Scam letter(s) from Diana to Jay (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello! My name is Diana! I am 35 years old! I'm looking for a serious relationship! I am writing this letter to you because I like you! If I like you and you're looking for a serious relationship, please write me an answer! If you answer me, I will write to you about me and send you my pictures. I'll be glad to meet you! Diana.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Jay!
I am very glad to see your letter again!
Thank you for such a beautiful picture, I am very pleased. And you, too, take the dog with him to swim?
Such a cute little dog! And what her breed? That's lapdog?
As I said, for me this first experience with a man from another country.
And before you talked with the girls on the internet from another country? Or is it because you have the first time?
Honestly, you do the first man with whom I started a serious dialogue after my divorce.
I would like to tell you a little about his past life, if you do not mind, and you will understand why I decided to look for online dating.
As I said, once I was married, and now I am in divorce about four years.
With her ex-husband for a long time we met, before he made me an offer, I was incredibly happy with it!
At first everything was fine, but then it happened irreparable, I found the opposite direction of her husband.
I took a classic situation, I returned home from work earlier than usual, and saw her husband alone with a strange woman.
I could not hold back her tears, and of course I became hysterical, my ex-husband began to scream at me.
He thought that he would be able to reassure me cry, but I was hurt inside the heart was pounding so hard, they do not ever beat.
And then he went very badly, he just came up and hit me in the face and I fell to the floor ...
Then I filed for divorce, I had my reasons and evidence that I with this person is no longer on the road.
Soon I learned that these were constant infidelity, even before the wedding, my husband cheated on me constantly.
It was really painful and that is why I am a long time could not believe men. That is why all the time after the divorce, I was alone.
For a long time I was hurt and I could not hold back tears every night, but once I decided for myself that it is not necessary to cry out for such ****.
At that moment I was very supported by my parents, whom I love and respect, who immediately took me into his life.
My father was and still is for me the most important man in my life, and I am grateful to him and my mother for everything that they did for me.
Unfortunately, I am an only child, as my parents could not make the second for a reason.
My friend, you have brothers or sisters? What you do with them relations? You often get together? What is your relationship with your parents?
I hope that it will soon be able to see your letter, and I hope to learn more about it in your life.
At this point I do not say goodbye to you, but I want to tell you soon, your Diana
Letter 3
Hello my friend Jay!
Again, I'm glad to see your letter in my mailbox!
I read in the Internet about your dog, and almost turned out to be right,
Lowchen your close relative is a lap dog. Dog - an aristocrat.
I'm sorry you that you had to go through a bitter experience with the girls from my country.
I do not think anyone in Russia can cash in on the feelings of others, it is very sad!
My friend, the last letter I told you about the divorce from her husband, and he once broke my feelings.
After that, it was hard to start communicating with the men, all because of my trust in the male *** was gone.
I have always been honest and open in front of people, but these qualities have brought me, and then it is very difficult to trust people.
I was open and honest with her husband, and had always been kind to him, and he took advantage of me and as a result it turned out that I was very sick.
And I would not want someone to play again on my feelings and took advantage of my trust, that is what I have got this conversation.
In the world a lot of deception and lies, but lies have never led anyone to anything good, do you agree with me?
So I would like to see our communication and correspondence was based only on honesty, for me it is very important.
At this point in my life closer to me there is no one except my parents, and they have always supported me in everything.
I sometimes envied their parents, but of course, white, good envy that they love each other.
I never heard my father ever abused my mother, much less raise a hand on her.
They always shine with happiness when they are together, and I'm glad they Fortunately, I'm glad that they met in this life.
I'm sorry for what I pour out the soul in this letter, but for me it is very important these things, and I would like you to know about this.
Besides the parents I have a few friends with whom I like to spend time.
We communicate with school-age children, and try to always and everywhere to help each other and support each other.
We often get together to take a stroll or just sit in a cafe and drinking a cup of tea and a piece of cake to discuss how last week.
I am grateful to my friends that they released me from this veil that covered me after the divorce.
Only thanks to them I believed in myself and decided to try to start a chat with the man over the Internet.
Do you have friends with whom you love to spend time? There are people with whom you are communicating all my life, and who knows all about you?
I am glad to know you, and I'm starting to get used to the fact that I need to check your emails from you.
When I write a letter to you, I feel very easy, and I am pleased that you are listening to me and discuss various topics with me.
