Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Petryankina to Max (Netherlands)

Letter 1
I write you a letter as promised)) Thanks again for sharing your address, now i have plenty of free time and i am glad to start our conversation. I hope i understood everything correctly and we have common aims.. i am looking for a man, to start promising friendship..
and something more intimate in the future. On the whole, i search for man-woman relationships)) Are you available?? I want to start with sharing my photos, it was not easy to download them to the site, so i better send them directly to you. My name is Anastasya, this is my real name, and you can call me Nastya as all my friends do. I am 32 years old, living in Ukraine single and looking...I want to establish a serious correspondence with a good reliable man which hopefully will lead to a personal meeting and marriage. Marriages with foreign men became very popular for the last years, so I said to myself: "Why not???". Men here seem not to be created for a family life, they don't know what does a commitment mean. So I decided to look for a man abroad. I send you some of my photos for the beginning and if you like them we may continue.. Just write me a letter at this e-mail address and tell me more about yourself! Then I will send you more about me and a lot of my photos! Kisses!!! Nastya
Letter 2
Hello, dear I am glad to receive your letter today. I was wondering if our acquaintance in the Net is real, and if you will send me your reply??
I am glad you did. I want to say from the very beginning that i am not a member of any marriage agency or something like this. I am a serious girl!! i am also not cam *** woman!! i am real and serious in my search and i hope you too!! I got many strange letters from this sites and it seems there are no more people who search for good friendship and love, but just some strange persons:-/ My English not the best in the world, but i can understand your letter well and also write you too. when idonot know words, i look up in dictionary. So!!! I was born here in Sverdlovsk 20 August 1982.So you are what do you think about our age difference? what are expectations towards me? I am 32 years old, yes a big girl already and i think i have some experience in life and love! I have never been married and i have no kids. But i had some long relationships, for two years long.
Unfortunately everything ended up very quickly when he decided that ***** is a better family partner than me!!! So i am alone already for another 2 years approximately. I do not know why, but i haven't yet met a man here with whom i would be eagerly sharing my life and my bed. I prefer to wait for my right man and not waste myself in one night stands. Mu life is not simple for the moment.As you know we have war actions in Ukraine, and unfortunately i am situated in the territory of so call Lugansk Republic, which is actually not good at all!! We still have shellings and fightings between terrorists and ukrainian army from time to time, and poor sitizens suffer of course. but i try to keep my nose up!!!))) I live alone in a small apartment. My family is far from me, my both parents are alive but they relocated to the West part of Ukraine,about 1000 km from here because they inherited a tiny house in the village from one of my grand aunts. I do not have siblings. My work was trade representative..but now we work very little hours due to war situation.I hope to hear from you soon!! Tell mre about yourself too!! please stay well! Remember, my name is Nastya and i want to make friends with you))) Bye-Bye!))
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