Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Nova to Tonner (Denmark)

Letter 1
Hello .
I was very pleased to receive your token.
You left me with your email address on a dating site
You seemed to me an interesting man and I want the best possible way to meet you.
Tell us briefly about yourself
My name is Elena. I am 35 years old.
I'm from Russia.
I live and work in the city of Kirov.
I work in a school and has been organizing festive events are held with the children at school.
Also, I'm a primary school teacher.
I will tell more about myself in my next letter
Your Elena
Letter 2
Hello Tonny .
I was very glad to hear from you .
It was interesting and I very much forward to this letter.
For me, very interested in your life .
Many thanks to you for what you could tell me about his life .
Tonny I think you're pretty serious man .
This is evident from your lifestyle and your interests.
Today I was thinking about for a long time online dating .
I was on the dating sites and looked profiles of different men.
Now I think about what my choice will be at your side .
It seems to me that you are a good and friendly man .
Tonny Now I very much want to see your photos.
Please if you do not then it is difficult to send me them in my next letter .
I will be very happy about that and very grateful to you .
Tonny I write you my emails from Internet cafes since I have no home of their own personal internet.
Today, the cafe I 've been waiting for space to vopolzovatsya the Internet and get a letter from you .
I was surprised looking at a woman who is looking for men online.
Its active communication with the men seemed quite strange.
For an hour I was waiting for a free spot and watched it, I had time to notice the fact that it deals directly with nine men.
It seemed you is not quite serious.
Tonny You may also hang out with several girls at the same time ?
I believe communication should be only between two people.
It may seem strange to you .
But I think that the only way to get something out of this serious dialogue and try to build a sense of intimacy.
I'm pretty serious about communicating on the Internet and try to deal with just flirting for fun.
It seems to me that taking seriously the communication and respectful to his partner for penpals we can hope for a serious relationship .
I believe that the Internet can find someone to love and marriage .
During their search on the internet I have met quite a number of men from different countries.
Initially, all the men are trying to seem very intelegentnogo and poryadochnomi .
But many women in the process of communication occur only wish to see ***** photos.
I think that it's not serious and I did not when they did not send my ***** photos.
I tried to avoid such men.
Tonny I hope you're not gonna do that.
You seem very sweet and kind man with whom you can communicate pleasantly and hope for something more .
I'm not here to engage in a flirtation and games.
It's not for me. I'm a grown woman and I'm here with serious intentions .
Tonny I think that you can understand me.
For me is just as important to know how you feel about online communication and what you want to find on the internet?
To me, this is very important.
Now I hope that you can write to me about it in his letter.
I'll be waiting with great interest your letter .
Letter 3
Hello Tonny .
I was so hast taken to receive your letter .
yesterday I 've been thinking about you and about what you are looking for on the Internet.
I've had quite a lot of thought but in general I tend to you a decent man .
Today, after reading your letter, I was once again convinced of the seriousness of your intentions to find a sense of the Internet.
Tonny I made the right choice with regard to communicating with you and think about what our relationship will only bring us mutual joy .
I have so many emotions about the future of communication with you.
Such honest men like you rarely find in the Internet and I think that I was lucky when I met you .
It seems to me that in our letters we will be polite and respect each other.
After all letters can tell us a lot and give us an opportunity as you can get to know each other.
After all, the respect of the communication partner is the main basis for understanding .
Tonny I was so excited when I read your letter.
You are very good and very interestny man .
I think that I will feel comfortable in their letters to you, and as close as possible to try to tell you about myself and getting to know you.
My interest in you is very great.
I so much want to know about you and your life.
But I'll try not to rush .
Tonny I think that haste can only cause confusion .
Communication has to be interesting and enticing .
I want to always wonder your letters and with each new your letter learn something new about you.
Today I do not have much time for socializing.
I have many business issues that require strong attention.
Today at school we will deal with design costumes for a children's holiday .
I must necessarily control the production of suits .
They have to be unique and made with love.
It seems to me that this will depend on child happiness.
Tonny I want to say again to you that I am very glad that I have the knowledge and communication with such a wonderful man like you.
Tomorrow I have a great interest will be waiting for your letter .
Letter 4

Hello my friend. how are you??
Tonight after work I went to the internet cafes that have read your letter, but when I opened my email I saw vteogo letters.
I was oyachen sorry that you're still not active posts me.
I am very worried about eetomu. I'll wait for your answer as soon as possible.
Your girl Elena
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