Letter(s) from Lubov Romazanova to Justin (United Kingdom)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Peter!!! I'm very glad to receiv your letter now.
Peter, I wait ours with you a meeting with huge impatience!!! You wait our meeting? Today I have important news. Please, be attentive. I called in embassy which is in Moscow. Now I know all information which is necessary for me for travel to your country. First of all, to me have told, that I should visit personally embassy in Moscow to begin process of official registration of papers. I have told, that it not a problem. Already my vacation tomorow will begin and at any time I can begin official registration of papers. To me have told, that for travel to your country, I should visit embassy to fill questionnaires. It is necessary for me to wait approval of my travel. I should show the inquiry on the marital status, the inquiry from work, the declaration on payment of all taxes, and also the passport and photos. Today I will try to receive all documents. Peter to me have told, that the invitation will be unesential to me. If there will be a necessity for the invitation, I will tell to you about it. I have decided, that I will live in hotel or I rent a room. I will choose cheaper variant when I will arrive in Moscow.
I should pay for registration of the visa and as I will need to pay consular gathering and an additional payment for registration of questionnaires. That to me have allowed to travel to your country, I should have medical insurance. I asked about cost of air tickets, but the woman in embassy could not answer my question. When I will be in Moscow, I will visit the airport to learn the prices. After telephone conversation with the woman from embassy, I thought of how we can will meet much. Between us there are sincere relations and I am assured, that ours with you relations will grow. I wish to know, that ours with you of feeling mutual.
Peter, it is necessary for me to be assured, that you will meet me at the airport. I wait, that you also, as well as I want ours with you a meeting.I have a feeling of pleasure which has appeared since first day of our acquaintance. From my life the feeling of loneliness was gone and it is pleasant to me to know, that in the World there is a person who thinks of me. Yesterday I went to the store and bought the underwear, it's very beautiful and sexy lingerie. My darling, you do not represent as I wish to meet you, I would want that our meeting was unforgettable and I am sure, this is a beautiful underwear will like you. I wish to be the most beautiful for you! I took a photo for you, in the new underwear, but I thought it would be a surprise for you when we meet. Today I send you a video in which I sing a song for you, and I want this song was yours and mine.
I did not have relations with the man for a long time, I could not find that only thing which to me will be to liking. I believe that between us there will be a big passion and we can construct beautiful love! I very much it want! We with you a meeting, is the big step to ours with you relations. I listen to the heart, and my heart says, that together we will be happy. Please, tell to me your thoughts!!! I have told to the girlfriend, that I have found the man, it you Peter!
She was glad for me, it my best girlfriend and I trust her. For me it is very important your opinion.I do not wish to lose any day from my vacation!
Our meeting, is the best way what to learn each other better. I very much miss on you and I think of our first meeting, at me now pleasant excitement

Letter 2

Hello my dear Peter! I just read your letter. Today I do not work, as the beginning of my vacation. Now I came to the work to get all the documents from my boss which I will need at the embassy. Boss wished me a good rest. Colleagues joked and raised my mood, us on work very cheerful collective and they, too, wished me a good rest. I am very happy!!! I am glad that soon we will be together!!! I am sure that this vacation will be the best vacation. Peter, I look forward our meeting!!! My mom said she would to see off me to the station. My mom asked me to be very careful. She asked me to write a letter to her as soon as I arrive in your country. I also promised to send my mum our joint photo. If my father was alive he would have been very glad that I met the man and I will be traveling to him. It's very romantic to meet in a foreign country for me with a man, it's a man you are my Peter!
Peter, I trust you, I have no doubt the sincerity of your feelings. Very soon we will be together. Tomorrow I will arrive in Moscow. I promise that I will write you letters every day and tell you how things are going with paperwork. I need a your support. I'll be completely alone in Moscow. Moscow is a big city and I'll be there completely alone. I am sure that our feelings, help us to be together.
I have prepared all the documents. I buy myself a new laptop, so that we could write letters to each other when I am in Moscow until processing my visa application. I think you know that I need a laptop, so that I could write you a letter and report on all the news. I was unable to connect to my mobile phone international calls, as it is a long process and I do not have time to do it. I think that if it is necessary, I can find a way to call you from Moscow. I very much hope that I would succeed. I want again ask you for this information. Your full name, your home address, phone number, which airport should I arrive in your country. I want to be sure that I correctly wrote in my notebook. This is very important, do not forget to write it in a letter! Now I have to leave the computer. I am not working today and I cant long time detain the computer. Now I'm going to the ticket office to buy tickets to Moscow. Our meeting will make us the happiest! I wish that this was a happy moment for life! I dream of our meeting! Your Lyubov