Letter(s) from Irina to Brad (USA)

Letter 1

Hi dear Brad)) My name is Irina. I hope you remember me. I’m from Ukraine. I like your profile and I have a feeling that we can match each other.
We are both adult people and I’m pretty sure that you also had different experience in relationships before, good and bad. I’m hoping to find a kind man, who will be beside me in future, who will love and support me, who will go through good and bad moments in my life with me, who will find in me a good friend, partner and lover.
I’m sure that we will find something in common; I can surprise you and make you laugh. I hope that we will find in each other all those things that we were looking for last years. So, if you are ready and you like this idea, I will be happy to get to know you. Are you ready to make a first step?

Letter 2

Hello Brad!

How are you? You seem like a good and kind person. Hope to know more about you.

As for me, I’m from a small city in Lugansk region, it is called Slavyanoserbsk.

I live with my parents. I don’t have brothers and sisters although I always wanted to have them. From the other side I had all the love of my parents not sharing it with someone else))

I was born on the 20 of May. I’m 31. I work as a hairdresser. I’m single. I’ve never been married and I don’t have children.

I want to find a good and reliable man, who will be with me in good and bad times, who will love and support me. We don't have a lot of men here because of war and a lot of are already married or don't want to support family, or want only one night relationships. This is not what I want.

I will tell you more about myself in my next letter.

Hope to hear from you soon. Irina.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Brad!

How are you? Sorry for my late answer.

I think I should tell you more about myself. I don’t smoke. I tried once when I was a teenager but it was awful and I’ve decided not to repeat this experience again. I can drink only one glass of champagne or vine on my birthday or some big celebration as New Year. I prefer fresh juices or milkshakes. It’s healthy and delicious. I like sports. I also like figure skating.

When I was little, my mother took me to a stadium. In winter it was covered with ice and I could skate all day.

My other weakness is ice-cream. I prefer eating it when it’s cold, especially in winter. You will think that I’m crazy. Do you like ice cream?

I like swimming, hiking, tennis, fishing, reading and I like animals.

I really need and want normal relationships with respect, love and support. I don’t believe Ukrainian men anymore. They don’t appreciate our women and don’t want to work. That’s why I’m here, on this site. I really hope that you need the same, you understand me and I can trust you.

Write soon.

Yours truly, Irina.

Letter 4

Hi, my darling Brad!

You have such a nice smile

Do you know something about Ukrainian food? I can tell that I’m good at cooking. I’m sure that you will not be disappointed. If only you could try.

You know that I have parents. My dad is retired and my mom works as a nurse in a hospital. I love them very much.

I miss making barbecues near the river or in a wood. I like everything that concerns nature. There is nothing better for me than drinking hot tea in the evening when you are covered in a warm plaid watching flowing waters of some river or burning fire. But it’s nice only if you do this with a special person. Maybe it will be you))

Will wait for news from you soon. Yours sincerely, Irina.

Letter 5

Hello dear Brad!

I hope that you were waiting for a news from me.

I’m sooooo tired but when I think about you I forget all my problems. I imagine us sitting together holding hands, talking, looking in each others eyes …. Mmmm …..

I wish we were together now.

You know, I like flowers. We have a garden with plants and trees. When it’s warm, I take care of it: water, plant new. I miss this((

Hope you are not bored reading my letters?)) I spent my days at work. Our boss becomes angrier every day. He is going through divorce with his wife. I think it’s because of this.

If you want to know about Ukraine, you can read some information and ask me what you will not understand.

I want vacations. I want to lay on the beach, near the sea under a big umbrella drinking cold juice with you. Not a bad dream I guess))

I need to go home to prepare something to eat for today and tomorrow. We will continue our conversation later.

Hope to hear from you soon, Irina.

Letter 6

Hi my dear Brad!

I missed you very much. The day seems very sad and empty without reading your messages. Hope you’re fine and your face will be bright from a wide smile when you will read my letter. What’s new? As for me, I was thinking about you a lot.

You’re in my thoughts all the time)) I think I need a big kiss from you to feel better and forget about fatigue.

I want to go home, eat something and lay in my warm bed. I will be thinking about you.

I saw and see al terrible affects of war. I hope that soon we will win. My parents are ordinary people. Of course, I have friends. I already wrote you about my hobbies and I also listen to music and watch movies.

I’m very happy that I found such a good, reliable and gentle person like you. I like your personality and the way you express yourself. I need to go now. Kiss you, my darling. Bye.