Scam Letter(s) from Anna D. to Krille (Sweden)

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Letter 1

I read this letter from you. I read it all. you are wrong about me. I wanted real. wanted before.
I do nto want you to spend all your money here, that is why I ask you to stop writing me. stop wasting money here.
I wish you good luck at everything.
good bye

Letter 2

Hello Kristian!
thank you for your letter, I can see that it took the time to write it.
what I can say?
you read the letters from the girls from here - means you still looking for your girl...
you lost the trust in me and I lost the trust in you too.
so, we say for each other good bye and be happy

Letter 3

thank you for your letter, Kristian!
yes, I still beleive that the love excists...
but I also think that the love should be easy. no drama, no jealious, etc... what do you think?
but I am waiting for your real story... waiting for the Tuesday.
thank you for the picture, it is really beautiful

Letter 4

Hello dear Kristian!
how are you doing? how are your weekend going? I hope, everything is good with you.
my mood is good. what about you?
why are you depressed? are you depressed about me? why? My behaviour it is the reflection of your not attention to me. so why are you depressed? just change your behaviour to me and maybe something will change in our relationship.
it is simple, I think. just treat me well and maybe something will change in our relationship



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