Name: Janet Omotola
Age: 29
Name: Marina
Age: 31
Name: Darcy
Age: 36
Name: Olga
Age: 35
Name: Olga Valgraph
Age: 28
Name: Lisa William James
Age: 31
Name: Joyce Godwin
Age: 39
Name: Teresa W. Williams
Age: 34
Name: Julia Mashtaler
Age: 28
Name: Elena
Age: 30
Name: Anna White
Age: 39
Name: Elizaveta Lisenook
Age: 30
Name: Julia Maslova
Age: 34
Name: Svetlana Crawchenko
Age: 30
Name: Yanina Solodovnikova
Age: 27

Scam letter(s) from Natalia Naumova to John (USA)

Letter 1
I am writing you from Moscow! I rented a room in the apartment. The landlady is a very good woman. I will write you the address, which is now settled. My address in Moscow: 115407, Russia, Moscow, Nagatinskaja embankment 46/3-34. John, today I visited embassy and airport. In the embassy I filled out all the documents for the visa. I liked that the visa center has friendly people, I saw the consul, he walked down the hall and shook hands with all, he is a very serious man and courteous man. Helped me absolutely everything, I gave all the necessary documents, I also took photographs for visa. Now I am looking forward to my visa. I met a girl and asked her how long it takes to get a visa, she said that now everything is done quickly, since a lot of people who wish to obtain a visa and for this, the embassy is much faster. The embassy told me that I should acquire 2 ticket. Airline tickets are needed to obtain a visa. The fact that the embassy staff must be exactly sure of the exact dates of my departure and return back to Russia and would like to note that the exact date on the visa. I thought that the tickets can be ordered via the Internet, but at the embassy said that now very strict rules and tickets are needed to fly the originals, and be sure to submit them for what would be in the embassy assured them that they could see my departure date in your country and return back to Russia. I was told that this is the main condition for obtaining a visa. I was very surprised to such rules, but I was told that it is important that fast to get a visa. Today, I personally visited the airport Sheremetevo-2 and considered the price of airline tickets, airline tickets a very large selection. My dear, we need to hurry up with the purchase of tickets, so tickets should be given to the embassy, that would be on my visa indicated dates of stay in your country. I considered cheap, the cost per ticket is 440 dollars. I need to have 880 dollars for two tickets so I could buy tickets. John, I did not want to ask you for money, but I bought a laptop, and as I have big expenses here in Moscow. Now I have no money to buy tickets. I paid at the embassy visa and medical insurance. I also pay for the stay in the room. I have now left little money, but the money I needed to live in Moscow. Can you help me to buy tickets? I have already told you that I should buy tickets in Russia, for that would at the Embassy assured my tickets.
Today, I also visited the bank, I had to learn how I can get from your money quickly, as I was saying that the ticket prices are getting more expensive every day. On the internet I learned that you are out of their country can transfer their help to me very quickly, this system is called "MONEYGRAM".
Also, there are systems of money transfers "Unistream" and "Contact".
Now I will tell you the information you need to
you so that you can help me pass.
My full name: Bastrakova Veronika.
Bank name "SBERBANK"
Address: Nagatinskaja embankment 48/2
MOSCOW, 115470.
Phone +7 (499) 617-53-15
My dear, after you pass me help, an employee of the bank to tell you a secret number. You will have to tell me this, so I can get your help. I hope that you understand me, I spent a lot of money and I need your help. My dear, when I can get your help? I should know, because tomorrow I will go to the embassy and I have to let them know when I'll get tickets for certification. Here in Moscow, a lot of banks, the city is very large, since it is the capital of Russia, but "MONEYGRAM", "Unistream" and "Contact" is near where I live now in Moscow and I will be comfortable so get your help. Already my visa is in the process of registration, I soon arrive to you!!! I am glad that I was able to begin the process of obtaining a visa, the visa center was told that if I buy tickets quickly and bring them to the certification, then the visa can be done very quickly. I hope that very soon we'll be together. Now I introduce our romantic evening by candlelight, I will prepare a delicious dinner, you will discover wine, Ohhhh how I dream about it! I am very tired today, Moscow is a big city. Please do not leave me without your letters. I'm all alone here, and I need your support every day. I always think about you!!! I'm trying to make Skype on my laptop, but I can not, I hope that I can do it, I did not when she did not do Skype and on this I can not do it quickly, but I am confident that I can do it, if I I can not do it, when I arrive, I hope you can help me and learn how to use Skype.
