Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia Kichigina to Rainer (USA)
Letter 1
Hi Rainer!
It is very pleasant to me that you have responded to my letter. I am glad that you show to me attention and interest.
I ask you to send me more than your photos. About your age. I consider that age, love not a hindrance.
For me the most important is heart, soul and the man's relation to the woman.
The main thing is that my man respected me and appreciated.
You know such proverb - all age are obedient to love???
I completely agree with this statement.
If the man is more senior than the woman, it is on the contrary better.
The man will be able to teach women. So he will be able to take care
about her. So the girl will be able to feel comfortably and safely.
I very much had liked your photo. you are very lovely
and nice. you are pleasant to me. I slightly haven't forgotten to tell you about the residence. I hope you don't become angry because of it?
I live in Russia. It is very big and great country. You know something about Russia? My city has the name - Pevek.
It is very beautiful city. In recent years it has strongly increased and became more beautiful.
Climate in my city moderate. In the winter cold (-20...-30 degrees), and happens hot in the summer (+25... +35 degrees).
I have graduated from the institute in the same city. I studied on economics department. Long time I couldn't find to myself work.
And only in 25 years I could get a job. Now I work as the secretary in insurance company.
I work 5 days a week. The working day begins at 9:00 o'clock and comes to an end at 17:00 o'clock. Please, tell me about the work. Where do you work? What are you doing in life? WHERE DO YOU LIVE?
I hope you will read my letter is attentive and you will answer all mine
It is madly interesting to me to recognize you closer.
Your Anastasiya.
Letter 2
Hi my dear friend Rainer.
As I am glad is happy to see yours of the answer to my letter.
How are you? What are you doing today?
I sit at work now. On the street it is very cool.
I live in the city of Pevek. It is the most northern city of Russia.
Generally at us it is very cold.
The population of my city makes - nearly 5000 people.
It isn't enough. You will be able easily and quickly to watch photos
and features of my city on the Internet. In this letter I want to tell also a little about my hobbies.
I like to spend time in kitchen. I very much like to cook and to do experiments with new dishes. it is very interesting to me.
I have finished special courses of the cook. In kitchen I also relax and I derive pleasure from cooking.
I prefer traditional Russian food, for example pelmeni, podkogoli, borsch. it is very tasty. You tried? You have to try it.
What do you prefer in food? Also I like to watch the body, the appearance.
I try to go to the gym regularly. In the winter I go to ride from time to time
on skis. We very often go with my friend to a skating rink, to ride on
skates. I consider that each person has to watch himself and
behind the health. You agree with me? I would like to ask you some questions. What you like to do
in free time? your favourite hobby? What character at you? What values at you in life?
It is pleasant to me to communicate with you. I hope, you won't keep me waiting long for your answer???
Your Anastasiya.
Letter 3
Good afternoon Rainer!!
Today I have woken up in very good mood. I hurried since morning for work.
On the street is more warmish than usually. the sun sometimes looks out of clouds.
I never hurried for work earlier. I sometimes was even late.
But now I have an occasion to hurry for work.
I had had free time and I have read at once
your letter! It is very pleasant to me that you have answered me!
Now I hurry to write you the answer. I am not a young girl. I have devoted a lot of time to work.
There was no time for private life. Therefore I one, without husband, Without children.
I want to warn that I hate when people deceive.
All men differ in behavior, a manner, culture.
You probably are surprised why I haven't found the man?? All men think that the beautiful woman can easily find to herself the man.
But this wrong opinion.
It is not the truth. On the contrary.
It is very difficult to find the decent man. Many men want only a body, only sex.
Sometimes it is necessary to hear platitudes in the address.
But I don't pay on such attention. I need the man who will appreciate me, to respect.
I want heat, a cosiness in the house. I want to Have a strong family. That the loving person has always supported me in difficult situations.... It is my ideal families.
I hope true love happens not only in fairy tales, but also in usual life..... I believe that I will surely meet the only man. I can ask you several questions???
you are ready to the new relations with the woman? You need care, love from the woman??
I am pleasant to you as the woman??
Answer these questions, it is very important for me. I WAIT FOR YOUR PHOTOS... IT IS EASY FOR ME TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU!!!
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!! Anastasiya!!!
Letter 4

Hi Rainer!
You have very much pleased me that has responded to my letter. It is so pleasant to communicate for me with you and to learn about you more.
you are a darling and the handsome man. I hope that our correspondence will have continuation. I would like to tell a little about my family. I have only mother. My father has left us with mother when I was absolutely small.
Only mother was engaged in my education. I am very grateful to her in life. I have learned very much from her.
I try to help her with everything. I have taken love to cooking from it.
My mother has a brother, that is this is my uncle.
