Romance scam letter(s) from Marina to Dave (USA)
Letter 1
Hey there!
I am Marina. I'm 30 . I'm a conservative and traditional type of a girl. I enjoy traveling and tasting new things. And, although I much prefer to program my trips, there's a part of me that loves the chill of living on the edge. I love food and cooking. I'm an active girl, I don't often sit still for too long. If someone told me a few years ago that I'd adore spending time on a treadmill, I'd have smiled to them. But, honestly,I do. I'd like to learn how to drive a bike some day and to go skydiving. I don't do drama or games and appreciate honesty and openness... My faith in God is a daily part of my life and I enjoy taking active part in my church. My family has for ever been my support and I love being home, spending time with them. Ideally I'd like to find someone who's both driven yet down to the ground and low-key. Someone that is ambitious and willing to take a risk now. If you are interested in me, please reply to this message. If not, that's ok.
Sincerely, Marina
Letter 2
Hello My Dear Friend Dave!!!!!
I am pleased to receive your letter today. What is the weather in your city today? How are you? You had a lot of work? Are you tired? Dave I want to tell you about my work. I work in a high school for 9 years and I've been teaching Russian language. I have 140 students. Yes, this is a very difficult job. But I like it because I love children.
Would you like to learn the Russian language sometime in the future? I am sure that you would be a very good student. BTW, what do you think of my English? You well understand my letters? Dave in my previous letters, I told you that I graduated from the University in 2007 and was offered a job in high school. I had other ideas before I chose it.
I wanted to work as a translator. I thought long and I chose the children. Children are our future. Do you agree? Dave could you tell us more about your work? Do you like it?
Dave I make a good living and I have never complained about it. Every year I make a donation to the children with disabilities. I'm also doing a donation to the Church. I also think that the Church is important in everyone's life. I am an Orthodox Christian. I go to the Russian Orthodox Church every Sunday. You go to church? You could talk about your faith? Either way, God is one! You speak about phone, understand I and my family never required it and a vein without it! My family small and to us is no place to call!
Dave I am still afraid that you do not fully understand my letters because I studied English at the Institute and I have not had the experience of talking to British or American. Anyway, I'll try to write you to understand me. This is very important for our communication. Now I finish my letter. I can not wait to get your next letter. Until tomorrow...
Your friend Marina
Letter 3
Hello Dave!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. First of all I want to tell you about my city. I live in the city of Temryuk. Can you see my city on a map through Internet? Yes, it's very far. But I do not think that this will be a hindrance to our communication with you and we will continue to communicate and get to know each other better before we talk about our meeting with you. Dave I hope that you understand me. I started to communicate through the Internet recently because Russian men do not have the necessary combination of skills that are most important to me and also they like to drink and waste his life. My ambition is that to build a strong and happy family based on mutual understanding, love and happiness. The most important thing in a relationship, I would like sincerity and honesty just for me. I am a gentle person and I hate lies. Dave why you are looking for a partner on the internet and not in real life? Would you tell me more about yourself? I want to know you better and better. I wish that we were frank with each other and did not hide anything.
A little about me... I was born in the city of Krasnodar. My date of birth 1985, May 5 and you? This city is located 120 miles from the city where I live now. You visited Russia ever? Or would you like to visit my country someday in the future? I live alone. I do not have children and I have never been married. My mother still lives in the city of Krasnodar.My dad died in 1986 (April 26). He was ill with cancer. In fact I do not remember my dad. I also have grandparents.
They live in a village which is located 50 miles from my city. I am an only child and the family is the world to me. Dave I will tell you more about my family in my next letter. Ok?
Dave I am sending you a pictures. I'll send them to you often, that you could get to know me better. My height is 180 sm (5'11), weight 64 kg (140lbs). A breast, waist and hips accordingly 89 - 64 - 92. Dave I hope that I will receive your letter and your picture tomorrow.
I'm already looking forward to your letter.
Until tomorrow......
I wait.....
Your friend in Russia Marina
Letter 4

I do not know what to make, I can not any more so. I cry each day, each day tears from my eyes, I want to be with you but I can not.
Forgive me, I at all do not know what to make now, My heart hurts, because to you I it was bad also can not correct.
Forgive me Dave!!!!!
Forgive for all,
It I unhappy it never to be with the favourite person. Better to you to leave me one. find your love in the country, I can not be with you. I do not have forces more. I do not know what to make,
To me it is very bad. But I shall live. To live reading your letters and I shall be happy if you will be are happy. I shall not prevent more to you meet the good girl which can to make you happy.
But I think that I can not make anything any more. I can not neither sleep nor work. Only one of ideas I live. It is an idea, it is dream, but I think that it becomes a reality. You must to be happy. I think that with me you will not be happy. We can not overcome distance between us and I hope that you will find the happiness.
Overlook about me. I can not make you happy. I am very far.
Letter 5
Dave as you can so easy to speak these words!? You understand, that my family and friends helped us!? You understand, that they used the best efforts, that we were with you together!? They trusted in our love and wished us the best! I have made everything, that was in my forces! Tourist agency in which I addressed also have executed the duties! Our documents are completely issued also air tickets ordered!
I have paid 1300 dollars for registration of necessary documents and half of cost for air tickets. I have sold all my jewelry and we needed to pay only 800 dollars. Dave, now it is very a shame to me before friends and a family. I look the silly woman that has believed to you and your love! You simply played with me. Why all so?? My God, for what to me such punishment?? I thought, that have found the beloved with which I will build the joint future, but this beloved does not understand me!!! You speak that have no necessary money. You even did not try, that our meeting has occurred. You simply spent your day as usually and I received from me letters in which wrote, that I love you and I search for possibility for travel. You understand it?? How you think, you arrive correctly?? You understand, that (on May, 17th) I can take off to you!!?? I hope you you understand it!!! Time still is.
At me only one hope it you favourite.......
Yours Marina
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