Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Endokimova to Guilfredo (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi !!! I am very glad to your letter! It is always pleasant to me to read your fine letters. I did not understand your question about major at school? English was not my main discipline. Spring, Summer and Autumn my weekends I usually spend in the garden site with little wood house we call it " dacha ". We grow potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes and berries. Also, I enjoy growing flowers. It is very interesting to observe the flower's grow . And it very much decorates . I can answer your question; where do I see myself in five years? Answer; in five years time I see myself with a four-year-old boy or girl! Holding the hand of my child as they cross the street. Pushing them on a swing in the park and playing catch the ball on the grass on a beautiful sunny summer afternoon. It is a pity to me that I have not met you earlier. We could be already together long years and love each other. Unfortunately we have not met each other earlier. I would like to wake up in our bed near to you and to give you my kisses in the morning!!! I was engaged in research of a question of my visa. We have decided to meet you. Both of us wish to be together, to make happy each other and to connect our lives. I very much wish to arrive to you to be together with you for ever. You know I never hid from you my feelings. You very much like me. I feel that you which that man I always searched. Therefore I was engaged in studying of that how to receive to me the visa, as this most important now. Here that I managed to learn. I went to one of agencies of my city. I talked with serving agencies about that as to me to receive the visa and as it is better to make all. The employee of agency has told that I should collect documents and inquiries on me. I should carry all necessary documents and inquiries in agency. Also I should conclude the contract with agency and to pay work of agency and visa cost. The employee has told that the visa costs nearby 150$ USD, the embassy takes consular gathering nearby 50$ USD, also the agency takes nearby 50$ USD for work on visa registration. Also it will be necessary for me to do the passport for travel abroad. It costs 100$ USD. The Passport for travel abroad I will make out about 1.5 weeks. It is necessary for in total me nearby 350$ USD. The employee has told that when I will bring all necessary documents and as I will pay the necessary sum then all my documents will be sent to Moscow. There in embassy will consider my documents. After a while, approximately in 1.5 weeks I should go to Moscow on interview in embassy where will set questions. In the same place in embassy I can receive my visa and all necessary documents to arrive to you. Unfortunately I do not have material means to pay all expenses connected with official registration of papers. I do not know where to me to take this money. You know I live not richly. Therefore unfortunately I do not have kept own means. I hope that you as the man will incur expenses of my arrival to you. Now you have all the necessary information to plan my arrival to you and to make of the decision. I hope that you feel well. I very much love you and I miss on you!!! It seems to me that I well know you and I know about you absolutely all. I certainly understand that it not so. I would be very glad if you have told to me that about what I yet do not know that of your life. I think that if we have decided be together we with you we can to speak with each other about all things. In any case it will be interesting to me to read all that you will write. You can write me that that you wish to tell to me. I with impatience wait for our meeting!!! To me it is very lonely here without you. Family and friends near to me, but it is not enough. For me the biggest happiness it to be near to you, to love you, to care of you. I did not know love till that day as I have met you. You have presented to me your love, you have made so my heart began to fight. I do not know that I did if you were not in my life. The life here is very usual, to me is lonely also a life is similar only to existence. My life IT YOU!!!! I wish to be with you and to divide with you my life!!!!! I wish to make you happy. I hope that soon we will together. I wish you fine day!!!!! Yours Tatyana

Letter 2

Hello my darling Guilfredo! Of course I'll be happy to take a shower with you. You're in great shape. I could rub your back :) I watched the weather and probably will be probably my clothes t-shirt and jeans in LAX airport . I suffered a lot of strange and pain. I saw the death of friends. My boyfriend became an alcoholic and one day hit me. I want to leave all the pain of the past. I'm an Orthodox Christian. But I'm not a fanatic believer. I think that it's not important what religion a man professes. I think that it's much more important what a man has in his heart and soul. For me it's much more important what features of the character a man adheres in his life such as mercy, friendliness, care about near, kidness. That is my true believe. I will meet with the consul in Moscow. There will my plane. But before heading to Moscow, I need to buy tickets. Please send me $ 528 for the tickets in these days? I hope to meet you as soon as possible. I really miss you. I think every minute for us. I will wait your letter. I LOVE YOU ! Hot kisses for you. Yours Tatyana

Letter 3

Hi mine dear Guilfredo! How you favourite? You wait me? Do not miss, soon I shall embrace you, my lovely! It does not matter that you are lower than me on couple of centimeters. It is imperceptible. It is pleasant to you that I a little above you? Mother of your sons hasn't got severe injuries? I hope everything well. Possibly your sons should remain with you. I will be glad to get acquainted with them. I had very hard day. I went to embassy by interview. I have a good news. To me have approved a tourist visa! I will be able to drive several times in the USA according to this visa. Favourite, is present small difficulty with the airport. I have learned , that for travel to your country, is present rule. I did not know it earlier. Each tourist in your country should to have with itself cash, it 1200 dollars for me. This rule from your government, that foreign tourists could cares of itself when arrive to you. I should show this money, during survey to the plane. I very much worry. My heart knocks very much very quickly now. Please send me this sum up to my flight that I could show it on survey. When I shall be to arrive to you, I shall return to you them back. Here I can receive it in many places, here continually there is a Western Union. I hope it there will be no difficulty for you. I Love you! I wait for your messages. Yours Tatyana.



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