Scam letter(s) from Victoria Akishina to Mauro (Italy)

Letter 1
Good day. I got your email from you, my name is Viktoriya.
I want to be sure that you understand my message. In everyday life, I say in Russian. I studied English during their studies at the institute. Now I continue, on their own, to learn English. Unfortunately, in my town, I have a little practice English.
I will tell you I live in Elets a city in the central part of Russia. Next big city Lipetsk. The territory of Russia is very big. I hope that you can find my small town. In which city do you live?
Online dating is popular in your country? For me it's a completely new experience. I hope that our love will be a good continuation. I used to trust my intuition. I expect that we will find common interests to talk. I'll be happy to answer your questions.
My zodiac sign Taurus. I was born May 8, 1985. My height is 167 centimeters. My weight is 53 kilos. Together with my message, I send the photo. I think it will help you to learn more about my appearance. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your photo... Viktoriya.
Letter 2
It's me again! Today I have a good mood! I was waiting for today to see if you have written to me. I was glad to see your message. How is your day today?
Now we have started spring. I love this season. I like spring because it brings us more sun and heat. Although it is on the street, still quite cold. Soon everything will blossom around. Nature wakes up in the spring from the winter cold. Just this time, love. I am pleased to meet you at this wonderful time.
If you lived in my town, we could go out for a walk together.
I liked your photos. you are very attractive man. Please continue to send me your photo!
Last night, I wanted to read a message from you. Unfortunately, in my apartment there is no Internet. Now I'm at work, and I prefer to write to you with the work. My working day begins at 10am. I work every day except Sunday. On Sunday I can not read your messages.
I have a college degree. I graduated at the Faculty of Economics and Management. I was trained in the city of Lipetsk, in the University of Law and Economics.
It is close to my city. Have you ever been to Russia? Have you been able to see my city?
It is interesting to know about my work. I work for a small company that is engaged in manufacturing of furniture. My accountant. The company in which I work is called «ModsEl». I usually spend my time in the office, do the documents of the company. Also I have to go to production. It is necessary to carry out audits. I like my job. I think that in addition to money, the work should bring moral satisfaction. I am a good, friendly and kind girl. I appreciate the professional quality. Sociability, responsibility and sense of duty is the foundation of my character. If I take up anything, I always try to bring it to its logical conclusion. I also straightforward, I always try to say what I think. Such is my nature and my upbringing. What do you do?
I am interested in your life. Please do not forget to tell me about yourself.
You asked me if I was, when do not be in Italy. No, I do not when you do not visited your country, and I would be interested to learn more about it.
Today, I send you my new photos. You can see me at work. I asked my colleague to make this photo. I hope you like it.
I must continue to work now. Thank you for your attention. I hope that my letter has not been boring for you.
Letter 3
Hello. I'm glad your new message. I like your sincerity and how they positioned. So I will try to do the same. Good humor and intelligence attract me. I confess I was a little worried when writing a message. I hope you are in good health. You don't know how happy I was to receive your lovely message. I am fine and I hope things are good with you too.
I am pleased that you have been able to see my city. Yes, we have a beautiful park, of course there is better to go in the summer, when a lot of flowers and trees green. You asked about my work, I go there by public transport. The path does not take me long.
I would like to see your face when you read my posts. I can not know your mood today. This is the only negative, communication in e-mail. I believe that you are waiting for my message, and you are interested to continue our acquaintance. Millions of people in the world use the Internet for communication. This is very useful if you consider the difference in time between the two cities. By the way, during my city Elets, coincides with the time in Moscow.
I must tell you that I can only write during operation. I would like to receive news from you every day. Still, I understand that we have other obligations, work, personal life. In any case, every day I try to find time for that to check my e-mail.
Do you like sport? I like an active lifestyle. At any time of year, I go to the gym. I like to swim. In the winter I go skiing or skating. I lead a healthy lifestyle.
I do not smoke and do not drink alcohol. Sports activities and daily routine, help me to keep my vitality. I am a supporter of a healthy diet. Moderate amounts of carbohydrate and protein foods maximum. I try not to eat a lot of fatty foods. Maybe I'll show you strange, in this aspect. But believe me, nothing in life is not so valuable as health. Health is given to us once and for all life!!! Proper distribution of the vital resources will help us save ourselves for many years.
