Romance scam letter(s) from Veronica Nikolaevna Anisimova to Kevin (USA)
Letter 1
Hello dear Kevin! You know, I made some plans here for about what to write to you in this my letter, cause I had a hope that I will get your answer-and you see, I was right;))) Thank you for that smile on my face, that I have now! And I will be happy to get your photos too. How are you there? Thank you for your notes, but let me discover more about you and your life and allow me to introduce myself. As I wrote in my previous letter, I'm Veronika, 30 y.o., was born on 9 of March in Lugansk, eastern part of Ukraine, and live in it now. I have a mother, a sister and a niece, who is our small princess. My father left us, when I was 2 y.o., so I don't know where he is and what is with him. My sister is married and live with her family and with my mother in another city. I graduated from the Lugansk National University as a teacher of primary school and choreographer. Earlier I worked as a choreographer in fitness club, and now I work as a teacher of elementary classes. I know that this job is not easy and very responsible, but I like it very much. I like it a lot, cause when I see children's eyes after they made something by their own eyes or understood something, that was difficult for them-and it is the best prize in it))) I am interested just in everything that a woman is always interested in: fashion, design, cooking and gardening. I also love reading and can appreciate a good book. I like dancing a lot-it is my passion since my childhood. I attended dance courses and with our dance band we travelled a lot in Ukraine, Russia and some other countries. So salsa, rumba and tango-not an empty words for me))) I can say that I am an optimist in my life. I am a sociable and well-balanced person. I am a reliable and stable person by my nature.
At the same time, I am cheerful and like to spend my time in a circle of friends. In people, I appreciate the same qualities. I do not like aggressive and passive people. My main goal is not just to find a foreigner, but just to meet my beloved one, so if he lives abroad -I don't want to miss this chance!
I've been in some European countries, so relocating doesn't scare me. I love wearing feminine clothes and high heels, but at the same time, feel myself comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans, and I always try to look my best. I believe in physical attraction, intellectual connection, and mutual trust. I do not think that age is as important for me, but I would like to meet a mature man, who knows how to treat his woman. Me, me and me)))-now it is your turn to tell me about you;)
Ready?)))-where do you live? Do you like your job? How you prefer to spend your time, when you are not working? How do you see your future soul mate? Oh, I think I should stop for now, just want to let you know, that I will be waiting for your letter and who knows, maybe it will the beginning of something wonderful and sincere for both of us-let's try?;))) Sincere and with a kiss!
Curious about you,
Letter 2
What a pleasure to get your letters, my dear Kevin! How have you been there? How is your day? Thank you for so nice and informative letters to me and I still want to get your photos too. My dear, you can write to me as much letters as you want, it will not scare me off. If you want to know my time, you can just look what time is in Moscow, Russian Federation. Usually I get to the internet cafe from where I can answer you, in about 5-6 pm my time. You know, I was waiting for your letter with impatience, cause you made me curious about you, you catch me;))) With what? He he)))-it will be my secret, lets call that just women's intuition. But it is really so. In fact,it's my first experience of internet dating, I heard some happy end's stories about it, and decided to try. And taking the first step into online romance seems intimidating,how do you choose which is best for you? How to begin? What’s the best approach? What is the best plan of action for a successful romance? So many thoughts in my mind, but I think the best way is just to be yourself, and don't try to show better than you are, right? I think I can awake spark and desire in you)))) I'm a fragile woman who needs a man's shoulder))) I was never one of those super strong almighty women who would be able to live alone and feel good without a man by their side...but I'm not that weak and very submissive .I believe in love, in romance, I believe that not everything can be bought, I believe that real feelings still exist and we only need to open our let them bloom... As I wrote in my previous letter, my family, that consists of my sister, my mother and my little princess-niece, they all live in another city, not with me. As maybe you heard about, when the war started in our region, my mother was visiting my sister and stayed there. But I decided not to leave my grandmother here-she is too old for moving and someone need to take care of her. So I try to visit her as often as I can. I try to take every chance that life gives me, and I am sure that, when I meet that special man, I will know about it at once. I think that people should not wait until something happens in their lives. I am the kind of person that tries to reach her aim, and if I really like a person, I will do my best to create a good relationship with him, and show him that I may be a good friend, a caring mother, and a passionate wife. I know that I am not perfect and I have some demerits, but I am sure that there is a man who will love me for what I really am. Some people are sure that great and deep and strong love can be destroyed by the every day routine. But very important is never let those every day troubles make you do something by force. Do you agree, Kevin? What can make you happy? Is it easy to make you laugh? Hmmm, this time I tried not to write you so very long letter, but seems like it is huge again;)))) I know that usually men don't like to write or to read long letters, but it is so romantic and so very sweet))) I hope your mood will be great there when you will get my letter and that you will make me happy with your answer. Take a kiss!
