Scam letter(s) from Dorothy to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi :) How are you doing? I found your profile on a dating site large network of common databases dating and decided to write you because I liked you. I hope I'm just like me you. I live in the Czech Republic in Prague. I'm not married and looking chat and maybe a serious relationship later. I write with a working address. Write me on my home e-mail address: so it will be comfortable for me to write you and send many photos. I'm waiting for your answer now, and I will answer you.
Letter 2
Hey. this is Dorothy. my box is broken, and I will answer you with this address. Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised to receive your response to my letter. I was not sure that you answer me, but now I have no doubt. I hope that the communication with me you is fun. I wrote to you that she saw your profile page to
I do not know how well the new opportunities and you can now send emails happened but the site is now open directly to a personal email address. so I was able to contact you.
You may be surprised, but I am not a supporter of social networks. I have never been registered page in facebook, skype, msn, and the like.
I can promise you that I will be in every word frank with you. I know the English language. So I'm sure that we can not be communication problems. Perhaps you are wondering why such a beautiful woman like Doroty decided to contact it with me.
Admit you are concerned about this issue? Frankly, there is nothing strange. You liked me when I was studying your page I decided to take the initiative in their hands and the first write to you.
I beg you to send me more of your pictures and videos. I feel great interest to you. I also send you my photo and the next.
I hope you cute? Ok. Now I would like to tell a little more about yourself. As you know I am 32 years. I live in the city of Prague. I have never been married and have no children. I own a small boutique selling sportswear. But in my future plans to engage in apparel design.
My height is 173 centimeters. My weight can fluctuate 58-63 kilograms. Explain why.
I love sweets (cakes, candy and various sweets). Because of this, sometimes I am putting on weight.
I was born on August 8th. I live alone in a two-room apartment has two rooms and a kitchen.
Unfortunately, 10 years ago, I lost my parents in a car accident, so that
Now I was left alone. It so happened that I had no relatives. I was the first child and parents could no longer have children. About my character. I am very calm and polite person.
I'm an optimist. I always treat life with a positive side. what would you have wanted to know about me?
I am ready to answer any questions you are interested in. This is only a small part of the information
I told you, but because our relationship does not end there. I am pleased to speak with you and I hope to get to know about you. Now I must close my letter, but I will wait for your reply.
Enjoy your day Doroty.
Letter 3
You know I'm glad that she first took the initiative in their own hands and wrote to you.
Most modern men have settled new morality. I do not understand why you forget those days when men had to win the sympathy and interest of women? I talk to many people because of their work and many women hear how difficult it is now with their husbands or friends. But you are a different person.
At least I think so. Correct me if my opinions are wrong. I believe that you are a man established the old morals and values. YOU like to conquer women, to win their sympathy. You are considerate in communication, and feel the subtleties of the opposite nature. these my thinking about you correct? This is my opinion and I would like to share with you about this.
Unfortunately I do not have much time to chat, but if possible,
I always try to be online. But I want to tell you that I do not have skype and never had a facebook page.
Frankly I do not like social networking to communicate.
The only way for me is the yahoo messenger. You can invite me.
You know it would be great to visit your country. I have great views about your country, but unfortunately I have not yet had the opportunity to travel. Maybe getting to know you and our communication will allow me in the future to visit your country and to visit you at a party.
I often meet people from your country to my city. Many people bought things in my boutique.
I want to say that your citizens are very sociable people. I tell you this because
You just might if possible my visit to Prague. What do you think about it?
I look forward to more of your pictures. it makes my day better.
Ok. Now I would like to tell a little more about yourself. As you know I am 32 years. I live in the city of Prague. I have never been married and have no children. Due to the employment,
I can not afford to have a pet. I work a lot and I usually come home only closer to 10 o'clock in the evening, so that you understand that it is impossible to have a home with such a schedule animals. Well, now you have a better idea about me. This is only a small part of the information
I told you, but because our relationship does not end there. I am pleased to speak with you and I hope to get to know about you. Now I must close my letter, but I will wait for your reply.
Have a nice day . Your Doroty.
Letter 4

Hey . Today I released early from work and now I am home alone and now wanted write you a letter. Several times I read your letter and I want to tell you that in my heart a spark ignited some sort.
I can not explain it in words, but the only thing that I feel now is a joy.
I ask you to send you more of your paintings that I had them, and has always been able to look at you and lift your spirits.
I remember the day when I first wrote to you, and I feel it was right to write you my letter. you do not get mad at my silence? My friend Laura partying after its engagement in this few days have been very busy and I was not able to write to you. Soon her wedding will take place which I certainly pleased.
