Letter(s) from Svetlana Smirnova to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi James good day .
I want to thank you for, for the letter which I have received from you. For me there was a unexpectedness to receive your answer and words to me. As you has shown interest to my letter I shall hope, that I shall not disappoint you my appearance... I shall try to tell to you a little about me directly and in the letter I put to you wash a photo that you could see with whom you correspond... I have gone to Internet
- agency to get acquainted with the man for serious relationsships. To me gave names of a web-site and login where I could look one million men. I have seen you and have decided at once, not deliberating to write to you on yours e-mail. e-mail I have seen yours on a site and now I write to you. I think you is very much surprised to this, and I too am surprised, because I never wrote to somebody and now I am so keen on the letter to you, that my ideas have got mixed up also I do not know from what to begin the story about me directly... First, I hope, that my English is clear to you, the English language is not for me native, I the Ukrainian girl, I speak Russian and as I have studied English at school and now I write to you in English... I modest girl, but I nevertheless have dared to write to you as I think that communication with the person from other country is very unusual! I never communicated with people from other countries and I simply dream to find in your person of the friend with whom it is simply interesting to communicate and share news! You the first to whom I write and I hope, that our correspondence will have the good beginning. My name is Anastasiya. to me of 29 years, my birthday 30 th August, 1986. My growth makes 176 sm and all of 63 kg. . I was born and have grown on Ukraine! In the city of Donetsk! Now in my city there is a war!! It is heavy to me to tell about it now! And I left the country! In Russia! In the winter I lived a camp together with the father! Recently I found work! And we with mine the father! Had an opportunity! To rent a premise! To live in heat! Because in Russia!
The summer now began! Now in I live in the Udmurt repablic! I am very grateful Russia! That they helped us to escape from war! Many kind people which to help us! Because when I came in Russia! At me was only clothes that was on me! In my house on Ukraine! The shell got! And all things to burn on fire! It was severe time for me and mine the father!
But now I to have hope! That all at me will be good! And for me it is important that here now wash the father near to me! And all is good!
On character I the sanguine person: very cheerful, kind, vigorous and in a measure modest. I easily find common language with strangers and simply I like to communicate on interesting themes! Now I want to tell to you a little about my family. I live with mine the daddy , my father already older persons and are on pension. You ask, why I such adult woman and still live with my father , all because I have no own house and consequently I should live with my parents. It at all does not prevent me, even it is much more convenient for me, because I can always ask advice parents, I think at each person parents always help and advise children because they adults and know much in this life that we yet do not know. You agree with me? I hope you is not tired to read my letter and it is still interesting to you a little to find out about my life? We with you are in the different countries and our cultures differ from each other a little and I very much would like to find out as you live and during too time I shall tell to you about that as we live here in Russia. If you have to me any questions necessarily ask also I I shall answer you, asking each other we can much to find out about the friend the friend. On it I today want to finish my letter and I shall wait your answer with your information on
you directly.

I wish you successful day!

Take care...

