Letter(s) from Anna Vasilchenko to Peter (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Peter!!!

I am happy to get your letter, to know that you were thinking of me recently (while writing to me your letter) :) Great to talk to you again and it is very nice that I can get the postion of your positive waves and give you mine :) I was doubtful how can the people who are living in different countries find the emotional connection. It seemed to me too complicated and almost not real, but it seems to me that I did not know my own ability to open up and to absorb the energy of another person (be assured I am not a vampire :)). It seems to me that you have already become a part of my life and this fact makes me so happy. Oh, I am sorry I am too philosophical today. Sometimes it happens to me, he-he. In fact, I hate when the people consider me just being a pretty doll. I know that you managed to look inside me and see something more than just the pretty face.

Dear Peter, thank you very much for your desire to help me with the classes, but now we have the problem as I do not have the bank account here. I am working and getting cash at work. I know that maybe for your country it is pretty strange but here the people do not trust the banks and that is why we do not use their services much.

You asked me about the English classes. You know, every time when I imagine me sitting in the class and learning the words of your language I feel that my heart starts beating quicker. It seems to me that this step is very important to me. I would gladly start this process of learning earlier but unfortunately, I did not have such a chance. The prices for the month of education are rather high and as a result I was stopped by this fact. For example, if a student wants to attend English classes 3 times a week, the monthly price will be 200 USD. If a student wants to attend English classes 5 times a week, the monthly price will be 300 USD. There is also another way of learning English - it is called private English classes. Each class lasts for 1,5 hours and a student has 3 classes a week. Such education costs 400 USD per a month. My darling, after reading this paragraph you will understand why I still do not know your language. I have never spared my money on the education. The only problem that I do not have such a big sum of money to start the process of education. You know, this dream seems to me unrealizable now, unfortunately. If only I knew how to find the funds to start my education.

For sure I do not mind to give you my full name and address. I do not see any problem to hide this information from you. My name is Anna Ryeztcova. My address is 93400 Ukraine, Syevuerodonetsk, Vilesona street 7/13.

I am, by nature, a very positive person and I am trying to smile even if the mood of mine is not the best, but when you are excited, when you are in love, your eyes have sparkles. I am sorry or no, I am happy to tell you that my eyes are shining now and have these sparkles. I really do not want to scare you off with my words, but I am just trying to say that I have started to be more and more involved into our story and it is very precious to me. I do not want to lose you :)
You have become like the sunshine in these cloudy days. Thank you for that. I have never thought that the situation here will be so bad that I will be afraid of being outside. But be sure, our "dates" help me to forget for a moment about this horrible life we have here.

It would be interesting to know how you are doing today? How is your mood? Did you enjoy your day? In general, I prefer being optimistic and happy. But sometimes the consequences make me very sad. You see, these days are very depressing to me. I am sure that you guess why.
Along with the financial hell that put the whole country in big depression, I started to realize that the career of a dancer is very difficult and risky. I am experiencing that already for the second time. You know, yesterday I had a very unpleasant conversation with my boss. Because of my injured ankle I cannot give lessons to the people in the fitness club as I did before. Accordingly my boss does not want to have me as an employee. Though I think that she just does not want to give me my salary. She still owes me the money for the previous month and now it is a good reason to get rid of me... Yes, it is cruel, but the government does not protect the employees in such situations, as I am working for the private company and we do not have any social security. Though for now we do not have the government in general. I am on the territory of Lugansk Democratic Republic that is in reality ridiculous, but anyway, nobody is going to help in this situation. This news has become a very unpleasant surprise for me. I have been working for this person for several years and I have never had any problems. I have never been lazy. I did everything I had to do. Now I do not have any job and I am in the search of it. The main problem is that my ligament still in bad shape. You know, I hate complaining, but sometimes I am totally in despair. This situation with the job makes me feel miserable. And now who needs me? It is the social and political mess here and for sure the people do not need extra worker who, moreover, has the health problems. I am not sure how I can find the appropriate job quickly, but I will do my best, I promise. I do not want to let you down.

If I knew English I would not need the translation company. But now I cannot talk to you just in Ukrainian or Russian. The on-line translators will just spoil everything. Oh, my dear, I feel so helpless. What should I do to stay in contact with you. I am the first who contacted you and now I have to tell you that I cannot afford to pay for our correspondence. I am sorry to tell you that. I feel disgusting and very embarrassed. I am sorry for giving you the hopes.
I do want, I really want to continue our communication, I do want to develop our relationship, but to me it is too difficult to cover the expenses for the translation service. It is heart-breaking to tell you these words, but I promised to me totally frank with you. If would be worse if I just stopped talking. In general I do have the hope that somehow we will find the way out of this situation, as I do now want to lose you. Do you think that it is possible to stay in contact with each other? I do hope that I have become dear to you as well. I do need you in my life... I do hope that we will stay in touch with each other, as it is important to both of us...
I send you my kisses and hugs
Your Aniuta

Letter 2

Hello Peter :)

I am glad that you have given me your email. I prefer talking when nobody reads our letters except you and me :) Moreover, the site is like a public place where there is no atmosphere of privacy. I hope you remember my name, Anya, though I like when I am called Aniuta. It sounds kinder :) I am from Ukraine, live in the war zone. So no fun to be here, but my appearance on the site is not connected with the desire to use the man for the relocation. I do not need that. The only thing that I really want is to find the right man who would make my heart beat quicker, the man who would consider me his inspiration. Maybe strange, but somehow I have lost the faith into the successful relationship with the Ukrainian man. So, for now I am rather positive about finding the man in the Internet as some acquaintances of mine have already found the partners in this modern way :) But yeah, probably, just like you, I am a bit afraid of being hurt or even fooled. I am also not a girl of 16-18 years old to play, but I think that my words will not cost nothing until I prove that :) That we will manage to do with the time :)

Can you tell me a bit about yourself? I do not want to ask you too many questions as maybe you know what you want to let me know about yourself :) Anyway, I am really glad that we have this privacy in the communication :) Hope we will enjoy this communication and who knows - maybe we will become a couple :)
Friendly kiss
Aniuta :)

Letter 3

Hello Peter!

