a smile.
My angel, I have to pay $ 450. I send you the address of western union:
central Street 88
SYTOMINO, 628436
It's next to my village. Administrator western union told me that you can specify my home address or simply Russia. I can quickly and easily get your help. In order that I could get your help, I need to know the reference number, your full name, which you have in the western union and the city from which you sent help.
My angel, I send you all my kisses and hugs. I'm really looking forward to the day when we meet in reality. I want to feel your kisses, hugs, touching your hands. I miss you. You are my angel! You are my man!!!! I love you!!!
With love, your Elena

Letter 6

Hello my love Tim.
I am glad to receive your letter. They as beams of the sun which shine me. Your letter warms me and makes me happy.
My love, I feel that I can not without you. I can not feel like normally. You are far also each minute I want to be with you. I think of you. Especially difficultly at night. So it would be desirable to be with you. It would be desirable to see as you you smile, as you enjoy supper which I were going. It would be desirable feel your love.
It would be desirable to feel your tenderness. It would be desirable to feel your love. When I wake up in the morning, I want to embrace you to sit on you and to make to you massage, I would like to kiss you. To kiss while you you will not wake up and you will not embrace me. You will not be excited yet and we shall not start to make love. I want to be with you, the passion and love, tenderness and caress, feelings and emotions which are saved in my heart not give to me to sleep. I fall asleep with dream about that that we together. I wake up with ideas that we together. I prepare for supper, I prepare for breakfast, I prepare for dinner, it would would be desirable that you tried that that I was going. I do not know as to describe that that with me occurs. I simply can not present the life without you. I do not know as I lived earlier HOW I COULD LIVE WITHOUT YOU????
To me it would be very bad if you have left me one now. But I believe that you will not make it. That we soon shall together.
I love you and I wait for your letter.
Yours and only your loving Elena