Yours faithfully Anastasiya

Letter 2

Hello new friend Jim! How are you? How has passed your day?
Jim Thanks, that you has answered my letter...
I am glad to see your letter again and it means, that you not against our correspondence and the distance between us does not frighten you. When I for the first time have decided to write to you I doubted a little, that you will answer my letter. Between us the big distance and it could frighten you. I think distance it only a geographical barrier and it will not prevent us to correspond... Become possible we can good friends and we shall communicate on many themes for reflection... I am glad, that you liked my photo and I shall try to send you my photo with each letter that you could see my appearance. I hope you too will send me your photos that I could get acquainted also with you closer and to make out your appearance. Please do not hesitate to send me your photos, I shall be glad to see any your photos where you with friends, one, or a photo with your parents, a photo from your childhood, I shall be glad to any picture. I cannot tell, that I am very beautiful, but I like people and interlocutors speak, that it is interesting to communicate with me, so if we shall correspond with you and is farther, I think we shall find a theme for interview...
In this letter I want to tell about my work...
I work as the pharmacist in a drugstore, I hope to you this trade is known. I have finished medical school in Donetsk and I have a trade of the medical sister. I was arranged on job in local hospital, in hospital I have worked within 5 years the nurse. But why I have left with this job, all because when I worked as the nurse in hospital, there soaps the small earned payment. Certainly I try to earn many money. But when I worked as the nurse to me there was no money even on livelihood and consequently I had to replace my work a little. I liked to work in hospital, to look after patients. I always felt, that I am necessary for people, working in hospital, but the need in meal has forced me to change my work.
Now for me there has come the new moment in mine! Life is the new country for me! And though all speak here in Russian! And I understand all! I understand that it is not my country! But I understand that now in my country there is a war! And I never cannot come back home any more! Because my house is destroyed! And I understand that I never can restore it one!
I often see when to sleep the house! But now I made the decision! That I should go to live further!
I have no children and was never married, I think, that there has come time when it is necessary for me to reflect on creation of family and a birth of children...
Jim I very much love animals. When I was a child, I studied at musical school during 4 years where I learned playing on a piano. I was the winner of many festivals and competitions on music. All spoke about me as about talented the pupil. But I am engaged in playing on a piano just a little now, but frequently I sing in karaoke and always I get the highest results! When I have free time i like walk in the parks which are a lot of in my town. I am absorbed in books as well. Pushkin, Esenin are the great poets deserving to be read by everyone. I take pleasure in reading poems about which I can tell a bit more.
I wanted to tell to you about my hobbies and hobby, but unfortunately I have no more time therefore I write to you from library. I do not have house of a personal computer and consequently I had to use a computer in library to write to you this letter and I cannot sit at a computer for a long time. In the following letter I still shall write to you about myself and I hope, that you as will tell to me about yourselves.
On it I today shall stop and I shall wait your following letter...

Have a good day my friend.
Your Anastasiya.

Letter 3

Hi! I will trust that you to receive mine email and a photo today! Also will have time to write to me! For me it was very pleasant to receive from you email and gets acquainted with you! I to trust that I email to not prevent you! I to trust that at you well and soon I shall receive all from you email!
Anastasiya in summer russia

Letter 4

hi how are you In Russia at this time year! It is a lot of colors! Greens! Both millions mosquitoes and the husband! Also it seems that each mosquito tries to bite to you! How at you? I very much love this season! I think that everyone loves summer what season you like most of all?
It was pleasant for me gets acquainted with you! I to bring today a new photo for you! Also it was a little sad from that that I to not receive from you email! You to receive mine email and a photo?

Letter 5

Today Monday on June, 6! Also has passed 4 days as I wrote to you! And for me it is sad a little that you had no time to write to me for the days off! I think that in the summer you had no time to write to me?
Lovely I brought to you the photo and I shall trust that I shall soon receive from you email!
I to trust that at you aa is good! And for you it will be pleasant to receive from me email and a photo!

Letter 6

Today pleasant summer evening on June, 8! And for me it was pleasant to go in the Internet of cafe to try to receive from you email! And to send you email! And a photo! And I to trust that that you to have pleasantly time to write to me soon! I to trust that at you as the summer enters the rights and at you all is good! I shall trust that when I shall come tomorrow that I can receive from you email

