Scam Letter(s) from Ksenia Ponomareva to Michael (USA)

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Letter 1

Hey. Do not rush to delete my letter. This letter is addressed to you.
I take your email at dating agency
I am a single woman. I am 26 years old. But I still dont have a man. And I fall into despair. And so I decided to look my fate online. But in real life, a man is not easy to find. And if you are also single and looking for a serious relationship and are interested, just answer me. And I'll be glad to meet you. I want to tell you a little about myself. My name is Kseniya. I live in Russia. I am enclosing my picture, that the acquaintance was not blind. If you are interested, please reply me and I will tell you more about myself. If you're not interested, then just delete my letter. Do not reply to this letter. Still, I hope that you respond to my ad. And do not forget to send your picture. I'll wait for your answer. Kseniya.

Letter 2

Hello Michael! I am very glad that I'm writing you this letter. I'm very glad that you replied me, I think that from that moment our lives will change and we will open up many new things. So nice to discover a new acquaintance. I have a good mood now because I'm starting a new acquaintance with you. I have a smile on my face when I saw your letter! As for me, acquaintance on the Internet is a new experience for me. I've never did this before. Once we talked with my girlfriend, she knows that I'm not a young girl, she asked why I can't find my soul mate. I told her that I tried to look for, but all men here, they do not fit me because their interests are not the same as mine, they do not pay attention to my feelings, they only want to drag me to bed.
I don't want to be disappointed in man again. Because I was already had bad experience. But I hope that you're a good person and I'll be very pleased if you find me as a really good girl. I am very interested to know more about you because your culture is different from mine. So many questions I want to ask, but I think that I shouldn't be in such a hurry, right? How is the weather in your town?
We have warm weather now in Pishtan. Oh, by the way, I didn't told you where I live. I live in Russia and, as I already said, my village called Pishtan! My village located near the city Yaransk, in the Kirov region. So, may be you'll show me pictures of your city? Sorry, I haven't photos of my village, I would say it is countryside type.
There is a post office and several shops. There is no need to go out into the city! I was born here and lived here all my life, but sometimes I want to live in a wonderful city with large populations. I want to try it! And what about you? How big is your city? Do you like to live there? I think you can tell me. I didn't told you about my age. I am 26 years old and my birthday will be on August 9th. I have no children. Well, I think I said enough for the first letter and hope that this is only the beginning! A lot of things I have share if you're interested! May be one day I'll tell you this if you want! And I want to develop our friendship and this is exactly what I want now!
Everything is possible in this life! I want to know you much better.
And if you write back, I'll tell much more about me! Oh, by the way, I also send you my pictures! I hope you like it! Your new friend,


Letter 3

Hello my new friend Michael! This is Kseniya! If you remember, yesterday I sent you my letter with pictures, but you didn't replied to me. Please reply to me if you want to get to know more about me.
I'll wait your letter and your pictures. I hope that you'll reply me as soon as you get a chance. I'm interested in getting to know you better. God bless you! Kseniya!

Letter 4

Hello again Michael! Today is probably the most beautiful day in my life. All day I've been waiting for your letter. I was waiting for when I finally will have time to go to the Internet cafe to see your reply. Of course I was worried a little, what if you didn't wrote to me... probably I would be very upset. And now I went to the internet cafe and I see your letter, it's just great. I think it's pretty cool that we found each other in the internet! From this moment we should do everything so that our lives have changed for the better. I hope that you'll also make every effort to do so because it is very important for both of us. Michael, I thank you for your pictures, I liked your photos. I would be happy if you still send me your pictures. It would be great. So, where do I start? As I said in my last letter, I live in Russia, near the Yaransk. My village called Pishtan, located in the Kirov region. By the way, how is my English? I studied English at school and I can read, write and speak in English.
My English is not perfect but I'm willing to continue to study and I hope you will correct me if I make mistakes. As I told you I am lonely girl because I do not have parents. I lost my father and mother when I was 10 years old. They died in a car crash. Caught in a terrible accident. Hard for me to think about it... I was brought up and raised by my grandmother, her name is Afdotia. What more to say about myself?
I live alone in my apartment. My apartment has one room, kitchen and bathroom. I love to play sports, namely swimming in the pool. And in the summer I like to go to the local beach. We have a lake near our village and we frequent the lake in the summer. We often play volleyball on the beach. Every weekend I am going out there with my girlfriends. So, we maintain our bodies in top form. I really like my legs, I think they are very strong :-) Sport is very well developed in our country. But many people smokes and drinks alcohol. Perhaps therefore a very low level of Russian life. Don't worry Michael, I have never smoked! And I can only drink a few glasses of wine only on major red-letter day. I like to watch various sports events on TV. I like sport. Do you play sports? If yes, what do you like? Also, my favorite pastime is cooking. I can make different dishes. I think every girl should know how to cook various dishes. What man wants to have a wife who can not cook? Particularly good I cook borsch. It's a Russian national soup. Have you ever tried borsch? I'm sure you'll like it! I work in the barber shop called "Katerina". This is the name of my boss. She named the barber shop in her honor. I work here for 4 years and I love my job, I love to make different hairstyles and give pleasure to people. I go to work on foot or using public transport. I do not have a driver's license so I never really thought about the car. Do you have a car? Michael, tell me something about yourself, anything you can to share. I hope I have not tired you my long letter.
I just want so much to tell you. I want us to know each other as best we can. It would be great if you'll tell me all about yourself, I'll be glad to talk to you on any topics. What you see outside the window?
How is the weather there? Everything is very interesting for me. I was very pleased to write this letter to you today, I was trying to put my soul in this letter, I hope that I have succeeded. I hope that your letter will be the same long and beautiful. I'll be waiting impatiently your reply tomorrow. My warm hugs to you! Your friend,


Letter 5

Hi my new friend Michael. How are you? Why do not you write to me today? I hope you write to me. I look forward to your letter. I want to know more about you, you are very interesting man. I'll wait for your letter to me. Kseniya!

Letter 6

Hello Michael! Well, today I again read your letter. You can't even imagine how happy I am that we start a very interesting correspondence and learn more about each other with each new letter! And I didn't even noticed how bad the weather today in Pishtan. Thanks to your letters my mood is always good and I do not look at the bad weather.
We have really bad weather, but reading your letter my sense of joy gives me a great mood and again a smile on my face. Gives me great pleasure to read every letter from you! I love to talk to you and to know you much better. In the morning I woke up thinking if you wrote to me today? And of course you wrote, for which I'm so grateful to you! My wish came true again! And again I come to the internet cafe to read it! How was your day? Tell me some more about it! How early do you wake up in the morning to go to work? What are you doing tonight?
I'd like to know about it and I think that you're very conscientious and responsible man in everything! And in your spare time you just relax and spend time with loved ones. It will be interesting to know every moment of your life. Michael thanks to you for your pictures, they are very perfect. You look on them very beautifully. Michael, you asked me to music. I like various music. I like to listen to classical music, rock-n-roll, pop-music. My favorite the singer is Avril Lavigne and Lady GaGa. You also asked me about the artists. Most of all I like the picture of Shishkin, Levitan and Aivazovsky. You know these artists? They paint a picture of nature. This is a very beautiful picture. I think you can find it on the Internet. And now I'll tell you a little about myself - I wake up 6:30 in the morning usually and immediately go to the shower. I take a shower, dry hair and go to the kitchen to cook some breakfast. I spend about 30 minutes for breakfast. After I had breakfast, I'm going to work. I usually go to work on foot. Each walk helps to purchase a charge of vivacity, and not to be sad at work with customers. Especially, when it's cool weather. And if I'm going on foot, I do not want to sleep. Twenty minute walk and I am full of energy and good mood! Even if I had a car, I still will go to work on foot. Because if every day sit behind the wheel and not move, people can begin to gain weight and feel bad.
But I don't have a car, I even don't have a driver's license. At work I have a lunch break during which I go to the internet cafe to read your letter and write a reply. I just do not have time to visit the internet cafe after work. Sometimes I feel big fatigue after work.
Especially before the holidays, when our hair salon has many people who want to get gorgeous hairstyles before the holidays. I do hairstyles for both men and women. But I love my job, and many people are grateful to me! Sometimes I meet with girl friends and go to the cafe. I love talking with them on a variety of topics and just talk.
We help each other constantly! If anyone of my girl friends has a problem, then we discuss it together and recommend the right decision to. It's good, I think. Also my favorite pastime is reading! It doesn't matter if it's a book or a magazine, I just love to read! I read newspapers, various fashion magazines and novels by famous writers like Aleksandra Marinina, etc. But most of all I love to read romance novels! It's very beautiful and romantic! Sometimes I go to visit my grandmother, about once a two or three weeks. She lives far away from me, about 100 kilometers! And I'm going to visit her and bring some presents. Also I help her in the house, cooking and and wash her clothes. I hope you're interested in reading what I write. I just want to tell much more about myself and my life. I told you that I want to build a serious relationship, so I want you to know all about me and my life. I, like any girl, want to find a good and loving man. Honest and understanding man, with good and big heart. With a cheerful mood and positive qualities! I don't pay attention if he smokes or not! Nevertheless, good health also plays a role! Man must be a real man, who will always be able to protect his woman and support her when she has difficulty or she just in a bad mood. A real man must to be kind, sociable, gentle and caring to his girlfriend! A bit of humor, of course. In addition, support for the girl must be constant, desire to be together forever! Of course the natural beauty is good, but not so important. The main thing for me is to feel the love of my man! My man must love me, trust me, respect me. And then, of course, I will reciprocate. That is my idea of ??the perfect man! I would like to have a serious relationship with this man! What do you think, do you fit that description? I met with you not so long ago, but I feel that you're nice man! I would like to get to know you much better! I hope we will get to know each other better and better with each new letter. Can you tell what is an ideal woman in your view? I really like to know it! And now I have to finish this letter. I think today I wrote a lot about myself, now it's your turn :-) I hope you liked my letter and you'll not forget to answer my questions. I hope you were interested to read it and I'll be waiting for your new letter tomorrow! Please write me more about you!!! I wish you good day! Bye bye! Kseniya!