My friend, on this I conclude my letter and I hope that will soon see your answer.
Your friend Diana
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Jim!
Your letters bring a new experience in my life and every time your letters adorn my day.
I want to apologize for something that does not always answer you right away, but I said that I did not always have access to the Internet.
Thank you for the beautiful picture, I liked your photos.
Today I have a very difficult day, sometimes it happens when you put a lot of lessons in the timetable.
I love children and I like to teach them and to conduct lessons, but this is not always as easy as it seems.
I think that in every classroom there are bullies who sometimes try to disrupt the lesson because of his poor upbringing.
And it is very hard when you have to keep yourself in the hands and at the same time appease the baby with bad behavior.
I always keep myself in his hands and there was not a single case that I could chastise his disciple.
But one very hard to cope with negative emotions that you are at the end of the working day.
And so I wanted to come home, where I met a man who could always support me.
But I beg you not to think about that every day of my very heavy, in fact it is not so often, but it happens.
I would not like to show off a dull girl, I'm actually a positive person and I like all have their own interests.
Also loved the work, where I spend most of my time, I like to go in for sports and go to the gym.
I try to attend classes in the hall about 2-3 times a week, depending on the schedule of the lessons that I have to spend.
I also like to cook, try to constantly look for new recipes to surprise their parents, they really like the way I cook.
My parents say that I have a talent for cooking. You know how to cook? What kind of food do you like?
I do not like to go to clubs, because I can not look at the behavior of today's youth club.
Nowadays nothing is appreciated than money, *** and drugs, and I am ashamed to look at the girls, who are willing to do anything for money.
I just do not understand these girls who can go to bed with someone who they do not like and do not have feelings for him.
Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I am grateful to such education, which parents gave me and by which I did not fall face in the dirt.
My friend, I would like to hear about your relation to the clubs and the youth of today? How do you feel about this issue?
Yet despite all the problems that are all around us, I'm sure that in the world there are good people.
And I'm sure that I met with one of them, and I feel very pleased by such thoughts.
My friend, yesterday I told my parents that I talk with a man from another country, I hope you do not mind?
At this point I want to finish my letter, and I hope that I will see your answer soon.
I wish you a good day, your friend Diana
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend Jim!
Your letter again made me smile and you gave me a good mood.
I feel that our correspondence becomes an important part of my life, and I'm glad that it's mutual.
What I have not heard such a film, about which you say ?! Maybe I do not understand?
Before our correspondence with you, I did not even think that I would need a home internet. It was like I did not need.
I missed and work computer. And on my work, I can only give an old computer that is only possible to print,
only for work! Thank you for your kind words, for me it is very important!
I can cook any meal of Russian cuisine. All sorts of dishes from chicken. And like to try new recipes.
I was not when in another country, as that all was not possible.
My dear friend, yesterday I spent a wonderful evening with my parents and they told me some stories from my childhood.
I was surprised to hear some of the stories, as I myself do not remember it, and parents tell me about it first.
It all started when I saw an old family album, and decided to look at the photo, and my parents joined me.
On one of the photos, I was dressed in a nurse costume, and I asked the parents why a nurse.
They told me that as a child I always said that I want to be a doctor to save animals or humans.
There was a lot of fun when I tried to treat our cat, bandaged his legs and head in bandages.
Of course, my cat was healthy, I just showed him leaving, and I liked doing it so my parents say.
Also, I was told that if mom or dad was sick and stayed in bed with a high fever, I always sat near them.
I had a set of children's health, and I'm using it to try to cure his parents.
My parents have always played along with me, so I thought I was cured, and she put them on their feet.
My parents told me that my childhood had a craving for help, and so they said that since then nothing has changed.
I spent a great evening and it was funny to hear these stories from my childhood, I think everyone would be interesting to hear such stories.
My childhood dream has not come true, and I became a teacher, but I think that my work is also very useful.
My friend, who as a child dreamed of being you? Can you tell me excerpts from his childhood? As it passed?
After our last conversation, I could not sleep for a long time and a lot of thinking about that, as well, if a person has a dream.
I still have dreams, but they are no longer children, and adults, and those dreams are associated with family life.
I always wanted to have a small house, which would be dominated by mutual understanding, peace, trust and harmony.
These are the qualities that I would like to observe in a relationship, and I believe that nothing is more important than that.
