Scam letter(s) from Olga Drobot to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi. I 'm Der y a... First of all i would like to to let you know who you are talking to myself, I am outgoing, affectionate, mannerly,. I wanted to say that it is not doubtful that a letter is sent to all others in the world, I am a hard tender, gentle, intelligent and optimistic girl looking for the special someone to put on a pedestal and just have fun together, If you will prefer, tell me a little about you I’ve decided to get in touch with you Bikos I’m searching for a good dear man for a joint life, Together With the letter I send you pictures, I hope you look at them Please write ONLY to my personal email : Der i a...
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Jim !
I want to apologize for the late reply. This is my first experience on the Internet.
I hope you will understand me.How are you? I am good! I'm very glad you told me!
I write to you because I wish to get acquainted with you. I search for the man for acquaintance.
My name is Derya. I from Gruziy ,city Tbilisi! How are you weather?
Tell to me about itself more, if I
Has interested you. From what city are you? What do you like doing in your free time?
Please send me the photos. I will wait for your letter.
Your new friend Derya!
Letter 3
Hi, my new friend Jim!
I am very glad that you have answered my letter. Thank you that you have found time for answer.
I do not know what to write to you in my first letter because I never wrote letters and did not get acquainted on the Internet before.
But I think will be correct if I will start to tell about me from the very beginning because I was first, who has written first letter.
I really do not know as far as my life is interesting to you, but I think, if something will be not interestingly for you, you will tell me about it.
Probably you will be very much afflicted when you find out that I live not in your country.
But I very much hope that it does not frighten you, because I the same lady like many other ladies living in the different countries.
I the same person with heart and soul. And if your interest is not limited by distance or borders, I really will be very glad.
My name is Derya as you know. I am 29 years old. My birthday is on the March 1, 1987. My height is 168 cm (5 feet 6inches), my weight is 58kg (128 pounds).
I live in the big city of Gruziy(Georgia) under the name Tbilisi!
I have finished financial and economic institute.
Now I work in a beauty shop by an administrator and I like this job.
I live one in apartment which to me was presented by parents when I still studied at university!
My parents live approximately 80 kilometres from the city of Tbilisi !
You are surprised probably why I with one and till now could not find to itself the man of the dream?
And why I have come to the Internet of cafe and I write to you about myself? On it probably there are many reasons!
I did not have time for men during study and I aspired to get education and to make to myself career.
Now 28 years and me it seems to me, that the life washing has passed nearby.
Why I have come in the internet of cafe and I wish to get acquainted with the man from other country probably on it there are special reasons!
I in the work see many families.
Certainly, not for everything, but, nevertheless a great bulk of men from Tbilisi abuse alcohol! And probably it is the basic trouble of our men.
I very much would like to learn is better you! If to you it is not difficult, I would ask to write you to me every day! I think, that you the interesting man!
Write to me about itself. I would like to learn your private world !Unfortunately, now it is necessary for me to go for work!
I with impatience will wait for your letter with questions interesting you and the interesting story on myself!
Unfortunately my English is not too good, but nevertheless I hope, that you will understand me!
Your new friend Derya.
P.S. Do not forget to send me your photos please.
Letter 4

Hi my friend Jim!
How are you today? I hope at you all well. I also feel well because you have written to me.
Thanks that has wished me happy birthday and it was very pleasant to me to read it from you.
In our country speak on the native language Georgian but I speak in Russian as I on half Russian on a nationality.
To me it is very pleasant, that you have taken away on my letter! I wish hardly to write today more about myself, about the hobbies!
I am one child in family and all love of parents have been certainly directed on me. I had very happy childhood. Now as I told you, I live alone, i am independent girl. Now I want find the person with which I can to find happiness and with whom I can connect the further life. I very active person, I do not like to sit on a place. I very much love sports and a lot of attention I give the figure and beauty.
Each girl wants to look beautifully and wants that the man paid attention to her and I am not exception.
I can safely tell that I put my appearance on the first place and I try to look always beautifully.
I am engaged in aerobics three - four times a week in one of sports clubs Tbilisi and it is pleasant to me.
Also I am fond of dances, and I can tell that I very well dance. I also visit night clubs, but now my interest to them gone, there can be it from for my age,
I can has matured and have decided to think of the life ?
Yes, in life of each person I think there are such moments when he reflects on life, about that he has made for the and about that he should make. I now dream of family and about happy home life.
Jim, you dream of it?
Also I give a lot of time to reading of books, I think, that reading of books on much more useful than to watch TV, and the more I read, the more I learn and I raise the knowledge in this or that area.
I read the greater measure Russian writers, and I like to read books of writer Ahmatovoj most .
As I live one to me it is necessary to cook myself I cook itself and I for these years have learned to cook very well, is especial my "kitchen" it is pleasant to my parents. They come to me on a visit and we spend the days off together. Jim, tell to me about the family, about the hobbies, I think, that too very much much interests you in life.
Now it is necessary letter to me close. I shall wait from you the letter.
Sincerely yours Derya.P.S.Do not forget to send me your photos please.
Letter 5
Hi my dear Jim.