At the wedding, I will be a friend of the bride. Tell me how you usually spend your days? What would you interesting?
Of course I would like to know in general terms, how do you spend your weekends and holidays. Feel free to me write about it.
I would like to ask you some questions if you do not mind. tell me what you thought at the expense your future? What do you want from life? I know that recently you did not have big changes in life and sometimes it may seem that every day passes monotonous. But perhaps you would like to change in your life?
As each person you have a dream. What are you dreaming about? (Oh beautiful and carefree life, about family, about children, about a new car?)
I just gave an example, but I would like to know your priorities in life.
To let you know my idea of ??value in life, I will write briefly about them. My future bothers me most. I do not know what will happen tomorrow or in a few years, but I most want calm in my soul. How to do that, I do not know, but if next to me was a man for whom I could think of the future then my soul will be calm. Now I feel that in my life, something is missing, as if I'm living not a full life. In my life there are only two big dreams that I think. I want to be correct for someone, and return his parents, without whom I am still very difficult. I understand that the dream of return of parents never come true but in my heart I would like that. Well, in principle, these are my thoughts about the future. I was trying to build a relationship several times, but each time all ended parting. Now, I know you, and God knows my happiness has no limits. Certainly too early to talk about the relationship, but my heart tells me that you're the man with whom I could have felt The safe and happy.
I hope my words did not frighten you. Well, time for me to close my letter, but I'll wait for your answer with impatience.
Good evening to you. I'll be waiting for your response.
Your Dorothy
Letter 5
Hi dear. You can not imagine what today day. In the morning I have a good mood and reading your letters
It makes this day even more beautiful. Every time I read a great desire your letters, and I am thankful that we have a chance get to know each other. Today I decided to arrange a day of rest and spend time at home.
I'm sorry for my silence but I just now got the opportunity to write to you. The entire week was a nightmare and difficult. I started a new project modeling and design of clothing. I wrote to you about my future plans and now at last I began to work in this direction. I really hope that I will succeed. How are you? I hope all is well?
You may have plans for tonight. We also with my girlfriend decided to spend the evening together.
I ordered a table in a restaurant with live music. I have not listened to live music. I'm not sure whether I wrote to you about my preferences, but I like it listening to classical music. In my city there are many concert halls and I have great pleasure visit orchestra concert. Of course I'm listening, and other popular music, but classical music is always in my heart. It is not possible to put into words the feeling that arises in the soul when it is in the concert hall.
My dear. and tell me what kind of music do you prefer? Have you ever listened to classical music? I'm curious to know about it.
I have the impression that we have with you the same life priorities. confident that we can have a lot in common with each other.
I am a little sad to hear that we could not meet in Milan where I wanted to go. Of course I understand that you have their obligations and you should not be because of me to change my plans. I've never been in this city, but I'm sure that my trip will vpechetlyaet.
Frankly, I have long wanted to visit the Italian fashion week in Milan, but did not dare to such a visit.
If I have more free time then maybe I could get to your city. What do you think about this?
I will be very sorry if you do not see you during my trip. ?If you call me, I ask you to call this number 420608014399. I would like to hear your voice. But if you want me to call your own, then you tell me your phone number where I'll have to call. I will call you if you do not mind to hear my voice. Now I must close my letter. I want to wish you a pleasant evening, and I want to say what I think of you. Your Dorothy
Letter 6
Hello my dear. It was a great pleasure once again to read your beautiful letter. Each time getting your new letter my eyes start to sparkle on happiness. I always take great pleasure and attention to read your letters. Forgive me if my answer to you again makes you wait. If I had the opportunity,
I would write to you every day, but unfortunately this is not possible because of my work. How are you my dear? How is your mood? I hope you are well?
My dear I'm sorry but I do but I could not warn you. Now I am in Switzerland. We with my girlfriend Laura in Switzerland
Zurich for the signing of an agreement with the manufacturer of high quality fabrics "Jacob Schlaipfer" for the supply of fabrics to create clothing.
I considered many tissues, but the fabric of this manufacturer are ideal for my plans. Unfortunately they do not sign the agreement through the Internet and you need my personal presence to discuss all the details of the delivery and also pick up the necessary tissue. For this I had to orgpanizovat this trip.
My dear I have to sacrifice time and work my plans to fruition. I found a beautiful studio in Prague where agreed to sew clothes of my sketches.
