Scam Letter(s) from Deborah Moore to Kevin (Zimbabwe)

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Letter 1

Hello My Dear,

Greetings to you and how are you today? Let me briefly introduce myself to you, My name is Deborah Moore, am a 43 years old divorcee, I am a banker by profession, living in the United Kingdom, I am of British origin,

Currently i am divorced as a result of my husband's infidelity, as he was cheating on me with another woman, this caused our divorce because i couldn't take it any more as he wouldn't want to change for good, but that is life for you, loneliness can overtake you even if you have everything you need, This is why I think of relocating to another country to get into investment, estate management and fund management. I would like to know more about you so as to know if we can achieve this goal together, your marital status and your country of origin.

I will be glad to hear from you soon


Deborah Moore.

Letter 2

My Dear,

Thanks for your response and brief introduction, Definitely we have not met in person as this is our second correspondence, I read Economics as my first degree and i read business administration and management as my second degree, i had my MBA 6 years ago at London Business School(LBS), you already know my position as a banker, as well as a financial consultant with the Al Rayan Bank, i would also would want to establish a business relationship with you and would want to also invest in any lucrative business venture, however i have this business proposal i would want to discuss with you,i believe honesty, integrity and sincerity are the catchwords in establishing business relationship.
In the Al Rayan Bank where i work, i do manage funds for top flight businessmen and entrepreneurs, both foreign nationals and the rest, as a matter of fact, I am the account officer and fund manager of late Mr. Muktesh Mukherjee, an Indian-born Canadian who is now deceased as he and his wife were victims of the missing Malaysia plane MH370. Here is the link for assertion: 26503469

It is over 2 years since Malaysia plane MH370 went missing and all the 227 passengers including my client Mr. Muktesh Mukherjee, have been declared dead as it is believed the plane plunged into the deepest depth of the ocean, may the souls of the passengers on board rest in peace, Amen.

There is this secret fund i managed for late Mr. Muktesh Mukherjee, domiciled with The Al Rayan Bank here, the fund is a proceed of a shady deal when he worked as vice-president of China operations for Xcoal Energy and Resources, the fund in question is GBP 1,750,000.00 and was hidden with the Al Rayan Bank and i manage this fund for him during his life time and i am the only one who knows about the secrecy of the direct source of this fund which the bank is unaware. Since the MH370 incident, no one has come asking for the fund and no one will ever come for the fund as there was no Next of Kin specified as connecting to the fund and the fund can never be traced.

I can not possibly become the beneficiary to my client's fund which i manage and that is why i am proposing to you so i can make you the beneficiary to the fund as i have the fund deposit documents in my possession and i can fix things in our favor if you would accept to partner with me in this deal. A lot of abandoned money lay around in this bank as a result of abandoned bank accounts, stock holdings, unclaimed life insurance pay-outs and forgotten pension benefits. I will definitely give you comprehensive details on how we would achieve this legally, without going against the laws of the country. Once you reply to me indicating your interest to work with me. I would appreciate it if you would treat this issue with every bit of confidentiality putting my integrity foremost, because i wouldn't need any mistakes as the bank is not aware am directly involve. I assure you that you will never regret partnering with me in this deal. It would be wise if we make every effort not to lose this golden opportunity. This happens in every bank around the world, even in your own country, but people outside the banking industry do not know this.

The fund will be shared at the ratio of 50% for me, 50% for you. We will use the fund there in your country to establish firms and for investment which both of us would manage, Please this is an honest proposal, and all we need to achieve success in this is mutual trust and understanding.

Please i await your positive response, send me the following Information for further application for this transfer if you are interested and i shall respond back with more details and my contact number.
1. Full Name,
2. Address
3. Occupation
4. Copy of your identity card

Best regards,
Deborah Moore



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