Scam letter(s) from Victoria Akishina to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear John. When I can not check my mailbox, I catch myself thinking that I miss you. I want to feel your arms. I love to represent our meeting.
It is impossible to guess what will be our behavior. The main thing we need to do - is to create an atmosphere of calm. We must be ourselves. I understand that you have a daily routine and worries. I promise that I will be sensitive to this.
John, I understand the risks of the responsibility that devolves upon me. I talked to my parents. Between children and parents present an invisible bond.
I think that my parents also feel that I am very happy with you. My mom and dad have approved our communion and gave a blessing to our meeting. I am very happy that things are going well.
How are you doing today? What is the weather? Please write what clothes I should bring along in your country? In my town the weather is getting warmer every day.
Today the temperature is 8 degrees C. I want to carefully plan my wardrobe that I feel comfortable. I will tell you how we are preparing my journey. I have to find out whether there are direct flights between the two countries. I've never been in your country. You're the only man I've ever known in your country. You have to meet me at the airport. The time we spend together will help us to know each other. Of course, I look forward to continuing our relationship warm.
I almost forgot to ask a very important question. John, I can use your computer to write a message for my mom? I hope that will not be a problem.
Well, I'll start doing some of the steps to our meeting. I'm going to do everything correctly and thoughtfully, that we will meet soon. I'll have to decide questions. But I want you to write to me every day and also inspired me!
In the coming days I know which documents will I need to visit your country. About all the news that I know, I'll let you know. I will think about you. Write to me soon. I'm sending you a photo that was done two years ago on vacation.
Letter 2
Hello my dear John. The best part of my day, when I check my mailbox and read your message. Now my vacation, and today, I slept longer than usual. I woke up at 9:00 in the morning. I took a shower. I thought about you when I had breakfast. Today I had breakfast salad from vegetables and yogurt.
Today I prepared all the information and documents that will be required when visiting the travel agency. This pleasant chores for me. I like to think about our meeting. Do you have a camera? I wish we had many joint photo.
10 may I'll be in the city of Lipetsk and start the paperwork for the trip. I'm really looking forward to our meeting. I can live with my parents at the time of registration documents. Every day I go to the internet cafe to check my mailbox. John, please, do not plan anything for the first day of our meeting.
I want to be only with you. I think that I will be tired after a long flight.
Also, we will need to send my mom and dad. I feel the strength to cope with all the difficulties. We can do for us, for our goal to meet and have the hottest kiss.
Photo is for you!
I'm going to be going to the road. Also, now I'll go to the station to buy a bus ticket. As soon as I arrive in Lipetsk, I'll write you a message.
Letter 3
Hello my dear John. Today, wonderful weather in the city of Lipetsk. The sun shines brightly. I woke up in a good mood today. Yesterday was a wonderful evening that I spent with my parents. Apple pie was wonderful. Me and my mom talked late into the night. My parents convey greetings to you!
How's your day? This morning I went to the travel agency. My manager Tatyana, prepared the documents that I have read and signed. Much attention is paid to the safety of tourists. Tatyana said that I need to attend additional interviews to know how I should act in emergency situations. Of course I trust you and I know that by your side I'll be safe. However, the norms and rules of making documents, oblige me to attend an interview. I listened carefully to the travel agency staff.
John, today asked me about airfare. It is important at this stage of registration documents. You have already visited the site of a travel agency? Do you have any questions? You can contact the manager. Tatyana I warned that you can write on e-mail Travel agency. - this email, which you can use to communicate with my manager. He has also published on the website of the tourist agency.
With regard to the payment of the issue tickets ...
I can arrange my trip in September. But I still need to prepare for before the journey. I can share my vacation into several parts. Then I need to buy tickets for September.
I'm happy and I want to smile because every day we get closer to our meeting. Spring - a time of love. This is a wonderful time when we will meet and we will most happy together! Tonight, my mother and I have agreed to visit the gift shop. I'll buy you a souvenir from Russia for you. Maybe I'll buy postcards with the sights of Russia. You already know that I love the story. I can tell a lot of historical facts about famous places in Russia. John, I often imagine our meeting.
Please send your new photo for me.
I will think about you. I am waiting for your messages. I will try to frequently check my mailbox. Have a wonderful day!
Letter 4

Hello John, I know that today is Friday 13. Mmmm this day is interesting because in the world he is considered magical day. I'm sure that all over the world, this day link the various stories and superstitions. Friday the 13th is a very mystical day. Children scare different horror stories, I remember as a child, we thought that you can call The Queen of Spades, and if you draw the ladder on the mirror of the toothpaste, and put there a point after a while, the point will move the ladder. Now, when we become adults, we have to this day has become commonplace, and it has no mystery. Just a normal day. But for me today, still very special, because I received your letter! a letter from the man she loved! you mean a lot to me. and every time I see your letter, I feel warm and cozy!
I know that you always support me. I know that you always think of me. Our feelings are mutual with you. And this is a very wonderful feeling. I go to bed every night with thoughts of you. I imagine our lives with you. I imagine we'll be with you. I wish that our story with you was the most colorful history of love for me!
together we can achieve happiness. Happiness to be together.
I will not be able to buy tickets without your help.
John now I'm in an Internet cafe. I'll be waiting for your letter! Your Elizaveta!
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