By the way, I will send you a photo of my designs so you can see it is something I'm working on. Of course
I'm not a perfect artist, but I do not get ill. how you spend your days? Yesterday, along with his girlfriend, I get a ride on skis in the suburbs of Zurich. We moved to the lake. There are a lot of beautiful places. I like winter, and the splendor of nature in this time of year. I like to move around on skis and see nature in all its beauty. among other things it is also very useful for the organism. I hope you're as pleased to spend your days? glad to meet me for a few days. This is news to me now the most good. I now my thoughts with you, and you must wait one week and all I can come to you. My dear, I do not want to bother you. I hope my journey will not be hinder you in your work? If you're busy, I can spend time alone during the day. but after work, we can meet.
I now began to study the information for arrival to you, and this week I will book tickets to travel. but I need some information from you. tell me which airport should I fly? you must pre-book a ticket. Hopefully in the next letter you tell me which airport you would be better to meet me. This information is very important because I need to know on which flight to buy a ticket. Tomorrow morning I have just planned a trip to Kaliningrad to sign an agreement for the supply of lace tissues. This trip will take about two days, then I get home and I will prepare for a trip to you. As I already wrote, I plan to fly to you on 16 May.
I hope you will let me know soon the information of your nearest airport. My dear forgive me if I did not answer some of your questions, but I now have very little time. I will write to you tomorrow after arrival in Kaliningrad Now I close my letter, and I will look forward to your reply. Have a nice day. Gently kiss.
Letter 7
my honey . I was incredibly pleased to read your letter again. I can not explain in words those feelings that feel when again and again get letters from you. Thank you that you appeared in my life.
I am now on the train and woke up only recently. The train tomorrow afternoon to arrive in Kaliningrad where the storage fabric and the things that I'm going to purchase. so I have enough time to enjoy the trip. But if you be honest, I'm tired on this trip. Of course it's nice to travel by train, but it takes a lot of time. I decided to go back home on the plane because it is very tiring two days to go by train. How are you?
I hope you are all well? I wanted to get a few pictures of this beautiful city, but it is a business trip, and I was not going to stay long in Switzerland.
Last night I could not sleep for a long time, I thought about you. I am pleased to know that someone in another country thinks of me. I also thought about our first meeting. You know there is always a desire to that the first meeting took place perfectly. I thought a lot about it yesterday before going to bed, but realized that he never it is impossible to plan everything perfectly. It would be better if everything will happen naturally. You agree with me?
But I still believe in a great moment when we first met. You know in your dreams I imagined that it was meeting a man like you. You can say that this is nonsense, but I tell you frankly. In the evening, the train for a few hours will make parking in the city of Bern. Train rides already in Germany. I will have time to get acquainted with the city, but still I do not have time to see much because they do not want to miss the train. Tomorrow I arrive in Kaliningrad, and will try as soon as possible sign an agreement for the supply of tissue and in the evening tomorrow I will fly back to Prague.
Initially, I thought that I would go home on the train, but now I do not want it because two days the way is very tiring. I decided to return home by plane, just a couple of hours of flight. The train is very bad internet connection, but as soon as the train stopped in Bern, Book I return air ticket to Prague via the Internet. My dear as soon as I get back home I will buy air ticket to your town. As I have already written to you the details of my arrival, I'll let you know as soon as I have a ticket in my hands. Well now I will close my letter, and I will wait for your answer again. I wish you a pleasant day, my dear. Take care of yourself. Kisses. Your Dorothy.
Letter 8
my dear, I have a lot to say and I am very bad with what's going on. I understand that the police can search long for those who are robbing me. and it's very bad. with me to pay for accommodation and I can not even pay for your breakfast in the morning today. I very much hope that you will be able to help me quickly. All information for transmission I already told you. I pray that all was well and in the morning everything was fine, I'll watch your letter this morning. It helps me about $ 520. I lost all my mail from my laptop. and I ask you again to send me your phone number. I will look for an opportunity to speak with you. and I hope that all will be well. I'll see you in my dreams. Kissing
Letter 9
my dear. I did everything to be able to look your letter and write to you. and I was hoping that you uspeesh help me today. but I see that you're not helping me today. and I am very bad. I do not have nothing to eat and I can not pay for a hotel. and I want to sue the beginning of the week if I have not paid for it. and I can not watch your email and call you without funds. I tried to call you today, but it did not work. I ask you to send me your full 11-digit number that I could at any time to reach you. without money it is almost impossible to do so. and even if I will not be able to watch your email and call you, I beg you. help me and came about assistance. I have to find a possibility of free Internet on your help information immediately saw and could receive it. I am as promised when I'm at home all true and you'll be ready for you to visit. Only I beg you. help me with any amount. I have to pay any minimum payment to the hotel I was not attracted to the court. if this happens, I can not for a long time to return home. I'll watch your letter to help as soon as I find the opportunity. kissing
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