Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Neks to Brian (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello. You gave me your email address to zoosk. Write me back so that I know that you have received this letter.

Letter 2

Hi Doug!
Frankly speaking, I am very glad that you told me. I was beginning to think that it's just a waste of time to look for a man over the Internet. But now I see what is really wrong with that!
I am here in search of true love. I want to find a man with whom I can link their fate and spend my life. Of course, many people would say that finding a soul mate online is simply impossible. My friends have told me that on the Internet there is a lot of deception, lies, and the people who play with the senses. But I think that you're really decent guy, and just as I was looking for a serious relationship.
I'm an ordinary girl who wants to meet a soul mate. I am very romantic, and said to my friends, my dear girl. I love an active lifestyle, to maintain its shape in the gym. I also very much like to listen to music, cook different dishes. Hah, it's just my hobby. :)
I've never tried before to get acquainted with the man over the Internet. It is so to say, my first experience of online dating. But I hope our meeting will continue, and we know each other better! I'm really glad I met you. And I will be very glad to know you better. I hope that you also want this? :)
I'll send you some of my photos, so that you have more idea about me. I hope that you also share your photos.
Write me as soon as you can.
Your new friend Ekaterina.

Letter 3

Hello my friend Doug!
I'm really glad to receive your letter. You know, to tell you honestly, I was really a bit worried because of the fact that you do not answer me back. I've never had a chat over the Internet. So I really think you pushed your last letter. But now I'm glad you told me and drove my excitement. :)
By Doug, Thank you talked a little bit about myself, I was very interested to learn more about you. I see that you are a very interesting person. I really want to know you better.
I am glad that you have a daughter. It's really very good. I think you're really good father. Do you have a joint photo with your daughter? I would be very happy to see them.
I would like to tell you more about myself. As you already knew, my name is Ekaterina.
I am 30 years old. I was born on July 19, 1985. My height is 5'7, weight 56 kg. I'm blonde, you can notice it on my photos. :)
I love the outdoors, hiking, a walk in the park or the promenade on a warm evening. I lead a healthy lifestyle. I do not drink and do not smoke. I have no children, but I want to have them in the future.
I write to you with the Internet cafe. Unfortunately, I do not have a personal computer at home, so you have to go to Internet cafes.
I live in a small but very beautiful town called Armavir. It is located in Russia. I wonder if you have heard about it before? My city is really beautiful. It is home to an interesting and kind people. And you should have seen our nature, which is around here. Sometimes you do not even have the words to describe the beauty. I love my city, and I am proud that I live in it!
I work in a beauty salon cosmetics seller consultant. My job is to sell cosmetics and advise their clients on how to properly use it. Actually I'm an accountant by profession, but since there are no vacancies in this profession now have to work the seller. But I like my job. I have good colleagues, I think it's really important to have a good team at work. You do not think so?
Now I have a lot of years and I am very serious about working to build a family.
So you want to close was a loving man who would take care of me. In a small town, I was not able to meet such a man, so I decided to use the Internet. I am very glad to have met you. I hope that our knowledge does not stop there!
I want to send you a few pictures that did not so long ago. You can see me on the embankment of my city, where I live. I hope you like my pictures. I would be very pleased if you could also send your photos to your next letter. :).
I'll be glad to receive your reply soon.
Your friend Ekaterina!

Letter 4

Did you get my letter? Why do not you write? How's your day? Please write to me as soon as you get this message, I'll wait.



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