Letter 7

Hello Michael! I want to say "Ura" because I just read your letter and I see that our friendship is developing successfully! Ura - is an emotion of joy in Russian. Well, I see that you wrote me and of course I'll reply, because I want this. You know, I very much like when you write me! I see that you are completely understand me and honestly answer my questions. Because you're interesting person and I learn many new things with you. Thank you for your pictures. I am always very pleased to receive your pictures. They are very remarkable. I love to look at your pictures. Please tell me how is the weather at you? I just want to compare how it differs from the weather in Russia.
We have cool weather today, bright sun and a little breeze. I get a good feeling, and it brings warmth to my body! I love when it's warm!
To breathe fresh air, and feel the peace of mind. I love the fresh air. We have not much cars and a lot of vegetation in our village so the air is always fresh. I like to open the windows and ventilate my apartment! And breathe the scent of fresh flowers that grow under my window in the summer. I wish to give you a summer mood today to your mood today was good! Every day I feel good mood because you do not forget to write me! I understand that we are familiar with only a few days but I feel I can fully trust you! Michael, I would like to receive reciprocity from you, I wish you to be sincere with me! And never lie to me because lie only spoil relations is not it? Do you also think so? Trust is the foundation of strong friendship and the foundation for a true relationship for a long time! I always try to speak only the truth. Because I am sure that any lie comes out sooner or later! I do not like to lie. Since even a small lie can eventually grow into a big lie! As for my girl friends. There are different situations in life, good and bad, but I never turn my back to my girl friends and they will never betray me. Better I suggest at least a little help, than no help! My girl friends helps me in difficult times and they always support me in any situation. Female friendship is a powerful thing! Me and my girl friends often go to visit each other, sometimes we do something surprises and gifts. And how is it happening in your country? How often do you hang out with your friends? Do you often visit them? I think you have a lot of friends because you're open and friendly person! I think that you and I have a lot in common.
I want to describe to you my character. I find it a little hard to write , because I never wrote about it. I think that first of all I'm always honest and fair person. I really trust people and I hate betrayal! But as soon as I feel that people are starting to lie to me, I stop to deal with them. I can not trust these people anymore. I can't to communicate with them. Of course I have my own principles. I have a few girl friends who can always help me. I really feel the people. In his conversation and his actions I can determine, this is a good man or a bad one. I'm very cheerful, I love humor, like to listen. Must to say that I am very fond of children. Some of my girl friends has children, both boys and girls. And if they come to visit me or I see them somewhere, then I'll play with them. Also we like go shopping together. And then I'd rather spend the money on a toy for a kid than spend the money on my own needs. I love to make them happy as often as possible and to hear "Thank you" in return! I have a lot of different interest and, like any other woman, I love to wear beautiful things, I like to look beautiful. In warm weather I like to wear a short skirt with stockings. Sometimes I wear a light blouse with a little cleavage. If it's a bit cold, I'm wearing jeans, my favorite color is blue. I love to wear jeans with high heels. If I go into the forest for mushrooms, I wear tracksuit. But I will never wear a tracksuit in the city. I believe that a girl should look elegant if she is in public place. As for food: I love chicken and fish fillets.
I also love the variety of salads. I do not eat a lot of meat to not gain much weight. I love to eat a useful and healthy food and drink only green tea. I do not drink coffee even in the morning, only green tea! Well, that's all I wanted to tell you today. I hope I have not wearied you with my letter. I hope you read my letter carefully, and you liked a small description of what I love. I think you know a lot about me. You can ask anything you're interested and I'll tell you about. I want you also told me about your character. What do you think about me? I do not aspire to be the perfect girl and do not try to find the perfect man, I believe that there are no perfect people. What you notice first when you get acquaintance with a girl? I think any girl must be a natural and unique! Each woman has her secrets and it is a mystery which helps her to be unique and charming! I hope that is not tired you with this letter and that you read it really carefully.
I'll finish this letter, I hope you were interested to read my letter, I want you to understand me better, I think that our letters make us closer to each other and it makes me very happy! I wish you a good day and joyful mood! I hope in future I'm still going to know you much better! I'll finish my letter and I'll waiting for your reply tomorrow! A gentle kiss for you! Kseniya!

Letter 8

Hi Michael. Today I come in Internet - cafe and I not see letter from you, what's happened with you? Why you do not write to me today? Dear I ask you write to me. I want to learn you more. Kseniya!

