Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Mauro (Italy)

Letter 1
Good Day!
how is it going? It's Anastasia ;)
I'm very holy girl and presently look up soundly Man :)
Hope You want to talk. write to me :) I'll send You my photo attached!
good bye)
Letter 2
I am sincerely glad to receive your letter. And we can continue our acquaintance.
I want to say straight away that this is my first encounter with a man on the Internet. So I was a little worried ...
I have started to use the Internet recently. Once we came to work
Internet cafe. I work as an accountant at the post office. In his spare time, and when there is a free computer, we are allowed to use the internet for a small fee. At first I did not think about it.
But I decided to try. Because she saw on television advertising, a lot of people have found each other via the internet and is very happy now. Because there are no borders and distances to explore.
So, a little about me. My name is Anastasia. I am 28 years old. My day
Born on 20 April. My height - 175 sm.
My weight - 61 kg. I have no bad habits. I am lonely and have never been married. I do not have children.
I have a quiet character. I live alone, so to speak. My mom and dad worked as a geologist, so it is rarely at home. I am the only child in the family. I do not have brothers and sisters.
I live in a small but beautiful city Kuzneck. I do not know how to explain to you where it is. But I
I can say that it is a beautiful place. I'll try to find a photo to send you. You must see it !!!
Can you tell me more about you? About your life and entertainment? For example, I like to dance.
In his spare time, and I go to a dance school. It also helps me to keep my body in order.
I think you have already noticed this :). What are you looking for in a woman? And the most important question for me, is: "What do you expect from acquaintance with a woman?" It is important to find out for me now at the beginning of our acquaintance, to then between us there was no disagreement. Because flirting and friendship does not interest me.
I have a lot of friends. And I need love and a serious relationship. The only reason why I'm here. I want to find for me, a good man for a serious relationship. Therefore, age is not important to me. For me is important the soul of man. I do not think the age difference is an important factor in the relationship between man and woman. Because with age, men only smarter and wiser. I would be happy to be with so a man who is serious about a woman.
I hope that our meeting will be pleasant. I would like you to answer my questions sincerely.
I love sincerity and truth. I understand that you have a lot of questions for me. Also, I have to you.
Total can not be specified in the profile. You can ask what you're interested to know about me.
I will sincerely answer you. If I'm interested in you, I'll write you more about me in my next letter. Ok?
I put some pictures in my letter.
I hope you like it.
I'm waiting for your answer and your photos.
Your new girlfriend Anastasia
Letter 3
Thank you for your letter. How do you? I'm fine, time has passed very quickly today. Maybe because I
I hurry to the Internet cafe to get your letter. I hope it means that I am still interested in you ????
I hope that yes. Because you're nice to me, and I'm curious to communicate with you. Now I understand that we
you explore common goals. I very much hope that we get together to implement them in reality. because
I do not want to play the love and teenage relationships. I do not want to waste time on a long correspondence. Romance -
it is for young people. I need only the reality and sincerity in relations. So I, like you, want to see the final such an attitude, it's certainly a marriage.
Previously, I did not think I could have a conversation with a man who is far from me. And you? Besides, I for the first time, I take the first step to get acquainted. It's not like me :). Because I am a bit shy in real life, so I began to search for love on the Internet. But when my search focused on your profile, I knew this one thing.
What women find it a serious intention for you. So I threw all the ambition and doubt. And now, I'm sure I make the right decision. Because with each your letter, I understand what you're an interesting man.
I like the quiet, serious, honest and fair man. The man, whom I could love. The man who
She will love me with all your heart. Mahesh, I hope that you will be able to be such a man.
Mahesh, what do you think? You can be my man? Or not? Of course, it is too early to decide what we
He is waiting for you in the future. Wedding or disappointment ... It is not decided in the letters, I think so. Everything will be clear when we
We will be more close to each other ... I want to try to explain where is the city Kuzneck, in which I live. Because I see that you it's very interesting.
City Kuzneck located in 970 km from Moscow. You know Moscow or? If more precisely city Kuzneck be in the Penza region. I think that now you have no problem to find it on the map. Because I do not know how to explain in a different way.
I work as an accountant at the post office for 6 years. I like my job. I received a good education. I graduated from high school and University Faculty of Economics, to get a good job. When I was in university, I studied English.
Though of course I speak better than I write. I'm not very good at writing in your language. But I hope that you understand me. I
I gave a lot of time learning and my career. Because I think that this happiness and success in life. But now I realized that career did not bring me happiness. Career became the reason that I still have no husband, no children. I decided to change My outlook on life, because the years go by. And I'm still alone. I decided for myself that the family is more important than a career. I believe, that had made the right decision.
Where have you studied? And where are you working on now? I'm really interested to know about you. So write to me. I'll wait.