At that time while I searched to myself for a room for residing at Moscow, at me was a few free time to visit Red Square. I have made for you a photo and video in Moscow Kremlin, it is very beautiful!!!
Letter 2
My dear John, I don't know where to start my letter, I am very upset and my soul sadness and longing. Today I thought about it and realized after your letter, I fell in love with the man who left me in the lurch, that is, one with such a problem. I never thought you capable of such a thing. I trusted you with all my heart and soul, and now I feel thrown and unnecessary to you. When we met with you, I confess to you, I didn't trust you, but as time passed and you were able to win the trust and you made it so that I started to trust you with all my heart. Now I have feelings for you and these are real feelings and you can't even imagine how much it hurts me to my soul. In life there are many difficulties, but I never thought that I would encounter such a situation that you can't solve everything herself. I told you that is not rich and I don't have a lot of money, I understand that you're not to blame for the fact that I are unable to calculate the costs for arrival, but I told you that I have already spent a lot of money for our meeting. I bought the laptop and I write you from Moscow, as if we were exchanging emails, if I didn't have a laptop. I bought specifically so we could write each other while I am in Moscow. I spent money for arrival to Moscow, so I spent for registration of my visa and my stay in Moscow. Don't you understand that Moscow is capital of Russia, everything is very expensive. But I never thought that there would be large costs, because I only thought about you at that moment when I was going to Moscow. My dear, I very much want to arrive to you and you know about it, but I don't know how to solve this one problem, I'm not asking for extra money for expenses, I only asked you just for tickets. If I hadn't bought the laptop, I was able to buy these tickets, but without a laptop we would have lost our connection with you. My dear, I really can't find the money I cannot arrive to you if you help me. If you have a mistrust to me, tell me about it, I should know that would think of me. I was brought up in a decent family and from early childhood, my parents raised me that cheating is bad and deceive only the most despicable people, my mom and dad always told me that people should be sincere and kind, as only such qualities as kindness and sincerity decorates really any person.
I'm sincere with you! For you and I threw all that surrounds me! I haven't done this before for anybody. Do you know why??? Because I have to you real feelings, and I don't want to hide my feelings, every day I think of you and dream of being in your embrace, only you can I call SWEET!!! It seems to me that between us there is a special bond that I don't want to lose under any circumstances! I feel that you're the man I been looking all my life for you I'm ready to go at the end of the world!!! I'm really looking forward to our meeting, I represent as I get off the plane and you meet me at the airport! From this day begins happiness in our life!!! Do you want this??? I dream about it!!! My heart is in my chest, when I imagine our meeting! In me so much passion and tenderness that are waiting for you, my dear!!! I'm ready to give you every last drop!!! You're the closest person to me!!! Do you understand that?????? Now I don't know how to solve the problem with buying tickets at the Embassy waiting for when I'll get the tickets, as they must assure the date of my flight back to your country and arrival back, that I must have two tickets, why do not you study it myself, because I'm telling you the absolute truth. If you don't want or are afraid to help me, then I suggest to meet in Moscow! For me it does not matter where will be our meeting! If you don't want me here, then let me know when you will arrive, I will meet you at any airport of Moscow! For me now there is nothing more important than our meeting! Now you see how seriously I feel about that! I'm telling you from my heart, because you're in my heart, dear!!!! Please make a decision! I'm ready to accept whatever decision you make about the place of our meeting! I await your letter with impatience! Many passionate and tender kisses to you from your one and only!!! Veronika!
Letter 3
why don't you understand!!! I have travelled 1215 km, spent a huge amount of money that I would never spend on any other occasion, just to be with you! It is not that I have this amount all the time, it is much more than I could spend! And it is not about the money to me! It is about how I feel! Now you tell me to go back to where I started from and forget about all that I have already done...I feel disappointment and loneliness...If you don't want to be with me, then I have to forget about it and go home...I thought that it is not going to be a problem for us, but I guess I was the only one to do it not even thinking of the financial side, as feelings are much more valuable for me...I don't know what else I can say. If you tell me to go back home, I have no other way of coming to you! I am waiting for your reply!
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