Letter 9

Hello dear Michael! Today I again came to the internet cafe to read your letter. And my spirits rose at a maximum when I saw your reply! I really like the fact that someone from another country, very different from Russia, is thinking about me and spends his time to write letters for me. This is very cool! I like to talk to you on various topics, I like to communicate with you, because you're a very interesting person! You bring me joy! I would hope that we will not disappoint each other, I want our relationship grew into something more than just correspondence. I don't know why, but I feel the warmth and affection for you! I feel as we have known each other for a long time and write letters, as friends who have familiar for many years. Michael, for me a difference in the age of has no special importance. I consider that if the man is more senior than me, he is more more skilled. He can learn me to many things in this life. Please understand me correctly.
I not confused with that that you are more senior than me. I have strong interest in you and I do not pay attention to your age.
Yesterday I was thinking about you a lot and realized that I look at you and write letters to you not only as a friend! I'm a lonely girl, living alone, and do not have any family except grandma. I find it hard to talk about my feelings and emotions because we only write letter to each other, but my heart tells me that I can fully trust you, that you are very kind and good man! I think my heart is still a stone. Since, men in Russia do not think seriously about joint life. I need a serious and mature man. Michael, I want to tell you about my last relationships. It was about 2 years ago. I thought he's a good guy. But he changed me with another girl! It was a shock to me, I didn't expect anything like this! Of course we immediately broke up after the incident. I don't harbor any feelings for him now, I don't seen him thereafter and I don't want to see him again. Now my heart becomes warmer and warmer! And I feel that soon, after waking up, my heart will find the warmth with you! And it will beat stronger and stronger. I think it will be the best day when I meet my beloved man who will give me joy and good mood every day! I'm a girl and it's very difficult to be alone. I think that in the world there are very few decent and honest men. Of course they are, but so far I have not met such a person. I really hope that you're that man, and my heart was not mistaken when I decided to write to you. A lot of men are trying to get closer to me. But as I told you, I had a bad experience. I'm not going to fall into this trap anymore. I will tell you how it usually happens. Man leads me to a cafe, gives me a lot of attention, offers a lot of love and happiness, is proposing to build a strong relationship and a family. But later I realize that he just wants to get me into bed. I do not need such love! This type of men I know. But I think that you're not one of them. I feel that you are a very decent man who respects women. Michael, I dream to have children in the future, to be a mom. I want to be where I'm loved and I'll have a strong and reliable relationships! I think that a good man will care for the girl, give her tenderness and love, and many beautiful moments! And if you speak the truth, I dream that my man was like that! I think that any girl would be happy with this man! Please don't be afraid of these frank words because I tell you about my desires and dreams in life. I want to find love in life, want to find happiness! I want to be with my loving man, always together! I want a family and I want to live happily ever after! Love is a feeling which can't be bought or sold, feeling, which comes from the heart and it is difficult to explain in words, you just need to feel it! Love is the most beautiful feeling, which nature gives us! A person who has this feeling is a happy man! And what do you think about love Michael? What do you think about family? I'm curious to know your opinion. What is most important to you in a relationship? Please tell me honestly. You seen my pictures. Tell me, am I really pretty girl? You look at my photos and what do you think? Do you like me? I hope I'm not asking too many questions and want to hear sincere answers from you because I really want to build a true relationship with you! I want you to look at this correspondence as the actual construction of serious relations and I want to be closer to you and I hope that you also want it. Today I will go to the pool and swim a little bit there! I have to maintain my body in good shape. I'll finish my letter and I'll think about you!
I'm waiting for your new letters and tomorrow I'll go to the cafe with a hope to see your reply. I wish you all the best and smile on your face! With a warm heart, Kseniya!

Letter 10

Hello Michael! Many thanks for your letter, I have just read it and my heart very happy! I have a delightful mood because I can again read your reply! Your letters make me very happy! The weather is good today, much better than yesterday! And I think that my smile just never go away from my face and my high spirits never go away! My desire to get to know you as best I can becomes more and more with each new day! Sometimes I find myself thinking, what Michael does at the moment, does he think of me? I can't explain it, but it's true! I hope that my letters also give you a cheerful mood and a great desire to get my letters. Yesterday I told my girl friend about you and about our correspondence and she said that she is happy for me. I told her that you're a very good man and very handsome man! My girl friend wished us luck in our relationship! She says "hello" to you and said if you're such a good person then I'll not be disappointed in you! I told her that I'll never make you bad because you revealed to me and your soul is pure and your heart is great! I'm really happy that I met you, it's one of the best things that happened to me in my life! Last evening I went home alone. I was thinking about you and dreaming that we're walking together. Just walk and talk. We do not get bored together. I would like to walk with you and talk about different topics. I very much like romance. And my great desire, of course, to go with someone I love, to the nature for camping, to get some rest and just to be face to face with my loved one! Michael, do you love camping? There are many different scenic spots for camping in our region. We have a lot of lakes, rivers and forests. Places where you can watch the sunset together and enjoy the night sky. To look at the stars and to make wishes. I think it's very romantic. I would also like to stay at home with my loved one for a very delicious and romantic dinner. I would use all my culinary skills to cook a wonderful dinner! I really want to have a romantic dinner by candlelight and quiet romantic music! I must to tell you Michael, if I love a man, then I'm doing absolutely everything for him! And, of course, I'm certainly looking for a such a man, who is able to do anything for me. Who would look at me and know that I am the best girl for him and he does not need anyone else! I want him to say warm and tender words to me every day! Any girl loves to hear compliments in her address. As for me, I get great inspiration and a big smile on my face and joy when I hear a compliment. What do you think, can you do it for me? Maybe I'm a little hurry, but I want to write you not only friendly letters Michael, because I feel something more than just a friendship between us! I think a lot about you, as about my man. Can I call you my man if you do not mind? How do you feel about that? I do not know how to explain it, but I already want to call you my man! I feel that I want to know everything about you, what you do, what you think, etc. Michael, what do you like in love? What do you like and dislike in a relationship? I'm just curious to know about it to continue our correspondence. I think you could forget your past and once again dream of the future. To create a better future and to be happy! If you're still looking for a serious relationship, I'm here and I'm ready for it! You should be confident. I'm sure we can do it together! I know I'm young and I still have everything ahead. But I want to say that age does not really matter to me. Age is just a number. What do you think? I think it's right. I'm not trying to impose my opinion, this is just my point of view. A lot of good things happen in life and our meeting with you is the one of those moments.
I'm really very glad that that we write to each other every day! Even my friends and colleagues at work have noted some changes in me. They say that I have become a much kinder and more cheerful. I think that this is your influence on me. Michael, I tell you about my inner world and my desires. I hope that you still want to know much more about me.
I'm ready to talk about it. But I also want you to tell me about your feelings, about what's on your mind and in your soul. You can trust me in everything and talk about it. I really want to know much more about you. I have the most amazing feeling right now. I hope you read my letter carefully, and answer my questions and comment on my thoughts.
I'll be waiting impatiently your next letter. Your Kseniya!

Letter 11

Hello my beloved Michael! Today is a very wonderful weather and I do not feel the cold. How about you? You know, I admire your letter! So many joys it gives me right now. I'm very pleased that our communication is progressing very good and you support me! I feel as if we are writing to each other for a long time! I completely understand you. Absolutely everything you write! In each of my letters are born new questions and topics for conversation! I hope you're interested in reading my letters! I see that you're not afraid to tell me everything what's in your soul! I never thought that the letter might contain so many feelings and emotions that are transmitted to an other person. When I see your letter, my soul is like waking up after a long sleep. All my tenderness and warmth comes out again! This is only because of you, Michael! Our letters have made us very close to each with each new day, with every new letter I feel a great affection for you! I have a very big emotion right now, I'd like to kiss you even right now! I see that all your words are sincere, you told me a lot about yourself. I understand that we know each other only through the Internet, but if we trust each other in these letters, we benefit greatly. Do you agree with me? Michael, I think that trust is the foundation of a true relationship! Our relationship will not develop without trust. I believe you, Michael, I can say it! I feel that you're a good man and I can completely trust you! I think I'm not mistaken and I am glad if you believe me! Can I ask you one important question? Do you write letters just me or do you have another other girls? Michael, I must to know! I don't write letters to anyone except you! I want to be the only girl for you! I wrote you that I'm looking for a serious relationship with a man. And I want to build a relationship with you! I write everything what's in my mind. Every day I learn more and more about you. And I want you to write to me only, and not to other girls. of course, I can't forbid you to write to others, but if you choose me, you should write just to me. I wish that you were always with me, always told me the truth and never lied to me! From my part I promise you that I'll never deceive you and never tell you a lie! I believe that it's always better to tell the truth and to know that your soul is pure. I am convinced that any lies come out sooner or later. Do you agree with me? Michael, I want to tell you about one of my customers. Today I cut one girl, she's a regular customer and she always appeals to me. I can even say that we have become good friends. And she told me that she feels that her husband is cheating on her. He began to come to work later than usual. He always comes home late, hardly talks and goes to bed early. She asked him: "tell me the truth, do you have another girl?" He replied to her: "how can you think so?! I love only you and I do not need another girl! I just have a lot of work right now. And after work I'm going to walk home to get peace of mind." That's how he talked to his wife.
Then I said to this woman: 'If you love him then you must believe him, and if he spoke from his heart and soul, it means he really telling the truth". Can't live in distrust of each other, it destroys relationships. Michael, I think that you will agree with me that the truth will reveal sooner or later. Deception always leads to bad consequences, including the destruction of even the strongest relationships! Trust and truth are one of the most important parts of human relationships! So I ask you to always tell me the truth. Only then we can get to know each other completely and share our inner world with each other. Only then I can learn your inner world and have a need to write to you and fall in love with you! I already have the feeling that I fall in love! I'd like to have more time to write you something else, tell more about my days. I'd like to tell you more about my thoughts and my feelings. But I have to get back to work. I tried to tell you my thoughts in a concise manner but I hope you understand my thoughts. Remember, you're always in my mind. Sometimes I think about how you spend your days, what you're thinking before going to bed. Can you share it with me? I'd love to know about it. In my next letter, I will tell something more about myself, about my feelings and my thoughts. Because my feelings for you are growing every day! I already want to tell you about it! But I have to go back to work. I'll be waiting impatiently for your letter tomorrow! Hugs and kisses for my Michael! Kseniya!

