Scam letter(s) from Anna to Espen (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello, What am I supposed to tell you in my acquaintance letter? That I'm Anna, 27 y.o., live in Ukraine and I'm here looking for my soulmate.
Is it the way it goes? Hah… I've never thought that it would be so difficult to start. I don't know the rules of writing letters, so we'll have to get acquainted my way? Do you mind? Actually you've got no choice as you are reading this letter already. LOL
Surely you might look at me and decide that you will never dare to bite such a "sweety pie". But, you know, this picture you can see is like icing with a cherry on the top of a cake. Yes, it is tasty, but still, it does not make the cake! The most delicious is inside. Until you try it, you will never know the real taste of it.
So leave everything, sit comfortably, and write to me. I am giving you a great chance to taste the cherry. Remember, if you are a good man, :) you might get a chance to feel the taste of the whole cake. Writing already? I am waiting... Sincerely, Anna P.S. my
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