from Veronika)))
Letter 3
Hello my dear Kevin! That was very pleasant for me to get your letters today, and you know why? Because I have that feeling like I know you long time ago and it is just necessary for me to be spoiled with your letters. Strange? Maybe, but I like that, and I hope you have the same wish to continue to get to know each other. Thanks that you let me peep in your life. Thank you for your photo-I find you handsome and very interesting man!))) That women's secret is just intuition-nothing interesting. It something like I feel that you are that person for me))) Is or was your day there good for you? I really hope that my letter will find you in great mood and will put a smile on your face))) Today it was so great day for me at my work. I had few open lessons-open means that the director of the school and some methodists and head teachers were sitting and checking how I conduct lessons, and after that they said that I'm a good teacher and children like my lessons too! That was very pleasant praise for me, but the most special and precious praise are they eyes of children, their smiles and interest))) So after my working day I came to the internet cafe and my day became even more wonderful-with your letter)))) I like my life cause I’m trying to live it the fullest, to take part in every minute of it, not just watch it passes by. Mostly I’m active but sometimes I like to slow down a little and to become domestic kitten. As for me, life is enough short to take negative moments too serious. I have lots of dreams and fantasies and on this moment my the most important dream is to create my family- real, cohesive, loving, happy and cozy family, where we are together, like a small island of warmth and care. I think every human being worthy this, right? Men in my county are weakly can be called gentlemen in the most cases, they don`t think about making families, words about possible born of a child open in their nature a feature of an Olympic Runner... This hurts me in the most because I am that girl who wants serious, LONG-term, honest relations without being betrayed in cause of foolish mistake or another stuff which is heard all around. Can I ask you something again? Yes, I know, I'm curious;))) You are more a giver or taker? I hope to get deeper in your world with opening my heart and mind for you and I hope too that my letter will translate easily into your heart and I will hear from you, cause I really want that and very much, my dear Kevin! Tender kiss to you from Veronika.
Letter 4

Kevin,I have to say that all this time I thought about you and waited for your letters! How are you doing there? Were your day there nice for you? Earlier, before the war, I had better life in everything-I had good mobile phone, I had laptop, I had no problems with the connection and internet, more clothes and etc-almost everything was damaged while bombing in my old flat, even some of my documents were damaged-so I had to activate it again. And the situation with the internet is very difficult in whole town, not only for me. Last days were difficult for me and tool much of my time. I had few open lessons again, so it was busy time. But reading your letter ,which is full of kind words and feelings ,I felt that my life becomes better despite all troubles which can happen))) Do you like when your days are busy? Are you morning person or not very? Do you like to start your day with tea or coffee? As for me, I like when my days are busy, it brings me some kind of satisfaction with my work))) I'm morning person and it is easy for me to wake up early. I used to start my day with coffee and sport-jogging or just exercises at home with music. Then I have a shower and breakfast and go to my work. What dishes are your favorites?))) Mine are different kinds of salads, vegetables and fruits, fish, and of course, candies;)))) After my working day I usually walk a little, to have a fresh air and to make my thoughts to put in order, to clear them and then I go to the market to buy some food and cook at home, again with dancing and music, if not so very tired;))) After that I spend some time with a book or just watching tv. Sometimes after work I visit my grandmother and stay with her for the night, and usually I send my weekend with her too. You see, nothing very interesting-life changed here after this war and we still have curfew here from 8 pm till 6 am. As I mentioned, life is really changed here during and after the war-tough times with everything: sometimes with food, with heat, with electricity and connection, with medicine and doctors... But I'm not used to complain))) I'm grateful that I'm alive and everything is good with my family. And there is one more thing that I'm grateful for-it is that I've met you. Maybe now these my words will seem to you too fast or silly and unpredictable-but I feel that and this is a fact! At the end of my letter I want to say,, that I already used to thoughts that my life will run a new stage with you and such important things as to forgive and open your soul I found in you and I believe that we are a perfect match of love and intelligence. Love to think that I have a chance to make someone happy and I believe that I will be loved by a charming person like you, Kevin! Faithfully yours,
Letter 5
Hello to a man, whose letter I was waiting impatiently and here it is!)))) How are you doing there, my dear Kevin? How did you sleep? All this photos with my clothes and places were taken before the war.
