Letter(s) from Margarita Ivanovna Afonina to Romo (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear Romildo!

Thank you for having responded to my interest. I am very pleased.

I can not sort out how to start my first letter to you. Probably have to tell about me?
I was born in the Crimea, the village Chernomorskoe, 20 September 1984.
Right now I live in Penza, Lenin district, street Karpinski, the house 48/96. I live alone. Rent apartment.
I want to find someone with whom I will share the joy. I want to find a man who will feel that I am. I want to connect hearts and souls.
And in the future to be a happy couple, and can be united family.

My city became a native for me, although I was born in Ukraine. My parents live there, but I'll explain later.
I work for a small company which is engaged in making advertising.
I have a good team, I like to work with them.

Tell me about your case. What do you do for work? For Hobby? for Interesting? What sports do you interested in?
I love to play sports. I love to be in good shape.
I love water. I love to watch the waves. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I was born on the Black Sea. Do you know where the black sea?
I love my home village Chernomorskoe. There were all my relatives and friends of the school.
Tell me where you were born and where you live?
I hope you will answer my questions, and we will continue to communicate.
Now I finish my letter, and I'll wait for your answer.
I will send you some of my photos, so you can imagine with whom you communicate! I am will be glad to look your pictures.

I think this is the beginning of something new and interesting things in our lives !!!
I want to believe it. I want to trust you, to trust my life and my dreams and feelings. I hope that we can find something in common.
And our fellowship will give delicious fruit :)
Kiss from Me.
Regards, Rita.

Letter 2

Hello my new friend Romildo!

I am glad you wrote to me again. Frankly, I was waiting for your letter.
It's a little exciting, our acquaintance and I was interested in you.

I think I can tell you a little more about me.
In my last letter I wrote that I was born in the Ukraine. Crimea. Now Crimea became part of Russia. And it's good for me.
Now between me and my parents do not have the border. My parents stayed there.
I went after school in Russia to get a good education and a good job. I studied at the State University. Faculty of engineering.
I'm a technician technologist. This is not a typical for girl. But this is so, and I am proud of my profession.
I did not have to work in the profession. And I went to college only because I really helped. I was not a citizen of Russia.
And it was hard to get a training place. Now I'm the secretary, but I have a lot of help in the production technology of any advertising.
I am very valuable employee, because doing a lot of responsibilities and I have a good education.

Read more about my parents, so that you understand how I was brought up and what my character.
My parents are very kind and good people. My mom is a primary school teacher. She loves children and is always worried about them.
She calls them "my children." She is very kindest woman! I love her very much. She always pamper me.
My dad worked in the police. He was a major. He is now retired. He has always been strict, but fair. I'm always worried when he worked at night.
My dad is very brave. Many people say that I look like him, because I'm very brave and resolute.
But I'm afraid to continue life alone. Hard to change my life, so I'm looking for someone who can inspire me courage.
My parents are the most wonderful, but they are poor. Salary in Crimea is very small.
So I went to Russia to help them financially. Half the money I send them. They often tell me that I should spend the money on my needs,
but I continue to help them. My parents did everything to my childhood was happy, now I want to make them happy.

Tell me what you like to eat? What do you like to drink? What kind of music do you like?
Do you like animals? In the future, I will definitely have a dog. I always wanted to run with a dog in the morning.
I will finish my letter. I hope that you will answer my questions, and we will become even closer.
Thank you for the conversation.
I'm sending you a few more pictures.
All the best!

Your new friend from Russia, Rita!

Letter 3

Again, welcome, my dear friend Romildo!
Thank you for your answer. Your letter inspires and very interested.
I am pleased to continue to communicate with you and hope to share a happy future.

You know, I have a good mood today !!! I received a great news!
My closest friend told me about the pregnancy! O God, how long she and her husband were trying to have a baby !!
She told me that her husband cried when he learned of her pregnancy. Of course, I'm a girl impressionable, I also cried when she learned the news!
I can not express in words how I felt when I heard the news! I write to you, and all contracts within me !!! I find it hard not to smile!
Sorry to tell you this. You interested? But I do want to shout about it! My girlfriend is like a sister to me.
We have been friends since the first year of university. We met on the first day of university, and have always been very close.
She married our classmate when I was in fourth year. It was a modest student's wedding.

I'm sorry that I'm written about it. I wanted to share my joy with someone.
I hope that this does not embarrass you. But this is my mood, my experiences and feelings.
This features my character and you have to live with that if our relationship will be fruitful in the future.

I will finish my letter with the hope for your early reply.
Your Russian girlfriend, Rita.
I wish you a good time!
Send a kiss!