He calls once a year. He often changes residences.
I don't know where now he is. I live in the certain apartment, I rent it. I am an independent woman for a long time. I have got used to try to obtain everything.
Tell me about the family. It is interesting to me to learn about your relatives. With whom you live?
I am very accurate woman. Don't think that I praise highly myself! I really watch myself, a house order.
I consider that each woman has to be economic and accurate. If you have questions, don't hesitate, set them to me.
Only don't pass to platitudes. I want to have with you pure communication, without platitude.
Don't forget to send me your photos.
I have to finish on it the letter. I hope, it was interesting to you to learn about me more.
I will wait for your early reply. Your Anastasiya!!!
Letter 5
Hi Rainer!!!
I am madly glad to receive from you the letter.
I want to tell you about the day regimen:
I work 5 days a week, day off - Sunday. about sometimes me it is necessary to work on days off...
I Wake up at 6:30 in the morning. I wash, I have breakfast. At 7:15 I leave the house and there is on a stop a bus.
The road takes about 20 minutes.
at work I change clothes in working clothes. At 8:00 I get to work.
From 13:00 till 14:00 at me a lunch break. I finish work at 18:00.
After work I go on a stop of the trolleybus again and I go home 30 minutes.
I stay approximately at 19:00 at home. Sometimes to have long to wait for the bus at a stop in the winter.
Therefore sometimes I come home later.... Here so I spend the everyday life.
On days off I usually stay at home and I have a rest... I tide up, I prepare to eat.
By the way I wanted to ask you: What your favourite dish? It is interesting to me to know what food you prefer.
Perhaps I will be able to prepare it. My mother knows how to cook many various dishes.
Sometimes on days off I with the girlfriend go to the cinema.
write to me what movies you prefer to watch?? I like to watch romantic movies.
probably all girls love such movies)))). Write me the favourite movie and I will watch it too.
I wanted to tell you as yesterday I have spent evening with the girlfriend.
After work I with the girlfriend have gone to cafe near our house.
we have ordered Juice and fruit.
We have sat, have drunk juice, have danced. To us it was cheerful.
But suddenly drunk guys have sat down by us and wanted to get acquainted with us.
It was very unpleasant to me to see their drunk faces. We with the girlfriend have told at once that we don't want to meet them.
But they have begun to insist. We have already begun to speak loudly to them that they have left our table.
In cafe there were many men, but none of them have even interceded for us.
It was very a pity for me that men just sat and looked as these drunk guys stick to us.
We with the girlfriend have packed the things and have left this cafe. We didn't want that between us there was a conflict, and we therefore have left cafe.
It was unpleasant that these young people have spoiled to us mood at the end of the evening.
I have regretted that at this moment you aren't near me!
As if you have arrived in such situation??? I would think you have interfered and has interceded for us.
But we didn't begin to despair. We have come to me home, have drunk on a cup of tea.
We Have told mother about this situation. She has told that we with the girlfriend need to find to ourselves guys for a long time.
Perhaps ours with you friendship will develop into love. But I don't want to think forward.
I don't want that you felt awkwardly. I hope my letter hasn't offended you? I didn't want to offend you.
To me your communication with me suffices. And what you feel to me? Friendship? Attachment??
if you doesn't want to answer, don't answer. I understand that early to speak about any feelings. we are familiar not enough time.
But I am sure only of one. I want to recognize you closer, best of all.
Today I have written you the long letter))) I hope you won't be tired to read it and to answer my questions))))
well now I finish the letter. I want to wish you good day, progress in work.
I will look forward to your answer!! Your Anastasiya.
Letter 6
Hi my kitten Rainer.
I always wait for your letters. And I am happy that you write me. It is pleasant to receive news from you...
My surname - Kichigina
I perfectly understand your letters. I am not sure whether you understand me ...
I have an awful grammar. It is difficult for me.
I always confuse a feminine gender and man's, sometimes it is impossible to me correctly
to write in time frames. I can't correctly make the offer with sense.
I hope you me you understands ...
Every time when I receive from you letters, I become happy, cheerful.
Today I have very difficult day at work. It is necessary to manage to make a lot of work.
Therefore today I can't write you the long letter.... I hope you don't become angry!!!
It is very bad that work doesn't allow to communicate with you all day.
I have been registered on social networks. But I have removed all the questionnaires.
I received every day the offer on intim. It has bothered me.
Well we with you all about sad and sad. Today after work I with the girlfriend go on an ice skating rink, to skate.
I said to you that my hobby to skate?? Perhaps I have forgotten it to tell you ... I
very much I like to skate. Every week I with the girlfriend skate. It is so healthy.
You are able to skate?? I will teach you. It is easy!!!