I want to thank you for writing to me and thank you for giving us the chance to continue the communication. I was a bit afraid that maybe my letter was not good enough and you will just decide not to talk to me further. Anyway, you have written and I am very glad to answer you back :)

It is, probably, possible to call these letters "dates" though they are not usual and we do not have the chance to touch each other's hands or just to have the vivid conversation, but anyway, it is also not bad to learn about each other through the letters as when you write, you can say more than you would say in person :) At least I think so. I have to say that I am really intended to find the partner and I won't waste the time. I am here because I started to meet more and more men who treat the women disrespectfully and who use the women for their aims. Strange to hear as usually the women are using the men in order to have the luxury life or something like that. But when I talk about using, I mean they do not feel attached to the girls and the only thing that really interests them is sex. Rude to say but it is really true. So, as I do not want to be a sex toy in the hands of the man I decided to try another way of dating. I have no idea if I am going to succeed in my search, but at least I want to try :) So, I am here and I was sitting and thinking what I should say. I cannot say that I am modest, just I need to try not to be boring :) As every woman I am talkative, and you can consider it to be a real vice :) I will try to be short and not to put you into deep sleep :) Though, if you have problems with sleeping, maybe I will be your best remedy against insomnia :) You know, it would be great if you led our conversation. I mean you can always ask me the questions and I will answer them all as it is the only way for us to know each other better. It would be so great just to be a fluffy kitten in your strong, but gentle hands... Will you give me such a chance? Ow, it seems to me I am already flirting with you despite the fact that we have just meet :) Sorry :)

Peter, you asked me about kids. I love the kids and if we become a couple I really hope that we will become good friends with your son Olivier. Of course, in the future I also want to have my kids. What about you?

You asked me about travelling. You know, I always dreamt of travelling all over the world as there are so many countries which I consider mysterious. I have never been abroad and this fact makes me sad sometimes. The problem is that I have to apply for the visa in every country. Also I do not have a person with whom I can travel. Without knowing a foreign language I am scared to leave my country. But in my heart I have a great desire to see the world, to touch the antiques, to learn foreign cultures and traditions. I am sure that one day this dream will be realized as when a person has an aim, she/he will reach it, I am sure. Perhaps, one day we will travel together, who knows?

You know, while being registered on the site I got some strange messages about the man's desire to marry me. I found that totally ridiculous as for every serious person the marriage is something really deep and important. So, without any offence, I wanted to say that I am not getting married after one message and I am not traveling to another country also after one message :) My intentions are serious and I am taking our conversation really serious. So, it is better to warn from the beginning as I do not want none of us to be disappointed. I wonder what those men with the desire to marry every woman on the site have in their minds? Do they really think that the girl can be so stupid to make this step without even knowing who this man is? I am sure that you also get a lot of strange messages from the women :) But it is the part of this Internet dating planet, I think...

I am afraid to bore you but anyway, I need to tell you who I am, so, perhaps, I need to let you know about my life. I was born in a small village close to the border with Romania, in the village Glyboka on the 27th of March 1984. (I am Aries, if I am not mistaken, but do not believe much in astrology. What about you?). I am 166 cm high and my weight is 54 kg. I am the only kid in the family and my family actually consists of 5 people - me, my parents and grandparents from my father's side. Ow, there was also the member of our family who died in October 2014. It was my dear cat Kyesha. He was 19,5 y.o. I cried so very much when my mum told me about his death. He was such a sweetie... I have never been married, but I lived with the man for 7 years. We did not have the kids as at a certain moment of our relationship I realized that the man who does not know how to control himself and who cannot stop drinking cannot be a father of my children. Gradually he made my life really frustrating and horrible and I just stopped this "love story" once and forever. I really want to have a family. I want to have a loving man next to me, I want to do everything in order us both to wake up in the morning and smile to each other. I do not need millions, luxury cars or expensive houses as the money is just like the "decoration" for our life, but if you are poor in your heart and soul, the money will not make you happy. The only things which I cannot stand are the addictions or the betrayals.
If I cannot trust my partner, there cannot be any relationship at all.

I do not live in my native town since I was 18 years old. After finishing the school I have relocated to the Eastern part of Ukraine (now it is the war zone) where I had the career of a dancer at the folks group. I relocated to Severodonyetsk where I was working with a lot of young people. Our group was really amazing. We were together already since I was 15 years old. We traveled much all over Ukraine with the concerts and festivals. It was wonderful time for me. Then in 2010 I was traveling to another town with the taxi to visit my friend and I got into the accident where my left leg was badly injured. So, it was the beginning of the end for my career. I could not continue dancing and I have to admit that it was the worst thing which could happen to me. I know what depression is and I know what it is to lose your dreams at once. I threw away all the photos from my performances, I tried to forget everything, but yeah, it is not really possible.
Even now I am talking about that and feel a bit sad that I do not have the chance to be on the stage... I had to leave and try to find something that could keep me in shape and that could be at least a bit similar to dances. So, since 2011 I work as a step aerobics trainer at the fitness center.

ow, it is high time to wake up. Sorry for this endless letter. I touch one topic and I cannot stop before I tell you enough :) It seems to me that I have not kept my word and put you into a very deep sleep, sorry :) I hope that my talkativeness won't stop you to write to me soon :)
Have a nice day
Aniuta :)