And yes, people are suffering here, kids, old people, women are killed every day even now. But to whom I'm talking? To a man who was never been here and saw it? Have you ever saw the child without half a head on the ground, with tees and nose laying quiet near his body? So don't tell me am I suffering or not. We still have bombings close to us.

I must confess that earlier my life was like with a big emptiness-for sure I tried to fill it with work, work and again work, sometimes meetings with my friends, but there was still missing part in my life, and I can tell-great part. But now I start to feel myself complete-I think and I'm sure that it is cause of you, my Kevin! It is so unbelievable and at the same time, pleasant, comfortable and amazing feeling. I wanted to tell you something- Yesterday I spent an evening with my grandmother and from there I called to my mother.I told her on phone, about you, about us, about our communication and about that package of feelings that I have for you)))) I was worried how they will perceive this, cause my mother's opinion is important for me. Soooo......(a solemn pause;))))) At the beginning they were a little shocked, then excited and then happy, yes, happy-for me and for you. My mom told me that even if she didn't see you in real life, but she heard how happy and delighted my voice was-and it was enough for her to understood and to believe that you are that my mister right;))))) Oh, one more thing-now if you will have there red cheeks for no obvious reason, just know that it is my granny is asking and talking about you with me))) She is very curious about you for now)))))) Even if they are old, women are sooooo women and nothing changed;)))) After those talks my Granny smiled to me slyly, went to her cupboard, where she save and keep lots and lots of things, starting from needles and threads and till the different kinds of jam)))) I call this cupboard – treasure house;)))) So, she took out of there some homemade from plums brandy! Can you imagine?;))))) First I was silent, and then laugh loud with her-she told me that we just have to take few drops of it for celebrate such a good news. Now I have few questions for you)))) How do you think-I did the right thing? Wasn't it too early or maybe childish?))) Maybe yes, but I did that cause I am really happy that you are in my life now, in my thoughts and in my heart. As I mentioned, my mother and my Granny are the most dear persons to me and I decided to share my happiness with them. But right now not only them are my dearest people-now you too are my closest and dearest person. Now I'm going to click the button to send this letter to you and that is 100% guarantee that I will wait for your answer with great excitement and impatience)))) and you know why, my darling Kevin! All my thoughts and feelings are only for you and about you!
Only your loving Veronika.
Letter 6
My dear Kevin! Hello to you))) How are you? I hope you felt that I was thinking about you and was missing you))) I'm not in Moscow, I'm in Lugansk, it is eastern part of Ukraine))) My honey, I'm really very happy to get your letters -as I mentioned, before I've met you, they were the only persons that are close to me, but right now my life changed in better way. And the reason of those changes is you, my Kevin!))) Today my letter will not be very big))) As you are my sweet honey now, so I can share with you everything, even not very pleasant things. The case is that few days ago, in the morning, when I was stretching in bed, I felt some discomfort in my left breast, I started to probe it and found there a small lump((( It doesn't hurt and not hurt now, but it is not very pleasant to feel it and it bothers me. I'm a little scarred about it and hope everything this is just a trifle, but tomorrow, early in the morning I will go to the doctor-mammolog(breast care specialist). I don't want and not going to put myself in panic, as I heard lots and lots of terrible stories about different breasts' diseases, including breast cancer, that is very popular unfortunately with women, but I think I'm too young for that and everything will be fine with me. I hope that I didn't scared you off, I'm sure that it is just nothing-but I need you to think about me and so that way I will be more calm and feel myself more safe))) You know, after I wrote to you about my this thing-it became easier for me. It is that pleasant feeling like you are near me now, kissing me and telling me sweet words of love and, my dear Kevin- and it is so damn(sorry;))) amazing!!!!! Again sorry for my words-but it is overwhelming me and I AM HAPPY WITH YOU!)))) Love you and feel you!
