Scam letter(s) from Irina May to Erol (Turkey)

Letter 1
Honeeey, thoughts about me make me so embarrassed and some silly, because I already cannot control my mind!!! When only there is just a free second, I fly away thinking about you and it's so difficult to turn me back to the reality....! I wonder how you did this to me and how to live me calmly now ;) :)) :)) !!! Only you are the one saving! YOU next to me!!! How're your days, the sweetest man whom I have ever met :* ??? Darling, I am also sorry that I didn't congratulate you with your Birthday in time, but I will improve myself when you come to me already in four days, me sweetie!!! And we will have its celebration with you.... Sure it will be unforgettable time!!! Yesterday I had some free time in the evening and went for a short walk with my friend Katya. I already cannot stay on my own, because sometimes I go deeply with the thoughts about you.... We took cups of coffee, sat on the bench and talked..... I even didn't notice how again I flied away and didn't tell any word for a while..... I awake from the silence and saw how Katya was staring at me..... I tried to continue our talk, but she told me: "Ira, did you hear what I told you? Something happened? I see that with thoughts you are not with me...!" On these words I have only breathed, smiled and told: "Otherwise.... I'm just happy!!!" And my sweetie.... Really, I don't know why, but I felt so happy and calm myself that time.... Katya just embraced me so friendly and warmly and told that someone is in love :oops: :) :) ! I was just laughing and interested why she made such conclusions, on what she answered that impression of my face tells everything for me :) and it's impossible not to notice when in girlish heart lives someone, someone who filled just the whole space inside of her and the same happened to me... Because I am with you just 7/24 per day and night.....!!! My Erol, I understand that I don't want to lose any minute, and wish to hug you and never let you go be my will right now!!! I just need you.... Need you by my side.......... So soon finally it will come true!!!
Yours and yours Ira
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