Scam letter(s) from Anna Vasilchenko to Marissa (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Dennis, you know, I am so tired of all the family of yours together with you. You have turned my life into the **** the last few weeks. And yesterday your kids have put my face into my mud as well.
So, you can make the association with your kids and call it "Anya from Ukraine" and invent more and more stories how bad I am. I have told you in my previous letter, I am totally done with all this situation.
I am sorry for whole family of yours. You even do not have the possibility to separate good from bad. Be all happy and do not write to me anymore - any of you. I do not need this all in my life. I have wasted my time with you and I have given you my whole heart which you have thrown again into the trash can. So, I am sorry, I do not need that anymore in my life. Our relationship is over. I will not come into the office of the translation firm anymore and all your letters won't be translated as well. This ridiculous love story is totally over. Thank you for attention and greetings to your kids and their very polite and well-educated wives :)
Letter 2
Now the serious part of my letter. Dear Dennis, I would like to tell you that after reading your letters I do not have any good or positive thoughts. First of all I am feeling really depressed that during these months you are continuing having the doubts about me, about my intentions. I want you to ask yourself what kind of profit do I get from you? If you find the answer, please, share it with me, ok? I am very intrigued if there are a lot of people all over the world who are writing such kind of letters every day and jumping from the pants in order to prove to the person that she is real, serious, open and loving. I want you to sit and think about me without looking at my photos, without watching my video, which, in general should have been showing you who I am, what kind of glance I have. Everything that I am doing is just done in vain, to my mind. You are talking to me about the positive emotions, you are talking to me about your love to me, but the love with the distrust and the love without the total harmony is not possible, my darling. It is, then, just your illusion. So, my darling, I am very thankful that you are trying to make your letters a bit positive, but do not forget that I am not a little girl and I can understand and feel how many doubts you have concerning my personality. Do you think that I am real ***** who is talking to a man from America to get some dollars from him? Did you think for a moment how I am living here now? You do not ask me so very often what I have eaten, if I have the possibility to pay the rent. You are not asking as you are afraid of hear my complains. You do not want to talk about that as this topic will lead to the conversation about the finances. But you do not know one thing about me. I will never ask you to help me. I will better die with hunger that i will tell you about my needs. There was already the conversation about my situation and you asked me to be strong because as soon as I come to the USA, everything will be totally different. You know, my darling, I really do not need anything from you and I really did not ask you anything. You could find the person in your region who would translate your letters and my letters an then, maybe, I would seem more honest as the money would go to the American person and not Ukrainian. I do not need this money. The only thing that I needed was the love, the respect and understanding. Do you know that in Ukrain we also have the programs about the American men who are killing their Russian or Ukrainian wives but I have never even talked to you and moreover I did not copy these stories and did not put them into my letter. I found that really unnecessary but if you do that then you sincerely suspect me being a scammer, even after seeing my video, talking to me over the telephone. I called you myself to the USA so that you could hear that I am not playing with you. Everything what is happening now reminds a very bad dream and I really want to wake up. I cannot blame you for being suspicious, I cannot blame your children to be suspicious, but why do you - Americans- think that if the person is young and pretty she cannot just have the normal human feelings to an older man? Why do you all think that we need your Green Card? I really can stay in Ukraine and talk to you until you are fed up with me and my letters. I want you and your sons and their girlfriends to understand that if I am from a poor country I have the same right to be happy and loved. I am not worse than you, your children. I always want to wake up in the morning and enjoy my life. But the last few weeks I have to prove you something. Why? What have I done? I hope that you will read this letter together with your kids and I hope that you will all give me the answers to my questions. Why am I suspected in something? Am I a criminal in your eyes? Then contact the translation company and ask them who I am and what kind of person you are talking to. So, that was a serious part of the letter and I really do not want to totally spoil my Monday's communication with you.
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