Roamnce scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Chelnokova to Karl (Germany)
Letter 1
Hello my honey . I feel that we become closer to each other every day and my feelings become deeply to you. You are very nice man for me. And today I am very glad to see your sweet letter.
Now I can imagine us together and I think it is important if we can feel it.
I can't wait for our meeting. You will see me and I also will show you all my world and we can be happy together.
I went today to the agency and find out about all documents what I need to come to South Africa, also I did know that I need at first international passport and medical insurance and after I can applying for touristic visa. It is good agency, my boss advise me. To get visa at first the is very important, that is why I need help of travel agency, they will do all in the best way. I need pay for my passport 250$, and then for all necessary documents for getting visa and agency fees 350$. I was little sad after I knew about prices, because it is expensive for me, and I am at a loss now, I feel very uncomfortable to ask you support me in my trip to you, but if you can, I will be very grateful to you for this chance to meet each other and develop our relationships. All my wishes now is to have possibility to see you, touching you and kissing you, my darling . I never expected to meet here such a good man, but it happened now and I'm happy.
Send you my kiss..))
Always yours, Katya
Letter 2
My love . Thanks for your letters and help with costs for my passport. My aunt got it and I applied for passport, so, now we should only wait. But it is so hard to have you and to know you and to be so far away from you(((
My number is +380668680972. Will be nice to hear your voice.
Love you
Letter 3
Good morning dear . Thank you for your sweet letter, I am waiting for your help and I can pay for a visa. I love you so much and counting days until our meeting.
I wish you have a nice day and miss you
Send you my kisses
Yours, Katya
Letter 4

Hello my love, thanks for your transfer, I want go to pay for a visa, but you sent me 290 dollars, but I need 350. Where I can get 60 dollars?
I want to know, I don't have costs and very sad now, I want to pay for a visa and get it.
Kiss you
Letter 5
Hi my love . Sorry, but visa costs 350 dollars, this is not depends of fast or not, this is the price for all documents including visa and agency fees, and medical insurance. I will try to save such costs and can pay after. I was at the agency and I was told that I need but tickets here at their agency, in this case I will get visa with any problems. So, you need send me costs for tickets and only after I will get visa.
Love you
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