Letter 4

Hello my dear Romildo!
I am very glad to read your letter again. I can not express in words my feelings that I read your letters. These feelings seem to me strange.

You know, probably, I think a lot about you. Today I had a dream about us. We sitting in a cafe and talked. We laughed a lot.
You often corrected my words, but praised me for my English. We was good in this dream. I think we met not by converse. I think that fate brought us.
Do you believe in fate?
I believe that everything does not happen by accident. On this site I recorded randomly.
I did not think that I really can find such a wonderful person like you.

Many times I have heard of people who meet by dint of the Internet. They formed a strong relationship. Now, I'm starting to believe it.
I've been reading on the websites of the love story of people from different countries. They seemed to me very interesting and impressive.
Many stories very realistic. But I believe, because they have been described in detail. Almost all the girls from Russia went abroad to her lover.
They write that all they are very happy. And you know .... I seriously thought. Because every time I read your letter, I was very excited and interested!
I can not describe this to you in words ... I was wondering about that ... What ... Will I ever show you shine in my eyes from happiness to have met you.
What do you think? Our meeting in the future - it is real?

I'm sure that you've become quite close to me man. I want to trust you. I want to tell you everything that's happening to me or happened.
From your letters, I see that you are kind and wonderful men. I can be trusted my life to you. Thank you that you communicate with me.
Now I will finish my letter, and I will hope for your mutual feelings.

I began to notice that at work I think about your letters. I remember all that you wrote to me. Thank you for everything.
I am sending you kisses. I embrace you.

Your Russian girlfriend Rita!
All the best.

PS: I'm alone because I do not trust the Russian men. My ex-boyfriend was beating me and I was in the hospital a few times
Thanks to my friend, he is now in jail. is a bad story of my life and I do not want to remember it again, I'm sorry

Letter 5

Hello my dear Romildo!
How have you been? How is your health?
I waited for your letter! I always think about your letters.
Every day I wake up and think that you wake up somewhere far away from me. I imagine that we are doing our affairs at the same time.
You know, like in the movies show: He and she wakes up in different places, in different beds, go brew tea or coffee, prepare breakfast, going to work ...
I think about us can make a film. Romance. I never liked movies where a lot of tears and love, but now I imagine my character in this role.
I'm sorry, maybe it sounds silly. I do not know why, but I want to tell you about this.
I think you made his way deep into my heart. You shook something in my soul. All the time I think about you, about us ...
That we could be together ... Tell me honestly, do you want this? You want to be with me?
Or am I just invented this wonderful world in which we can be together?
I understand that writing a letter is very naive ... But I do not want to keep quiet about it. I just want happiness.
I think we might think that we can find happiness in each other.
No, I'm not saying that this is crazy and unreasonable love. I say that this happiness and comfort, which settled in my heart, when I met you.
I hope that you will respond to my letter. I hope I did not scare you my persistence.
I do not impose, I'm just saying that you're stunning, kind and wonderful person.
I always understood the essence of man is very fast. If I'm comfortable with the person, then I understand that it is My man.
I ask you to reflect on my words. And if you're not afraid to make the most humane decisive brave act for all your life,
then I am waiting for your reciprocity.
So I finish my letter and go to sleep again in a cold bed.
I'm sorry if I wrote something that scared you.
I'll wait for your answer!
I send a lot of hot kisses.
Your Rita.

Letter 6

Hello my dear, my wonderful Romildo!
I am glad to read your letter.
You are my gift of fate? I can not believe that all this is happening to me.
How was your day? How is your health?
Today, I have a great mood! I spent the day thinking about you and us. I thought that if fate brought us together, then it's all for a reason.
I think we should not lose sight of each other.
Today I spoke with my boss, and he said that I was obliged to take a vacation in the next month. I have not been on vacation for almost three years.
I've always had a lot of work and I worked alone. Now that I've found a helper, I can let go on vacation. I am obliged to take a vacation.
My dear Romildo, I think this is excellent opportunity for us meet. If we do not seize this opportunity, it is possible that we will lose our fate.
I do not want to think about is that I can stay without the wonderful men! I want every day feel comfort with you.
I want to wake up and see you on neighboring pillow. I can cook delicious coffee.
I want to make a responsible step. I hope that you are in agreement with me!
I have a friend with whom we were at university, he work in a travel agency. Sometimes we communicate, and he always offered to help me with travel.
I think it's his time. Tomorrow, after work, I go to him in a agency and learn all about the journey.
The problem is that I do not have a passport and visa. But my friend always said that can help to execute all documents very quickly.
We have agreed on tomorrow to discuss the details.
I can not believe that my life suddenly changed. You completely change my life, and I thank you for that.
I hope you share my feelings. I want know, what you think about our meeting?
My dear, I finish my letter. I am waiting for your answer!
I embrace you! I send a lot of hot kisses!
Your Rita!!!

