Scam letter(s) from Joyce Bolt to Mike (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi honey, I realize your words have value to me or I would have never developed such a love and passion for you. I was able to cut through my insecurities and see that you are in love with me and I think that over the past five years my heart has filled with only you and not being able to meet you, talk with you and share my life is very difficult. I have never been in a long distance relationship and frankly, I never will ever again.I see you and all of feeling explode with desire and a want to be with you, but at this time, I realize that you are not able and evn though my heart is full of fear and anticipation, my head is clear and I do love you and I have made a choice and this is to be supportive and to continue to build on truat and love for you and a life with you. All I need are simple notes that say you love me and pictures to remind me of your beauty and intelligence. I have forgiven you many, many times and I am prepared to work endlessly to make my life and yours a truth and a reality. I have more tests on Thursday and will hopefully get some more positive news. I need you as much as you need me and will give you the space, WITHOUT CRITICISMS, to get to me in Canada and to be open and honest with your feelings and to work on my trust and rebuilding my trust with you. You are a gift from God and I intend to honour this gift and to make your dreams come true. Be safe and know that I am not going anywhere and I thought if I pushed you away, it might be easier, but I can not and do not want to ever push you away, ok. I LOVE you, XXXOOOOO mIKE , be with me when you can and I have you in my heart already, xxoooo byee my dear
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