I never chased riches and glory, for I have absolutely never been important as a man of money.
I never measured the happiness in money, because I saw repeatedly examples of that rich people are not happy in the family.
These considerations have led me to the conclusion that we should not despair if childhood dreams have not come true, you have to believe and achieve, and then everything will turn out.
You agree with me? I would be very interested to hear your opinion about it.
I'm sorry, but I have to go and finish it your letter today.
See you soon, your Diana
Letter 6
Hello my dear friend Jim!
Your letter gray again brightened my day and I have great pleasure in answering you!
Honestly, in the morning when I go to work, you probably already want to come the break between lessons.
I do not get bored by your letters, I am pleased to read them! I liked your letter, I have not
I met a man who would be so much and happy to talk about the preparation of various dishes!
I believe that every self-respecting man should be able to cook meat! And you know how to cook almost everything!
I do not know how Russian dish, I can surprise you! But I come up with something!
I would love to hear your opinion about me, you like me? Could you introduce me to your couple?
I'm not thinking anything bad, I do not want to rush things, I just very interested to know what you think of me.
I would like to say that I am glad that between us struck up such a friendship, and it continues to grow.
I would have never imagined that I would communicate with someone from another country.
If a few months ago I was told that I would associate with a man by correspondence, I would not believe it and just smiled, thinking it was a joke.
But now I realize that this is happening to me, and this is my reality, I'm very happy.
I am with you very easily, I like to tell you about my life, I like the fact that you treat everyone with understanding.
I have never met a man with whom I could discuss things like my last marriage or his childhood.
Before I met you I have not met a man who could not hear me and support throughout.
I am pleased that loves me, and with ease telling me about his life.
To be honest, I could always give in to the revelations only with her friends, because she could not believe that in the world there are men like you.
Each your letter makes me realize that my life is not lost, that I can still enjoy life.
You know, at my age in my country, if a woman is alone, she is unlikely to be able to start a family.
But thanks to your letters and your support, I feel much younger and much more confident.
Your letter made me realize that my life is not so gray and boring as I thought before.
Thanks to you, I realized that the world around us, we create ourselves, but we need support for this, and for me this turned out to support you.
I do not know how to thank you for what you have discovered a whole world in front of me, and thanks to you I start to enjoy life again.
Of course, we will deal with you quite a bit, but these few letters helped me to open up.
I am very glad that I have found you, and let you away from me, but still I feel your support and I think that you're very close.
My dear friend, I hope that my words do not scare you, I'm just beginning to feel certain emotions when dealing with you.
And I wanted to tell you about it, I wanted you to know how to change my correspondence with you.
Unfortunately, I have to finish this letter again and get back to work.
I'll be waiting for your early reply, your girlfriend Diana
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jim!
I would like to tell you my boy or my favorite, you do not mind that?
I tried to call you, but the tube into the machine said that this number is dialed is not correct or is not there.
I do not know how you call ?! Your four-legged friend always slept on the chair, it's probably his favorite chair?
I too was very happy hug! you wrote about the parmesan cheese. When it is added to the vegetables it is not necessary to add salt? Did I undestand you right?
It is too salty? I just do not when I did not try to do so.
I hope you will not laugh at what I want to tell you, but I think I have a certain feeling to you.
I'm not talking about the great love and extraterrestrial feelings, but I feel that you have become a very important and necessary person in my life.
Every day I get to work with great pleasure, and I want to come at me quickly break, to read a letter from you.
I go to my job even more fun, and it's all thanks to the fact that in my life you came.
My dear, you are more fill my mind and my heart, and I can not keep all these feelings and emotions.
I would like to tell you about them, and I ask you to take seriously what I say because I'm not used to joke with such things.
Since then, as soon as we met, I felt a certain urge to communicate with you.
With our every new letter, I would like to spend more time on the computer to communicate with you.
After I came back from work in the evening, I thought about you and your letters, and always wanted to come as soon as possible a new day.
My dear, thanks to you I realized that the world is not as gray and boring, and that in this world there are honest men.
I'm starting to be confident that I could count on you, and in spite of my past experience, I begin to trust you.
My world began to acquire the paint, which I did not notice for a long time, and I realized that I can love and be loved.
Every day I feel that I just need you in my life, and I'm not afraid to admit it.
First of all, I admitted it to herself when she realized that the colorful world will collapse if I do not see your letters.
