Letter(s) from Fawzia Mamudu to John (Brazil)

Letter 1


My Lovely Daughter Precious,
If you are reading this my Lilly flower, then know that even in my death I still love you and continue to love you even though we quarreled a lot on the path you would wish to take in your life. Darling I never objected to your modelling career as I wanted to see you happy in everything that you do, but sometimes in life we need to make a swift turn in decisions no matter how hurt the decision must be hard for us just for the happiness of our loved ones too as that would ignite happiness in us too.
My dear, your sweet mother and I started the organization out of love and pity for these poor people in Africa. It is out of this LOVE that we gave birth to you and you do have this whole share of LOVE also in you.
I am sorry that I allocated all my wealth to the works of the organization as I actually want you to have a share in it as well. I know for the fact that you would have that immense love and feeling your mother and I had when we started it. You certainly would need someone by your side to do this work as it's tedious too and can't do it alone.
My dear there is this bigger secret that I did like to share for you so you fully understand that I don't just don't want you take up this legacy for nothing but also to have something to depend on for the rest of your life . I would advise that you keep this a secret between both of us then as anyone who doesn't love you as I do would just try and take advantage of that.
Back in Ghana I have this land property which was given to me by the late Chief there whom I was a very good friend to there, on that land there are rich mineral resources on it to be precise GOLD.
The chief has personally given this to me as a gift for taking his community into consideration and building a hospital for them which saved his only Son whom he loves more than anything. That land was given to me as a token of appreciation for such a lifesaving help I extended to his end and whosoever benefited from it in his town.
The last assessment I made them made when I was in Ghana on the land plus its rich mineral resources is up to the amount of $7.6million which is the rough estimation for it. It's a 25acres of land which is located in the Region. You are certainly the next kin of ownership after my death and I have this lawyer in Accra the capital who has the necessary documents to fight for you in case you encounter any difficulties on the next of kin to own the Land there. I have his details pen down in my contacts directly on top of the bookshelves in my old office downtown in Sliema. You would need his help only based on problems on the land.
My Princess another important thing which I did like to bring to your notice is that you certainly need a man by your side to manage this whole thing and to be with you to acquire everything you deserve to have and share it wholly with him. This person should have a cause to be part of a big thing as you being a woman and you may encounter problems. He should have interests in working to see people smile as if he do then I bet he can live his life to see you smile as always my darling. I didn't want to mention this to you so you may think I am even deciding for a man you need to be with to spend the rest of your life with for you as well but the truth it I had thought of that and on most occasions I normally dreamt of my old friend Bell who started a similar NGO like ours and my source of motivation for this work but whom sadly died just by the bite of Mosquitoes there which caused him to have fever (malaria). I presume all that God wanted to reveal to me is that you would need to find an ANGEL like Bell and no other person than someone with the name Bell. If you ever meet someone like that then certainly be sure that's the ANGEL God revealed to me through the motivation of my friend Bell.
This Bell would be your one and true partner, he would have your cause of work in his heart and most importantly love you and see it to that you get to have everything wished for you to have and be of great importance to you in anything as he's the one you should be sharing this fortune with as he would be able to help,guide,love and cherish you and the work and you two would be happy with the fortunes left for you for the organization and for yourselves too then.
I would have wished I still have contacts of OKAI ASHONG, the Good Samaritan who took us into his home when we were robbed in Ghana. Darling I guess this answers the question I never answered you why you had an AFRICAN name as your middle name sweetheart. The answer is I love to keep attached to you names of good and wonderful people to make you one in life too as well.

My Princess I will end on this note and would wish you heed to all that I said to make a fortune for yourself whiles you make people smile by continuing our legacy and oh yeah have your DREAM BELL to forever share everything with too as well. I guess the sad part is that I won't be there to see you two have a wonderful and great wedding and I know for sure that GOD really spoke to me this time for once in my life. I HOPE I AM NOT WRONG MY PRINCESS IF YOU HEED TO MY WORDS …