Scam letter(s) from Carol Shepherd to Tom (Australia)

Letter 1
nice to read from you Tom... They say,Friendship is not a game to play, It is not a word to say, It doesn't start March and ends May, It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday.
I hope to still know more about you,so maybe we can start by you telling me your height,weight,full name, more about your job,do you drink,do you smoke,your favorite color,your best music,best movie,best tv show,do you love to go to parties..
Do you have children?
what exactly was your intention of joining the site? I do not mean to bother you, but as acquaintance now, i wouldn't mind getting to know you.
Please, i'd be glad if you can attach more picture of you, cause i need one, that i can save to look at every moment!
hope to read from you soon!
Have a great week..
Letter 2
Hi Tom
How are you today?? Yes in all fairness you have shared little with me... lol
Ok where do I start too...
I'm 5ft 8" tall. I weigh 70 kg I've just turned 36 years.. my eyes steel gray color, my hair is black, but sometimes i color it, but dont expect to see me in a weird hair color . I'm a widow with a 3 year old son.
I don't smoke I only drink socially. I am a entrepreneur cause i buy and supply for a living based on what my clients desire.
I'm a not very social person, I club but not all the time. I like to go out to the movies or a party
I like all types of music from R&B to to others .Favorite color is blue. My music taste however varies quite a bit. I cant do without.... little black dress
my cosmetic purse
my high heel shoes
chocolate to go with wine
my jeans what can you not do without?? I will like to know more about you and your family background.. I am a simple and easy going lady and i always like to be in the midst of fun and interesting people. My husband before he died usually tell his friends that he married a woman of virtue, caring, intelligent, elegant, Respectful, with moral values and above all faithful.
tell me about you, your family, your upbringing, your friends, your work, you childhood days, what brings you to the site and what is your expectation.
whats your aspiration in life.
i hope all this isn't too many to answer.
hope to read from you again. Carol I WANT TO SEE PICTURES OF YOU TOO!!
Letter 3
Thanks for letting me more into your world. I so much appreciate your openness! I would like to know more about you, but im willing to take my time. I appreciate honesty alot. .my full name is Carol Shepherd.
I want to believe you're a man of your word. Do you have kids? . I must let you know upfront that im not sure i want to have more kids.
My son's name is Justin and he will be 4 this years. Due to the nature of my job, he is always with my house helper, who happenes to be his nanny. I do not have any commitment right now.
I travel once a while for work. I must tell you right now so you'd know I'm open to you. I have been married before but he died few days after he had an accident/ fall at work. He was a civil engineer into building construction. Will tell you more about it in due time if you care to know.
During my leisure, I enjoy fashion designing, sewing of dress for girls and children, but I don't sell on commercial scale. I just do it for the fun of it and sometimes sell to neighbors, so that they will appreciate better.
Im glad our intention are both the same to meet the special one or soul mate.
How do you keep yourself busy this days asides work?? Hope to read from you again,
Carol Shepherd
Letter 4

Hello Tom
I am a simple and easy going lady and i always like to be in the midst of fun and interesting people. My husband before he died usually tell his friends that he married a woman of virtue, caring, intelligent, elegant, Respectful, with moral values and above all faithful. Thanks for your compliments on my pictures.
I know we both desire to know more about each other, but i think it would appropriate to let you know what i desire before we get too attached.
I am searching for my life long partner to share a Great Life of Love with, romance, feeling very special, intimacy,spirituality, pleasurable communication, dancing, meeting of the minds, flowers, traveling and other exciting interests and adventures. I strongly believe in respect and that without respect you cant experience true love and generate a healthy relationship. I believe it’s not just what you are on the outside but more about what you are on the inside.
I am seeking friendship first, (no game playing please) with a man who appreciates some of the same temperaments and interests I enjoy. He must be a man of integrity, principled and his responsible, intelligent, has a sense of humor, positive, clean and neat in habit and appearance, romantic, passionate about living and loving. I would prefer that he show interest and be supportive. He must be financially secure, and always be himself. I like an adventurous man who likes travel, nature and enjoys being home. I am hoping to connect with a man of like mind to form friendship first and then leave the rest to fall in place.
If im too keep writing about what i desire, it might turn out to be a novel, hence, in summary i'd say what i desire is LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, CARE AND COMMITMENT.
Enough being said, id like you to think carefully and decided if we share interest in our desires. I hope to read back from you soon but that will be only if our desire is alike.
Take care and be safe.
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