Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Mihaylova to David (Spain)

Letter 1
david you why threaten me?
now I understand what you are the malicious man. and why you still one! possibly you beat the women earlier.
time now you treat me with such hatred! how you only can to treat me so? after all that I made that for you?
you saw me personally in skype. you heard me in skype. what occurs? how you can to speak so?
If now you have hysterics, a panic because of 1935 euros! That. as though you had it in Spain when I would arrive to you?
you would beat me? would hit me from a foot in a stomach? You would put it? what to you occurs? I simply on simply do not understand you! why you do all this?
you perfectly know. that I do not deceive you. what is the matter? yesterday I very strongly took offense at you.
but. I understand that it will not solve a problem if we with you go against each other. you understand?
I called this morning to mine the cousin. I spoke with it about my problem with my visa. explained him all situation about entrance money.
that I yet do not have 1935 euros. that you cannot do a transfer of money for me. I asked it to help me. the cousin told to me that it cannot help me from 1935 euros.
that in its bank there are savings of 1128 euros. my cousin told to me. that can give me 1000 euros but only if I can find other money of 935 euros.
david , we with you have my love a solution. I ask you tell me? you can agree with yours bank about a transfer of money of 935 euros?
my cousin will give at once to me 1000 euros. as soon as I will have other part of money of 935 euros.
Now we with you should solve relatively only 935 euros. you can talk to yours bank, with yours the friend what to do a transfer of money already today?
my love david , I ask you give me your answer now. my cousin told to me. that he waits for my news.
and if we solve a problem with you from 935 euros. then my cousin will go to bank, and to give me 1000 euros.
I very strongly love you. you simply on simply do not represent on how many much I is happy. I hope. that now everything will be good.
I will wait for your letter. with love, yours forever love Aleksandra.
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