Letter 7

Hi, my best man! My Romildo!
I am very glad to read your letter. It warms my soul. It gives me hope for happiness! I want to be with you. I want to belong only to you.
I wish that we were the happy couple. And I will do everything I spend last strength for our happiness!
I think that we can become the ideal for many couples. I live in a different world, I think the only constant about you and your letters!
I've never wanted anything so much as I want to be with you right now!

My dear, my wonderful! I was in a travel agency today. I told with my friend that I wanted to go to you, in another country at the time of my vacation.
My friend said that I need a visa and passport. It turns out that these documents are made very long.
I can not make all documents because I have little free time. My friend called the embassy and agreed that they would do all the documents for 1-2 weeks.
I was pleased with this news. I was ready to agree to sign the documents, but ... I learned the price of the trip, and then I was shocked.
What would accumulate the same amount from my salary, I need to stop sending money to parents and to work half a year.
I did not expect that my travel so much expensive. I did not know what to do. My friend manager said that if you can help me, you can write on his personal e-mail, and he will give you a description of documents and how much money I need for trip.
site agency http://amigo-tourist.ru/, personal e-mail egor.mudlovich@amigo-tourist.ru He will answer you in English.
Please write him your city and airport. My full name Afonina Margarita Ivanovna.
My address is Penza, Lenin district, street Karpinski, the house 48/96
I think you need to ask to move away from Moscow. I will go to Moscow by myself. I can use any airport.
My vacation from 18 April to 15 May. But I can stay longer with you, to congratulate you on your birthday :)

My dear, I'm sorry if you think my request is naive. I really do not know what to do. Your help is the only hope for our meeting.
I went to the bank, wanted to take credit for the trip, but I refused because my salary is very low.
I did not know that this may be a barrier to social credit. I am upset by the Russian laws!

You know, I wrote a letter to my parents and told them about you and me. Mom scared, I know you only through correspondence.
But she said that if I trust you, then all will be good. She gave the mother's blessing. Mom always supports me. My father supported me.
And I am happy. I promised that when I go to you, I immediately write them a letter and be photographed with you!
I can understand them, because they always worry about me. I will always be for them a little and silly daughter.
I hope that you will justify my thoughts and hope that you are my man who always support me and help in any difficult situation.
Please do not leave me alone with my feelings. Answer me as soon as you can.
I'm ready to leave Russia to be with you! I have never felt such courage and confidence. I think it says a lot.
My dear, I finish my letter. I'll wait for your answer! I want to be with you. To love and be loved!
I strongly embrace you!
I am sending you a lot of hot kisses!
Your Rita!

PS: I think my English is fine. I'm easy to talk in English. And we can easily understand each other, I'm sure of it!

Letter 8

Hello my beloved Romildo
you can ignite a fire in my chest. I'm very lot of time is not have a sensation of such wonderful feelings.
you're the only one man who can do so, and I want to say thank you for this feeling. this feeling called love.
at that moment i full of this beautiful and magical feeling. every night I can not sleep quietly, because the thought of you troubled by my head and heart.
when I see my friends and they are happy in marriage. they receive so much love and affection to each other, but i want to feel it, too.
Unfortunately, I still can not get this love, because you are far away from me, but I know that we will soon be together.
I can enjoy your love in real life. we can sit near to each other, drink coffee and talk.
I want you to put your head upon my laps. We can laughing and play games together.
I will be happy to even just sit and watch you doing what any business.
I look forward to the moment when I can touch your cheek and kiss you.
And be honest, I would be happy to talk to you on camera. But now it is impossible for me.
Firstly, I am very busy and do not have the camera at home and at work. Secondly, I was deceived, betrayed and crushed by means of Skype in their youth.
One rascal recorded a video with me. And all the college saw my chest. It was terrible. It's a bad experience and a bad impression.
I avoid all sorts of events that brings me to the communion of the camera.
I just hope for your understanding.
I'm sure you do not want to continue our chat without a camera. But my conditions are such that I will not talk on camera.
I'm sorry!
If you are ready to leave the chat with me, then write about it directly.
I show you my reality. Did you get a copy of my passport. If this is not enough, I can not tell you nothing more than to help.
This may sound insulting and disrespectful. Forgive me please! But I was cruelly humiliated and I ask to understand this.
My number is 89869962947 But unfortunately it is disconnected for non-payment.
I am happy to call you as soon as possible. I really want to hear your voice of love!
I will finish the letter and hope that you and the Agency to react quickly.
I do not want to miss the opportunity to meet with you!
Your hot Rita