You can ask any questions. I easily respond to it. Good?
I send you another photo, I hope you will be pleased!
your Anastasia...
Letter 4

Hey! I apologize that it is wrong to write your name!
Thank you for your letter. How's your day? Today for me was coming my grandmother. She missed me. I try to visit my grandmother almost every weekend and in their spare time. But now so much work. I usually work without any graphics. Sometimes I have a hard days.
Sometimes have to work in the weekend, unless of course this requires work. So grandmother waited and came herself. She lives in a village 20 km from the city, so it's not a problem. My grandmother is already 70 years old, but she still feels young. She says, in that it helps the fresh air in the countryside and work. If it stops working, and less moving, it feels like approaching old age.
Therefore, it is still engaged in housekeeping and gardening herself. My grandmother has a garden in the courtyard, where she puts the flowers in the summer,
vegetables and fruits. In the summer I often come to her to help in the garden. I am also very fond of flowers, especially tulips. We talked a long time with
her during the lunch break. We have a grandmother never have secrets from each other. And of course I told my grandmother about you. I hope that you do not mind? Because this is really good news for her. She has long wanted to see me in a wedding dress. Now she will wait for me to bring her to your photos. If you certainly do not mind ...
I'll try to tell more of my family. I hope that it will also be interesting for you ...
Did I mention that my parents are geologists. They are rarely home, so my grandmother was fully engaged in my education.
But this does not mean that I love my parents less than grandmother. Parents gave me an education. My parents taught me to respect the kindness, honesty in others. When they come home, we always spent time together. They are dreaming that I was as a geologist. But I
I chose the Faculty of Economics. Maybe my grandmother my love for numbers, because before retirement she worked as an accountant. Grandmother teaches
me everything she knows. I also like cleanliness and comfort in the house. I know how to cook well, like my grandmother. In addition to the grandmother and parents, as well as my best friend, I do not have people close to me. I am glad that now I have also you! Since the beginning of our acquaintance, I was a little scared just what I live thousands of kilometers away from you. I was afraid that you do not even
You want to know me. Or otneseshsya me not serious because of the distance between our countries. So now I want to tell you, I'm not afraid of the distance between us. This distance is a few hours of flight in an airplane. I hope you also understand this.
So I do not think it will be a problem for us, if we really want a solid relationship. I repeat solid relationship, because the only kind of relationship I want. I hope that you will agree with me ??? I want you to be honest with me. If something you do not like me, it is better to say it right now, at the beginning of our acquaintance. I do not want us to have secrets from each other.
I ask you, you to answer my questions. Ask me, and I will also tell you more about me. What else do you like to know about me?
I send you my photo, I hope they will love you.
I hope that will soon get your letter and photo. You send them to me? I'll wait.
Sincerely, your Anastasia!
Letter 5
Your letter, somehow lifted my mood. I had today is not a good day for me. At lunchtime at work, I was in a cafe with my colleagues to eat. And then I discovered that I did not have my mobile phone in a bag. I thought I left my phone at work. But when to come back, I also do not I found it on my work. I was very upset. I called on my phone, and he is now disabled. Looks like, I left the phone unattended, not even remember where. And someone took my phone. I was so hurt because this phone I really liked. It was a gift from the parents for my birthday last year.
I do not know what to tell them ...
I'm sorry that it happened. Because I would like today to give you my phone number. So, to you could call me and write sms ... It seems that now I have to buy a new phone for me ... Unfortunately, I can not do it quickly. My salary is only in the next month. So I'll tell you my phone number as soon as I will again have a phone. Ok?
But enough of the bad news, I try to forget about it. How was your day? How do you? Did you have a good day? What's new?
Today, to my work came my friend Kate. We have been friends with her since childhood. This is my very best friend.
I told her about our acquaintance. I think you do not mind? I confessed to her about you and to our friendship.
She is very happy for me. Because she already
He is married and has a young son. She invited me to her wedding anniversary. She asked me to help her to cook for the holiday table. She knows that I love to cook food. This of course, Russian food, such as pies or soups. Have you heard about this food? But as I experiment a lot, sometimes I make pizza, pudding. My friends like that when I'm buying them. I love salads, for example - "Caesar". I'll treat you to our first meeting. I can also cook meals at your request. what do you like of food? It's fun for me.
do you like to relax? I love nature and the summer, and especially the sea. Every year I
I make out a leave from work for the summer. My parents returned from an expedition, and together we're going to my aunt's guests. My aunt lives in Sochi on the beach. You know Sochi, or? In the past year there have passed the Olympic Games, so I think you know that. Since my childhood I like to go to my aunt to visit. I remember when I first saw the sea, it was an unforgettable experience for me. When I was a child was very fond of the big waves of the sea, and I always catching the waves.