I am very glad to receive from you letter today.
I have lead them well, but weather was cold. I want to admit to you that I am waited these day to receive from you the letter and to write to you the answer.
All these days I thought of you and I have missed on you, under your letters.
I think, that we became closer each other! And I start to feel attachment to you.
You have such feeling? I want to tell to you that I am modest girl and I am very cautious in the words and acts, but to me you would be desirable you to tell these words " I like you very much? " I hope that I have not confused you with the frankness?!
I do not know why to me with you very pleasantly and easily to communicate.
I can speak you all frankly and I do not test constraint, though I very constraining.
It can because we communicate with you with the help the Internet and we do not see each other to face? In fact to speak looking in eyes to other person it is very difficult. But that it nevertheless seems to me not for this reason? I long time was one and with anybody so frankly did not speak about itself, about the private world and about itself, but I why now would like to know more all about you, to understand you better, I want to be for you more than the friend! For these years when I on the first place had my work I has forgotten such words as love, a kiss, embrace, heart, ideas about the lovely person.
All my efforts have been directed on that prove to the parents that I could to live independently because at younger age all of them time solved all for me and tried to make all that I anything I did not require also felt like "princess" sharpened in the deputy for all these years I have got loneliness. Certainly I have girlfriends, but they are girlfriends. I did not have lovely person and all my girlfriends were surprised to this.
Probably I was very correct for all and guys were afraid to approach me?! Now I became more open.
Now my life in my hands. Each person himself creates the happiness,
he builds the destiny and as far as he will make his future life will correctly depend.
You agree with me?! Though to me now 29 years, I do not think that I have the big life experience, but I now know that I want from life. I want to love and be loved. I want to have family and I want to be the happy woman! I want to find "prince" and now for such long time the feeling has appeared that I have found him! Jim, I want that you were this "prince".
I all heart want that you have told "yes". Now I shall wait your answer to this question.
I shall think of you.
Kisses and hugs.
Yours Derya.
Letter 6
Hey Jim. Some days I did not receive from you the letter.
At you that that happens and why you do not write to me?
If you do not wish to communicate with me that at once write to me.
Simply you have very much liked me also I would like to continue to communicate with you and to exchange letters.
I will wait from you the answer to last my letter. Derya.
Letter 7
Hi my the prince Jim!
I here not for games and for serious relations with you also it is not necessary to compare me to other girls.
I do not know what to write today to you! I would like to write to you about the feelings to you, but I am afraid of you to frighten! I do not know why, but you the letters win my heart! At me such feeling, that I know you already very much for a long time! Whence I do not know such feelings!
I perfectly understand, that we cannot even think about what or feelings between us until then as we will not see each other in a reality! But nevertheless I can tell to you, that you are very pleasant to me as the man! I consider you as the interesting, romantic man!
I wish to tell, that I have told yesterday about you to the parents!
My mother has told only one, that I should listen to the heart! The father wishes to descend with you on fishing and it is better to get acquainted with you :)!
My heart says, that it belongs to you! I think, that you will protect it!
My letter probably will seem today to you hysterical, but I on another cannot explain the feelings!
I hope, that you will like my photo today!
You as do not forget to send me your fine photos :)!
I with impatience will wait for your letter.
Yours princess Derya.
Letter 8
Hi my lovely Jim. My full name and surname Derya Ozcan.
I am glad to receive from you the letter today. Today I have such feeling as though I was born again, new world has opened for me, and I even had such feeling that the sun began to shine on other, is brighter and smiling!
I today recollected the life in the morning, have recollected the childhood, school days, years of study at university, and years of work! I at all did not know that time goes such fast rates, I only recently was the small beautiful girl and now I already mature young lady, with the vital principles and with the representation of life! Time flies very quickly. I am not skilful to appreciate time earlier, and now I start to realize value of time. I did not understand sense expression " time - is the money " earlier, now I understand that this expression means!
Yes, people start to appreciate only that they lose, and time lost by me now is a little bit a pity to me! Jim, you regret lost time? But I also know that all that is done, all this only to the best. And I have a lot of optimism. I always look at life optimistically and optimism helps me difficult minutes of life! Yes, I believe that my life will soon change also all this due to you Jim. Now I know that I have found which that person I searched for long years! You have brought to my life new in life.
Now I am glad to each minute mine lives, all around for me seems beautiful and lovely!
I feel that I love you, it maybe so? Each time when I start to think about you on my person there is a smile, and my heart starts to beat faster and blood on my veins runs faster.
I cannot describe to you at all that that I feel!!!!
Probably I love you ?
Sincerely, yours Derya!
Letter 9
Yes I have received your text and thanks that you have written me on mine e-mail the address.
You want our meeting or not? You would like that have arrived to you and that we with you were together?
Simply at me now holiday in April and I can spend at you the whole month with you if you certainly very strongly want it itself.
Give already at last we will organise our meeting and we will be together.
The present relations instead of virtual are necessary to easier me and I hope that you too want it.
I hope that you remarkably spend your days off. I will wait from you the letter.
Accept from me set of gentle kisses.
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