Letter 12

Hello my beloved Michael! Thank you very much for your gentle letter!
I am very happy to get it today and I am sure that my eyes just shine with joy! I got a huge rush of joy and good mood when I saw your letter! To be honest, I was a bit scared that you'll not write me after some frank words that I said in my last letter. Was it too frank letter? Don't be afraid to tell me about it! We must be sincere with each other! I must be sure that you want to build a true relationship with me! Do you want it? I'm telling you the whole truth about my life. And I open my heart and my soul to you. My nature, my feelings, my desires, my love for you Michael! I'm not telling you a lie, only the truth. Perhaps some people are trying to show their best features in the letters and hide their negative qualities. But you can be sure, I write to you very seriously, and there are no exaggeration! I'm thinking about you every day! Michael, today I was at work and all my thoughts were associated only with you. I do not know how I work, my hands were shaking with excitement. I couldn't understand what happened to me. I never felt like this before. I tried to pull myself together and tried to think only about work. But my mind is still thinking about you. I was thinking about our future together. I have a lot of good thoughts about our future! I can share it with you. Last night I went to bed, about 23 hours in the evening, in my cold bed!
And I thought about us and wanted my Michael to lay next to me and hugged me! And I would not feel lonely anymore. For some time I have changed my attitude towards life because you came into my life. I'm starting to imagine us together! I think that if you're going with me, we can talk with you for days and nights! We can talk the most wonderful words to each other's eyes. If you were with me then I would hold your hand and look to your eyes! And I do not averted my eyes from you. I can look into your eyes endlessly! I looked into your eyes and trying to figure out what you think about me. And in your eyes I would have immediately understood. I think your eyes would be shining, and you would smile! Michael, I think that we are increasingly fall in love with each other! It's a wonderful feeling! To love and to know that you are loved! You're a very good man, with an open mind and big heart. You have to give a part of your heart for your lovely girl, I think! I know already, you're a real man! And you will always care about me. I think that you are a person who has a joy for life and will stay together forever with his loved person! Will always love and respect, always support and help. never disappoint and never cheat!
I'm a girl who needs care and kindness. Each time I dream at night that when I get tired very much, I can just put my head to your shoulder or chest, or just be in your arms. To then go to sleep and after sleep we are back together. I want to catch your look when I wake up in the morning. I very much like to dream about this, because this is what I want! Tell me please, what are you going to do when you come home very tired? Michael, we live in the real world and we can realize all of our wishes! I think we have a lot in common: the interests and views on life, and we're both lonely. I am sure that we will be very interesting to each other! Now I really want to ask you, would you like to spend some time with me? I hope to hear an honest answer. A lot of thoughts in my mind right now about the future with you! If you think that we are in a hurry, just tell me. But if you have the same feelings what I have, serious and great feelings, then I think you will agree with me. I can imagine our life together! I think it should be! In letters we know each other only virtually but even of these letters we can create the beginning! The beginning of love and relationships. To start a new life, where we can forget the past!
Where we can start a bright future. And the ability to create a family! It is possible if we both want it! We can achieve this goal!
It would be the best moment in our lifes, the unforgettable feeling of joy and responsibility! Tell me your thoughts on this. Now I'll finish my letter and will wait your reply! It would be wonderful if your thoughts are the same as mine! I'm sending you 1000000 hugs and kisses! Please take it! Your Kseniya!

Letter 13

Hello my beloved Michael!! My life and my day filled with joy today!
So nice to see your letter! My heart starts to beat faster when I read your letter. I noticed that during our correspondence I have changed a lot, I became a different person. Now I look at the world through different eyes. I start to realize that life is not so bad. I'm on cloud nine of happiness! Such a nice feeling to know that I need somebody, and his name is Michael! This is so wonderful! I always think about what you wrote, about each word. When I finish reading your letter, I tell myself that I should write a decent answer to you!
God help us, I am confident that everything will be fine! Looking now your letter, I see the care and love for me! I'm so happy that we found each other on the Internet! Michael, I already wrote to you that I have no the telephone. I understand that you want to talk to me. I also would like to hear your vote. I know that I can call to you from post office. I shall visit it and will find out how much it to cost for me. Please write to me your telephone number and as soon as I'm able, then I shall call to you. I shall warn beforehand you about it, that you expected my call. How are you my dearest Michael? You know, every day I'm more and more want us to be together. I hope that someday I will be able to fulfill this dream. Yet last night I thought about good things. I can tell you that I imagined how we've been dating. And I loved life with you! I loved this dream! Of course I understand that real life is different from my thoughts. I'm just thinking about the different options that are possible. Life that we can change! I started with the fact that I'm leaving Russia and say goodbye to my friends and my grandmother. They escorted me to the airport and wished me a happy new life with my beloved Michael. After, I got on a plane and flew to him! After a few hours flying time, I land at the airport and get off the plane and what do I see? Of course it's you! With a bouquet of red roses, my favorite flowers! you stand at the airport expecting me! I really really want you to meet me that way! Otherwise I would just get lost :) How do you think? And here we saw each other! And I'm running into your arms! You put your arms around me and we circled in each other's arms, we give kisses to each other! You invite me in your car, open the door for me, or maybe we can go together at a bus or taxi. And then we go to you home and we can talk, we will go quietly, that we were able to enjoy the first sight of each other. I'm able to touch you a little, Michael!!! To feel you and your touches! My smile will be big and exciting at the same time. And I'll not feel any fear of being in another country because you're near to me! And when we come to your home you can just show me your home. I very much want to see it! Since then I can see as you live! I would like to see the layout of your rooms. And of course I want to see the kitchen! I love to cook and I'll cook for you every day! It will be a pleasure for me! I want you to have always been well-fed! And I'm sure that you will like my dishes! I also hope you will help me in the kitchen. For example, if I didn't have the strength to cut a large piece of meat. Then you come to me from behind, hug me, put your hand on top of mine and cut this piece of meat! I think it's very romantic to cook dinner together! Every dish I want to try to decorate with greenery, to give it more flavor. You know Michael, I have many culinary secrets, like any good cook gradually, I'm going to tell you about my secrets, I wish you just knew it! I will try to do so. You'll never be hungry with me! And the rest of the homework are also important. I love when the home cleaned.
I will make your home much more comfortable and convenient. And when the guests will be coming to our house, they will see to see a sense of caring! Do you like it? I very much miss you every day Michael, I'd like to see you better today than tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!
Because it's very big sadness in my heart from the fact that we are separated by thousands of miles! And my heart aches already from these dreams! I wish to turn this dream into reality one day! This is my dream and I think about it right now. Do you like my dream? Can you write me, what do you do when you meet me? Michael, I want to call you my prince because you're a man of whom I have a dream! I've been looking for you all my whole life and I found just now. But I know that happiness comes unexpectedly! Michael, tell me, have you ever had something like that? Or our relationship is something new for you? I love you, Michael, I have many desires for you! Believe me! Please write me in your next letter about what you think! And perhaps you also gonna tell me about your dreams. I'll look forward to see your letter! Forever your Kseniya!