Letter 9

Hello my beloved Romildo
I stayed at work today. And very late back home. I found that the home internet does not work.
I was very tired and decided to go to bed.
But I could not go to sleep now. I went to bed and started to think about our meeting.
I caught a wave of sentiment and hopes for happiness, for a meeting with you. I cried so many tears.
Butterflies in my stomach, the excitement I gasped, my breasts squeezed the idea that this is a dream and it will soon be over.
But I pinched my arm and realized that this is reality. All of what you write is real, it's true and I'm just losing my mind!
I threw a robe over his shoulders and went upstairs to get some air. I saw the light in the neighborhood and I knocked on the door.
Me opened Elena. She's a good woman and lives alone. She offered me tea and sincere conversation. I told her my feelings.
She understood me and said that I immediately wrote a letter to you and calmed down. And I did not hesitate, I sat down to write a letter to you.
write me please, do not lie to me. Write to me, it is a reality and that you will help me to fly to you?
I need to know that this is not a dream!
Oh, so late, very very late and I have to go to bed. Now I'm a little bit easier.
I talked to a neighbor Elena and wrote you a letter.
I am happy that freed my mind. And now I can sleep sweetly and think of you!
I'm waiting for news from you and from the travel agency
your angel Rita

Letter 10

Hello my beloved Romildo
I apologize for the short letter
I am at work now
I wrote to you about my position webcam
I do not want. I had an injury on this occasion.
If this is important to you, you can find a sexy girl who will communicate with you on camera
But you kill my feelings if you insist on a video conference
It seemed to me that I show you my reality and you saw my passport
My Russian passport is not suitable for traveling abroad
I need an international passport, which agency will be able to make fast
Why do I profile on a dating site?
I'm not looking for a man! I found you! I do not want to meet new people
in Russia since it has been taken to deal with several men
I am a Christian and I am a faithful woman
I do not want to have a profile on a dating site
do you understand this? I made my choice!
I'm waiting for news
your Rita

Letter 11

Hello my beloved Romildo!!!
I am your bunny. It's so cute! You are my carrot :)
no! You're my little teddy bear! with carrots :)
I am ready to travel to another planet. But I'm afraid that I'm a bad astronaut :)
My height is 169 cm and my weight is 54 kg today :)
And I do not finish work on my body.
I know that is very athletic population in Brazil. This is true?
I dream a lot about you, you can not imagine!
I just want fall asleep in your arms, to wake up from your warm breath.
Sit cross-legged, and watch as you cook.
Watch movie, put my chin on your chest.
Inhale your scent, so fresh and warm, to bury one's nose in your neck.
Take you by the arm, leaving the street.
Fall asleep to put my head on your knees and feel as you pass your fingers over my back.
Go with you on the street, hand in hand, sometimes squeezing the fingers, so that you warmed them to me.
Like a cat, compress fists, glaring nails into your hand so as not to scratch you.
Just watch your smile when you sleep, your silhouette a baby face, your nose and correct such kind eyes with long eyelashes.
Come up and hug you, feeling like you kiss my hair.
Standing side by side, to feel like you tightly pressed against me, because you had tired, but all difficulties easier to pass together.
Pressed my cheek to your cheek.
Feed thee with orange hands.
Listen as you squeeze breathing in my ear.
Blow on you so you turned around and kissed me.
Lie beneath thy hand, gasping, but not daring to move, so as not to wake you up.
Wake up from your kiss, a gentle, warm, morning.
Remembering you feel like are cold fingertips.
Know that under your shirt is a secret known only you and me.
Be confident that between us will never get up the other woman. This simply can not be. I know.
Sleep in your t-shirt, feeling your smell.
Die of tenderness, falling into your arms.
I want. To be. So. Always.
I wait your news
your bunny Rita

