Scam letter(s) from Mia Acker to Sam (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Honey how are you doing? I hope you slept well and you headache is better now. I don’t know what is more romantic, the thought of meeting you soon or the dream I had about you last night. Good morning.
Hope to talk to you soon.
Always Love, Mia.
Letter 2
Hello Darling, how are you doing? Hope you slept well, I have been thinking about you and missing you so much. I dream about you while rolling around in bed, remembering all the romantic things you’ve said. I think about you, with every breath I take, baby you are the icing on my life’s cake. Good morning. Hope to read from you soon. Always Love, Mia.
Letter 3
Hello Darling, nice reading from you. I have been waiting to hear from you and sorry to hear about your missing phone.. Yes, that's for breakfast honey, before anything thanks for the compliment and know that I'm real and witty. Okay that means you will be talking to me from the library until you get a new phone. Don't worry, we will still be communicate and I'm sure you will get back your contacts. I have read the mail from UPS and I already told you to claim it back, and we can work something better out for us. Honey, there's nothing going on, it's just that where I am with my aunt isn't well developed place and very hard for deliveries, I want you to know that I love you and want to be with you. I will never hurt you in anyway, I'm looking for true love and which I have found in you. I will never ever throw what we have away. I'm the one here and know what's going on. All I want from you is just for you to trust me just like I do trust you and in the process of making thing more better for us. I Love you so much and will never do anything to hurt you. If you don't have a cell phone now, you can claim back the one you sent me and you can use it, as I want to be talking to you everyday. Please know that I'm here just to make you happy and I love you and want to be in your warm arms. Hope to read from you soon. Love, Mia
Letter 4

Hi love, nice reading from you... I understand how you feel baby, I will never do anything to hurt you because you have been so good to me. It's not anyone who can do what you do my love, I really appreciate and will be coming to you as soon as I'm done with my patrimony. I was more than happy to have met you, thanks for the compliment and will make you happy everyday and also show you the love that I have I stored for you, I will let it all out when I see you... Yes darling, I want to be with you as a couple, I know life together is going to be so beautiful.. Thanks for having trust in me and we will be so wonderful together.. I understand the doubts you have but not to worry, I got your landline and I will call before you know it. I have fallen for you too in a very big way and I will make you the proudest and happiest man... I will give and show you love. I will come to you and will live with you forever. That's okay, it's better it comes back to you then we know it's in a safe place. Because this place isn't well developed they don't come around But not to worry we will get to talk and also what about your cell phone you were going to get? Okay. I will catch you then, so we can get to talk then, take care and I love you so much. Kisses,

Letter 5
Wow, I'm happy you got a new phone and that will be easy for our communication.. If you have the hangouts app on your phone. you just have to search my name. I sent you a message on hangouts and I guess you got it. If yes we can chat from there., but if not then search for my name in your hangouts list and you will see me.. Hope to read from you. Love, Mia.
Letter 6
Good morning my love, Thank you for making time to talk to me yesterday, it was very important because you were on my mind and a lot happened yesterday between the attorney and myself. How are you doing and how is life treating you? I am up with thoughts of you in my head. I miss you each time we do not talk. A lot what revealed to me yesterday, I see better days ahead my love. We have a life together and for that matter, we will make love to each other forever as forever is such a long time. You are my life and the one I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with. Thank you for all the support and care , most important the love and affection you have shown me. I love you for the smiles you put on my face and the monetary support also. I appreciate your effort in my life *** Attorney Wayne who has been my late fathers attorney and a family lawyer explained the issues concerning my patrimony . My father made a contract bond between him and a security company 4 years ago but the contract accumulated a demurrage 3 years and 5 months. The said patrimony contains 48 KG of Gold bars and a trank worth 1.2 million dollars in cash but can not be consumed because it has stamps all over the money. The security company thought the package was abandon after so many years and in order to get the the God bars and the trank out , we will have to pay for the demurrage of $200 a month for 3 years and 5 months which will sum up to $8,200. I told the attorney about you and how our lives are completely together as one ***, how about you contact him on my behalf for better explanation and solution. E mail - Hope to read from you soon. Love, Mia....xx
Letter 7
A good day and compliments to you , I must start by thanking you for your time and note sent earlier on , I am Wayne Hill, a hardworking attorney from United states who has served clients primarily in Jacksonville and Houston, including communities in Australia ,Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah and Germany . I've provided clients with dedicated legal representation for criminal charges, family issues, and other matters , I'm currently working with the Seventh Law Group and my goal is to help Ms Mia Acker get everything of her late father's in order . I was taught that every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of social status, education level, or background. This lesson holds true when helping clients deal with a variety of complex legal issues, and it is the foundation of my practice.

Advocating for your best interests — I will vigorously negotiate on your behalf to achieve the desired outcome. I am not intimidated by the opposing counsel, no matter how big they are or who they represent. My objective is to fight for you at every step.

Keeping you informed — Your case cannot have a good outcome without your involvement is what i tell my clients. I will keep you abreast of the latest developments so you can also address any concerns you have at every step and give you the information you need to make good decisions regarding your case. That's just by the way your information confirmed about Ms Mia Acker is very valid and will go ahead to give you the details you need to be sure about all this . Well to make things easy to one's understanding , I will attached a copy of the deposit Certificate and on that you will get to know the precious Stones and Funds were deposited for a safe keeping purpose by Ms Mia Acker's late Dad who made an upfront payment for 4 years before he was deceased . Yes i agree you have to go through the Documents before taking another step ahead , But on the other hand i can't share Documents with other Solicitors if we're not working on a case together . So as it stands now i advice you not to share any documents sent to you with any third- party . You can multiply 200 x 41 and see how much we will have to pay the Security Company .I am dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcome to your legal issue..I will achieve this through hard work, careful preparation, and vigorous advocacy in the courtroom when needed. As my client, I will know you by your name, not a case number. Hope you received a tailored answer to your questions . Have an exuberant day .
Letter 8
Hello Honey, How are you doing today? Mornings are the loneliest part of the day because that is when I need you the most to give me warm hugs and cute cuddles. I miss you, good morning. Hope to talk to you soon. Love, Mia.
Letter 9
Geetings . A good day to you , I must start by thanking you for your time and note . I agree it would be a good start if we get to meet sometime soon , But at this point i will advice you allow me take care of everything and make sure its in place then i will notify you to fly here so we can take it from there . I'm suggesting that because i'm curretly stationed in Florida my son Josh takes care of the Office in Texas . At this point you will have to trust me about getting a job well done after that we can work on getting you here so we can continue from there . You can write back as soon as you receive this so we can work on getting the funds together and proceed with the payment . Till i read from you again have an exuberant day .
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