Letter 14

Hello my biggest love in this world Michael! I'm very happy to come to the internet cafe right now and see your letter. Of course I can call myself very happy girl, because you're so close to my heart, my prince Michael!!! Sometimes after work I'm tired, sometimes I have bad mood, but after reading your letter I feel great care and tenderness for me.
You're always support me and I appreciate it! You awaken in me a sense of cheerfulness and I do not feel tired and sore muscles! Michael, I'm very happy to read your letter today and again a smile return to me.
You would have been funny to see how I'm pleased. I can describe to you how I'm happy when I see that you wrote! I clap my hands and with tears of joy to talk to myself: yes, again I see the letter from my beloved Michael!!! And this feeling of joy means a lot for me. Since I'm in love with you! And I get words of love from my loved one.
Michael, I dream of meeting you every day and every night! I already know that you're also thought about it, about our meeting. You do have the same great thoughts in your mind. I believe that we will be holding a very exciting time together when I arrive to you. Every day I dream about it! I promise! We'll do absolutely everything. Dance together, cry and laugh. Smile to each other and fall in love more and more. Almost until the moment when our hearts will burst with happiness and great love! Michael, I hope you'll help me in some household chores. Because I'm not always going to cope with all of my responsibilities, sometimes I will need your help! For example, sometimes I'll not have time to wash the dishes or something else. I hope we'll be doing some things together sometimes. I hope we will. I need to be completely confident in your words. If all you say is true 100% then we'll not have any problems, I'm sure! You just should to know that I always say true. I'm very loyal girl. And I always will be with you because I love you! That's what a loving relationship. Are you sure that you understand, I'm not going to explain it to you.
Because you are my the most intelligent and loyal man in the world. I must to ask you what if I come to you? I still don't know much about your country, can you help me to find a job? Because I don't want to constantly sit on your neck, I do not like to be idle. I want to help you in everything, also in financial straits. If I'm going to work, I'll be bringing at least some of the money for our well-being and for our family budget! I'm writing to you about this the first time but I want to work! And then I can give you some gifts which you do not even suspect. I want it! You may ask, what kind of job I'd like to have. I love my current job hairdresser. Are there any beauty salons near your house? I hope you write me about it, maybe you have any other suggestions? Today I'm going to visit with one of my girl friends. I want to talk to her, gossip, women's talk, you know? I can trust her with all my thoughts, she's my best friend! We always share any news with each other. Of course she knows about you and she is very happy for me that I found you in this world. She says that at last I will not be alone. But of course I did not tell her about the things that we discuss with you in the letters but I told her a lot of good things about you! I hope you also told your friends about me. What are they thinks? You can tell me about it. Trust is a very important part of a relationship. I think I've said this earlier, I repeat. But I think you can forgive me. I want to be with you always, kiss you always, hug you! And always look into your eyes, to confuse you a little with my own eyes! I definitely dream of it! Try to imagine in your mind all what I imagine. Tell me what are your thoughts? I write the serious things to you and I want the same from you! You can talk to me on any things, we can discuss anything you like! Today I want to discuss with you a very intimate topic. I'm talking about sex. I can talk to you about it if you want! If you would like to tell me what do you like in sex? And maybe you think about it at night Michael? Then do not hide it Michael! Please tell me about your sexual dreams, desires, etc. I hope your dreams are about me :) I'll be waiting impatiently your answer! And maybe I'll tell you of what I think at night! What I dream about and what I want to do with you. This is certainly sweet moments that will never be forgotten. And there are more and more imagination, which I want to tell you! I think you know it will be interesting! On this I say goodbye to you. I'm sure that I'll not have to wait for your reply for a long time. I love you my handsome Michael, I want to hug you and say these words into your eyes, and softly whisper in your ear! Many kisses for my sweet prince!!! Forever your Kseniya!!!

Letter 15

Hello my beloved Michael! My the most gentle and caring man in the world! My sun, my happiness and my love! I am so happy to receive your letter, read it now. That's all I wanted today, because I'm waiting for your answer with great impatience. Without your letters I'm like an engine without petrol, like soup without salt, and like tea without sugar. This is comparison of course, because I really can't live without your letters. You write very gently, just as I like. I always want to hear these words from you addressed to me. Always and everywhere. I don't care in what place we will be and how many people will stand beside us. I'll be very happy girl if you can pronounce all these words - words of love! Only you can say these words with such sincerity and affection that I have no doubt I'll believe it! I am confident. I'll never be upset with you because you are my light, for which I want to live and strive for the best for the future!!! And all what I dream, when we meet in the future, will be for us!!! My beloved Michael, I really liked how you wrote and responded to me. I'm just waiting to write to you!!! Whether you asked me about that I wish to have children. Yes, I very much wish to have children. I would like to have the boy and the girl. Michael, yesterday I hadn't seen my friends because I wanted to dream about us as much as possible. About our love and affection that I want. I dream about this very romantic. How do you like it? If you will come home from work? And I'll already be waiting you Michael, always!!!! Every day, and only you, because I just don't need anything else!!! If we met and would be together. Then you come home and then I meet you with open arms. You undress and go to the bathroom to take a shower. Then you sit at the table and I sit at the table with you! I think that would never have dinner without you, always waiting for you and we will eat together. It will be more pleasant for you to dine with me, I think. Yet, while we have dinner and drink tea, we talk then about us. We tell each other about how was our day. We tell each other the most wonderful words that we want. I'll call you my prince, and my love, my ideal man and dream. Because it is so! You're very kind and gentle man in this world, my handsome Michael! I know it! You're willing to do everything for me, and I appreciate it!!! I feel your great love for me, your kindness and your gentle hands, your body and your breath. After eating, we can relax a bit, and then make a little walk! You can show me the most fabulous places of your city. As I already said, I want to know everything about you, you may just show me everything that is associated with you. Perhaps you like some place, perhaps this is a very romantic place. And we can visit this place together! We will go there together to spend some time. Tell me about the most favorite place in your town. Is there any other places in town we can visit together? I'm sure you know all the sights in your city and we will always have a good time for a walk. Are there parks in your town? We can walk along some park together, holding hands or hugging tenderly. People will look at us and see two very happy people. So I think we're an example of a beautiful pair, two persons who are compatible with each other.
Two persons who have a purpose in life! We will always strive for what we want to achieve together. I'm not even doubt, my dear! You're my beloved man, very caring, and I'll never share you with anyone!
Michael, the main thing that you don't want to go away from me, otherwise I just can't stop you! But I don't think about it because I'm sure that you will stay with me forever! Your choice is me through your mind and your desires. And I assure you that you're not wrong!
So, my dearest Michael, I want to continue to write about a topic that I asked you yesterday. I'm talking about sex. Sex plays an important role in relationships. Moreover, it's a very good way to relieve stress. This is a very good moments and sweet feeling of bliss! It's impossible to forget! Michael, I told you that I had a relationship with a man two years ago. And I had sex in a while. But, as I wrote earlier, I broke up with him because he cheated on me. I do not have a sex life since then. It's very difficult to be without sex for more than two years! And now I have an overwhelming desire to make love with you Michael because only with you I want to make these dreams and share my love! And I'm sure that we'll always have an unforgettable sex! I can be very gentle with you, I think you want it. Begin to make love gently. I begin to massage you, that you take the pressure off. I think that every man loves getting a massage from a gentle female hands. You feel my rapid breathing on your back. I know how to do massage and you'll get a huge kick out of it! When I'm done, I'll put my breasts on your back and caress your ears and gently moan with pleasure. My hands slowly move down to your penis. I touch it very gently. I stroked it and it begins to harden in my hands! You have a great excitation when I caress your penis! You're exhausted from the overwhelming desire to master me! Your body is burning and you can't endure it! Then you turn around to face me and we look into each others eyes. We look at each other and we can not look away. As if there is an invisible thread between us. It's our consciousness. Then you touch my breasts and begins to fondle them. I feel a great excitation and a strong desire to make love to you! I go down to your penis and begin to gently caress his tongue. You get very excited and I hear you moan with pleasure! I clamp your penis between my breasts and start to move it back and forth. You feel the warmth of my body.
My body is very hot with excitement! Then I take your penny and start sucking it. Do you want it? I'm willing to do it for you! I want to tell you that I have never done oral sex before but I want to try it with you! Only with you, with the man whom I love very much and don't want anyone else to give! I want you to know about my fantasies! You know, and you expect this exciting moment! Because when we were both in the excited state, we both get great satisfaction! I know that you are willing to give me pleasure! That's what I like in sex, my love! I want you to have the satisfaction to the maximum extent, and you'll never forget it! I want you always to be kind and gentle to me because it i's very important to me! I think that we'll always be completely satisfied with each other! And I'll say: "yes, my love, it was amazing! I had never experienced anything like this it was an unforgettable pleasure and bliss!" I am sure that this will happen because I didn't had a good sex with my ex. I never said these words to him. Michael, I told you what I think and what I dream about at nights. I hope you like my dreams. Tell me what do you think about this? And how do you imagine sex with me? It's very important for me to know about it. And can you imagine life with me? Do you want it? I love you Michael, you are always in my mind! Only your Kseniya!

