Letter(s) from Svetlana Shevchuk to Tom (Australia)

Letter 1

Good morning,Tom

Thank you for your message and introduction, such a nice way to start my day. You answered me and it means that you gave us a chance to know each other more better.Yes, i speak English. I do not want to have relationships with someone from Australia exactly. i do not care about the country of your origin. i believe in each country there are good and bad people. As you know, i am single and have no kids. Since my last letter to you i have thought about what i would love to tell you about my life, i think it is necessary information. I hope my story will also answer your questions:) And i hope you will also continue sharing the same about you, ok ? I was born in Ukraine in the small town called Rodakovo. It is a big railway station town in the East of my country. I still live here too, in our old house. I share it with my neighbors now, so i have two rooms for my own, and we share the big kitchen and bathroom, the rest of the rooms belong to them. We also have a small kitchen-garden, where i plant vegetables, greenery, and a bit of flower seeds for sale.

I was born on the 15th of October 1980. After three years my brother was born. When I was 7 my father died, I can say that we have lost our stronghold, our leader and protector. Now i am already a grown up woman, and on my own. My mom relocated to another town where my brother lives, he takes care of her, but surely i visit her as often as possible. Sometimes it is very difficult for us to understand each other, problem of kids and parents will always exist, but I love my mom very much.

What about my education, I graduated from medical college, i am a certified nurse now. We studied only professional subjects, so I can speak and write little English now, but I can help to rescue a person with my closed eyes:) now I'm working in our small local hospital in Rodakovo. Well, this was a little part of my life story, and i will be glad to hear yours too.

yours Sveta

P.s. I send you some of my photos, i have siugned them for you to know that they are up to date.I haven't been abroad, so 90 per cent of my photos made in Rodakovo. On the photo with my friends i am the one with my hand up))

Letter 2

Hello, my dear Tom
How are you doing today? I hope all is well with you? In this letter is our opportunity to move forward and get to know each other and if all works out we can meet in person in a short while! I am doing fine too. Loved your photo, do you have some more to share? you looked like a movie actor Bruce Willis)) We had a busy day in hospital, i am a bit tired but satisfied. I feel proud of my work. You know, i really am.
Now people really need me. As you know, war came to my country, when nobody expected. Well, this is life i guess. Anyway, my town Rodakovo is unfortunately in the war conflict zone now. Don't worry too much, now it is better already, and we all hope for the peaceful future. But last summer and autumn were really 'hot' in my town. Yes, we had shellings and bombings and thus many injured people and my little hospital was working day and night. The days were hard..and i do not want to talk about it now. Too many bad memories. We couldn't help all because we had no medicines, no electricity, no payments, no water supply even. So many people, also children died in my eyes. But we also managed to save many thanks God.. well, i can say i received the most valuable experience in my life.

Despite the situation in my country, i want to love and be loved. I feel as though I've been searching for a lifetime to find my soulmate.
I've dated several men locally, but none seemed to give me that special feeling I long for, I want so much more than ordinary. I want to find my own endless love. I think you miss this too???

I send you my photos again. This white puppy is mine now. I found it in July right in the worst period of war. I think his owners left the town, like many people did trying to escape, and that little white dog was left alone in the street, hungry and dirty. I gave him a name Mal'chik (this means BOY in Russian).

I will go home now. I will be waiting for your letter and i hope i will be able to answer it soon too. We still have big problems with electricity and water supply and almost no Internet in the whole town.
For example i do not have it at home, and my old lap top is useless now. I write you from the social computer in our village council. The line is very slow and disappears from time to time. I can use it only for little time. anyway i hope you get my letter without problems.I hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day!

Friendly kisses, Sveta

Letter 3

Hello, dear Tom

Hope my letter is not interrupting you. How are you doing? I write you my response and it was my pleasure to read your message to me. Loved your photos and your cat is nice too))

I am fine and write you after my working day. It was tiring as always, but believe me i was running here to get to computer really fast)) It is now the best part of my day, i mean getting your letter and answering you. I like the fact that we learn more and more about each other. Also it is a good practise for my English)) You seem to be a nice man and a good friend too.

I am sorry i cannot write you much, it is already late and it is not safe to stay outside. i still need to get home, cook something for supper, feed Mal'chik, than read a bit and go to sleep. Such are my days. We do not have many entertainments in my little town, especially now, when the war is not over yet. We had one cinema but it is closed now. So i watch some movies and shows at home, but i am not too keen on this. i also enjoy reading, science fiction books, modern Ukrainian writers, some classical literary, everything i can get from the library, which is not actually big here. I used to read in the Internet too, but now i do not have connection anymore. I wait for the warmth to arrive and so i can plant some seeds of cucumbers, tomatoes in my garden for food, otherwise it will be hard to survive without getting salary for so many months.

Well, honey, i better go now. I hope you get my letter in time and you will not make me wait too long without your answer)) Please write me soon. i am curious about you, your life stile, every day chores. i am glad to have met you.
Kisses and bye, your Sveta

Letter 4

Hello,my dear Tom

How are you, my dear? I hope all is well by your side. i am glad to see you response and answer you now. How have you been since we talked the last time? Tom, i am sorry i cannot follow any links. as i told you i only can use the social computer with the very law Internet!!!
You know it is very pleasant for me to correspond with you. You are incredibly interesting person, I like the way you express your thoughts in the letters. I feel something in common with you, some kind of a connection and was first hard for me to believe can exist.
Do you feel it too?:) I think that nothing in our life happens just as an occasion so I guess someone in heaven arranged our meeting over the net. I hope in you i have found the man i always dreamt about.. no, not the prince, but a man who can be my mate, my lover, my husband, my supporter, my friend...all in one!!! fore such a man i will be ready for everything!!!!

Well, honey, I will be waiting impatiently to hear back from you. I need to run now as I have got a lot tasks to do today. But I promise you that I will be thinking about you. Take good care about yourself.

I send you a sweet kiss,

Your Sveta

P.s. if you want i can make you a special photo...