Letter 12

Hello My Real Love Romildo
Are you surprised? After all, I never called you so, right? Has never, in our conversations I crossed the face of sympathy. Now I know that I love you.
Loved yesterday, love today, gonna love tomorrow. You know, yesterday I was heartbroken, and is firmly convinced that I was not and has no chance.
Today I have hope - as if someone lit a tiny light at the end of a long and dark tunnel, and that "someone", of course, was you.
Has anybody told you – that you a magician can do wonders! If not, then I say this to you. Just a couple of weeks ago you could change my dreams and my passion, my life and my views on it - change me. Yesterday, you could turn a miserable grimace in a natural and relaxed smile, a little compressed lump - a loud heart beat.
Yes, and did exist in the world the words that could fully describe you? Of course not. Those people who invented them, simply were not familiar with you.
But not about this ... I am writing to tell you a single word: "Thanks." Thank you for the person I've become, thanks to you, thanks for the happy smile and a gleam in my eyes, which now do not go off my face, thanks for those things that you opened my eyes - one word, thank you for that YOU ARE! I love you. I am not ashamed to admit it! I am sure my feelings!
My emotions overwhelmed me. And I do not want it to end
You want to send me a gift? It is wonderful!!! I love gifts. But I'm afraid that your gift will go a very long time.
By the time I need to be in Brazil, you smear sunblock and drink a cocktail on the beach :)
My address: Russian Federation, Penza, Leninsky district, street Karpinski, house 48, flat 96, postal code 440018.
Maybe you're not going to spend money on gifts? maybe you start the process on my documents work?
The agency will not start until you make a payment. On the paperwork should be at least one week.
Do you understand that if the agency does not receive the payment confirmation we will have to carry departure date.
Accordingly, this reduces our joint STAYS.
I do not want to lose precious days in your arms!
And you have to give me a word of this man.
You have to make the payment tomorrow or Monday. It deadlines, so as not to carry departure date.
I will finish the letter and I will go to sleep
I want you to come to me in dreams
Hot kisses
your Rita

PS: By the way my mobile off. But even if I have to pay for mobile communication, then you can not reach me.
My mobile tariff does not accept calls even by parents, who live in the Crimea.

Letter 13

my time is 23:30
I am pleased to write to you, but it will be tomorrow
Please understand me and do not be offended
I'm in love with you. And that's a fact!
Think what you want about me but my feeling is not frivolous.
I thought a lot before you confess
I hope for your reciprocity
hot Kiss
your Rita

Letter 14

Hello my dear Romildo
I understand that you will not pay for the services of the agency, because you want to test me.
I understand that you want to see a photo with your gift.
I understand that you do not trust me and want to test my reality.
I understand that you want to save money and get the hype.
But I did not give a reason for the deception. I did not give a reason for suspicion.
I wrote that I could not move my vacation.
and you are ready to cut our meeting, and this is just to test me!
I do not want to read your justification in the next letter.
You hurt me very much !!!
I could not think of what you do to me that way!
today I was waiting for the good news but he was stabbed in the back all your words about feelings does not override your lack of confidence
I'm sorry, I'm sad
I was frank with you
have a nice day

Letter 15

Hello my love Romildo
Please forgive me that you did not answer.
I could not connect to the Internet at home. He does not work
At work, I tried to write you a letter. But my boss saw that I was doing personal affairs and strongly scolded me
I am very guilty before you and you have to forgive me.
I read a letter in Russian
it has been copied from the Internet from the forum
what are you trying to say it ??? I do not understand!
And I find it very strange
I can not understand what you want and what are you waiting for?
I think you're just playing with me
I can not understand or anything that you want me to
Monday will begin my vacation
and if you do not do as promised, I'll go to my parents in the Crimea on the whole holiday
I do not want to live with empty hopes
I fell in love with you but do not feel reciprocity
please answer me honestly!
your Rita

Letter 16

Hello my love Romildo!!!
Please forgive me!
I just was able to connect to the Internet at work.
And I write you a letter. It is not big but all my feelings in these words and letters.
Today is Sunday and I have to go on vacation tomorrow. I asked my boss to postpone vacation for one week
Today I'm going to work. And I very much hope that you answer me good news.
I was in the agency. The manager did not receive payment confirmation. And it is sad!
I understand that you're not trying to do something for our meeting.
I'm really sad about this!
All my thoughts are about this meeting and about this holiday.
But it seems to me that all this empty dream.
Please my dear, tell me honestly!
You do pay tomorrow? or can I cancel my trip?
I need facts and a clear action from you.
I love you and want to be sure you
waiting for an answer
your Rita

Letter 17

my love Romildo
I find the 8 dollars. I can find 108 dollars.
And I can transfer them to the account of the agency today.
Good morning!!! and good day to you!
your Rita

Letter 18

I'm happy?????
I am delighted!!!!
I received an invitation from the manager.
I'm in seventh heaven!
You have no idea how much it means to me is all!
How to sit still? how to think about work when you are in the mind only, and this wonderful journey in Brazil.
Thank you that surprised me and pleased alarmed my heart
I love you and I appreciate it very much!
I hope that the agency will do everything quickly and we will meet with you
Oh my God!!!!!
I am delighted, I cry with happiness!
I love you!
your Rita

