Scam letter(s) from Eunice Lamtey to Peter (Norway)

Letter 1
hi there
Hello Peter thank you for joining me on here
How are you doing?
I am doing fine. I little tired but excited talking to you!
Awww thank you so much for your time, i can understand that you are tired
All the same tell me what are you looking for on the dating site and how long have you been on there
Been there for some months. Looking for a nice girl to share lifes ups and downs with!
how about you? what are you looking for?
Oh i see, Well i am actually on there and you are even the first man i am bridging communications with, i just started today...i am new to all these online stuff, you caught my attention and i am willing for us to get to know more about each other, We sure dont know what the future holds, i am seriously looking for a long term relationship which would lead to marriage with a good man who is caring humble loving and also faithful...i know its easy to say but hard to find but i believe many seeked and they found and so can we
Yes I think its possible. I have some bad experience with scammers on that site!
Well i wouldnt lie to you, they are all over the place, we just need to be careful...hope you understand me my dear
Are you from fillipins?
Well i have to explain this to you, You seem i am actually a mix race of Philippines and Ghana where my mom is Ghanaian and my late dad was Filipino, we relocated here when my dad passed away, i hope that you dont have a problem with my race of you are not a racist please if you do let me know okay
of course not I like your look, You ar pretty and have amazing eyes!
Thank you very much for the compliment...So if i may ask have you chat or communicated with anyone from Ghana before?
no never. Where do you live nowadays. I live in hamar nearby the capital of norway
Oh okay thats so nice to know my dear, Well after the death of my late dad in Cebu Philippines, my mom and i thought it would be wise if we come and stay here in Accra Ghana because we felt there was no life in the Philippines after my dad passed away...although its a nice place here and mom sells in the market in the neigbouring village
ok. What do you do as an occupation. I am a truck driver
have you fallen asleep?
I have go to bed talk with you later
Hello my dear are you there
No my computer froze up so I had to put it off for a while
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