Your a little excited Veronika))).
Letter 7
Now I will explain the reason of my silence-I just needed to take some time to think about something that happened to me. As you remember, I had an appointment with doctor-mammolog. After she asked me few questions and fingered me, she made ultrasonography or US on my breast and told me that I have disease of the breast and that little thing in my breast is a cyst. Thanks God, it is not malignant, but she told me if I will not do something with it, it may become malignant. She told me that also I have another cyst in my another breast, but it is not inflamed, as that one, that I found earlier. Honestly I was in shock. It seemed like everything around me disappeared and all the sounds got silenced, and it became dark in my eyes for a moment... The doctor told me that I need to make a puncture of this cyst in my left breast and need to buy lots of medicine here for the treatment, like gel "Prozhestozhel", pills "Mastodinon"-they all are blocking the hormones of progesterone. So right now I'm in difficult situation-all this treatment that I need here is expensive(I mean pills and gel) and the puncture, that I need to do-I will not be able to do it here, in my city. As I wrote and as you know, we are still in tough situation with everything-with connection, electric power sometimes, and the same story is with the medicine and with doctors and everything. They told me that there are no such specialist and equipment here((( To get these medicine and this puncture I need to go to the closest Russian city, to Rostov-on-Don. I found out about it, the way there will take more then half a day. But all this is very expensive for me. I borrowed some money from my friend from work, but still it is not enough about 50 dollars((( I'm not able to ask for help from my Granny-her pension here is misery((( I'm very sad and feel myself devastated...As you know, for being able to communicate with you I need to visit internet cafe and it costs here 4,80 dollars for an hour. Right now I'm in a difficult situation-the amount that which I do not have for the medicine and I still have to pay for the internet cafe services here, for the opportunity to write to you and to enjoy your letters and our communication... Why I'm devastated? I don't want to lose you, I just can't-it will be like something amazing and great inside me will die. I can't even allow to think about it...But on the other side, I need somehow to find that amount for treatment(((... So I stayed for few days alone with myself, with my thoughts about everything-about my love to you, my feelings to you and about this treatment... Your loving Veronika.
Letter 8
I don't know when and if I will be able to read your letters again, but I hope very much that everything would be great for both of us-even if we wouldn't be together. With you in my heart!
Letter 9
Hello my darling Kevin! You know, I'm very grateful to you for your care about me, for your wish to help me in this situation and for your understanding. For sure I know that you have some kind of difficulties too, I was thinking about it, and cause of that didn't want to write to you about my problems at once. I'm really sorry about I wrote to you in my previous note, but these my health problems and everything that and my feelings to you-just everything mixed up in my head and made such a mess-sorry. But, as I wrote, you are really my protector, my man, my Kevin. And you are making my life here more easier, more bright and wonderful-with your care, with your words, with your feelings and just with your presence in my life-I will never get tired of telling you about it))) Now about the way you can help me-here, in my area I can receive money only by Western Union and MoneyGram. This is the information about me, that you will need: country: Ukraine First name: Veronika Middle name: Nikolaevna Last name: Anisimova After I will get your help, I will go to Rostov-on-Don and will make a puncture there and will buy medicine that I need. As I understood it will take about 2 days and I will do my best to write to you from there, as soon as I will be able to do that. My dear Kevin, my heart contains so much love that it will be enough for several lives, and I want to share all this love with you. Want to make you feel it everyday and every minute, even in small simple things, like unexpected notes from me that I love you and unexpected small gift to you under the pillow. Would you like that? Will it makes you happy? Is that what you dreaming about?))) If your answer is yes and that is what you were dreaming about-then I consider myself the happiest woman in the world. Cause that is my nature-to make my man, you-my Kevin, happy, to make you feel comfortable and pleasant and to give you all that you need. Now I have to leave, but I leave my heart with you!
Your Veronika.
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