Letter 19

Hello my love Romildo
I worked all day and was thinking about you and about the journey to Brazil. I've looked on the internet about Brazil.
But I have not seen such a beautiful picture of the ocean and sunset. I imagine the two of us, we sit on the shore, I stir kicking sand, you hold me and look at me.
As passionate as lovers. I'm burning with desire to see you and feel your warmth!
I write a letter and do not know the way to express my feelings and emotions. You know how long I've waited for such a man as you.
You are my ideal and I am ready to do anything for you. No one can compete with your masculinity, courage and kindness.
I dream of the day, the code we will stay with you together. In the evenings, I know how you take away me in a wonderful place, where everything exists only for the two of us.
This watch will be the happiest for me. I want to dive into your arms, forget everything. Enjoy your presence.
Your arms are strong and gentle when they touch me, I feel safe.
I want to touch you again and again. to feel the thrill.
You give me a dream. I feel elated me that any angel can envy me.
My heart starts to beat faster, my breath away, and shivers run all over the body.
This is Love. I feel that we will be together with you forever. It is my wish, and I'm guessing it always.
I love you, do you hear? I love you! More than anyone in the world. I do not want this world, I do not need anyone without you.
You're the only one you live in my heart. You're the only long-awaited. I can not do without you.
Be always with me. And always remember that I'm forever yours alone, that I really, really love you.
Gently kiss you and I hope that our meeting take place as soon as possible!
I'll finish the job and go take a walk on the evening city.
Oh my God! Give me strength and patience to wait for our meeting at the airport of Sao Paulo.
Promise me that to meet me!
I was a little afraid and worried.
I did not when traveling abroad and I really afraid to get lost in this big city
You have to meet me :)
I love you and I am waiting for news from the agency
and I am waiting for your new e-mail
your angel Rita

Letter 20

Hello my love Romildo
Today was a crazy day.
I combined the job with the paperwork.
I was in the agency and has been in the embassy.
I'm so happy that my work on the document began.
And everything is going so fast and well. I can not believe it!
This is a great happiness for me, because I know that you need me.
Any girl would be happy. But I disliked, I am your favorites now!
And that says a lot in our future relations.
I can not write much now. I have little free time.
But you should know that I do not have enough lifetime to explain your feelings.
Emotions overwhelmed my heart. My heart tremble and jump out of my chest!
Oh my God! it is a nice feeling. I want to close my eyes and open them already in Brazil, at the airport.
You stand with a bouquet of flowers and pull me. Your eyes shine, I cry with happiness!
It's an unforgettable feeling! Thank you and these wonderful moments of my life. Our life!
By the way my favorite flowers tulips. The color is not important. I also love wild flowers, such as daisies.
Of course I'll be delighted with any colors. And Rose is very beautiful.
But roses have thorns. I do not like thorns. I love the tenderness and affection!
And I'll give you all my tenderness and affection when I see you!
I love you!
your Rita

Letter 21

Hello my love Romildo
I can not lose interest in you because you are in my heart
I love you, really I like!
And every night, and every day I think of you!
I'm sorry for not writing yesterday
I still do not have Internet at home
and I am writing to you to work and is very worried that my boss will notice this and will complain
I was in the agency during the lunch break.
He said that your payment has not arrived on the agency's account
and if tomorrow your money does not come at the expense of the agency it will stop work on my documents
This is sad news
but I am personally saw the balance of the bank accounts of the agency. Your payment did not come
Please check the transfer of money and get in touch with the bank
It is very important
I can not bear the vacation for a longer period
By the way my blue eyes
sometimes they have grey-blue shade if my bad mood
if my mood is good that my eyes blue
most likely, eye color is not clear because of the poor quality of the photos
my dear, I will finish my letter and I will wait for news from you and from the agency
I very much hope that tomorrow your money to come to the agency's account manager and be able to finish work on my documents in the near future
I can not stand
I want to meet with you immediately, right now !!!
I love you and miss you very much
your Rita

Letter 22

Hi my love Romildo!!!!!!!
I'm so busy at work. I'm sorry that you did not write yesterday!!!!! please!!!!
I will finish my work by the evening, and will write to you, my love!
Good Sunday to you my warm sun
your Rita