Letter 7

Hello friend Jim!
I am very glad to read your letter again... We really corresponding very soon can find out each other very well and I am glad to write to you the letter again...
Jim in my previous letter I promised to tell to you about my hobbies. First of all I want to begin with my childhood...
My childhood passed roughly and cheerfully, I think as well as any other child. The childhood is the unforgettable period in a life because you do not have problems and you live without what or cares... When I went to school, I always very much liked forest and the nature, there I always felt like perfectly. To live in city very difficultly and harmful, because many people there live and there is a constant turmoil, in city very bad air but as soon as I come in a wood I feel perfectly. I always loved backpackings when we suited camp on coast of the river of Don and lived in tents. Now, when I became the adult girl I began to go less often to campaigns, all because at me began less free time because of work. But all of us try sometimes, is especial in the summer to us it is possible to find some days and to go in a wood or on the river that at a fire to sing songs under a guitar, it is very interesting and cheerful...
In the childhood I went to a circle of scouts where many children gathered, especially it was pleasant to me, when to us there came children from the different countries (from Italy, Poland, France, Uk and even the USA). Children spoke only in English and I sometimes did not understand them for this reason I have decided to study the English language as much as possible. That I badly know the only thing in the English language is a grammar, but I hope it does not prevent us to understand each other?
As one of my hobbies are a ski, with friends in the winter we try to ski, it is very amusing, but only sometimes we are prevented by burning winter frosts. Winters in our country very cold and when it is very cold it is impossible to take pleasure completely in circulation on a ski.
In my 16-17 I delighted visiting my granny and grandpa in the small city Fastov in 70 km from Kiev in Ukraine. They reside in a small house but have a big orchard. This is an astonishing place like paradise especially it is beautiful in spring and summer when there flower apple-trees, cherry-trees and apricots. I rollick in waking up early in the morning and listening to birds singing and looking at trees aflower. It is a beautiful nature like nothing else on earth. It is gorgeous and marvelous in coloring. A trifle later our orchard treated us with fruits tasting deliciously. I still remember this flavor. Closing my eyes I see the picture of my orchard. My grandpa comes to my mind catching fish on the lake and we waited for him with impatience. Granny cooked a very tasteful fish soup. What is more? My granny had small goats. She milked them and gave me fresh milk. In evenings I with my friends, get together to read poems. Oh! I am just lost in warm memories of my childhood. I think one can write about them endlessly. It is much pleasant for me to correspond with you about my memories. All this takes me deeply. I enjoy swimming and from time to time I attend swimming-pool. I like going on foot. Active life is generally my cup of tea With friends we as like to go to dancing club. Yes, I like to dance, but thus we practically never drink alcoholic drinks, the only thing, that I can allow myself it, drink 1-2 glasses of champagne or red wine. I think, that foreigners think, that here in Russia drink vodka much, I can convince, that it not so. Yes, it is valid here in Russia drink vodka, but it is extreme losers and people which have any problems and the person searches in alcohol for support, I the supporter of these belief. How you concern to alcohol and what situation with it in your country?
Still I very much like to go in sinema. there was a lot of a foreign cinema, but very few the Russian films earlier. Last film which I looked in ninema is "12" directors Nikity Mikhalkov. 12 it really very fascinating and interes Now when I wrote to you about all that was with me until as in my country to begin civil war! I think that this most terrible that can occurs in life of each person!
Now I to begin new life! Because now in my country people which ran from war! Traitors named! And if I come back in the country! Me will arrest and be imprisoned! From for that that I wanted to live simply! And I did not want to see as to perish children of the woman! It was the most awful that I saw in the life! Please forgive me if I to upset with the email! But for me this same is important now! Because I think that to everyone the person would be desirable to live there where he was born!
Jim I think that today when you will read email! You will be tired of me to read it! I seem to me that to write very long email today! Life to be adjusted for me now here! I found new friends I for the first time the night disco here in Russia visited! But it was not pleasant to me! Because it is a lot of alcohol! And awfully to see it when young the man! To drink it is a lot of much Vodka! And they to cease to supervise themselves!
For me it will be interesting to receive from you email! And to read that to you it is pleasant! How you to spend a free time? What season you to love? I to have so it is a lot of questions! To you because for me very fascinatingly gets acquainted with you with your traditions! I to trust that you to have many energy! And free time to read email! From me up to the end! I will trust that when I will come next time I can to receive from you email!
yours friend in russia Anastasiya

Letter 8

Hi! Today on June, 10! Also it is Friday in Russia! In Russia begins the celebratory days off and all Russia 3 days will have a rest! For me was so pleasantly to go to write to you today! And I came and was a little sadly from that that I not can receive from you email and a photo!
I will trust that for you pleasantly to begin Friday day if you will receive from me the small message! And I DECIDED TO SEND YOU the NEW PHOTO my GIRLFRIEND HAVE DECIDED TO MAKE FOR me the NEW PHOTO THAT it was PLEASANT to YOU!
I to trust that when I shall come again I shall receive from you email