Scam letter(s) from Elena to Kjell (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Kjell.
I am very pleased to be able to write you my letter. I really like to write to you and read your emails. Your letters raise me up and give me a smile on my face. I still can not believe I found you in this world. I did not think I could find such a wonderful man! I am very thankful that she gave me you. Cute. I want to talk with you about our meeting. As you know, I want to visit your country and spend time with you. I decided to start doing their documents to visit your country.
It will take some time. It's not very easy to get the documents. This is due to terrorism in the world. Now, Russia has become more
difficult to leave. Need more to prepare documents. But that does not stop me. While my documents will be done, we will get to know each other better! Do you agree? Today I took the day off work to go to the travel agency and find out what documents do I need to prepare. The agent said it would be better to get a work visa for your country. I will be much easier to get a visa. Because, what is now a difficult situation in the world. In Europe, many migrants coming. It happens a lot of terrorist attacks, and more. I decided to try to do a work visa for your country. I will do all my papers through a travel agency. So it will be faster and easier for me. I can get a visa from 3 to 12 months. While I do not know what kind of visa I approve.
My dear, what did you do in the last days? Last night, I spent a good evening. For our home came to visit. This is my mother's friend and her husband. My mom told me that I found you, and we have a serious relationship. Mom's friend was asking me about you. I said that you are the good man. I said that I want to visit your country and meet you. For my parents it was a big surprise. They do not even know what I say. They told me that he could not have to such quick decisions. I can understand them, because they worry about me. My parents do not know you personally, and the fear that I could get into the wrong hands and that you will only use me. But I was able to convince parents that you're not a man, as a man in Russia. Now my parents are really hope that you can make me happy. All about me were very happy.
Because everyone, wish me luck. I did not long to sit with them at the table, because I was very tired at work. I went into the room and watched TV. The TV was a program about animals. You see such a program? This is such a wonderful program. I love animals, and I like to watch Animalplanet channel. I think that you have it too. At home I lived a wonderful kitten. His name is "Busik". And my grandmother in the village, there lives a dog. I kept playing with it, when I come to visit my grandmother. Do you have any pets? Do you like animals?
Kjell, I'll finish this my letter. As always, I did not notice how quickly the time has passed. It's late and I have to go home. I hope that you enjoy getting my letters. Forgive me if I sometimes forget to take your questions. Sometimes my emotions overwhelm me and I write too much about myself, but I will definitely pay more attention to your letters. I am always glad to read your letter, that your letters give me the greatest joy. I also will wait for your answer. I wish you good your day. I hope that my letter just give you a big smile on your face.
Your Elena ...
Letter 2
Hello dear Gunnar.
Finally, I have to write you a letter. I am very pleased to read your letters, which raise my spirits. We seem to know very little, but I was very much attached to you. It scares me at the same time and at the same time makes me happy. This is mixture of feelings and I can not understand what I feel. But one thing I can say for sure. When I receive your letter, my heart starts to beat faster. I'm happy as a child when it receives sweets))). I am very glad that I have you! You are very close to me spiritually. I'm very easy to talk with you. In recent deys, I shine like the sun. It is with joy that I found you.
And it certainly noticed my friends and my parents. I did not hide the reason and told my parents about you. They were a little scared that you are a foreigner. But I told them what a great man you are. What do you take me very seriously. Just then my parents were able to calm down a little. They handed you his greetings.
Gunnar i have a dream that I want to implement. I want to spend my vacation with you. In my work I am given leave next month. I believe that we should meet once than to share a number of letters. So we can understand our feelings to the end. You agree with me? I like to correspond with you, but I can not fully understand their feelings.
Just looking into your eyes and holding your hand, I can understand my feelings or deceptive real. I hope I do not scare your determination.
Do you want to meet? If I'm going to come to you, then I decided to buy a computer to my parents. This will be the best way to communicate with them via the Internet. I will do everything possible depending on me. I will do my travel documents in the fastest time frame for the sake of being with you! But again, I look too far. I like to dream.
First you have to give its consent to my arrival. Remember that I have money on your trip. I do not need your help. I'll finish this my short letter. I will wait your reply as soon as possible. I love to read everything you write. How are you? What do you do in your spare time?
How is your mood? And so on. I hope you are fine, and you often think of me!? I think about you constantly. I did not notice how time flew, I have to go. And when I come home, I try to fall asleep quickly, to see you in my dreams.
Your Elena ...
P.S. Tomorrow begins the weekend. Internet Cafe where I write to you, will be closed. I ask you to save me. I will write to you on Monday. I hope I find your letter. I wish you good your weekend.
Letter 3
Hello my dear.
Honey, I came to the cafe online and did not receive your letter. Why do not you write? I have for you is very worried. I hope you're all well. For me you are very expensive. I want to be with you. I'm alright. I have a bad mood, because I have not received your letter.
Now I'm upset all weekend. When I read your letter, I have lifted the mood. Tomorrow I will not be able to write to you, because the Internet cafe will be closed on weekends. I can only write in the next week. I hope I have not offended. Take care of yourself! I will end on this my letter. I'll wait for your answer. I would be very interested to know what you were doing at the weekend? I hope you find some time to write to me at least a few lines.
Elena ...
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