P.S. Manager Internet cafe has just informed me that tomorrow, Internet cafes will be closed. In Russia, May 1 is a holiday. This is the "Holiday of Spring and Labor." So I want to warn you that you are not worried. Tomorrow I will not be able to write you a letter. I will write to you on Monday. I'll miss. Kiss.

Letter 16

Hello my biggest and only love Michael!!! I'm happy right now because I see your letter, I can read it and respond to you now. I'm really happy and my joy is growing every day! My heart beats faster when I see your letter. And I feel as if my heart jump out of my chest! And if my heart jump out of my chest, I want to make it flew into your house and join you. So I want to tell you that I'm willing to sacrifice my heart for you. I give all my mood and joy, all my love for you. Tell me how is your mood today? I hope that all is good.
Write me, how did you spent your day and night? Last evening and closer to the night already I thought again about us. I'm just not even watched TV and didn't read the book. Silence reigned in my apartment and nothing to distract me! I suddenly thought that if all of what we write can happen in reality, as well as our words! That people can fall in love so quickly just by being in correspondence with each other. I write you the truth about all my feelings and my love for you! However, I can't always express all what I feel and I want to show you! So much I want relationship with you! I want to be closer to you Michael, feel you, feel your soul and your heart! I tell you this because I feel that you're the person I was looking for all my life! As I said, I've thought a lot about us yesterday. And I realized one very important thing: I can't imagine my future life without you! of our letters, I can conclude that we know each other very well. And if we can meet one day, this will be the moment that will show us that we should be together! I have no doubt about that! Because I see that our relations are developing very good! and if I could look into your eyes right now, I would have seen sparkle and joy in them. Then I just smile, I'll understand everything at once, all your feelings and love for me. Yes, just the sight! I'm sure that you too want to meet me in real life! And I will see all of your actions that would show concern for me. This is necessary for me, I want to see it in you! I'm sure that I imagine you exactly for who you are in real life! I would like to begin a new life with you, which would allow me to completely forget all my past! I'm ready to leave all the things such as my apartment or my job. Of course I'll miss my friends and my grandmother. They will always be in my heart and I can always be in touch with them through e-mails and handwritten letters. Maybe one day we may even be able to visit Russia together, and I'll introduce you to my friends and my grandmother. Michael, I think that I'll have no problem finding a job in your country. I'm a good barber.
I hope you can help me to find a job. I think my profession is in demand around the world. I'm a professional who knows how to work with people. It will be a new experience for me, working with new people.
But I'm confident that I can handle this changes in my life. Because you will always support me! I heard that a foreigner is hard to get a job without having citizenship, is this true? I do not think that I can get citizenship immediately, because at first for that we should get married, is not it? I think that we'll be able to discuss this at a meeting in person. We'll spend some time together, and only if we both want this and we are 100% compatible with each other, then we can think about the wedding. Such matters can't be predicted, but it will be clear in the course of time. Do you think the same, Michael? I love you very much and I'm so happy that we met each other on the Internet!
Of course, I thought yesterday what if you come to visit me. But can you take a leave from work and leave your home for a month or two? I can tell you that I can do it! And perhaps it will be easier for me than for you! I think I'll need to prepare some documents for this, such as a passport and visa. I don't have these documents because I have never been abroad before. However, I can find out all the details. Michael, I'll go to Yaransk, the city near to me. There I'll visit the travel agency and find out all the details about my possible trip to you. One of my girl friends used the services of this agency when she traveled to Europe last year. It was she who encouraged me to go there because I would be hard to do all the paperwork and make documents by myself. Michael, I can do it if you want to meet me in person! Meeting in real life is the most important step for the development of our relationship! It's no longer writing, all we want to say to each other, we can say in the face! Letters bring much joy and many desires, many dreams! But writing can't convey all the feelings that I have for you. All those emotions and my mind! That's why I say it all for you now. If we meet, we can make a reality of all the words that we write to each other. We can make love in bed and can walk on different places and realize our most beautiful dreams. We can bring pleasure each other each night to be happy. Michael, I would like to make love with you, every time and everywhere! We can do it soon! I thought yesterday that this is a dream that can be realized in the near future! Only need to move towards that goal and don't stop! I think we can do it! With a special look I'll be waiting your answer tomorrow! So, what do you think? Tell me your thoughts and we'll make a decision. I'll be waiting for your letter! And I want to say again that I love you Michael!!!!!!!!!!! Forever your Kseniya!!!

Letter 17

Hello, my greatest love in this world Michael! I'm very glad that you wrote to me today and I'm pleased to write to you back! I'm full of energy and strength, cheerful and full of positive sentiment right now. Exactly what I want! How was your day and how are you doing, my love? The weather is nice today, warmer than yesterday. Sunny and no rain. Last night I was a little cold and my feet are a little cold. I came home yesterday and immediately took a hot bath. It was bliss! I felt the warmth and tranquility. I'm sensitive to the cold and I can get the flu or a snuffle. In Russia there is a tradition to swim in the ice water in winter. It happens in January. Someone cut hole in the ice on the river and everybody can take a dip in the icy water. We called such people "walruses". There is a belief if you bathe in ice water, then you will not get sick with influenza a year! One day I bathed in icy water in winter. I did one dive and immediately climbed back. I immediately wiped with a towel and and put on dry clothes. At that moment I felt that the water is much warmer than the outside. It was an interesting experience for me. Is there such traditions in your country? I would be very interested to hear about it. But of course in the letters you can't describe all the details, it would take a very long time. It's much better to see once than to hear about it a hundred times! And I hope that we'll meet with you in the near future and you'll show and tell me a lot of new things that I hadn't seen before! This is my biggest wish now to meet you in person! I would love to turn this wish into reality right now! If I had wings, I would immediately took off and flew be to your doorstep! I would knock on your door, you opened me and was surprised so strong that could not say a word! It would be the most amazing meeting! But of course this is only a dream. In fact I need to get the documents and get on the plane. Michael, tomorrow I will go to the travel agency in Yaransk and find out all the details. I'll tell you all the information in the following letter. Trip for you is a very important step, because I had never traveled before! I understand that if I agree to take this step, I need to spend a lot of effort and energy. But I have enough strength and desire to fly to you! Because I want it and I'm only thinking about it! Michael, nothing will prevent us to meet if we have a goal and a wish! I want to build our future, to create a great relationship! And I want to do it with you! Will it turn out, will it possible, it just depends on the two of us! I'm 100% sure that I want to be with you, I trust you! I have no reason to worry and fear for the meeting. Because I read all your letters and your words and thoughts are etched in my heart and I'll always remember about this and it's always in my mind. Michael, I fully trust you and in response to this, I put my own soul and my thoughts of you! We have a very pleasant conversations, our senses are filled with love in each letter more and more. It seems to me that my heart will burst soon from a great desire to meet you. I hope that we both try to make these feelings more and more to each other, my handsome prince Michael! And we will strive to go to meet each other. I'm confident that our relationship will have no doubt and distrust to each other. I'm sure that our love will not disappear with time and does not burst like a soap bubble. I'll always be honest and frank with you! And if I love you, then you'll also love me and never leave me. I love you Michael and if we meet each other in person, I'll be the happiest person in the world! And I'm sure you too! I'll never leave you, my beloved Michael! I'll never think badly of you. I'm a girl who knows how to forgive, and if you make any mistakes in our relationship that will inevitably happen in any relationship, then of course I'll forgive you because you love me! Of course I'll also make mistakes, but I'm sure that you too can forgive me. We will find a compromise in all situations. You can not doubt my words! I write to you what I think and what I dream. And my words are not just empty words, I never throw words to the wind! And I think you'll agree with my words, is not it?
And if we feel a special feeling for each other and great confidence in our endeavors, we'll meet in person no matter what! I would like to be with you right now, to feel you, touch you, feel your care and love my gentle prince Michael! Our future depends on us both and I'm sure that you're serious about this. I WANT TO BE WITH YOU, WANT TO BE LOVED BY YOU! I want you to never leave me! Is it possible in the near future? Tomorrow I'll be able to figure it out. And tomorrow I'll see your new email, your beautiful words, your feelings and your opinion about it. Michael, I am ready to do anything for the sake of our love!
I would like to hear the same words from you in return. Of course my trip to you will be difficult because I've never been abroad before. I don't know anything about travel to other countries. But I'm willing to go through all the obstacles to be with you! I'll spend all my efforts! Of course I'll need your support in psychological terms. I've never flown on an airplane before, and I feel some fear. But it's worth it! And I can cope with all the difficulties and psychological barriers! We're ready to meet and we both want it, right? We will not give up! Well, I am finishing this letter and of course I look forward to your reply tomorrow! I send you 1000000 kisses! I love you Michael, my gentle and caring man! Forever your Kseniya!!!