Forgive me if I do not always answer all your questions. Do not think that I ignore them or do not understand. I'm already I told you that English for me is not a problem. Therefore, I have no problem to understand you. I
I always try to answer all your questions. But as I write to you from Internet cafes in my limited amount of time. So I can not use msn to communicate. Sometimes, I do not have time to answer all questions. And if I do not respond to something important to tell you. You just remind me. Good?
I do not know when you get my letter. In the morning? Or in the evening? But I hope that my letter is always
It brings you a good mood!
Tomorrow, I know :)
your Anastasia
Letter 6
I am glad to receive your letter. It really makes a smile on my face today. How do you? I hope everything is OK. Thoughts of you warm my heart.
Last night when I came home, made supper for one person. I sat alone and thought a lot. Why do I only recently realized, the most important thing for a woman is not a career! A happy family, a happy husband and happy children. Now there was my husband, whom I
I would be able to share this dinner. My husband, I could hug and kiss before bed. Children who would have gave us happiness. Maybe I
It was destined to wait for a decent man, and not to rush into such an important decision. Maybe all this is even better, because now I have you. Maybe you are my destiny. Do you believe in destiny? Yesterday on TV was a great romantic movie "Titanic." I like this movie. This film is about a sincere love. Every time I watch this film with great pleasure. and do you like movies? what genre? And go to the theater do you like? I love to watch movies. I like romantic comedies. I think that will come the day when we can go together to the cinema to watch a good romantic movie.
I want to explain to you why earlier I could not find a man for marriage. The main reason for this work, which is time-consuming. But I am not I can say that I was deprived of male attention. I had a meeting with the men, but it was not serious. These men were afraid a serious relationship or just were not ready for it. Also, many men are addicted to drink a lot of alcohol and these fill their own shortcomings. Serious relationship with such a man will never be good can not. I stared at the TV, which in other countries is very few men are lazy and abusing alcohol. There's marriage is a very serious step in life. Do you drink alcohol?
just tell the truth. I hope that you will not abuse this ??? I do not drink and do not smoke. Only holiday I let a drink a glass of good white wine. I do not mind if a man drinks alcohol. But it should be small, and very rarely, because I I do not want to because of the alcohol to quarrel. I wish my husband was always happy and in a good mood without alcohol. And I'll try to do everything for this. I'm ready to kiss and hug him all the time. If only it made him happy. I want us to be each day We enjoyed the love, passion and affection to each other.
I'll wait for your letter tomorrow.
your Anastasia
Letter 7
I am glad to receive your letter. I thought about you all day today. I am only now able to go to internet cafes. Today I spent the whole day my friend Kate. I told you earlier that she had a wedding anniversary. When I helped Kate to cook, she asked me,
As our relationship with you. What we plan to do next with our relationship. Serious our relationship or just friends on correspondence. If the relationship is when we plan our meeting. I told her that we are all seriously. If it is convenient case for the meeting, we will certainly make use of them. To be honest, I do not like when discussing my personal life.
So I try to make their own decisions, especially those important.
I am pleased that you try to answer all my questions and carefully read my letter. I see that I'm interested in you.
I'm glad we found each other. our acquaintance with you a pleasure for me. You're an interesting and sociable man. You writing me
Great writing! I would hope that our relationship does not stop only at correspondence. This is my opinion, and I want to be sincere with you.
Now I'm sitting at a computer in an Internet cafe and write you a letter, because I thought about you. More precisely, I thought more about you and me!
I am glad that out of a million people on the Internet, we were able to find each other. I think it was fate. I can not say it in another way!
Now, when I wake up in the morning, my head is busy thinking about you! When I go to sleep, my head is occupied only with thoughts of you. You
He forced me back to reality. Earlier I gave all the time. But now I have other thoughts. Thoughts on you. This happiness for me. I always think if you got all good. How did you spend the day. What are you doing. Correspondence with you gives me great pleasure. It's very nice when a man understands my feelings. Therefore, I am not afraid to trust you my feelings. I do not know why, but I trust you. I did not have such feelings for a man for a long time. But you deserve my trust. I believe that confidence is important for a strong and happy marriage. I wish we did not have secrets from each other! Do you agree? We're looking for serious relations which may later lead to marriage! So we have to be very honest! We need to trust each other!
I think a lot about how our first meeting will be held after a virtual love, because this is my first experience in Internet. I can not yet imagine our first meeting, but I'm not afraid of it. And you're afraid of our first meeting?
You thought about it already? I'm interested...
I'll wait for your answer by tomorrow.
