Letter(s) from Oliverah Griezman to John (USA)

Letter 1

Good morning honey,

Thank you so much for your mail, it does give me hope and joy even though am going through a very tough time today.

It has been a hell kind of a day for me out here today, i have been crying all day and i came back home so early from the sea port as a result of that.

Someone hacked into my banking information somehow i don't understand and transferred all my money to Ukraine, without my consent and i have called and emailed my bank severally to look into it.

My bank promised to fix it, they told me they need to carry out their investigations which will take about few days and after that if they find out it wasn't transferred by me, they will set up new account for me and also refund back all the money but for now they froze the account to avoid further damages.

I found out when i went to the sea port this morning while trying to get some money with my
credit card and i couldn't get nothing.

Am just sad and cant stop crying,
With tears,