Scam Letter(s) from Galina Petrova to Peter (Argentina)

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Letter 1

Hey, my dear Prince Douglas.
How are you doing, Douglas? Glad to get your mail. How is your day going? Hope that you are enjoying it even more as you've got mail from me ;)
I had rather hard day today. I have no idea why but it seems to me that with time people are becoming more and more cruel. There have been so many bad news about people's behavior in Ukraine during the last time that sometimes I am even scared to walk home alone. People have no compassion to others, they are turning into animals, not even animals but beasts. And that is really scaring. Even today when I was at work in the bank there was a long line of people waiting. A pregnant lady came and stood there in the end of the line waiting for her turn. Then she started asking people who were in front of her to let her go as she was on her last month of pregnancy and it was hard for her to wait because of the heavy belly and guess what? In the line of people there were almost men only, just several women and no one agreed to let her go first. Some of the men even started yelling at her asking who gave her a right to go first? Her pregnancy? I really could not stand that. I wanted to come to those so-called β€œmen” and slap them! But instead I just took that lady in the beginning of the line. And those men who were standing in the line started getting at me. To be honest I could never imagine that people are that much mean. I have always had a great example of a real man in front of my eyes – my dad!!!! He never let my mom to carry her bag even though sometimes it is not heavy at all, he always opened the door in front of her, he never let her pay for herself wherever they go, he could get the second job just in order to afford getting the things my mom wanted as she is a lady and he is her man, and if she chose him means that he is the best! He is a man not in his words, but in his deeds. Talks less and does more! That is how a man should be!!! And those men I saw in the bank are not men at all- they are hens! For sure! They even talked like hens do! That is why stop wondering why I could not meet the right man in my country – I just do not like men who do BLAH-BLAH-BLAH! Are people more cultural in your country? Do they have some kind of respect to each other?
Douglas, you want to travel in Brazil by Jeep? really??? :)
Write me, Douglas. I will be waiting impatiently for your mail. Yours Galina.

Letter 2

Hello sweet Douglas.
How are you doing, Douglas? How is everything with you?
I am glad to get your mail, Douglas. And hope that you have been waiting for my reply ;) How is your mood, dear? Mine is good and I can tell you that today I had a lovely day. I never told you but I have a younger sister, Anna. And today she had a concert at school and she invited me to go there. It was a kind of talent show there in her school. Children were singing, dancing, reading poems, acting and so on. Anna was singing :) may be she is the future Adele or Beyonce!? ;) who knows!? What type of music do you like? Do you like Adele songs? I went to the concert with my school friend Sveta and we had a lot of fun, as loads of years ago we went to the same school where Anna goes now and we were taking part in the same Talent Show. We were small and we had dreams and Sveta reminded me that I wanted to be married by the age of 25 and to have kids by the age of 27 :))) I laughed inside, yes, It didn't happen like I wanted it to happen, but may be the future has a bigger present for me, who knows!? What do you like to do in your free time? do you like going to the cinema? Have you been to the theatre? Do you have some dreams or goals that did not come true?
Douglas what are the names of your brother and sister?
Douglas thanks a lot for the pictures that you sent me! i like them a lot.
Write me. I will be waiting for your mail. Sending you a warm hug and sweet kiss. Galina.



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