Your sincere Anastasia
Letter 8
Your letter warms me like a ray of sunshine, and makes my life more enjoyable. my friends and my grandmother said I
It has changed a lot in recent years. When I told my parents about you by email, they were also very happy. All of them I surprised my happiness. I want to thank you for what you have next to me. It makes me happy. Thank you
you, When I read your letter sincere, I have good mood for the day. I want to dream only you and me. I want to send your photo with the following letter to my parents. They are very requested. I hope that You do not mind, do you? My mother has long been asking me, so I showed your photo. Recently, even the Pope has asked me about this.
I've told my parents about you. It seems like my parents were seriously interested in our relations with you.
You this nice? I'm glad you liked my parents. They wish us happiness and love.
How is your day? What are you doing? When you woke up? I would give a lot for something to wake up today in your arms.
I want to look in your eyes. I want to wake up from your kiss. what will be our first kiss?
What do you think? I think it will be a very sweet and passionate kiss. I can feel your love and affection.
I really want to try this kiss right now. I'm sure it will be unforgettable. I do not know why, but after meeting with you, I feel good. I have a lot of strength. Constant desire to do something. I'm just happy...
I want you to know that I am not looking for a rich man, as do many women now! I'm not interested in wealth and expensive gifts. The most important thing for me, so that my husband could provide all the necessary family! But other I think a woman should do. She should be able to feed a family, you need to clean clothes, clean the house. But many women do not want to do it. They prefer to have a maid. But is it to cook for the family, it is bad? Is doing cleaning in the house, it's bad? In the morning to accompany her husband to work with a delicious breakfast and in the evening to meet with a delicious dinner! here is
it is a real family happiness! And I want this! Of course, I understand that our relationship was only virtual. But I think, that we are getting close to a real serious relationship. This is only the next stage of our relationship. Distance between we have no problem. I do not see the distance between us.
I'm waiting .... I look forward to your answer tomorrow.
Regards, Anastasia
Letter 9
Hey M,! I'll ask at the exact day of my holiday and inform you in my next letter!
M,, I am glad to get your letter. Today, the whole day I was thinking about a recent conversation with Kate. Maybe it is something and he thinks right. I'm talking about our relationship. Maybe she and the rest of the people, our relationship really see as soon as flirtation. But it is not so. We understand this to you. Do you agree? Of M,, I hope, you understand that we can not write to each other indefinitely. Soon will come a time that we will to know everything about each other letters. But do not see each other. And then the question will be only for our meeting face to face.
Do you agree with me? What do you think about it? How will it happen? What do we do? I really would like to know your opinion.
I think about it constantly. I'm asking you this because I have good news for you. It's just a gift of fate for my birthday, which is coming soon. In another way, I can not name. After 2-3 weeks, I'll have a month off to work. I thought that this would be the best time for our meeting. This year, to meet with you, for me it only chance. You know that I have a tight work plan. Fate gives us the chance for us to use this chance.
I hope that you can also have a leave of absence from work during this period, and this will not prevent us for a meeting! If some days you have to go to work. I can meet you after work, and in the evening to cook dinner. What do you think about it? I just I want to have contact with you. I think the whole month together can show us what we could not see for many months of correspondence. This will be our first meeting. And this is very important! We can understand the reality our senses. We will have to decide whether we will live together one happy family !!! And I'm not going back home.
Or I'll have to go back home. I really want us to be happy together. Therefore, I would be happy for a happy continuation after our meeting.
I'm really looking forward to your answer! I hope to get the reciprocity to my offer! I can not do this anymore. I want to feel you, touch you. For me it is the most terrible torture of knowing that you are with me. But at the same time far away from me.
I want you to think carefully about it ...
I wanna be with you!!!!
Your loving and gentle Anastasia
Letter 10
I am glad to receive your letter. I'm glad you understand my feelings. I'm also glad to know your feelings.
Your letter as always warms my heart. I do not know how to describe what is happening. I've already told you about it.
Yesterday, we talked again with my grandmother about you. I told her that I can not live without you. I want to see you.
Grandma thinks I should go to you and not to suffer one here. My best friend Kate, also supports my decision to be with you. Today, I found out the exact date of my leave at work.
Vacation starts from April 20 and will last 30 days.
So I have some very important questions for you:
- Can you meet me these days? Because I do not know how to change the date of my leave from work, even for a few days. You know what my busy schedule. Therefore, it is better to be addressed now.
I hope that you will be able to do anything to our meeting place.
- Which airport should I arrive? Which international airport close to you? For you were closer and more convenient to meet me?
And also important for me to learn:
- At what time I can stay with you? I understand that it would be better to stay together forever :).
I would be happy, but let's be serious. We're not teenagers, and adults. We will not accept hasty decisions before our first meeting, as well as the most important for us and for our future. Good?
So I hope you otneseshsya understanding and seriously with respect to my questions, because it is important for our first meeting.
I'll wait for your answer tomorrow.
your Anastasia
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