Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Walt (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear Walt !!!!!!I want to tell you about myself! I am a responsible, intelligent, trustworthy and romantic lady. I am smart and friendly and ready to be near if you need me. I like to be positive and happy. I am always honest and express my feelings openly. If you want to meet a bright, well-wishing and communicative person, you can write me because I am the one you need. I am a very easy going, social, charming, compelling, cheerful and optimistic. I know people feel free with me as I am a good person and easy to make friends with. I am a loyal and devoted person.
I try to lead an active life style and I am open to everything new))))))))))))) And what about you? what qualities you possess??)) I trust my feelings! Now it is suggests to me i am on a right way!)))))
All my life i want to be happy, to find someone special for love, my life, my everything!!! But in my past relations, my boyfriends always used me like a beautiful doll!
I am tired of loneliness and my heart needs love)))))))) What i can tell more about myself? Well, I do love cooking. You know, my guests often complain that my meals are way too delicious because they overeat when visit me))))))))))))))
Have you ever tried any meals of Ukrainian cuisine? I am never bored being with myself. When I have some spare time, I like doing something for my home: to change interior, to sew or knit. But I am not a completely homebody as I am active and adore all kind of outdoors activity.
I am curious to know how you spend your spare time. Do you practice any sport?))))
Me, i like to go to the gym in my rest days!!))))))) Walt, my dear....!!! I hope to hear from you soon))))))))))))))
Have a nice day...))))
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