Now, I confess this to you, and you know, I am now writing to you about it, and I feel like I feel much happier.
I was afraid to confess her feelings, because I thought that you did not perceive my words seriously.
But now I feel that everything is different, now I'm not afraid to say that in love with you, and with every passing day my feelings grow.
With you, I began to forget about his past life, and the pain, which seemed to me will never go and I can not forget it.
But now it's different, now my heart is healed scars on you and your letters have become a balm for me.
I hope that when - that you will support me as I repeat that I have very few people I can trust, but you were able to get into my trust and stole my heart.
I ask you to tell me if I hurry event, but I really could no longer remain silent.
My dear, many around me have noticed how I've changed since the beginning of the communication with you.
I want to end this letter to say once again that I'm in love with you.
I want to give you a gentle kiss from the heart.
Your Diana
Letter 8
Just a quick note to tell you I tried to call from my home phone and got a message I did not have the right carrier, for some reason I cannot find your email on my iPad that shows your phone number. I may have deleted it in error. For some reason your mail sometimes comes to my junk folder and I move them to my inbox.
If you can resend the entire email then I will have your photos I did write your email on a pad but I may have made a mistake.
What I wrote down was 7 912 707 87 20. Is this right. I also sent a text to that number and am not sure if you got it
Letter 9
Hello my favorite Jim!
Your letter gave me back a lot of impressions and good mood for the whole day!
Your stories about your four-legged friend is not when will not tire me.
I enjoy listening to your stories about him.
Phone number I gave you the right, but do not know why you can not get through.
You used to call someone on another continent? In other countries? How does this happen?
You can call at any time, but better after 3 pm, I end with the lessons and I can speak on the phone.
Today when I woke up I had a great mood, but when I spent the first lesson, it has deteriorated sharply.
I've already told you that sometimes I are students with bad behavior that can spoil the mood.
And today was just a student who tried to disrupt my lesson, but I tried hard to prevent it.
Despite the fact that I did it, though the rest of negative emotions was, and I could not hide it.
And I knew that the sadness I can only save your letter, and you can not imagine how glad I am that you have written to me!
Now, when I read your letter, sadness seemed to evaporate, and I'm back in good spirits.
I say this to the fact that is very important to me your letters, they create the perfect mood for me.
I'm concerned about your support, and every day I am more and more begin to think about how it would be nice to be with us.
Today, when I finished my lesson, after which I had a bad mood, I thought about you.
I thought that it would be very nice if I could come to you and just share with you what happened to me.
I know that you would support me, and again to set up a job, this is what I am missing right now.
I miss these evening conversations about how the day went, where I could share with you impressions.
Where I could share with you, and sad and joyful events, and just listen to what you have accumulated during the day.
During our correspondence, I realized that we need each other, and we are good to support each other.
We understand each other like no other, and I believe that we have found each other in this big world, do you agree with me?
I found someone who was looking for so long, and sometimes I just can not believe it.
I did not expect to meet you, but fate has given us to each other, and I am grateful for this gift.
My dear, at this point I'd like you to be together and I could not write, and say all these words in your eyes.
It would be nice if I came not to the computer, but as you could sit down with you and talk about everything.
It would be much nicer to talk to you, and my problems and successes, than to write about it.
I think I would just forget about all the problems, when I saw you and would look at your smile.
I imagined we were sitting in a cafe with a cup of tea, just look at each other and understand that we need each other.
My dear, you needed me, without you and your support, I can not imagine my world!
Now I can again begin its work, but in a good mood, and it's all thanks to you!
I end this letter with love and a strong kiss, your Diana
Letter 10
Hello my beloved Jim!
Your letter was one of the bright and airy event today!
Today I have a wonderful day, and I do have a reason for joy!
Firstly I am pleased that between us, glad our reciprocity and glad that I met you in this life!
It is certainly the brightest period of my life, and every day I smile, and that smile is dedicated only to you, my dear.
There is another reason that graced my day today and has given cause for rejoicing.
The director of our school today wrote an order to the next holiday for employees of our school.
In the past year I have not been on leave due to the fact that I had a lot of time to pay for additional lessons.
And I made the list and soon I will be able to go on vacation for a month, you just can not imagine how glad I am that!
The same accounting school gave me a small premium for the fact that I spent tutoring.
My dear, I really need a vacation so that I was able to bring their thoughts in order.