I want to learn more about your life and your character. Do you have a hobby, or just your favorite activity? Last year, I learned to ride a horse. This activity is very pleasant to me. You tried to ride a horse riding? I offer to each new message, to tell you about one of the qualities of our character. You can? In the last post, I wrote to you about my straightforwardness. Another quality of my character - is planning. It is not always possible. Sometimes I have to adjust to the rhythm of life, changing my plans. However, I strive to ensure that the plan my day, my work, my rest. What character traits peculiar to you?
Yes, I love music, I still did not learn to play on what the instruments.
May be, I can be the woman you are looking for, so I wish to meet you after sending information about each other and leave the virtual world of internet. Have a good day and a nice evening. Viktoriya.
Letter 4

Hello. At what time do you usually read my posts? I am at work now. I have free time, and I can read your message. I feel a curiosity to learn new things about you. Before we met, I had no idea how people communicate on the Internet. We speak different languages ??in daily life. Our countries have a different mentality.
However, we are with you, we can share everything that happens in our lives. You can always say about your problems and joys. I will never stay indifferent to you.
I'll be glad to give you advice and support.
I want to ask you a question. What prompted you to write me? Interest? Curiosity? I already told you that I love to travel. I would be interested to learn more about your country. Maybe one day, I could see her? So I decided to get acquainted with you. I'm an adult and sociable woman. My choice was totally random. Now, I feel that our communication, more and more like me. My choice was the right one.
Of course, in my soul, I want increased more than friendship from our socializing. Perhaps we will have a serious relationship, a lifetime? I really want this.
I want you to tell me about your childhood. What you dreamed as a child? I'm curious to know about it. What fears do you have?
Now, I live alone in my own apartment. My apartment is small, but it is nice for me, the most important is the warmth and comfort. I love indoor plants. They bring comfort to the house.
I am sending you a new photo. I love summer, unfortunately in a place where I live, we is not a lot of good days of sunshine. I always try to go out of the city in those days. I like to swim and sunbathe. Photo made on the banks of the river Sosna.
I asked you about fear... I have a fear of the dark and confined spaces. I take a taxi, when I go home at night. I do not like to use the elevator, when I'm alone.
My childhood dream - it is an endless supply of sweets.
That is all for now my dear, my coffee break is over and I need to go back to work, I always think of you. Viktoriya.
Letter 5
Hello. I have a good mood when I read your posts. Do you feel like reading my posts?
I'm glad that we got to know each other right now. I find myself thinking that spring is the best time to explore. Spring I associate with the beginning of a new life. To us comes the heat, and the nature wakes up from winter sleep. Also, in our lives, we begin a new stage. Do you share my opinion?
What kind of music do you like? I like to listen to different types of music. It depends on my mood. In my house often plays soft music. I have a CD collection.
I like to listen to classical instrumental music. Quite often I listen to modern European DJ. Sometimes I just turn on the radio, and doing household chores.
I want to tell you that I do not know how to play musical instruments. Although I would like to learn it. Perhaps one day I'll be taking the game lessons on some instrument. I always admire people who know how to play the guitar and have a beautiful voice.
As for my preferences in movies... I like to watch interesting new films in the cinema. My favorite genre, adventure and comedy. I like when the film keeps the intrigue, and the end of the film unpredictable.
Do you like musicals? I have not been on the musical. However, I love the art! I go to the theater sometimes. Unfortunately, in everyday life, we have a lot of work and various things. It is not always possible to find plenty of time to have fun. Do you agree with me? We the people are adults, and we tend to serious concerns.
I wanted to tell you about themselves in different ways. I try to be educated and intellectually developed. In my opinion, that's fine when people walk in step with the times.
I like our relationship in the e-mail. For me unusual to have a friend in another country. I am very happy about it.
I send my photos, which were made in my mom's birthday. This is the date - 17 June. In my next post, I'll write about my family.
I want to continue to write you a message. However, I have to go now. I'm waiting for your message. I want to take care of you. I send my kisses and cuddles. Write faster...
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