Letter 18

Hello my biggest love Michael!!! I'm very glad to see your letter now!
And it's the only reason I go to the internet cafe. And it is a great happiness for me to come here and read your letters! Know your opinion is very important to me. Because you're my beloved person and I think about you constantly! I think a lot about our life together. What we do, and what makes us closer to each other. Michael, last night I dreamed about it as we meet in the near future! As if all this is very simple and hassle-free. And I'll happily run into your arms! You hug me at the airport and we both know that this is the beginning of our new life! And in your eyes I see the happiness and the desire to be with me! It all depends on us! And since we want to be together, we'll do our best so that our relationship will never run out! I also thought a lot about our love and realized that I can't wait for our meeting! And I see in your letter that you are also interested in this. You have to know, I want to be with you. And if you were with me right now, I would not feel lonely. My desire to meet you so much! And I don't need anything in life except for you! And all I want is to meet you Michael and start our new life!!! Because you're the right man for me, you are very honest and I trust you. And I have a strong feeling that if we meet, nothing will stop us, neither distance nor language barrier, nor anything else. By the way, I hope my English is good and you are completely understand me. What if we'll meet soon?
Then we'll have enough time to get to know each other in person!
Michael, I was in the travel agency in Yaransk and found out all the details about my trip to you. Must tell you that they asked me a lot of questions:

- Have you ever been to another country? Have you ever flown in a plane? I said no, this is the first time for me, but I'm ready for that.

- Do you have relatives abroad? And again I said no. I only have a grandmother who lives in Russia.

- If you want to leave Russia, you must have the following documents: visa, international passport, insurance and air ticket. Do you have any of these documents? I said that I don't have these documents because I have never been abroad.

- How do you relate to flights? Do you have any concerns or medical conditions? I said that I have no contraindications but I do not know how I'll adapt to the hop because I have never flown before.

My beloved Michael, I would like to ask you, Are the flights dangerous?
I've heard a lot on TV about the crashed aircraft. Is this scared to fly a plane? Are there any side effects?

- The next question was: are you going to travel alone or you fly with someone? I said that I would fly alone but my man would meet me at the destination. Then travel agent said: did you know that many women migrate abroad and do not return home? They continue to live there.
Then I asked if I could stay abroad permanently? Travel agent said I could stay if I get citizenship or become pregnant. Also he said that many Russian girls can't go back to Russia because they fall into sexual slavery. They are forced into prostitution. I didn't thought that such phenomena still exist in developed countries. Michael tell me, really in your country there are still like that?

Michael, travel agent told me that the easiest way to get a tourist visa. I chose a three-month visa. I think that 3 months will be enough for us to decide our future. What do you think?

So, about the documents: my visa will be valid for three months. My passport will be valid for five years. For getting these documents I should submit the following documents:

- Certificate of employment. I can get it any day from my boss.

- Proof of residence. It is issued in public services, daily from 10:00 am to 16:00 pm.

- Certificate from the police station about the absence of any prosecution. I have no problems with it so I'll get this certificate without problems.

- Certificate from the tax authorities about the absence of tax arrears.

- Birth certificate.

- passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and registration.
I have it all, of course.

- certificate from the hospital about the absence of disease and contraindications to the flights. I have to go through six doctors: therapist, audiologist, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, cardiologist. I can go through all these doctors in one day and I think I have no problem with that.

In general, this is a great package of documents and I think that it will take 2-3 days to get all the documents for travel documents.

If I'm going to agree with the rules of the travel agency, then I just need to sign and fulfill the terms of the contract. All I need to do now is to sign a contract. As soon as I execute the contract on my part, the agency will make all travel documents. This process takes 10 days. For signing the contract I will have to go there and and sign it. But to sign the contract, first I need to know your opinion Michael, should I sign a contract? But I think I already know your answer and SOON WE'LL BE TOGETHER! I think it is a great chance for us Michael!!! Beloved, if we love each other then we must to meet in person soon. We need to develop our relationship and personal meeting is an important step for the development of our relationship! And I think that I want to stay with you. But of course we'll talk about it when we're together. I'm just very happy and today the whole day I think about us. maybe luck haunts us Michael? But certainly not all so simple Michael, I don't want to upset or disappoint you, but I can't do everything alone. If we both want to meet, then we have to do everything together, is not it? To be honest, the cost of travel is very big for me. I did not think it would be so expensive! Of course, I have some savings, but it is a small amount that is not enough to cover all the costs. I need about 220 US dollars to make travel documents such as passport and visa. Tickets will also be provided by the agency, including passport and visa. The total cost of my trip, including documents and round trip tickets is 1980 US dollars. I have some savings. I'll have about 250 US dollars. I specifically pointed out the prices in US dollars to you it was easy to understand the cost. That's all I have. I never borrow the money and I've always lived only on what I earned by myself. My income is about 300 US dollars a month. Even though I'm living in poverty, but I'm not complaining. I just never thought that I would fly to another country and it is very difficult for me to find such a large sum of money all at once. I don't even know where to get so much money! I'm not in a position to borrow money because all my friends have about the same income which is not different from mine. Yes, it is a little money, but it's enough to live here. So I'm forced to turn to you Michael.
What do you think about this? If you could help me then you can tell me about it. Although I don't even know how you can help. With every desire to fly to you my dearest Michael,I just don't know how I can finance it all! I can collect all the documents without any problems and I can give it to the agency! But I can't pay for the travel documents and tickets! So now I'm very upset, but I don't lose hope.
Perhaps you can help me. I do not know. But I hope to see your reply soon with your thoughts about this situation. Just tell me what I should to do! I really didn't expected that my trip will be so expensive! I love you so much and I have a great desire to meet you soon! As soon as possible! Because I fell in love with you through the letters, I didn't expected. It happened to me the first time! I have never felt such love and affection! I'm happy with you! I feel that I can't live without you! And I think that if we meet then it will be the best day of our life! It will be a new chapter in our lives and our new life together! I want it! Do you want it, my love? With me? Tell me, I really want to hear it from you! I think that you have a great desire to meet me! What can I do for you as well? I'm ready for anything! Now I finish my letter. I wrote this letter for 2 hours and my hands a little bit tired. but I don't regret that I wrote it all.
Because it's important for both of us. If you're seriously think about us, please tell me the honest answer about our meeting. I love you, my dearest Michael!!! You're always with me, in my heart. Forever your Kseniya!!!