Lately, I've a lot of time thinking about you and less time thinking about work and other matters.
My dear, I realize that this may sound quickly, but I think that to spend the holidays with you.
This thought occurred to me at once, as soon as I learned that soon I will go on vacation.
I thought that it would be nice to spend that time next to my dear man.
I came to this conclusion and decided that if you do not mind, I would come to you, to know each other.
I think this is an ideal chance for both of us to get closer to each other and check out all the feelings that we talked about.
And get to know your friend ******, whom you so much love to confess.
I would like to hear what you think about this? You could take me in?
I can not insist on this, but I want to say that I'm ready for this meeting.
I want to meet the man, the thought of which prevent me from sleeping and working lately.
I want to spend time looking you in the eye and not looking at the computer monitor, and at the same time to write you a letter.
All that I want to tell you you can not write a letter, and can not convey all the feelings and emotions through the Internet.
There is nothing better than a personal meeting only at the meeting, we would be able to fully open.
Every day I think its about you, and I think that it is time to meet with those who I think constantly.
I think that now is the perfect time to meet in order to give our senses even greater force.
Now, when our senses are opened to each other, we have to develop them.
And in my opinion, the meeting - the most perfect development of our senses and the relationship between us.
My dear, I hope you seriously carry to my letter and I will wait for your decision.
I end my letter with love and a gentle kiss for you, your Diana
Letter 11
Hello my favorite Jim!
Your letter gave me a great mood, and thanks to you on my face again a smile!
I am very pleased that you are ready to go to the next level of our relationship!
I understand your hint.
I just do not know where I want, what would you met me? I think that you yourself decide where you will be comfortable to meet me.
I'm not afraid of the cool weather, we now have the temperature of minus 22 degrees cold. So it is for me not to be a problem.
My dear, is now a very good opportunity for us to test our relationship.
And we must not lose this opportunity. We will have plenty of time to get to know each other in real life.
I'm a little worried, because I had never been abroad, I think that this trip to you, my excitement immediately passes.
My dear, yesterday I took advice from a friend of mine, who was a few times abroad.
She told me that, in order that I could come to you, I will need to sign a contract with a travel agency.
She gave me the address of a good agency, which has already proved itself in our city.
The agency I have to give full information on the cost of the flight to your country, but I need the name of the airport, where you could meet me.
Then I will be able to give an exact cost of the ticket and all documents required for the flight.
My dear, I'm going to go to the agency in the near future as soon as get from you the necessary information.
Just today I spoke with the director of our school that maybe I need more time on vacation.
I explained to him the situation that I'm going to come to you, and he understood me.
He told me that if need be, I will be able to find a replacement at the time, while I will not be in the country.
So I have no problems with the work, I am very glad that my boss came into my position!
Now I just have to wait for your letter to learn about the airport in which you can meet me.
And then I immediately go to a travel agency, which I advised my friend.
As soon as I go to the agency, I immediately tell you about all the details of my trip to you!
My dear, I told my parents that I suggested you meet, and they fully support me in this.
They said that for both of us it will be much better than the dialogue by correspondence.
They are very happy for us that our relationship has grown into a cordial relationship between us and any tender feelings.
We met a very unusual way, and I feel that you are the person that I lacked.
I'm glad you feel the same way about me.
What is happening between us needs to be developed, and the best development of our relations will be when we will be next to each other.
Now all my thoughts are filled with only you and the meeting, which should take place soon.
I'll wait for your letter, and then I can write you all that know the agency.
I end my letter, I hope that your answer will be forthcoming.
With love, your Diana
Letter 12
Hello my favorite Jim!
I have long thought before writing this letter to you.
I beg you not to think of anything bad, I just feel ashamed in front of you, and now you will understand why.
My dear, as I promised, I went to the agency to find out about the possibility of my visit to your country.
I learned the price for the trip, and it turned out that the visit to your country is too expensive for me.
To travel to you I need a passport, which costs 80 dollar.
Also, I will need to undergo a medical examination and to insure their lives, it will cost 150 dollar.
These documents and the procedures necessary for me because I had never been abroad, so without it I do not come to you.
I will need a visa to enter your country, which will be given to me for 3 months (90 days) and the cost is 75 dollar.
My dear, so I'll have to buy a ticket, which is very expensive - 950 dollar.