Letter 23

Hello my love love love Romildo
You must forgive me.
I am guilty that I can not answer you every day.
I'm sorry about this situation. But I am very glad that you know this and endure my silence.
I can promise that I will try to write you every day.
But these extra days of driving me crazy.
I want to quickly fly to Brazil, in your warm gentle hug.
I love you, really like very much!
I have great news.
Today I was in the agency and got my international passport and now I'm ready to travel.
It remains to wait when the agency to take your money and get a visa and ticket bookings for me.
Agency manager said that the wait is not long.
He said that by the end of this week I will fly to Brazil !!!
I'm going crazy with happiness, the truth! I can not stop the tears of joy.
It's magical! This is so exciting for me!
The first time I experience those feelings and those emotions.
I love you! And I prove it when arrive to a warm sunny Brazil!
If my home internet will work, I write to you later.
And now I'm going to finish my work and go home
My warm embrace for you, my sun!
Your Bunny misses you
thousand Kisses

Letter 24

Hello, my love! Romildo.
My love, I am very happy that we have been together for May 2nd.
1 May I will fly from Domodedovo airport, then transfer to Munich. Then I fly from Munich to Sao Paulo. My plane will arrive in Sao Paulo on May 2 at 5:35 am. Are you ready to meet me so early in the morning? ?
I feel that you, too, am very pleased. I think you will be happy to meet me. I also really want to see your city, your country, your lifestyle and your interests. You have arranged a tour for me? I'm sure you can me a lot to show and tell. I'm afraid that I would be difficult to see all the sights of the city, because I'm constantly looking at you! :) I want it all very much. And I want to learn a lot from you. But it seems to me that you can not learn something through the letter. Collection only help me get to know you closer and better.
My beloved, Romildo, now I need to go on a corporate party. Today is the birthday of my boss and I can not miss this party. My boss does not appear to work. He is constantly on business trips. I can not catch him. And I need to be there because I have to take a special paper to work for my trip. This paper confirms my ability to pay abroad. Agency manager said that the data I need to tell him. The manager will send this data to the embassy, ??so they made a mark for a visa. After that I will be able to travel freely in Brazil. I'm so glad!!! You're my favorite, opened a new life for me, where have you and I! I am writing this letter to you, and the tears of joy welling in my eyes. Only you can make me the happiest woman on this planet!
I think we deserve a very good joint vacation. Your vacation will be the best! You want to ask why? I will tell you! Because you'll be there with me !!!! I know that you're happy as I am.
My dear, now I need to continue. And after work to go to a party.
I do not want to go there, because after work I like to lie down at home and dream about us. But I have to meet with the boss and take the documents for the visa.
I love you and shaking and sweating from the desire to meet with you as soon as possible.
Kissing you numerous times. Your Rita.

