Letter(s) from Sandra Love to Rainer (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Rainer ,
I think you are a very nice man and you dont have to suffer to find a good woman like me. I graduated from the university of New Brunswick and have a degree in nursing. I am very kind , loyal , sincere , honest , trust worthy , humble and understanding. I like swimming , reading , long tennis , video games , singing and also like watching football.

I dont have any children. I am family oriented . I am a mixed race , my father is a Canadian and my mother is a Ghanaian. I am now in Ghana with my mother and that has been 3 weeks now. I dont want the distance to be a problem for you because if this works for us , i will relocate and settle down with you.

I am also sexually active and like sex very much but i am one at a time person which means one man is enough for me. I dont cheat , lie and hurt my partner.. My favorite position is doggy , 69 , me on top and also like giving my man a blowjob every morning before work and also make sure i satisfy him very well all the time. The only thing that i will want from you is your pure heart and i will also give you mine plus quality sex.

If you give me the chance to love you by give me your love or heart , i will love and cherish you all the rest of your life and i will always put a smile on your face. I will support you in everything and am also ready to put my life on the line for you in anything . All i want is for you to give your heart and attention and i will cherish you forever. I can speak a little French but not good. So i always prefer the English. I hope you are going to understand everything that i have said to you and hope you like my pics. You can ask anything that you will want to know about me.Are you still interested in me ? I hope to hear from you very soon........Sandra.

Letter 2

Hi Rainer ,
Thank you very much for the mail and telling me more about your self and letting me know your likes and dislikes. You have answered my questions well and i will also answer the few questions that you asked me. I am a nurse and just graduated from the university of new Brunswick in Canada. I have not started working but am qualified to work any where across the globe and it will fetch me good money when i start working . I can work to support you because i will be paid very well when i start working. I am very hard working and can work very well to support you and make you very happy

Everybody have likes and dislikes but i have just a little dislikes. I dislike cheats , lies and thieves. I like everything as far as it does not kill. I am very simple and respectful as well. I will treat you with kindness and respect and you will always be the head of the home. I believe in God and am a very good Christian. The ten commandment is to guide our life and put us in a good shape.

I am very ready to give you all the sex and blowjob that you need and i will make you the most happiest man on this planet. I will treat you with respect and kindness. I will never disrespect you and when we have issues we will just sit down and settle any issues around. Respect is something that helps relationship to grow very well and it brings happiness between couples. I like sex and i can give it to you any time you ask for it. I will not bother you so much for sex but as you said love without sex is bad but sex without love is meaningless.

You said something about getting mails from over 100s of ladies from Ghana on this site and all the ask from you is money for visa and plane ticket. I am a Canadian and do not need a visa to come over to you. All i will need is a ticket to fly and come over to you. Though it is very expensive to fly to you in the USA from Ghana but i have some savings that i can use to travel and come over to you. The truth is it is not enough to get to you so i will definitely need some little support from you. I checked the cost of the ticket and it cost $ 1480 dollars . I will not ask you to pay all that for since i have $ 1080 dollars on me. I am a straight forward person and very open so if i am to come to you then you will have to support me with the remaining amount. I am not like the other ladies who want you to pay anything for them . One thing i want you to put in mind is that i am not a bad person and not here for your money but for your love and heart. Rainer , if you understand me , i can come to you and get to know each other from there. I want you to know that i am very serious about this and that is why am telling you the amount i am spending to come to you with you just helping a little. If you also want me to be with you as i want then we can make this happen for us. I hope to hear from you very soon........Sandy.....