Now I have to finish this letter as it is necessary to work.... I like to communicate with you. I think that you are a frank man.
I write you, and I can't believe that we could find each other at distance of thousands of miles.
We live in the different countries, but we have an opportunity to communicate on the Internet.
I often have dreams which we together walk in park under the moon and stars,
As we sat near fire and told each other ridiculous stories.
We loudly laughed and looked in each other face as soon as we live in this world. What qualities or traits of character you mark out in the woman more? Can you something doesn't arrange in me?
As far as your intentions are serious? I think for you I can't answer these questions sincerely.
I finish the letter. I will look forward your answer.
I kiss gently, your Anastasiya!!!
Letter 7
Good afternoon!
I want to tell about my morning. Today my morning was in good mood. I have laid down yesterday earlier and therefore have well slept. How was your day? It is interesting to me to know at you many friends? I think friends in life are necessary. They can sometimes support, talk you to you at a difficult moment.
I have one close girlfriend. I really trust her and is ready to share with her the thoughts.
She came to me on a visit. I was very glad to her arrival. We sat at a table, had tea with honey cake.
Then we long with her spoke on different subjects. At once I have told her that I have got acquainted with you. She was very sincerely glad for me.
She has surprised me with the fact that in her opinion it isn't enough among the Russian men of good people. In her opinion alcohol is guilty of it.
What do you think of alcoholic drinks? I think you use it moderately? In Russia it is really big problem.
On TV there is a lot of beer advertizing. I think it also influences people.
I categorically against alcohol. In my soul and heart something not clear is created, but very pleasant. It occurs at communication with you. When reading your letters my soul as if comes to life.
You give me some positive energy. at work at me the good mood, is more than cheerfulness, the smile doesn't descend from my face.
I constantly think of you, I dream. I am rather happy!!! You give me a smile on my face. I understand that the beautiful man on light.
I don't want that our correspondence was interrupted. For me it is even more important to know you better now.
I speak it yet not with confidence, but it seems to me that I fall in love with you.))) Tell what you feel to me? Now I have not enough time therefore my so short letter. But I hope that that you will write me the answer.
I wait with impatience of your answer!!!!
one million kisses, your Anastasiya!!!
Letter 8
Hi my dear Rainer!
I am glad that you have responded to my letter. It is so remarkable that in this world there is a man with whom to me it is good and I am very happy.
It is pleasant to me to know that we are mutual each other. I hope that it is not a limit and still ahead!!! I am pleasantly surprised with the attitude of my friends towards ours with you to acquaintance and communication recently.
My friends say that I became much more cheerful and more vigorous. Say to me that I blossom as a fine flower! And all this because of ours with you communication.
I think that your letters bear positive energy. I think that the destiny has connected us together. To us it has been foreordained by destiny.
I need you and your love. I very much hope that we will be happy together.
I very much want that we were together and rejoiced to every day. What our love would be envied by all, and rejoiced for us.
What would tell about us only good. I many times represented that we will live with you in one city. It would be excellent. With each letter I understand that all of us are closer also the close friend to the friend.
Now I can't imagine that I did if I haven't met you. I am sure that I couldn't find the same person as you in Russia.
You such gentle and kind. You are similar to the ideal man. This great happiness to carry on dialogue with you.
I very much hope that we will be able to carry on dialogue with each other in reality. Every day I understand that you are that only man of whom I dreamed.
I wasn't happy as it is happy with you. You are my pleasure. Your letters lighten my mood to heaven.
It is very joyful to me to become at heart.
I understand that our relations become more serious and more serious. Your words heat my soul and heart. You in my heart every minute. WRITE ME PLEASE YOUR FULL POSTAL ADDRESS. I WANT TO STUDY YOUR CITY MORE ATTENTIVELY.
I WILL WAIT FROM YOU for YOUR DATA. I hope to receive your letter as it is possible soon.
I kiss gently, YOUR Anastasiya!!!
Letter 9
My gentle prince, Rainer!!!
You became relatives for me a person. You became for me the beloved, the best friend, you became my second half.
I have understood that I love you. I very strongly lack you near me. You are my big love which I looked for and without which I can't live.
My darling, I love you and without you it is very difficult for me to live. I want to be with you every minute, every moment. I have understood it and is sure of the words.
I want to be with you, my darling. I want to write you letters again and again, again and again to receive letters from you.
And most of all I want to exchange words in the real world. I think that you understand my words to you? I have spent the whole day in dreams of our meeting today. Two bodies pressed closely to each other. I want to kiss your lips and to strong embrace you.
I understand that my life without you isn't meaning. Today I think only of you the whole day.
We became frank with you and I think that we have to be together. I want to demand you and to be with you.