Letter 25

My love Romildo!
Dear sorry that I did not answer yesterday. I just could not.
I got into a terrible situation. And now I want to tell you about it.
Something terrible happened to me! Hard .. so hard ..
It was a terrible! It's scary just thinking about it again, but I think you need to know what happened the yesterday and today.
Darling, the yesterday, at a party, it all started as a rule, they were friendly and positive.
But not all! Only my boss and partner who is the manager...
They quickly got drunk and started behave very rudely. At first they asked me to sing a song I sang.
Then they asked me to sing one more, and I also sang.
Later, my boss asked me to go with him to talk about work separate room in the club.
I immediately thought, incorrectly, but squeezed my hand and led me to just push forward.
We had to go almost through the whole club, and nobody paid any attention to us...
Oh, I do not think that I worked with this man for 5 years.
He opened the door and I saw where he was an ugly companion.
He sat on the couch and drank beer. My boss pushed me inside and started conversation.
Darling, I'm still in shock, but you're the only person I can say everything!
Dear I'm sorry, that was unable to write to you earlier, I just was not able to, I do not want anyone to talk and share my thoughts.
I realized that in Russia. Could not possibly go on living because everything is purchased for the money here if you do not give in to anyone that, then you will try to deny power to trample in the mud your faith and hope for a brighter future.
Dear I love only you. If you were close at this moment.
I began to talk about you that I'm going to go abroad for my upcoming vacation, our long-term partnerships...
He was very drunk and said all nonsense! I tried to interrupt him, but he was silent, his partner yes sings him.
It was for him as entertainment, present. Then he started asking questions.
It was like questioning. I burst into tears and asked them what they were released me and stopped to determine how to live.
And at this moment is worse. My boss grabbed me and started to undress, I strongly pulled forward and bit his arm, and he has weakened the grip...
I flew out of the room, knocking people on my way.
The last thing I heard the loud laughter of his friend and my boss . Now he is not my boss ... He shouted to me as follows: "Get out, selling a whore, you're fired!"
I was running and crying, not believing what had happened. It was a real shock.
With this man, we worked and he did so vile in front of everyone guests...
All night I cried at home, I was disgusted at heart, I was never able to get online in order to write you immediately about the incident.
Yesterday I had cried all the night and thought what to do.
Only you can understand me, read my soul, and bring joy to my heart.
When I awoke, I realized that I need to withdraw money from a plastic cards, and my manager did not freeze on my account ..
But it was too late. At my credit card had no money. He did not pay me anything the last few months... How he treated me terribly.
Romildo my love, I am very sad to say this, I hope that you love me Support is... I love you...
I immediately realized that this could be a problem in my journey.
When I filled out the forms for the preparation of an international passport and visa I indicated that I have a job and to renew my solvency.
But now, when I lost my job, I felt it necessary contact a travel agency.
I remember that the manager told me that in accordance with the laws of Russian Federation The Russian Tourism and travel abroad - I need money on my bank account.
My dear, the law is very difficult, but I try to explain ..
The minimum amount of 2000 USD, for Brazil. I have two of the country with such a trip must be entered for the tourist.
This amount received will be show on custom serves at the airport, before I can get on the plane.
This is law of Russian Federation therefore it is necessary.
Manager Egor Mudlovich found a way to solve this problem.
I can get a new bank account. The travel agency has a partnership with the bank "Alpha".
Egor Mudlovich had to speak with the manager in the bank, and inform him of this situation, and he gladly agreed to help us. They will begin to organize my new bank account tomorrow.
But they can not create a bank account of the necessary amount of money.
Dear, I do not know to whom I can ask for help...
After all, what happened the yesterday and today a bad day...
Honey, I'm free to work, I'm free to my dream of modeling, and I’m broken.
I can not get money out of thin air, I'm so sorry.
Dear, if you can help and send money to the customs services for the travel agency to create a new bank account for me...
I learn everything, because I so want to be with you my love Romildo.
Creating a bank account will require 2-3 days maximum.
If everything will be done on time, on our part, account will be ready for next week and we will see each other on next week.
Once the bank account will be ready and the money will be there.
I will have a bank account and can travel abroad and prove my ability to pay abroad.
This bank account and a card with the money I can get on custom service and fly to Brazil.
On that day, when I fly to you, my love, we can proceed to ATM and withdraw the money together!
You must understand that this procedure is only formal and have to be shown at custom service at the airport. But I lost work and can not approve my ability to pay abroad in accordance with the law.
But it is law of Russian Federation about travel so that is why it is so important.
My love Romildo now I can only hope on you. Only you can help me. There is no one to whom I can ask for help.
Darling, please write a letter to a travel agency and ask them how you can help me!
I count on your help and I do not know what I can do now.
Remember, you swore to me that will help in any situation, always support me.
At the moment, is a complete disaster. My love I need your help right now.
Please write a letter my honey and help me.
I just want to be with you.
This situation has to be agreed as soon as possible because without this money, I can not fly to you.
And I do not want to delay our meeting!
And after all that is happening now...
I lose everything and want to be with you only...
I love you.
You should know that I gave you my heart!
You can dispose of them as you like.
My heart belongs only to you.
Your faithful angel Rita.

Letter 26

I believe your promises. But it may be better to organize my trip to Brazil?
I am ready to ask for money from friends, because I understand that it is a lot of money.
But I'm not sure that I could take the whole amount.
You understand me correctly. If I come to the parents, they think of me?
I do not want to talk to them about this situation, I'm afraid that my parents would not be able to understand it
they know about you
They know about our relationship but if I tell them about the situation with the work, then they will think badly about me
I do not know what to do and what to do next
I am ready to drop everything and go to Brazil now!
but how do I get a visa?
I'm afraid that you do not believe me
This is true? you do not believe in it?
you wrote to the manager?
He said that the bank will make an account with the name of the two. your name and my name
you'll be a full-fledged owner of the bank card and I can not withdraw the money in Russia
Card will only work in Brazil
so the manager said
This ensures the safety of your money
I can do without you in Brazil?
or anything!
I want to fly to you!
I love you and want your understanding and support

Letter 27

What is the end of June?
my dear!
I do not want to stay here until June!
I have to fly to you tomorrow!
we have to wait so long for this day!
And now you're putting off our meeting to 2 months in advance ???
I do not understand! What for? Just tell me that you can not help me!
and I will look for the damn money!
I will find the money
I'm ready to go on the offense to find the money
but I do not want to stay here and wait for two months !!!
Now I go to sleep
and tomorrow I hope to get your blessing and support
I need you now very much
I love you
and I kept my honor for you
if you is not an argument I do not know how to prove to you my feelings
I love you
your Rita