Also, I will need to buy a train ticket to Moscow, as it would be sending to Moscow, it would cost 80 dollar.
So I'll have to pay the travel agency services, these services will cost me 90 dollar.
The total cost of my trip to you is 1425 dollar! Honey, it's a lot of money for me.
I've already talked about that in the accounting department of the school, I was given the award, and I had a little savings.
But it's too small a part of the required amount, only 460 dollar, and I do not have another 965 dollar.
My dear, I do not have that kind of money, and so I can not pay for their own services agency.
My parents can not help me, because they pay the loan, which was taken for repairs in the apartment.
My favorite Jim, I am very ashamed because I broke our dreams of a happy meeting, I did not keep my promise.
I understand that I gave you hope for the future, but I can not do it.
I did not expect that in our country this financial situation, and very recently the dollar rose against the Russian currency.
And so my savings greatly impaired.
I repeat that I am very ashamed, and if I could only pay for the services the agency itself, it would do it without hesitation.
But now I am powerless and at the moment nothing from me regardless, I do not think that a trip to your country would be so expensive.
We both decided to contact you, we need to move to a new level of relations, and I am very hurt by the fact that I am powerless at the moment.
Now, with tears in his eyes, I'm going home, that would calm down, so I end my letter.
My darling, I love you and I'll wait for your answer with impatience. Shame in the eyes I'm sending you this letter ...
But I hope you understand me and you will not get mad at me with love, your Diana
Letter 13
Hello my favorite Jim.
I was glad to see your message today.
I understand you, that you will be more convenient for me to buy a ticket, paying their card Master Card.
But I wish that you would understand me. I live in a small provincial town.
If I am going all the necessary documents, I have the most to go to Moscow in the Embassy of Canada for permission to enter the country, make visa and other documents, and it will be the same in another city. I will spend more time and money, if I'm going to do it yourself.
I will enter into a contract with a travel agency, in terms of which, I have ordered all the documents and air ticket through a travel agency.
This is for me, it will be cheaper and faster than I will do it all by herself. I hope you understand me and can help me.
I realize that the best time to travel to your country will be in the summer. But again, I will not be sure that I will give leave. Because I worked last summer, I conducted the preparatory activities for preschoolers. Until now, I offer a chance to get out on vacation, I do not want to lose this opportunity, what would you see.
Lately, I can not not think about anything except you and our emergency meeting. I want to be with you as soon as possible.
I am very much in love with you and I value our relationship. I do not want to lose you. For me, you have become very dear person.
I'll be waiting eagerly for your letter and your decision.
I love tenderly kiss and embrace, your Diana.
Letter 14
Hello my favorite Jim.
I am very pleased to read your letter.
Thank you for a beautiful and funny photos, they bring a smile to me. How I want to be near you right now.
I understand you and your desire to help me just like that. But I explained to you, I have to do what I could for you to come. I want to ask you if you want to pay for the cost of my ticket, maybe you can contact a travel agency, and you can have a direct pay my ticket? A missing amount, I'll try to find yourself.
Because I told you that I'll have to have to pay the entire cost of my trip will be faster for me this whole process.
That e-mail Travel agency On it you'll be able to make the request and the agency will give you an official answer, and tell the details of my trip and the cost of the ticket.
My dear Jim, I love that you're so romantic. Maybe this and I missed all these years, did not have enough of the romance!
I am grateful to you for that. I am pleased that you have found a common language with children. I think that when you communicate with kids, you feel, it becomes a little bit younger. This is a very good feeling.
My favorite, I really miss you and really want to be with you as soon as possible.
Your stories than when not tire me. It seems to me that you have for me many more stories, and we will have a long time to come, that they would all listen.
I'll wait for your next letter.
With love for your eternal, Diana
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Name: Angel Smith
Age: 33
Name: Ashley Ward
Age: 35
Name: Jannet Smith
Age: 29
Name: Mary Donyaga
Age: 33
Name: Rosalinda
Age: 26
Name: Anastasia Cherem
Age: 39
Name: Olga Mahova
Age: 26
Name: Maureen Juma
Age: 31
Name: Mikaela
Age: 25
Name: Dana
Age: 28
Name: Anna Saenko
Age: 27
Name: Jennifer Burton
Age: 29
Name: Vera Tokareva
Age: 27
Name: Marina Rudenko
Age: 32
Name: Jennifer Rose
Age: 27