I wait for day when we meet when you speak to me at a meeting: "My beloved!! At last we have met!".
To me it becomes sad when I look at happy couples of people. I want as well as they to walk with you too, to talk, see you.
But you aren't with me nearby. You is far from me. But I am sure that we with you surely will be together. We will be near you. I HAVEN'T FRIGHTENED YOU? I HOPE NOT TOO I HURRY? My darling, what your further plans for the future?
I have a holiday soon. You would like that I have arrived to you?
I very much hope that soon you will respond to my letter.
Tender kiss.
Your love, Anastasiya!!!
Letter 10
Hi my darling, fine Rainer!!!!
I am glad to receive your answer!!!
my love how at you there has passed day today?????
Whether you thought of me????
I hope you it I did!!!
I very strongly miss you!!! Today I have come to work and all day I can't to gather. I think constantly of you. You have sunk down to me in soul. I think constantly of a meeting.
I sit and I dream as it will occur.
As it will be fine. I can't even work.
My chief has even shouted at me because of it. But I can make nothing with myself.
Of course the meeting is very serious step.
But for the sake of what we with you live. I think that you are that man on light for the sake of which I live.
You understand me and you feels. You became for me very important person in life.
I have a holiday soon. You are glad?
I will think of a meeting. You agree with me to meet?
You are ready to move to a new level of our relations, to a meeting?
As it would be fine to hear you, to feel you. To feel your tenderness and care. I have very strongly missed these feelings!!!!
I hope you the real man and you will accept me?
You will appreciate me, to respect as the girl?
You with me won't be rough?
Answer me. I very much want to learn about your intentions and feelings to me.
my love write to me, I will wait for your answer!
yours for ages princess of Anastasiya!!!
Letter 11
Hi my love Rainer!
how are you??? I hope with you everything excellent and you think of me? my love I watched one romantic movie last night, I don't remember his name, but he was such fine, I even at the end of the movie have begun to cry!!
two persons though between them there was a long distance, have occurred in this movie and became happy couple.
I very strongly had liked the end of the movie. I hope that at us with you everything will be good. this movie has reminded ours with you the relations!!!
but I hope that our pure, big and sincere love will overcome all obstacles in our way and we with you will be together!! I think that we with you are given birth for each other. the destiny speaks to us about a meeting.
I madly want to see you confidentially. there is a wish to embrace you, even to kiss.
I want to talk to you confidentially. to take a walk having embraced you, holding hands. My dear I am very strongly glad what do you want to meet me.
I have understood that you have to me serious feelings. I was once again convinced that you are that the person whom I looked for all life. I hope you me you won't upset.
I want to continue our relations confidentially. I want to recognize you more and more.
I hope you I agree with me? you not against if I go to travel agency to learn about all documents and formalities of a trip to you???
you want that I have processed all documents and have arrived to you?? I am going to go to travel agency tomorrow.
tomorrow when I find all information, I at once you will report about all this to you.
I hope you not against it? I sincerely believe that you want to meet me confidentially too?
it is necessary to move to a new level of the relations. you agree with me? Write to me my love, I will wait for your answer!!
with love yours for ages Anastasiya!!!
Letter 12
Hi my love!
I am so glad to receive from you the letter!!!
Here also that day when we with you have to think of our future has come.
I hope you not against our meeting? I hope you not against I want to arrive to you. I very strongly want to see you, to look as you live.
I went to travel agency, to learn about paperwork.
I need to issue the visa and the international passport. also it is necessary for me to make the health insurance and to buy tickets.
I nearly fainted when I have heard the cost of all these documents and tickets. You know that I work as the simple secretary in insurance company. My salary very small.
I receive a month about 15000 rubles, it approximately - 250 dollars.
At all this I live on this money, I pay a rent for the apartment.
Unfortunately, I have no savings.
The cost of registration of the visa and passport will cost to me - 6600 rubles (110 dollars).
In the cost of registration of the visa and passport, state tax, taxes.
As I make out a tourist visa, for a period of 90 days, I need to buy return tickets.
Purchase and booking of tickets to your country and the city, will cost me approximately 85000 rubles (1300 dollars). Because I should carry out very much
It is a lot of changes in the different cities. I won't be able to arrive to you direct flight.
In total for my trip to you it will be required to me - 91600 rubles (1410 dollars).
Registration of my documents will take about 7-10 days.
I will be able to issue a tourist visa for a period of 3 months (90 days).
I hope you is glad to these news? Now I needed only to find money and I without problems will be able to issue the visa and the passport.
I don't know what should I do. I tried to ask this money my acquaintances and friends.
but none of them can help me. I don't know what should I do.
Write me the answer, I will wait for your letter!!
with love yours for ages ANASTASIYA!!!
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