Scam letter(s) from Alina Arterchuk to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my love John,
Way to Moscow has been long enough. Already the evening ... I am very tired today.
At 12:00 pm, I was in Moscow. Yes, I have found the hotel. This is a budget hotel, you can tell the room.
Now money is very important for our meeting, and I am eager to save on everything.
Of course room in the hotel is different from my apartment.
But here I am comfortable because I have to live only a few days, and then we'll be together.
In my room there is everything necessary for living.
I managed to fulfill all that is planned for today.
John, today I visited the embassy and the airport.
At the embassy, ??I wrote an application for a visa in your country.
I liked the friendly people that work in the visa application center. Helped me absolutely everything.
I gave all the necessary documents. I also took photographs for visa.
The embassy told me that I should acquire 2 ticket.
Flights are now needed to continue the visa.
The fact that the embassy staff should be exactly sure of the exact dates of my departure and return back to Russia.
Today I visited Domodedovo airport, and took up the prices of air tickets.
Selection of flight is very high. The main selection criterion was the price of a ticket for me.
I had to find cheap airline tickets. An employee of the airport helped me in choosing.
Airfare is 1200 dollars USD.
John, I have already told you that I will need your help.
Now I have no money to buy tickets.
I paid at the Embassy visa and health insurance.
I also paid for accommodation in a room. As I left the money on the way to Moscow.
I now have $ 600 left, but the day I need to live in Moscow.
While there are prepared all my documents.
Now I need to have a 1200 dollars USD, so that I could buy tickets.
Can you help me to buy tickets? I already told you that I should buy tickets in Russia.
I hope you will not leave me alone here and you will be helping our meeting.
Our happiness with you in the future, and our meeting with you priceless!
I do not think about the money that I spend today. I am ready to do anything for our meeting!
Today I visited the bank. I needed to find out how I can get money from you.
I had never come across this. At the bank I was told that in the world there are many systems for transferring money.
We can use Money Gram, you to transfer money from his country in Russia, and I bought tickets.
Now I will tell you information that is necessary to you, so that you can help me pass. MoneyGram
Address: Novinsky Boulevard, 12s1, Moscow, 121069
First Name: Alina
Surname: Arterchuk Dear John, also told me that after you pass me help you tell the bank employee number MTCN.
And give you a copy of the receipt.
I will need to know it, so I can get your help.
I hope that you understand me, and see all my efforts!
My love when I can get your help?
Visa complicated process. Not every girl can issue a visa to stay in your country.
Already my visa is in the process of registration. I am glad that I was able to begin the process of obtaining a visa.
So everything is going well now! We are mandatory will be with you!
Love you John!
I am very tired today. I'll go to the hotel now, rest.
Honey, I'm writing to you from internet cafes. Moscow is a big city.
Please do not leave me without your letters.
I'm all alone here, and I need your support every day. Love you!
I feel that our hearts are already there!
I have photos here in Moscow to send you.
All my photos were on your computer.
I'm waiting for your letter tomorrow. accept my hugs and kisses.
Your love Alina.
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