Letter 19

Hi my most perfect prince Michael. How was your day? Lovely, I very strongly miss you and I want to be only together with you. I can not stop to think about you. You have filled in my heart completely. My love, I am really very happy that you love me. I do not present my life without you. I always think of you and I want to be only with you. Dear, last night before that how to fall asleep I was prayed to God. I pray to God that we were together, that on ways of our meeting there were no obstacles. I very much hope that the God will hear me. I very much hope for that that we will be together. I could not fall asleep yesterday very long. I looked in a window. I looked in the star sky and I imagined that can be at the same moment you also look at the sky. And I have imagined that we see each other ... And I want to be with you as soon as possible. I do not think that I'm in a hurry. Vice versa. I believe that we have enough to know each other and now I want to meet with you. And get to know each other better, we can only at our meeting. And not through the Internet. You agree with me? And so I want to meet with you now. And do not wait a year or two. This is a very important step for both of us. But I'm ready for our meeting, my prince. And I hope that you share my opinion. And agree to meet now.
But you said that you want to talk on the phone. Good! It's not a problem. I told you that I do not have a phone. But I can call you with the post office. Send me your full phone number and I'll call you. But I will warn you before about my call, so you can wait for it.
I also want to talk to you on the phone and hear your voice. And I want to discuss our meeting. So send me your phone number in your next letter. Dearest Michael, I very strongly miss you and I want to be only together with you. I will be with impatience to wait that moment, when we will be together. I very much want that we were together. I love you with all my heart, my dear Michael. Please write as soon as you will have an opportunity. I look forward to wait your next letter.
Only your Kseniya!

Letter 20

My lovely prince Michael. How your mood? Do you miss me? I very strongly miss you and sometimes I have a little bit bad mood because I can not be near to you at this moment. But I at once begin to think that soon we will be together. We necessarily will be together, my love Michael. We want it very strongly. My prince, now I want to tell you about the phone call. As I told you, I'll call you with the post office. Do not worry, I'll be able to pay itself, my call to you.
Therefore, in the following letter, write me your full phone number.
And I'll try to call you tomorrow same. I want to hear your voice. But most of all I want to be with you soon. I love you with all my heart.
I want to wake up every morning next to you. I dream about it. I wake up a little earlier than you and I long I look at you, Michael. You are smiling in sleep. I begin to gently kiss you and you wake up ...
Every night I'll tell you: "Good night, my love. "Lovely, every night before going to bed, I repeat these words. I think that you can hear me... I whisper your name, Michael. My love, I very much miss you and I want to be only together with you. Please write me as soon as you will opportunity. I eagerly be waiting your letter. I love you. Only your Kseniya!

P.S. My full data:

Kirovskaya obl,
v.Pishtan, Sovetskaya Street, house 3, apt. 12.
My full name is: Kseniya Ponomareva

Letter 21

Hello my dear Michael. I hope that your mood well. My handsome, what weather you have there? We have warm weather here and very nice to be on the street at this time. my love, I very strongly for you, and I want to be just with you. I much look forward to the day when we will see each other at the airport. Can you imagine how would it be?
Lovely, I think that this will be the happiest day of my life. I will always be near you. I will never leave you. I'll always be waiting for you when you will come to your work. hot dinner had to be to your arrival. I have before going to sleep I'll do a relaxing massage If you are tired. and of course we'll make love every night. Michael, I very strongly love you and you'll never be disappointed in me. I want to be just with you. And soon we will be together. Now about the phone call. I'll try to call you tomorrow. But tomorrow I will talk to you about it more specifically. do not worry about paying a call. I myself will pay for my call. My prince, please write me as soon as you will have the opportunity. I always eagerly waiting for your us your message. And please think of me as often as possible. I always think of you, my perfect prince Michael. I want to be next to you. I want to kiss your lips. I want to hug you and feel your hand on my body ...
Dear, I am very strong love you and want to be just with you. Only your Kseniya!

Letter 22

Hi my prince Michael! I am very grateful to you for your letter. I want tell you that yesterday I had a wonderful dream. This a dream I was sitting on the sand of the desert beach. cool breeze blowing my hair, the sea was surprisingly quiet. The sky was perfectly clear, rays of bright sun heats the warm sand. I admired the beautiful calm sea and suddenly felt a gentle touch someone's hand. Turning back, I saw you. your eyes such beautiful and tender look at me. And then you took me in your strong arms and hugged me. I felt such a warm and serenity, that I can not help wish. Your lips merged with mine, I felt your passionate breath. you kissed my soft lips and kiss was very gentle and at the same time passionate. And then I woke up ... It was a very beautiful dream. It was very sad when I woke up and I understood that this was only a dream. I would very much like to it became a reality. My love, I very strongly love you and want to be only with you. I very much hope that my dreams will come true. I am very miss you and I want to be just with you. I love you with all my heart. I'll look forward to your letter following items. Only your Kseniya!

Letter 23

Hello, my gentle sun! How your mood? How are you? Michael, sadly hear that you are ill. I want to give you the recipe of my grandmother. Try drinking hot milk with honey, or cranberry juice and hot tea with lemon. After you drank it, then lay down under the blanket or better under two blankets. You need to sweat and sickness leave you. This recipe is always cures me. I hope it helps you too, my dear. Each night before falling asleep, I long I think about you. Every evening I am imagine when we see each other in first time. When I think about it, I feel a strong emotion. Michael, very often I imagine our meeting in airport. We'll see each other from afar and we can not tear our eyes from each other more. I'm going to meet you and as soon as we come closer to each other, we merge in strong and tender embrace each other. I'll give you the most gentle and long kiss. You will love it.
This kiss the most passionate kiss in the world. I know that you too think about it. And I know that this will happen very soon. Every day, with each new letter, my excitement increases. I never can not stop thinking about it. I live only thinking about you. My love, I have never flown in an airplane and I was a little afraid, but just one thought that I'll come down off the plane and I will see you, helps to overcome my fear and gives me strength. My love Michael, I want you to know that I will always think about you and my heart completely belongs to you, and any distance, any barriers can not prevent the meeting of two loving hearts! I look waiting for your next letter. I love you, my noble prince. Only your Kseniya!

Letter 24

Hello my dear Michael. Finally, I see your letters. Sorry to hear that you were sick. I was also sick. I visited my grandmother and helped her in the garden. And I got very deep tan. I got a sunburn. And my grandmother every day rubbed me different ointments. And now I feel better. And now I want to tell you the good news. I never took part in the lottery, but yesterday I walked past the kiosk and decided to buy 3 tickets. Evening show which hosted the TV show this lottery. I attended one of the tickets and got Winning bets must. I'm so happy I won in 1400 US dollars. I want to remind you that in order for me to come to you I need to pay for a contract worth 1980 US dollars. I put the money that I was able to save and the money that I won yesterday.
Now to come to you I do not have 330 US dollars. This is not a big amount. Before that, I was trying to borrow money from their friends and acquaintances, but they are not willing to help me. I have also tried to borrow money from her grandmother, but she has a little pension and she also can not help me. I also tried to go to the bank and get a loan, but they denied me because of small salaries. I hope you can help me and as soon as I come to you, we'll both be happy.
Finally, our life will improve. Michael, I am very, very strongly love you. I think of you every minute of every day. Yesterday I spoke with my grandmother. I told her I'm very bored without you, I love only you. She says me that he sees in my eyes the fire of love. If she asked me, I ready to come to another country ... I replied that I want and I'm ready for it. I understand that this will be another strange to me that there are other customs, but if I want to to be with you, it will be very easy. Lovely, please, you must understand that this is a very serious step for me. I've thought previously told you that I want to be with you. Because I am very much love you .. I can not say exactly how I realized that I love you. But when we started our correspondence I every day thinking about you more and more .. On paper, I often looked at hours, because I was waiting for the end of the workday to go to the Internet - cafe and see your new letter. I began to think about you all often and more .. I imagined you, I imagine my life with you .. And in the first fuzzy feeling came in me.
When I saw your letter, I very blessed. Even if I had a very hard working day, it became very easy when I saw your message .. For me, your words were very nice .. I have several just re-read your letters, and I understand that I fell in love you .. I asked myself many times, whether it is a feeling valid ... But I know that I really love you, and I wrote to you about this .. My dear, I am very pleased that we could find each other in this big world. I very strongly love you and want to be only with you. Please contact me as soon as you will have that opportunity. I really miss you, Michael. I will wait for your letter. Only your Kseniya!



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